November 29, 2012

''I am being character assassinated" Diederik Stapel says - 1

"There's a sucker born every minute."
-- P.T. Barnum

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.
-- Ecclesiastes 1 (King James Version)

"Something is rotten in the state of" Holland
-- Hamlet, Shakespeare


''I am being character assassinated" Diederik Stapel says
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We're back with that great example of Dutch scientific excellence, integrity and honesty, Diederik Stapel, one of the major known scientific frauds in the world.

1. ''I am being character assassinated" Diederik Stapel says

Mr Diederik Stapel. the Dutch psychological excellent scientific fraud,
is currently in the Dutch news because
  • the committee that investigated his many frauds has produced "a final report", in Dutch (which - I guess - will get translated)
  • Mr Stapel has written a book, in Dutch, about the awfulness of his own life
  • Mr Stapel feels offended by the fact that the committee(s) did not bundle his book or his defense with the committee's final report, and also feels that he is being character assassinated. (He may soon start court cases for defamation of his reputation, one could assume. Dutch judges being all such honorable men and women, who knows what will be the outcome!)
It does not seem very unlikely to me that Stapel will try to forge a career from being a fraud - being the Peter Popoff of Dutch science he may very well know that the fake healer Peter Popoff also came back and earned tens of millions pf dollars more by yet more religious fakery and bullshit, after having been exposed by James Randi as an utter scam and a con man. And why couldn't a fake scientist do the same?

However... two problems that I have at present are that my eyes are not well, and that most of the material that I've read about the case is in Dutch.

I'll try to meet the first problem by trying to do this in bits, and the second by providing a link to the committee that wrote the final report, that is in English (and I quote their title as it is on their site)
  • Stapel Investigation

    Flawed science:
    The fraudulent research practices of social
    psychologist Diederik Stapel
The reader will find there that - typically Dutch, in fact there are three Committees, and - in best Soviet style - a fourth Coordinating Committee, all headed by what must be regarded, surely, as three or four Dutch "excellent" - for so the Dutch government's PR has honestly assured the world for decades - "scientists", professors Levelt, Noord and Drenth, who were a little over a year ago still colleagues of professor Stapel, then known as something of a Dutch scientific genius.

Also, I may try to solve the second problem by switching to Dutch. I don't know yet, and will start with uploading the present Nederlog, for the benefit of foreigners interested in most
"excellent" Dutch Committees "science".

Readers of Dutch may also try the subtle and kind 
Also, here is Mr Stapel himself on Mr Stapel himself, quoted from his book, with my translation - and it seems he does here speaks the truth, for the most part:
  • Wat Stapel tot fraude dreef: "Ik wilde overal goed in zijn. Ik nam geen genoegen met mijn eigen middelmatigheid, sloot me af, onderdrukte mijn emoties, verdrong mijn moraliteit en werd dronken van succes en het verlangen naar antwoorden en oplossingen. En zo heb ik mezelf in de afgrond gestort en heb ik vele van mijn collega's, promovendi en studenten met me mee gesleurd."
  • What drove Stapel (<-Wikipedia) to fraud: "I wanted to be good in everything. I was not satisfied with my own mediocrity, I locked myself off, I repressed my emotions, I repressed my morality and I got drunk on success and the desire for answers and solutions. And thus I threw myself in the abyss and have torn down many of my colleagues, promovendi and students."
More later, maybe today, maybe in Dutch.

Meanwhile, foreign readers should realize that
the Dutch have educated, or rather indoctrinated, their young for nearly 50 years now on the basis of the idea that "everyone is of equal value" and that "we all know that truth does not exist", a firm pillar of the education the University of Amsterdam provided since 1978 for all its students, in all its faculties, also sanctioned and defended by its Board of Directors, until well in the present millenium, and quite possibly till this day, except less blatantly,

See my "Yahooism with a human face", that moved the scientific staff in the faculty of psychology - where I studied psychology, in the same years as Diederik Stapel, who probably read my columns - to let me know that "the scientific staff likes to see you dead". For I had dared to say that truth exists, and at that time that was called "a fascist" and "terrorist"idea, for the maintaining of which I was temoved from the Uva before, my name not being Diederik Stapel.

