December 3, 2012

The Dutch Universities since 1971: "We are all of equal value as Stalin"

At least two-thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity: idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religous or political ideas.
-- Aldous Huxley


The 25 Soviet years in the Dutch universities
2. On my background and life

About ME/CFS


This is another repeat today of text I wrote earlier, because I find it rather sickening that a fraud like Stapel gets lots of attention, whereas my conflict with the UvA has been systematically stonewalled, very probably because leading journalists in Holland, such as Max van Wezel and Elsbeth Etty all made their careers in the Dutch CP and by way of the sovietized Dutch universities.
1. The 25 Soviet years in the Dutch universities

Let me briefly try to explain that, also to shed some light on the members of the
  • Stapel Investigation

    Flawed science:
    The fraudulent research practices of social
    psychologist Diederik Stapel
some of whom are personally known to me [N1], since all of the members of the Stapel Investigation, like Stapel, consented - often with considerable pride, and indeed insisting those who disagreed, like me, therefore must be fascists - to being enrolled in some Stalinist Dutch  university, where it was taught that "everybody knows that truth does not exist", while they all collaborated, smiling like villains:

In fact, the Dutch universities from 1971-1995 were run on the Soviet model in which each University had its own University-Soviet (called "council", which is what "soviet" means), and each faculty had its Faculty-Council, and both councils  were "democratically elected" each year in a democratic voting system where each professor and each student had 1 vote, as did the cleaning lady.

This was called "democratization" and it guaranteed that student activists, trade union types, and managerial type from Dutch Labour were given effective dictatorial powers as regards governing and spending.

There also were Five Year Plans, again just as in the Soviet Union, and the one for 1982-1987 proudly declared, all with the proud and outspoken consent of quite a few members of the Committees that investigated Stapel's fraud, that the purpose of the University of Amsterdam was (and I quote almost literally from that Five Year Plan's directives):
  • to serve the interests of the environmental movement
  • to serve the interests of the feminist movement
  • to serve the interests of the trade unions
I protested in 1982, to the effect that a university's ends were the furthering if science and education, and not the furthering of political ideals or the spreading of propaganda - and was called "a kind of fascist" by the leader of the ASVA student fraction, Olaf McDaniel, who later got in the Ministry of Education and helped destroy any and all kinds of education in Holland that was fit for IQs over 115. [N2]

The result of the Soviet-style rule was that the Dutch universities were virtually owned by the Dutch Communist Party (many student activists were members of it, from 1970 onwards) that ruled the councils, and owned financially by the Dutch Labour Party, that ruled the Boards of Directors, and in fact managed its finances, sometimes to their own personal benefit:

The Board of Directors that kicked me from the University of Amsterdam's faculty of philosophy as "a fascist terrorist", "in spite of your serious illness", while knowing of my unique family background, had made at least 40 million dollars disappear from the accounts of the UvA, it turned out, and did so by means of the trick of getting the communist students support the notion that the University - as is in fact forbidden by Dutch laws - did not need any financial accounting, or at least no audited yearly accounts. And then it is easy to make many millions disappear, and that is what happened.

Foreigners may think that
"It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place."
but foreigners don't know the Dutch:

In Holland these things are not spoken about, not discussed, not researched, and not taken up the police or the judiciary, simply because all in power collude, Holland is a small country, and there never was anything like an independent judiciary: The Dutch Supreme Court from 1940-1945 collaborated, led by professor Donner, with the Nazis; the leaders of the Jewish Council, professor Cohen and professor Asscher, collaborated with the Nazis, and since 1970 the Dutch Supreme Court collaborated with the mafia, that was protected by the (great-)grandsons of the professors Donner, Cohen and Asscher. "So it goes..." in Holland.

