April 30, 2013
me+ME: After 123 years a Dutch king?!
1.  After 123 years a Dutch king?!
2.  Mr. Jerome Heldring died at 95
3.  Revising old Nederlogs
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This is mostly for Dutchies, or so I'll suppose. I thought for a while to avoid it, but have decided to treat today's abdication of queen Beatrix, and the follow-up by Willem-Alexander.

1. After 123 years a Dutch king?!

I am not a monarchist, though I am also not an anti-monarchist. Basically, I am not interested in how Holland is governed, and that also applies to its so-called democracy: I am not a democrat, and I am also not an anti-democrat.

The basis for each of these appreciations is my estimate of the average Dutchman, which is low: If in my estimate it were higher, I would be a republican and an anti-democrat, in the sense that I would hold that an intelligent population does not need a king and does not need everyone's vote, but only the votes of the more intelligent half, as given by education, provided everyone would have the same kind of opportunities the first 18 years.

The reason all of the above is mere thinking is the occurence of three "woulds" and one "were" in one statement.

As it is, I don't care.

But it so happens that today king Willem-Alexander takes over from queen Beatrix, and it so happens that this means that in Holland for the first time since 1890 there is a king rather than a queen, who is the formal head of state.

All of the transmissions have been regular, so I can't and won't complain, except for the remarks that, firstly, since there is little to govern, perhaps a female might have been better, indeed not because I am against females, but because females, on the whole, will be better at playing the role, and, secondly, again 
since there is very little left to govern, that a sum of over 800,000 euros a year seems to me quite a lot of money.

Then again, it doesn't really matter - except, perhaps, if the European Union collapses, or something else really serious happens, and neither can be foreseen.

2. Mr. Jerome Heldring died at 95

I have several times mentioned mr. Jerome Heldring (e.g. here, here, here and here and here, and yes: it's all in Dutch) - and "mr" is the Dutch title which corresponds to a finished study in law. This is at least a bit odd, in that he died last Saturday, at age 95, and did not write anymore for the NRC since 2010, which, accordingly, he did do until 92 or 93.

He became the chief editor of the NRC in 1960, when I was 10, and helped prepare its unification with the Handelsblad in 1970, when I started reading the NRC Handelsblad, which I continued to do - in various forms, to be sure - until the end of 2010, when I gave up on it because it had fundamentally changed.

Indeed, this was well expressed by professor doctor J. van Oort in 2012:
Prof. Dr. J. van Oort

Next to thanks I utter fear: the thorough analysis by Heldring was in NRC-Handelsblad about the only thing that constantly appealed to me. Precisely this paper has been turned around recently and very fast from a paper that wanted to serve the reader with objective information to an indoctrinating and only rarely objectively informing paper. It is a pity for this "institution"; the leaving of Heldring is for me full of sad symbolism.

Quite so: In spite of the antics and lies of the present chief editor Vandermeersch, the present NRC Handelsblad is not even a shadow of the paper I read for 40 years: It's a mere hull, that indeed I very rarely read since over two years.

3. Revising old Nederlogs

I may have some more "news" today: I will try to revise the bit of September 11, 2011 -  May 24 2012, which were all with an invisible white border, which is visible, in black, in the way I am viewing Nederlog, which is still nearly always in #CCCCFF.

This is unpleasant, and since my eyes are bit better again, I can adjust it, and probably will, today.

If there is no news on this today, it will be there tomorrow.

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