December 15, 2012

History+Politics:  The 60ies in Holland

1. History+Politics:  The 60ies in Holland

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This is for readers of Dutch and is about an interesting book about the Dutch Sixties.

1. History+Politics:  The 60ies in Holland

This will be a brief note about an interesting Dutch book that is available  on the, in what seems to be a seriously emasculated edition.

The book is
I found it because, having lately written about one aspect of what seems to me the collapse of Dutch civilization, namely the destruction of the Dutch universities by my generation of babyboomers, I started to look for some exposition of recent Dutch history.

Most of what I found I did not like: It seemed partial, selfserving, dishonest and/or uninformed to me.

But the above book, by a Dutch historian who lived from 1954-2001, and thus died young, seems well done and sensible, and certainly is informed and interesting.

I am still reading it, have not finished doing so, and may even decide annotating the text, though I make no promises.

In any case, if you read Dutch and want to know about The 60ies in Holland, this seems to be a good introduction and survey, also because it contains a number of interesting statistical tables, e.g. about the quite radical changes in incomes and in opinions between 1960 and 1970.

Also, in case your interest is serious, it may be better to find a second hand copy of the original first:  the edition I found is free but is not complete, and seems to be seriously emasculated for reasons that are - typically - not declared in a forthright manner:

I quote from the colophon:

redactionele ingrepen

Bij de omzetting van de gebruikte bron naar deze publicatie in de dbnl is een aantal delen van de tekst niet overgenomen. Hieronder volgen de tekstgedeelten die wel in het origineel voorkomen maar hier uit de lopende tekst zijn weggelaten. Ook de blanco pagina (p. 2) is niet opgenomen in de lopende tekst.

which is to say

redactional operations

When converting the used source to the present publication in the
dbnl a number of parts of the text have not been reproduced. Below follow the textual parts that are present in the original but have been left out in the current text. The white page (p. 2) als has not been copied in the present text.

[Unclear sum up follows]

In brief: While the text is attributed to the author, its editors have taken the freedom to leave out parts for reasons they do not deign to state, just as the editors do not deign to state what percentage they have taken the freedom not to reproduce.

Also, the original seems to have contained a number of interesting illustrations that also are not reproduced, again for reasons that are not stated, nor indeed has this ommission been mentioned.

In any case: From what I've read the original text seems quite interesting, and from what I know about the Dutch, the unclarified leaving out of what seems to be at least 25% of the original text, is also typically Dutch, as is the fact that the original (??) still seems to be available, but in in a new 2006 version by "The Amsterdam University Press", at over 200% of the price of the original, and without any information - that I could find - as to whether the new edition also lacks the parts left out in the edition linked above.

If you are interested in The Sixties in Holland, this seems to be a book worth getting, if you read Dutch, and if you can find an antiquarian copy of the first edition, which was seen by the original author, and has not been savaged by anonynous Dutch editors for undeclared reasons.

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