Again, most Dutchmen don't care, don't speak about, and in fact few of them know, for the public history of WW II has been laundered very carefully, while decent Dutchmen
don't discuss the failings of Dutch ministers, aldermen or mayors in Holland, at least if one wants a career in a small country like Holland. [N3]

In any case.... in Holland
almost no one cares, almost no one protests, almost no one asked questions, since 1970, again excepting myself, because I think it is immoral, and presumably also because I must have, like my parents and grandparents, what was called - by his Dutch biographer - "an exaggerated sense of justice" in the case of L.E.J. Brouwer, who also strongly disliked unfairness, stupidity and malice, and who therefore ran into a lot trouble, even while being sometimes admired a little as a mathematical genius, though in fact admiring such a man is not a properly correct Dutch attitude: According to Dutch morality any genius that is not a genius in soccer, is offensive to the democratic Dutch majority, namely for being more intelligent than they are. (See [N1] for the Dutch scale of values, and some typical Dutch moral behavior.)

And it happened with the corrupt Soviet years of the Dutch universities as it happened with the corruption of Dutch political and legal leaders under Nazism:

It was and is not mentioned, not spoken about, and what remains of its history are carefully laundered bland brief pieces of lying prose - interestingly: often the same PR-crafted bullshit - that pretend nothing remarkable of any kind happened in these years that is worth mentioning.

In fact, the universities and the schools were destroyed all but in name, and were handed over to the worst managerial types and the worst brand of leftist careerist actvists and degenerates
, who currently award themselves many hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for leading a school, and who allowed themselves to speculate in shares with the money meant for education - but in Holland again this is hardly ever discussed, and if something does get into the papers it gets quickly stonewalled, for it nearly always touches on the corruption of the most prominent leaders of Dutch Labour, especially, or their personal friends.

So here is something I wrote in 2011, the relevance of which was pointed out by a reader. And I had planned to have some more subjects, but will write about these - the DSM-5 and what I learned about the causes of fascism - another day.

2. On my background and life

As I have said before: I was almost the only person within the Dutch universities who protested against their Stalinist degeneration while it happened. There were a few others who objected, but almost no one dared to stand up and voice a protest.

And indeed it is also true that the few who did protest who were members of the staff - dr. W.F. Hermans, prof. Daudt, dr. Rentes, professor Staal, professor Van der Grinten - all were somehow removed from their universities, in their cases not by kicking them out, which might have cost the universities money, which is what happened to me, probably because it did not cost money and strongly appealed to the sadists who did it,
but by pestering, teasing and obstructing these people with tenure in all manner of ways until they felt forced out, or else by closing their faculties or sub-faculties, or by denying them money to do research with.

Having the kind of genes I have, from
my unique family background I was not afraid, and I could also not be blackmailed as an academic with a family, which was one of the reasons some professors I talked with who agreed with me gave for not protesting, but I it is true that I was blind to the fact that I was surrounded by persons  descending, in great majority, from collaborators with the Nazis, who all could lie and posture like the best, but who almost never spoke truly except when very drunk, and who were in no way of "equal value" as my parents or myself. [N4]

Here is part of what I wrote in 2011, in
"On Searle's "The Storm Over The University" - 1" where you'll find more about Searle and about postmodernism:

--- quote

I should briefly indicate why it concerns me, and indeed also why it should concern my readers - and I have repeatedly addressed these questions in Nederlog before, both in Dutch and English, and at length in ME in Amsterdam in Dutch. If you read (some of) that material before, the following summary will be mostly known and can be skipped, but the last points 7 and 8 are quite important, as it describes a major difference between the US and other Western states with student activism and The Netherlands, where the universities in fact were handed over to the student activists in 1971, by an act of Parliament not undone till 1995, thus guaranteeing 25 years of Soviet rule of the Dutch universities:

  1. As it happens, I am the son and grandson of Amsterdam communist heroes of the Dutch resistance [N4]: My father and grandfather were arrested in June 1941, by Amsterdam collaborating municipal policemen, in the context of the February-strike, and convicte, by Dutch collaborating judges, to concentration-camp sentences, that my grandfather did not survive; and my mother spread the illegal communist paper "De Waarheid" and worked for Jews in hiding, but was never arrested or betrayed. This is materially relevant for my position in the University of Amsterdam:

  2. As it also happens, I remigrated in 1977 to The Netherlands to study in the municipal University of Amsterdam, a city where I also was born, and had given up marxism, communism and socialism when I was 20, because I disagreed with much of the prose and tenets of the CP, and had discovered that analytical philosophy and mathematical logic were far more interesting, less ideological and more scientific.

