January 15, 2013

DSM-5: The Marketing of Medicines
  "The mild and the long-suffering may suffer forever in this world. As long as the patient will suffer, the cruel will kick."
     -- Sidney Smith
   "Those who have said that original sin is 'greed' have used an appropriate word, if only it be added - something that most men will by no means concede - that whatever is in man, from the understanding to the will, from the soul even to the flesh, has been defiled and crammed with this greed. Or to put it more briefly, the whole of man is of himself nothing but greed."
     -- John Calvin
    "If mankind had wished for what is right, they might have had it long ago. The theory is plain enough; but they are prone to mischief, "to every good work reprobate.""
     -- William Hazlitt

The Marketing of Medicines
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I am do
ing it again, after the The Marketing of Madness: I provide a link to a fairly long video that I think is interesting - at least if you are interested in medicine in general or psychiatry in particular, or indeed are interested in marketing, public relations, propaganda, and deception.

But I am
doing it this time with a difference: I have seen the video already, in its entirety, and I know it is by professor David Healy, whom I don't suspect of having ties with scientology, and who does something rational and courageous that few people, including medical doctors, do: He thinks for himself and he does it well. [1] If you want to skip my introduction, here is a link to the video-link.

1. The Marketing of Medicines

me first refer you to some background. I wrote a long series - presently more than 100 Nederlogs - about the DSM-5 and psychiatry:
which I started on because I found in 2009, briefly after acquiring fast internet, that people with the disease I have since 1.1.1979. have been systematically slandered by psychiatrists: I am supposed to be somebody with "a dysfunctional belief system" who is pretending to himself to be ill, and who must be "a malingerer", whose diagnosis is "functional somatization disorder": For the disease I have been diagnosed with is not a real disease, psychiatrists assert, but a "psychiatric disorder" and deserves no support, for which I reason I can't get any support ill people merited the last 34 years.

The reas
on psychiatrists claim this, politicians believe this, and insurance companies enjoy this, is simple: It is all about money.

For being written off as a
nut case, together with some 17 millions others, worldwide, saves the politicians and the insurance companies large amounts of money, that would be needed to help persons who are genuinely ill,  and it also makes the psychiatrists large amounts of money, indeed in part for serving the latter two so well, namely by saving them such vast amounts, that they can then use for themselves, or these modern days, for paying to bank managers.

It so happens that I have excellent degrees in psychology and philosophy, and a bright mind, and therefore I can see when and where psychiatrists waffle, cheat, obfuscate, posture, pretend, make up things or plainly lie, for I do have a trained logical mind, a good understanding of philosophy of science, methodology, and statistics, and also a considerable knowledge of the academic fields that are involved.

In f
act, here lies an important part of the problem: In order to see that the medicalese prose of psychiatrists is waffling, cheating, obfuscating, posturing, pretending, making up things in short is fraudulent bullshit designed to deceive and make money, one needs knowledge and skills ordinary patients, who are the dupes of dishonest medical men and women, sorely lack.

y postmodern psychiatrist would lie, and so ingenuously, so often, and so cleverly, took a little longer than to see that their prose is usually utterly dishonest baloney, though it is and ought to be humanly obvious: Again "it is about the money, Leibowski".

nd although this much is no surprise, what did come as a surprise for me is how  much money was involved: Tens or hundreds of billions, even with a few medicines - and much of the turnover of a supposed medicine once it has been approved as a medical prescription is profit

when I started out to understand more about modern psychiatry, e.g. in this criticism I wrote and - naively - send to the APA
I did not have adequate notions about the enormous extent in which "medical research", aka "evidence based medical science", and not only in psychiatry, is these days often no longer honest real science, but is devious and clever marketing, where it often happens, again for monetary reasons, that "medical papers", in reputed medical journals, in fact have not been written by real medical scientists, but have been written by marketeers, for marketing purposes, though the "medical paper" gets signed by prominent medical doctors, for good money, in order to make it appear that what is a marketing ploy gets believed as if it was real science done by real scientists.

