January 1, 2013

Nederlog 2013: Updates for the new year

In every human society, at any time, and any place, there have been rational and reasonable men and women. Alas, in every human society, at any time, and any place, they so far have were a small minority, that was often persecuted, and nearly always in danger.

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If men in majority were good or intelligent, history would be completely different from what it is.

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1. Nederlog 2013: Updates for the new year
2. The numbers
About ME/CFS


It is the first day of the year 2013 A.D. and I provide the usual updates and starts for a new year. Also, there are some numbers about the usage of my site.

Nederlog 2013: Updates for the new year

This is the tenth year of my logging, for I started to do so in the summer of 2004, when I got the new site in Denmark. This was called "Nedernieuws" because it was about Holland and in Dutch. In 2006, it became Nederlog, because I wanted to write about more subjects than just Dutch events, but I kept writing in Dutch (with some exceptions) until 2010, when it turned to English, mostly because of the report about XMRV. The latest on that saga was two days ago

As usual, I have an index of files and an analytical index for 2012

It may be that I have to straighten out a few things, but alas I am condemned to working with buggy html-editors. I'll get there eventually - most of the time - but it may need two or three changes before the intended change sticks and  really works.

Meanwhile, summing the ten years of Nederlog as they appear on my hard disk, probably with a little more than there is on the internet, the total for these years is 140 MB, and that is mostly html and some but not many images.

As ascii-text it is bound to be rather a lot less, since the html tags take quite a few bytes, and the more so when made in clunky WYSIWYG editors, but even so it is rather a lot of text, and I do not know anything like it. There are bound to be some other blogs or personal records that were maintained on a more or less regular basis for a long time, but they are probably less outspoken.

Why do I write these Nederlogs? To keep a record of things; to state my opinions; and to have something that I can use to defend myself, if I need.

I do not have any further end in view, and the main reason for that is the same reason as Nederlogs are written, rather than something else: I do not have enough health to write the things I really want, at least most of the time.

I probably would not have written anything like Nederlog if I had been healthy, but since I am not, and since I still find it easy to write, and have written very much since I was 20, and since I never take the trouble to make second etc. versions, it turns out that in 10 years I can pile up some 140 Mb of texts by writing a few hours a day. [1]

And while I do not take most that I wrote in Nederlog very serious - they were  usually written in haste, while I had little energy and was in some pain - there are things in it I like, and I also like it that there is a record of my perspective on various things, that now comprises some ten years and 140 Mb of html.

Therefore one of the things I am trying to do is to straighten Nederlog out, and also to straighten my site out, since that also has been compiled bit by bit over the course of 16 years now, and comprises quite a lot of good original thinking, especially in the philosophy-section, in my comments on classic philosophical texts. (Notably: On Leibniz, Hume, Mill, Russell and Aristotle. And on Multatuli, in Dutch. [2])

This project of straightening out Nederlog and my sites exists for a while, and got stopped because of the problems with my eyes. But my eyes are less bad than they were, and the project continues, bit by bit, and I soon hope to upload better versions of the Nederlogs of 2004 and 2005, and hopefully more.

2. The numbers

The site in Denmark did better in 2012 than in 2011. The numbers for 2011 plus an analytical index are here, and I repeat the numbers and a bit of text and add the numbers for 2012. The text I repeat about 2011 is blue; the text I insert about 2012 is black:

Nederlog 2011:
more than 315 files (apart from images etc. that is) more than 14 MB html

Nederlog 2012:

more than 265 files (apart from images etc. that is)
more than 13 MB html

In brief: I wrote about as much in 2012 in Nederlog as in 2011, but spread it over fewer files. The main reason is probably that I wrote a lot less in August and September 2012 because of my eye problems.

Site 2011:


- over 750,000 hits
- over 600,000 pages
- more than 155,000 visitors
- more than 15 Gb downloaded (15036781 Kb)

Day (average over the year)

- over 2000 hits each day
- 425 visitors each day
- over 40 MB mostly text download each day

This is roughly the same as last year, with 21 less visitors on average per day, but 5 MB more downloads each day.