  3. Within ten days of my arrival in the University of Amsterdam I had found out, what I had not known before, that the university was firmly in the hands of leftist students, mostly from the Dutch Communist Party, that they had entered since 1970 in considerable amounts because that had turned fashionable in the wake of The Sixties, and that someone like me, who said he had a higher opinion of Peirce than of Marx, therefore and thereby convicted himself in the eyes of the vast majority of my fellow-students of philosophy as "a fascist", which was what I was qualified as, with great assurance and a display of moral offendedness, when I said I preferred Peirce over Marx, without saying what my background was.

  4. Because my parents were still alive and members of the CP, I did never indicate my background, because I expected trouble for my parents and myself (as "a renegade") [N4] but was soon asked to help start a student-party by a minority of students and members of the staff who were not communists or socialists - where the socialists / social democrats enter because most members of the staff of the university, and its Board of Directors, were - and still are, ever since 1971 - members of the Dutch Labour Party.

  5. I was removed in 1978 from the university because my grants were not paid; in 1982 because of a complicated conflict with the university that I won in court in 1985, when that outcome was too late to help me; in 1984 because my grants were not paid; and in 1988 for giving the speech "39 Questions", and inbetween did not study for several years because my then wife and I had fallen ill in January 1978 with a mysterious disease, that was diagnosed in 1989 as ME, and that left me far less energy than I had had before.

  6. What I thought I saw since 1977 in the University of Amsterdam, and indeed in the other Dutch universities, that all were "democratized" in 1971 by an act of parliament, that handed the power in the universities to university-parliaments that were yearly elected from students, staff and personnel of the university on a "1 man/woman, 1 vote" basis, was a nearly complete ruining of the universities as they had been traditionally, that was replaced by something like a party-school for members of the Dutch socialist and communist parties to get trained in the party ideologies, where the best propaganda-workers also would get professorships or lectureships for life, for Dutch academics are all employed as state bureaucrats, and it is virtually impossible to fire a state bureaucrat.

  7. What the reader should keep in mind, whether Dutch or not, is that the situation in the Dutch universities between 1971 and 1995 was for the two mentioned reasons - "democratized" universities ruled by university-parliaments where the majorities were leading members from the Dutch communist or Dutch Labour parties, and where the so called academics were not employed as free lance intellectuals, but as state or municipal bureaucrats - quite different from the universities in other countries.

  8. The basic differences between the postmodern outlook and the scientific (realistic, rational) outlook have been outlined tabularly in my "Scientific Realism versus Postmodernism" and with many links in Morningstar shines a bright light on postmodernism: This concerns everyone, because everyone's interests, except for fanatics and political revolutionaries, are best served by real science: See my "39 Questions", for the reading of which I was kindly not crucified, but instead simply removed from university, as was no other Dutchman since 1945, and with due  acknowledgement by the Board of Directors that I did have already then a serious disease: "As long as the patient will suffer, the cruel will kick." (Rev. Sidney Smith)

--- /quote

So that is part of the social and university background of Diederik Stapel's rise and fall, and may serve as a sketch of some of the parameters that allowed utterly talentless men like him to become professors and lecturers in Dutch universities by the hundreds or more - for the soft sciences are full of men like him, except that fraud has not been proved in their cases.

Do I say most professors and lecturers in the soft sciences - psychology, sociology, philosophy, pedagogy, European Studies, Dutch, the modern Western European languages - are frauds, in the way Stapel is a fraud?

No, I don't say so. I do know they are nearly all talentless, for else they could not have arisen to their level of eminence, and I also know they all are born and eager collaborators, who have, from their own free will, collaborated with Stalinism, just like their parents or greatparents have collaborated with Nazism.

