December 21, 2012

Crisis: Petraeus, Machon, Greenwald  +  M.E. & Methylation

1. Petraeus, Machon, Greenwald
2. Dr. Enlander on M.E. & Methylation Protocol
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Yesterday I promised "a fairly brief Nederlog", but gave a fairly long one. Today it is really short, and about the crisis, with some interesting references including a video, and about ME/CFS and the methylation protocol, also with a video.

O, if you are looking for the latest on Stapel's case and the Levelt committee - it seems social scientists of various kinds and nationalities have been checking out my sites - the latest was yesterday, where you find more links.

1. Petraeus, Machon and Greenwald

All of the present section is mostly in the way of interesting references to the crisis series (currently at its 140th file since September 1, 2008!). I wrote several times about general David Petraeus, the last time on December 6, reporting on a new scoop of Bob Woodward:
This now has a follow up by Carl Bernstein, in The Guardian, who addresses an interesting question:
As Bernstein reports, it was mostly stonewalled or played down by the media - and I quote (minus a link):

The Murdoch story – his corruption of essential democratic institutions on both sides of the Atlantic – is one of the most important and far-reaching political/cultural stories of the past 30 years, an ongoing tale without equal. Like Richard Nixon and his tapes, much attention has been focused on the necessity of finding the smoking gun to confirm what other evidence had already established beyond a doubt: that the elemental instruments of democracy, ie the presidency in Nixon's case, and the privileges of free press in Murdoch's, were grievously misused and abused for their own ends by those entrusted to use great power for the common good.

In Nixon's case, the system worked. His actions were investigated by Congress, the judicial system held that even the president of the United States was not above the law, and he was forced to resign or face certain impeachment and conviction. American and British democracy has not been so fortunate with Murdoch, whose power and corruption went unchecked for a third of a century.


The tape that Bob Woodward obtained, and which the Washington Post ran in the style section, should be the denouement of the Murdoch story on both sides of the Atlantic, making clear that no institution, not even the presidency of the United States, was beyond the object of his subversion. If Murdoch had bankrolled a successful Petraeus presidential campaign and – as his emissary McFarland promised – "the rest of us [at Fox] are going to be your in-house" – Murdoch arguably might have sewn up the institutions of American democracy even more securely than his British tailoring.

There is more under the link, and if you are just a bit concerned about good government, you should read it.

The same applies to Glenn Greenwald's column, also in The Guardian, to be found here, and aptly named:
Finally, in case you want to know it "from the horse's mouth", you may find the following interesting:
This is a record of a 2011 talk by a Cambridge University graduate, who worked for MI5 in the 1990ies, and then gave up on it, and turned whistleblower, which seems quite brave, if taken as stated. In any case, her talk is interesting, if probably disquieting.

Dr. Enlander on M.E. & Methylation Protocol

As I have reported this year, I have ME/CFS since 1979, and tried a methylation protocol this year, which very probably helped me. I gave up on it in June, because I got severe eye problems, and wanted to cut out all possibly causes, including supplements, but started some of the supplements again recently, because they seem to have helped me and to help me.

Dr. Enlander is - originally - an English medical doctor, who lives and practices in the US, where he has treated many people with ME/CFS. Here is a quite recent video in which he recommends a specific methylation protocol for people with ME/CFS, which is very close to that recommended by Rick van Konynenburg Ph.D. whom I wrote about repeatedly:
This is a useful talk: He explains why it seems sensible, and he shows and mentions the supplements to be used.

There also is some about it on Phoenix Rising:
Finally, a brief remark on B12.

Speaking only for myself - who has been diagnosed as having M.E./F.M. by three medical doctors, and who has the disease since 1.1.1979, when I fell ill with Epstein-Barr virus, a common precursor of ME/CFS:

I have used hydroxocobalamin (hB12) which is one of the forms of B12, without the rest of the protocol, for about a year, and had some consistent benefits and improvements, but not very much. Then I switched to a protocol with methylcobalamin (mB12) that also involved metafolin and potassium, which helped me quite a bit more. I stopped this when I got eye problems, that probably were not caused by the B12 protocols I used.

Presently, it seems to me that the
hydroxocobalamin form may be better, because I found, as did others, that large amounts of mB12 may dispose one to anger, which is neither pleasant nor useful, and which I did not find associated with the hB12.

Then again, this is only my personal report aka anecdotaĺ evidence - which indeed is not strong, but is better than nothing, and also better than what lying shrinks or misled medical doctors assure one, posing as if they are medical authorities on ME/CFS, which very few really are, on a disease like ME/CFS.

Finally, my reason to restart the protocol I used is that the only plausible reason I can provide myself for not having collapsed with ME/CFS because of very little sleep because of sore eyes, during four months, is that I still have quite high B12-levels in my blood (it was established by repeated blood tests) and that I had been improving considerably on the protocol for several months until I got my eye problems.

So... I do think there is something to this protocol with B12 and metafolate, based on several years of experiments involving several forms of B12 and several protocols, but I can not make specific promises. All I can say is that I am fairly confident - in the sense: it is considerably more probable than not - that it did help me some, and that the theory on which it is based, which is mostly Rick van Konynenburg's and explained here, looks like quite sensible biochemistry. [Note 1]

If you want to know more about the mB12 protocol I used, check out the index for 2012.

[Note 1] I also just found that the first file about Rick van Konynenburg that I wrote after reading the news that he died, is absent from the present Nederlog series for 2012 on the right date: It is dated September 26, 2012 now. I repaired the links but should try to sort this out better.

Dec 22, 2012: Corrected some typos.

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