Besides, the Dutch universities and governments have been insisting for decades now that "Dutch scientists are all excellent scientists" and that "We all know that truth does not exist", in proof of which I provide a screen grab of part of the frontpage of the Dutch NRC of november 24 last (a paper that recently turned into the advertisment and PR daily for gammas, the Nieuwe Rolex Courant (*)), by one of the most prominent Dutch true gamma intellectuals, the very learned Bas Heijne, tollowed by my translation:

        Bas Heijne: Acting stupid
COLUMN That the truth does not exist, we know by now.
        That objectivity is an illusion - yes, yes. But the great
        reveling in subjectivity passes. Give us
        expertise, give us facts, writes our columnist
        Bas Heijne:

This "Four legs good, two legs bad" level prose was written briefly before the latest Stapel Report was made public, and mirrors what Heijne had learned in the University of Amsterdam, where he studied during the same years as Mr Stapel, and reveled in the notion that truth does not exist. Not a word of protest by Mr Heijne, who should judge himself to be very lucky if he does manage reach to the level of being a gamma

That's one of the wonderful thing about being a gamma:

We are not too stupid and we're not too bright
To be a gamma is to be juist right.
Indeed, ever since then Mr Heijne has been educating his fellow Dutch in the traditions of scholarship he and Mr Stapel learned at the University of Amsterdam, ruled by political bureaucrats from Dutch Labour, all for the benefit of political bureaucrats and corrupt political careerists from Dutch Labour:
That's one of the wonderful thing about being dutch:

We're not too stupid and we're not too bright
To be A Dutchmen is to be Just Right.
The bitter truth is that the morally and intellectually very sick postmodernistic Orwellian claim that "truth does not exist" - see
and that "all moral values are totally relative" - see
have been the staple educational food that all Dutch universities have been feeding all of their students since the 1970ies. See
And all the professors who are now being well paid to staff all the four  Committees that investigate Stapel's fraud all were silent in the decades that they were not yet professor (emeritus), and collaberated. For decades on end.

"Something is rotten in the state of" Holland

- and no amount of public laundering can change the thoroughly rotten and utterly corrupt Dutch educational and university sytem: Meanwhile the last folks with a halfway decent education are nearly 65 years of age or older - and they were all collaborating when they should have spoken up.

But like Diederik Stapel they all wanted a career very much more than they wanted real science or to serve the truth. Like Diederik Stapel they got their careers, if perhaps not by making up data. (**)

Now Dutch science is dead, except for the small parts that require real talent, like mathematics and physics: In these times of scarcity and poverty it would be a great social and economical blessing to close almost all the Dutch universities, and invest the money now thrown away to "educate" academic swines with IQs of 115 or less as pseudoscientists, instead in the many poor in Holland in need of money to eat.

The Dutch universities are staffed with frauds, a few real sciences - mathematics, physics, chemistry - excepted.

For nearly everywhere in Dutch academia, in nearly every faculty, the Dutch universities are staffed by pseudoscientists and have been denying everyy intelligent student that reached them the right on a decent education fit for persons with an IQ higher than 115, and have been stupefying and mendacious  institutions, where hypocritical third or fourth or hundredth raters of the intellectual talents and moral rectitude of Diederik Stapels have helped produce "academic degrees" for the large group of the intellectually talentless with IQs between 100 and 115, for money, at the cost of science and civilization:

As to Diederik Stapel's "character assassination", according to himself:
He did it all himself. One can hardly complain one is being called a fraud if one is a fraud. Also, it is not as if it was a single moment of weakness: It were many years of carefully planned fraudulence, in order to get known as leading intellect, and to get a high income and a high status, all with carefully prepared lies.

PS2: The html in this file is bad because font sizing is bugged in Composer and Kompozer. I am sorry, but I don't have the eyes to straighten it out now. It displays well in Firefox 17.0. in Ubuntu.

Update Nov 30 2012: I have straightened out yesterday's Nederlog, and done some straightening out in this one, but probably will leave it as is, for I don't have the quality of eyes and health to straighten out the bugs of Composer and KompoZer.

(*) So called since its changed its format, its chief editor, its editing policies, and its style of writing: It now is the proud adjunct of their very own best paying advertisers, such as Rolex, Louis Vuitton and Mercedes Benz, since these items are what postmodern Dutch academics and intellectuals, with an IQ of 115 or less (that is, nearly all of the Dutch so called intellectuals, since the Dutch universities started catering academic degrees to such hugely talented Dutch folks) all see as their very own personal moral ideal and as the real end of their life, and also as their own personal birth right, and as the real reason for intellects gifted as they are, in vast democratic majority, to get an academic degree in the first place: To drive a Mercedes Benz with a Rolex around one's wrist, with a model with a Louis Vuitton bag sitting next to one.

(**) Nobody can tell. I am not saying this is so: I am saying that all of psychology was in a major mess when I studied it, and everybody was taught what Stapel and I and tenthousands of others were taught: There is no truth, all morals are wholly relative, and everybody is of equal value:
Yahooism with a human face As illustrated above, the supposedly best and supposedly brightest Dutchmen writing in the supposedly leading daily for the Dutch "academically educated" still insist this is so. Well... I only see reasons to distrust people who were thus educated, who never protested, and who made a career out of collaborating, posturing and lying, amidst students whose IQ was on average 115 or less. And that is now such stuff as Dutch academic dreams are made of.

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