Also, as explained below in Note [N1] all have maintained that "all men are of equal value", and all have risen in the Dutch Stalinist Sovietized universities
and have all actively collaborated with the most obnoxious leftist political terrorists and indeed also would have collabnorated, as most of their parents must have done, with the most obnoxious rightist political terrorists (and some of them may have done so since: My whole "marxist" generation of destroyers of the universities turned "neo-conservatives" or "animal rightists" after 9/11, having academically arrived).

It is not about morals or politics, for them: it is about collaborating with the powers that be for personal advancement, no matter how - and all of them probably sincerely believe they are morally justified in collaborating with whatever powers there are for their own personal advancements, for that is precisely what ordinary Dutch morality demands: Be normal! Make money!

That is the climate of Dutch science and of the Dutch universities: Almost wholly corrupt, rotten and stupefied in all studies that do not require a considerable talent for mathematics to start with, and not interested in science or truth, for they all have been educated on the principle that "we all know that truth does not exist":

The Dutch universities and governments have been insisting for decades now that "Dutch scientists are all excellent scientists" and that "We all know that truth does not exist", in proof of which I provide a screen grab of part of the frontpage of the Dutch NRC of november 24 last, touting one of the most prominent Dutch true gamma intellectuals, the very learned Bas Heijne, tollowed by my translation:

        Bas Heijne: Acting stupid
COLUMN That the truth does not exist, we know by now.
        That objectivity is an illusion - yes, yes. But the great
        reveling in subjectivity passes. Give us
        expertise, give us facts, writes our columnist
        Bas Heijne:

I tried to stop this manner of moral and intellectual degeneracy when it was being introduced, but was removed from the University as "a fascist" and "a terrorist".

So... while I do not think Diederik Stapel is in any respect that I know a good, a useful or an intelligent person, I have no reason whatsoever to believe those who judged him are any better, for they all have taught for decades now that "all men are of equal value", that "all moral values are relative" and that "everybody knows that truth does not exist".

The Dutch universities are a great immoral and unscientific mess, apart from mathematics, physics, and chemistry, and any Dutch intellectual who tells you otherwise lies, and anyway most probably belongs to the class of mandarins with an IQ of 115.

The Dutch universities are directed by the self-declared equals of fascists and terrorists, who have insisted since the 1970ies that all men are of equal value, that everybody knows that truth does not exist, and that all morals are wholly relative.

And while I personally doubt that all who are professor or lecturer in a soft or a pseudo science have either the guts or the lack of character of Diederik Stapel, I cannot think of any intellectual, moral, or personal reason why people of their professed beliefs would not be frauds:

They are all whores of reason, mandarins with an IQ of 115, or yahoos with a human face; and they all have been frauds - liars, deceivers, imposters, con men - for decades in so far as this involved the education they offered to the public, for money, as "academic teachers", to student populations with an average IQ of 115 at most, because that is what they wanted: sell worthless academic degrees
to persons who are in vast majority not qualified to be intellectuals, and who indeed are not interested in being an intellectual either:

They taught and teach pseudoscience to the lowly gifted, whom they entice to loan huge amounts of money to get a university degree that is worth absolutely nothing; they deliver a mock education in pseudosciences; they pretend bullshit is truth, and that "everybody knows that truth does not exist"; they have all either helped to destroy the Dutch universities and leveled them to colleges fit for the barely intelligent, or if not, are "academic" teachers without intellect, without knowledge, and without any decent education, who insist their delusions must be accepted as if it were real science, because the morons and the careerists rule the universities in Holland now since the 1970ies, and have since then showered academic degrees on their own class of morons by the hundred thousands.

it will not change, for it has been thus for over 40 years, and the sick and degenerate human types ruling these degenerated and utterly corrupted "universities" have meanwhile managed to select their own kind of social fascists, of yahoos with a human face, as professors, lecturers, directors and managers.

So... I certainly
t take this Stapel Investigation serious:

What I see is a bunch of talentless frauds - academically qualified persons, with degrees as Dutch professors and lecturers, who insisted for decades, by direct and evident logical implication, that you and me and they are all of equal value as Hitler and Goebbels, and that who denies that is fit to be declared a fascist and a terrorist and to be thrown from the university - who are now busy persecuting one of their own bunch of academic frauds and impostors, for being  a talentless fraud, and namely because he was so brazen and incompetent that his fraudulence was discovered.