Again, I
was not aware that these days it also often happens, in what are purported to be "scientific medical reports" that all manner of methodological, statistical, and logical manipulations, tricks and falsifications are used, on - what is claimed to be - data; when reporting data; and when doing experiments, all of which are resorted to so as to obtain the financially most profitable outcome, since it is profit rather than science that drives what is pretended to be "evidence based medical science"

items in that series of 100 Nederlogs I mentioned are here:
You'll find an interesting video linked in them, also here

f you want to know more about the failings of postmodern psychiatry, a very good place to go to is to the blog of a real psychiatrist in his seventies, who seems to have been only recently undeceived about what many of his colleagues have been up the last decades, indeed since the late 1970ies:
He is not boring - provided you know some about psychiatry, medicine or psychology, and are able to think for yourself - and since he knows a lot about psychiatry and about medicine (somewhat strangely but interestingly, to my way of thinking, he started medical life in internal medicine) he does have the relevant knowledge to see what is happening and how lots of people have been grossly and very impertinently deceived, especially by pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists acting as their very willing shills.

xt, in case you want to know more about the whole pattern of pharmaceutical deception, fraudulence, dishonesty, and gross and criminal abuse of - literally - many millions of patients, there is this video-link to a talk by professor David Healy, in fact also a psychiatrist:
Here is most of the first paragraph of the Wikipedia article on him, minus most of the links:
David Healy is an Irish psychiatrist who is a professor in Psychological Medicine at Cardiff University School of Medicine, Wales. He is also the director of North Wales School of Psychological Medicine. He became the centre of controversy concerning the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on medicine and academia. For most of his career Healy has held the view that Prozac and SSRIs (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) can lead to suicide and has been critical of the amount of ghost writing in the current scientific literature.
Also see medical ghostwriting on Wikipedia, from which I quote. minus a link to a note (and setraline is aka Zoloft):
It is difficult to determine how frequently ghostwriting occurs due to its covert nature. A 2009 New York Times article estimated that 11% of New England Journal of Medicine articles, 8% of JAMA, Lancet and PLoS Medicine articles, 5% of Annals of Internal Medicine articles and 2% of Nature Medicine were ghost written.
It also appears to have occurred in 75% of industry funded trials between 1994 - 1995 approved by the Scientific Ethical Committees for Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. Of the articles published from 1998 to 2000 regarding sertraline, between 18% and 40% were ghost written by Pfizer
In brief: There is a lot rotten in the state of medicine. I will later, not today, speculate on what can be done about this, although it should be obvious that when so many and so much already have been corrupted, while those having an interest in the present state of corruption are extra-ordinarily rich international corporations, changing this for the better will be very difficult.


Jan 16 and 17, 2013:
Corrected some typos and inserted some links I had forgotten to insert.


[1] If you think I am a bit cynical, you may be right, but I mean what I say: I think it is only a minority of men (including women) who are rational and reasonable, and only a minority of men who have the courage to think for themselves and live under their own guidance: most - including academics - are born followers, and have hardly an original thought in their lives.

As it happens, although I am an
atheist, who lives in what is supposed to be a predominantly Calvinist country, the Netherlands, I agree on this with the Christians, especially the Protestants, who had no optimistic view of ordinary men, and neither do I. See my GW: The world, the people, the disease  for a numerical estimate and some relevant quotations - and please realize also that I do not chalk it up to God, but to genes: I believe almost everyone cannot do or think much better than they do, and that what people can do is mostly not up to their wishful thinking, but to their genes, and that genetically speaking very few are as smart or as brave as a rare few. (By the way: This is also no excuse. People can choose, and often - video meliora proboque; deteriora sequor - choose the worse because it is more pleasant, more profitable or less dangerous.)

And here we have what must be the ideological leader of the Dutch nation, since that is reputed to be a Calvinist nation, most interested in making money:
"Thus those who have defined original sin as "the lack of the original righteousness, which ought to reside in us," although they comprehend in this definition the whole meaning of the term, have still not expressed effectively enough its power and energy. For our nature is not only destitute and empty of good, but so fertile and fruitful of every evil that it cannot be idle. Those who have said that original sin is 'greed' have used an appropriate word, if only it be added - something that most men will by no means concede - that whatever is in man, from the understanding to the will, from the soul even to the flesh, has been defiled and crammed with this greed. Or to put it more briefly, the whole of man is of himself nothing but greed." (John Calvin, Human Corruption, from The Many Faces of Evil - Historical Perspectives, Ed. A. Rory-Oksenberg, p. 121)
As it happens, I think Calvin was mistaken if construed as speaking of the "nature" of all men: There are exceptions.

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