April 29, 2013
me+ME: On "Anne Frank's Diary" - 2
1.  On "Anne Frank's Diary" - 2
2.  The non-videos
3.  Why I especially liked the Miep Gies documentary
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This is again about Anne Frank's Diary, that I finished reading yesterday, for the second time since 1965, since it it is not a thick book and I am still a fast reader.

1. On "Anne Frank's Diary" - 2

I have reread Anne Frank's Diary, or at least a version of it, namely the one I read originally in 1965, and have not reread since. Here is some more about it, continueing yesterday's NL.

As I wrote yesterday, I am now quite a bit more impressed by it than I was when I first read it, when I was 15, in 1965. The reason to be more impressed is, as I said yesterday, mainly that
she had been quite extra-ordinary in writing about a quite extra-ordinary two and a quarter years in the life of someone between 13 and 15, which were also the years she wrote it.

Meanwhile, I have also read about all - certainly: most - that can be found about her and her associates on Wikipedia. What did that add? Not very much, though I did find the following three videos quite interesting:
And there is this, that is also interesting:
And also there is this, from 1998, with Miep Gies about 90, but still quite bright:
Note this last one is nearly an hour in all. I will explain below why I especially liked the third one.

There is also this, to show you what the Achterhuis was really like. This is just 1 min 25 sec but quite clear - except that it is soundless on my computer:
and finally there is this, also quite brief:
2. The non-videos

Before explaining why I especially liked the Miep Gies video, here are some interesting non-videos, all three from Wikipedia:
These are all quite interesting.

3. Why I especially liked the Miep Gies documentary

Actually, there are several reasons, of which I shall name three:
  • She reminded me of my parents.
  • I know the neighbourhood quite well.
  • This seems a good documentary.
The first point is probably not easy to convey to foreigners, but especially her Dutch is more like that of my parents - more cultivated, more precise - than is modern Dutch.

And the same goes for the second point: I really have spent rather a lot of time around the Amsterdam Wester Church, and I know that neighbourhood quite well.

But again I can't really convey this, except by saying that I must have walked where she is walking in the film probably - literally -
at the very least a thousand times, and probably quite a lot more, having lived not far from there for ten years, and next having friends who lived on the Keizersgracht 192 for some 3 years.

Finally, the third point is probably a lot clearer, except that this will also be more difficult for foreigners, or indeed younger Dutchmen, to comprehend: Mrs. Gies played with her own life, but does not even mention this, while the whole documentary is quite clear, factual, and down to earth.

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