In fact, it's all one enormous stinking corrupt mess, and has been so for decades,
which also is the reason why a man as fraudulent, dishonest, incompetent and loony as Stapel clearly is could rise to the eminence of a professorship, and could be admired for over a decade as something like a Dutch genius, and could receive millions of state subsidies: If the men and women surrounding him had been clearly better than him, than either he could not have risen so high at all, or would have been found out much sooner.

The one thing all foreigners can learn from the rise and fall of Diederik Stapel  is that the wrong sort of persons - pseudo-academics, of decidedly low talents but with strong political associations and friendships - for the wrong sort of reasons - politics, careerism and money - have and have had the power in the Dutch universities since more than 30 years.

And please note: Just as in Stalin's CCCP, just as in the mafia and in Cosa Nostra, just as in the Catholic Church, and just as in political parties: This is a certain kind of person that selects its own kind of person as their colleagues
(<- Dutch link. An English link that describes the very type is here: Psychopaths in scheep's clothing.)

Therefore the corruption will rot on until the whole civilization collapses or - what would be a very good idea in times of economic crisis - the universities are closed, except for the studies of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computing and medicine, since these are real sciences that are open only to those with some intellectual talent, and most other "academic studies" that have been provided by the Dutch universities the last 40 years are neither academic nor worth studying, and indeed are studied only because those studying them expect - falsely, in most cases, these days - this will financially benefit them.

The solution for the problems Diederik Stapel created is very simple: Stop teaching a pseudoscience like psychology in the Dutch universities.

The money can be spend on much better ends, such as food banks for the starving and poor, since there currently are people starving in Holland, and many are poor, than to be wasted on huge salaries of men and women who are all "of equal value" as Diederik Stapel, as they themselves have been insisting for decades, and whose average IQs cannot possibly be much higher than 115!

[N1] It is much more likely than not that some them read my site, since some of them know me personally, so let me notice the fact that while I try to do my best to keep account of the changes I make on my site, the members of the  four Committees of the Stapel Investigation have since I mentioned these four Committees, removed them from their site, without as much as a peep: If you go to these honest moralists's site
Stapel Investigation you no longer find this third line:
Home  Working method   Levelt Committee  Noort Committee  Drenth Committee  Contact 
and you also find no indication it has ever been there, rather as with Stalin's vanishing commissar ... and incidentally both men - I mean: Stalin and Yezhov - have been welcomed enthusiastically by virtually all of the members of the  four Committees, and namely as their personal equivalents, for in the Dutch universities during the Soviet years, in which these men, and Diederik Stapel, climbed to their posts of "Dutch academic excellence", the universities taught incessantly and in all faculties that "all men are equivalent" that is, in words closer to the Dutch "all men are of equal value" (Dutch: "alle mensen zijn gelijkwaardig").

Diederik Stapel and the many professors on the committees must be - by force of logic - all men of equal value as were Stalin and Yezhov. Again, I was the only Dutchman to protest this, especially because I despise Orwellianisms and did not like that my parents and grandparents were declared to be, by logical implication, the equivalents of the SS who tortured them. (But then again: Very few Dutchmen resisted the Nazis. Nearly all, from the eminences of  professors Cohen, Assscher, and Donner - whose grand and greatgrand-children now rule Holland, for the benefit of drugs mafia - downward nearly all collaborated, as did all of the Dutch Supreme Court, except its Jewish president who was fired, and then died. (His wife was duly gassed. None of these corrupt collaborators were ever punished. None had to appear in court.)

But then I do agree, for how could I possibly disagree with such great professorial minds: Diederik Stapel and the members of the Committees are each and all of equal value as Stalin and Yezhov, except that the last two monsters had much more guts: They got it taught, they taught it, each of them must have said so very many times the last decades, for among the leveling Dutch this was a very common public Political Correct saying - that is, until former citizens from Morocco and Turkey got effectively declared to be of equal value to sub-humans, and were stoned, if possible. (Again none of the professors protested, to the best of my knowledge. I did.)