And one relevant difference is that I have not been a member of any patients-forum in 2011 (not under any name, indeed: not at all), which very probably cost me in visitors and in hits.

Site 2012:


- over 1,000,000 hits
- over 800,000 pages
- more than 170,000 visitors
- more than 30 Gb downloaded (3049825 Kb)

Day (average over the year)

- over 2800 hits each day
- 469 visitors each day
- over 80 MB mostly text download each day

This is roughly 10% more than last year, with 44 more visitors on average per day, but more than twice as many bytes downloaded each day.

The reason for that last number is - very probably - that I changed my policy on images: These are now far more often in the same directory as the files they appear in. My reasons for this are that (1) zips of directories that contain all the necessary files are much more convenient than zips of directories whence the images in html are missing, and (2) the risk for viruses are less.

Overall, there is a 10% increase.

And one relevant difference is that I have not been a member of any patients-forum in 2011 (not under any name, indeed: not at all), which very probably cost me in visitors and in hits.

This is the same as in 2011, but I got more visitors, more hits, and more downloads.

Also, my Site in Nederland certainly does a lot better, but it is difficult to say by how much, because ever since Dutch Telecom KPN bought what was once a fine provider called "xs4all" there is hardly any decent access there for me, and many things that are a matter of course for other providers do not exist at all for the hardly human idiots - I learned from the KPN "xs4all" staff - who are their clients with home sites.

This is just the same as it was in 2011, except that I should add that it seems these assholes now have added advertisements to some file titles, of course without asking and without telling. I'll have to check this out, and may even decide to remove all of the text of the files on the xs4all site, since I don't want to be abused, and replace it by links and a warning against "xs4all".

Anyway.... for one man with one site - with a mirror - and that man ill, poor and with no real help, that is not bad, especially if you also reckon with the facts that my ideas and subjects are neither easy nor popular, nor is my language, and that I do not try to please anyone but myself.

Just the same - and I can add that my Danish site is being read roughly 50 hours every 24 hours.

Even if at most half of that is serious reading, I find that pretty amazing, indeed especially because I do not try to please anyone other than myself, and do not court popularity or seek internet traffic in any way: I write what I think and I upload it, and that's it. I never cared for popularity, and I lack both the health and the desire to live up to anyone else's expectations.

Meanwhile, I am pleased that I am being read.

Finally on the subject of numbers and summaries: I have not sorted out the Nederlogs of 2012 by subject, and doubt I will. I lack the health and have sore eyes, and anyone who is interested in a particular subject can check the index and the summaries and do a search.

P.S. 1-1-2013: The links may not work because both of my sites do not upload properly on the moment. I hope this is due to the date, and not to something permanent

Later the same day: I made some corrections, and uploading works again. Also I added some notes.


[1] Some clarifications: I've always found it very easy to write, and am a good typist. What makes writing Nederlogs doable for me is that they are not intellectually demanding to write; they are short; and I generally can write them in one go, after which it's done, except for corrections, that usually are made later. Also, I am someone who very probably has an easy access to flow states.

And there are three reasons for me not to write books: It is much more demanding, especially if I were to write the books I want to write, about philosophy or logic; such books would not make me any money; and in any case any money I might make would be taken from me by the Amsterdam municipal authorities, with an additional financial and legal punishment.

Being really ill, I cannot afford that, and indeed I did not even try: I simply do not have the energy to do it well, and the likelihood is that I would ruin more of my health, as in fact did happen in 2000, when I tried to work out original ideas about logic, mathematics and physics, and collapsed after trying too hard for about half a year.

[2] The perceptive reader may ask: How come you could write these comments? The answer is twofold: First, normally I could not - the work was done in good periods, and was usually followed by a collapse, and second, and probably most important: I had done most of the work already, namely by having read the books and having written most of my notes at a time when I was healthy or at least less ill than I am since 1991.

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Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS(pdf)

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The Why  (currently not available)

4. Consensus (many M.D.s) Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf - version 2003)
5. Consensus (many M.D.s) Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf - version 2011)
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