January 9, 2013

A little about John von Neumann
1. A little about John von Neumann
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Yesterday's file is
On the endless 'war on terror'  - and one of the reasons for my introductions is to provide context and links - and I was occupied with other things, and therefore have little time and energy left for writing Nederlogs, so this is a very brief one, caused by the fact that lately I talked with three undoubtedly intelligent and educated persons who had not the faintest idea who John von Neumann was.

1. A little about John von Neumann

Von Neumann was a true mathematical genius and a child prodigy, who did an amazing amount of original work in the 53 years that he lived. The first two words of this paragraph are also a link to the Wikipedia article on him, which is well done.

Even if you are not interested in the subjects he did very important work in, such as set theory, quantum mechanics, self-replicating machines, game theory, functional analysis and more, the computer you are using embodies the Von Neumann architecture.

Anyway... in case you are interested: Here is first brief introduction to who he was:

And there is this, that is fairly recent, and the other reason to write this brief Nederlog, since I hadn't found this until yesterday:

An interesting black-and-white documentary of an hour's length, in two parts, made in 1966, that was  co-sponsored by The American Mathematical Society, and that includes important mathematicians and physicists who knew him well including
Morgenstern, Ulam, Bethe, Halmos, Wigner, and Teller:
Together, it takes an hour of your time, but then this hour will be better used than on watching what the TV will offer you today.
Jan 10 2013: Corrected some typos.

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