And let me also not forget to mention that much of Diederik Stapel's fraudulent research was tailored to serve the interests, plans and statements of the Dutch Labour Party: He is that kind of man, and indeed it is virtually impossible to become a professor in a Dutch university without consent of the leaders of Dutch Labour. (Besides: Every Dutch Labour minister or parliamentarian can be nearly certain to be made a professor, in some sort of pseudoscience, when leaving office. That is what Dutch universities are for.)

[N2]  Let me also note why I did not mention my unique family background in the climate of Stalinist fascist terrorism I found at the UvA:

One or both of my parents were still alive, and members of the Dutch Communist Party, and sick minds like Olaf McDaniel and his Stalinist comrades were quite capable of blaming my parents for having produced a fascist like me. And while I do not doubt that my parents would have supported me, I wanted to avoid their being besieged by the fascist cretins, careerists and criminals from the Asva.

Let me also not forget that "the statistician" of the Committees that investigated Stapel personally assured me ca. 1988 that his father had been a hero of the resistance like my father - except (and this is what he did not assure me, but by implication sought to trivialize) that his father was a leftist activist in the 60ies, and mine a communist resistance fighter against the Nazis, also inside the concentration camps. But to men who rise to be professors in Holland that is of "equal value", no doubt! Throwing stones at Dutch coppers is of
"equal value" as risking your nails are pulled by the SS.

[N3] Let me again repeat what I have said many times: If I had become healthy since 1979 I would have left this country:

If you have an IQ over 130 Holland is not the place for you, unless you want to make a career in the mafia or in politics (which is the same in drugs corrupt Holland: the politicians probably did profit most from "tolerating" the mafia since over 40 years now, while refusing to legalize drugs, because that keeps the prices high) or else in banks or as trade union leaders (who then later become bank managers, in the true Dutch way: Wim Kok and Lodewijk de Waal, former socialist and communist trade union leaders, now rich bankmanagers).

People with real intellectual or artistic talent of any kind, are hated or feared, and wherever possible leveled, discriminated, opposed and brought down. The Dutch two top moral values are to "Act normal, then you act mad enough!" and to make money, wherever and however one can, as long as one makes money.

And I should add: if you do have a have a good intellect, study mathematics, physics, computing or sinology: Everything else is a waste of your intellectual gifts (including medicine, which is presently also mostly a con game). And do not stay in Holland unless you absolutely must: This is a very dangerous country for people who do not conform to the level of the yahoos that surround them.

If you stand out, seem abnormal, or are clearly intelligent, you run great risks, simply by being different from the rest: My parents were discriminated all their adult lives for being "betrayers of Our Fatherland" (namely: being communists); I have been discriminated all my adult life for being smarter than others and not afraid of speaking up, and then for being ill and an opponent of the criminals of Dutch Labour, and for not being a communist, in the University of Amsterdam.

[N4] I have discussed the issue many times in the University of Amsterdam in the 1980ies: If I said that it logically followed from "all men are of equal value" that the speaker is of equal value as Adolf Hitler and of Albert Einstein, the normal
answer was that I must be a fascist for daring to say so - about Hitler, not about Einstein, mind you!

The Dutch are like that: Some 15 millions men and women who are (they all claim, by logical implication, for between 1975 and 2000 almost every Dutchman mouthed this popular delusion with great pleasure) of equal value as was Einstein, but who are themselves - alas! - too preoccupied with drugs and soccer to advance physics, though they all insist, by logical implication, that all are of Albert's value, and also for suggesting that they were very humane, honorable and honest people in extending their humanity, equally, to all.

And this was during times and at a place where one was not surrounded by secret service men spying on one, nor in a dictatorship, and where I only tried to raise a valid logical point with what counted as "the best and the brightest" of their generation.


Update December 5, 2012: Corrected some typos and inserted some links. And did the same for the last 5 Nederlogs.

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