November 23, 2012

me: The summaries are being updated

The summaries are being updated
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What the title says:

1. The summaries are being updated

Instead of administrating nearly all the changes I made to the site, which I did - mostly, not always perfectly - from 1996 to 2009 - I started writing summaries, that I anyway had made since 2008 or so for Nederlog. They are here, indeed with the name the files had when they still administrated almost all changes rather than summarize the most important ones:
The reason to keep the old filename is to maintain links I made in earlier years.

Today I wrote the summaries for September - where it turns out I still have to redo September 18, which I probably will have done by tomorrow. Here they are, with an endnote about some other changes.

  • Sep 30: me+ME: Corrupt Dutch Supreme Court | More about Rich van Konynenburg | My eyes and M.E.: A little more about Rich van Konynenburg, and a bit about the despicable and sickening Dutch Supreme Court of 1940-1945, that collaborated with the Nazi occupiers, as did most Dutch judges, some of which indeed convicted by father and grandfather to concentration camp prisonment

    This is again typical for Dutch morality, for which see (I say it again) "The UnDutchables" - and I quote myself:


    My parents were members of the Dutch Communist Resistance in WW II, and because of that my father and grandfather were convicted to concentration camp punishment, that my father survived after more than 3 1/2 years of German concentration camps, as a political prisoner, while his father died from the maltreatment, starvation and forced labor.

    One of the things my father was very bitter about was that he and his father (also arrested, also convicted - and my father's story, in his own words, translated by me into English, is under this link) were convicted by Dutch judges in a Dutch court, in 1941, and namely as "political terrorists".

    It now has turned out - as written up in a book that was first published in the fall of 2011, that is over 65 years after WW II ended: Corjo Jansen en Derk Venema, "The Supreme Court and the Second World War" (in Dutch), Boom, Amsterdam, 2011 - that all of the Dutch Supreme Court in WW II was corrupt,  and collaborated with the Nazis, except for one man, its president, who was Jewish or of Jewish decent.


  • Sep 26me+ME: Rick van Konynenburg dies | Three excellent books about philosophy | My eyes and M.E. Dr. Rick van Konynenburg was an an American Ph.D. in electric engineering (an intellectually far more demanding study than psychiatry), who had been working for 16 years for people with ME/CFS and had developed his own biochemical theory to account for it, which is interesting and plausible. I provide links, and also write about three excellent books about philosophy.

  • Sep 22: me+ME: Excellent article by Sonia Poulton | ERV | Maartensz | The sadism link | My eyes and M.E. : This is about an Excellent article about ME/CFS in Daily Mail  by the British journalist Sonia Poulton, with quite a few references thrown in to things I wrote related to ME/ÇFS, and other related matters, such as my diagnosis that the psychiatrists who diagnose ME/CFS patients as mentally ill are themselves either mentally ill or sadists, which is what I really think, and I have the degrees and knowledge to make such diagnoses - and I do not slander millions of ill people to make a living out of them. Besides, there are far more medical doctors who are not psychiatrists who insist that the disease is real, than there are psychiatric pseuodscientists and degenerates who insist the disease are not real, and have the ear of the governments and health insurances, who rather keep the money to give it to bank managers or live well on themselves, than help ill people.

  • Sep 20: me+ME: Lipkin and Racaniello talk | George Carlin talks | My eyes and M.E.: This is about the result of the Lipkin + study, that definitely killed the hypothesis of XMRV, also according to its originators drs. Mikovits and Ruscetti, and reports on an interesting - recorded - talk between professors Racaniello and Lipkin. I also throw in some nice Carlin links, such a s good 45 minute interview with him, not long before he died.

  • Sep 18: XMRV is dead | Tuller in NYT | What is the yield? | DSM-5 & psychiatry:

    This is my response to the outcome of the Lipkin + study.
    The present version has been edited back from earlier versions that did not display well. I think the text is the same as was, but the table about M.E. is a better version than was in the original, though most items are the same.

  • Sep 17: DSM-5 & psychiatry | Ubuntu | eye problems | Carlin and voting: A bit more about dr. Szasz and what is wrong with psychiatry - and I quote myself, because it is true, important and not known to the many victims and dupes of psychiatrists and psychiatry:


The point I want to make in the present section is that especially psychiatrists and psychologists, who are, in terms of years and level of education the highest trained a,ong the psychotherapists, and who tend to pretend that they have a level of expertise, knowledge and insight that ordinary people - "layman" - lack, are almost all of them bulllshitting if not deluded (or indeed both).

Here are some of my reasons - and as it happens my academic degrees are in philosophy and psychology, so indeed I am not speaking in ignorance:

NONE of the psychotherapeutical professionals, and NONE of the psychiatrists is able to give anything like rational, empirically supported, scientific answers to the following questions (and there are quite a few more that are relevant that they rarely can answer, about epistemology, statistics, probability, logic and science, for example, but these are too technical to consider here and now):

(1) What is a human personality, a human self, a human character?
(2) What is consciousness, and why do we have it?
(3) How does the brain generate commonsense experiences?
(4) Do we all experience similar things in similar circumstances?
(5) What is meaning and why and how can we communicate with language?

ALL of the psychotherapeutical professionals, and ALL of the psychiatrists presuppose SOME sort of answers to ALL of these questions, indeed like anyone else who can function in a human society without creating major problems for others - but ALL of the professionals mentioned bullshit you or delude themselves if they pretend to be able to answer these questions, other than by what is mostly faith or illusion, if indeed not intentional bullshit meant to make you pay.


There also is some on Ubuntu, and some of George Carlin's and my reasons not to to vote.

  • Sep 16: My eyes, M.E. and internet | Dr Thomas Szasz died: This explains why I can use the internet with such eyes as I have, namely thanks to the possibilities offered by ǴNU/Linux/Ubuntu (as seems the fairest name to me, in view of those who made it), which are not existent in MS Windows, and is about dr. Thomas Szasz, who died the week this was written, who was a very courageous and intelligent man, who dared to oppose the dominant tendencies in psychiatry, while being himself a psychiatrist and a professor in it.

  • Sep 15: My eyes | Black book | Schopenhauer against the scribblers: This is about my problems in Holland and the Dutch national character - for which see the excellent, honest and true The UnDutchables - and my liking of Schopenhauer. Here is the bit of him I quote:


    "What the pathetic commonplace heads with which the world is crammed really lack are two closely related faculties: that of forming judgements and that of producing ideas of their own. Both these are lacking to a degree which he who is not one of them cannot really conceive, so that he cannot easily conceive the dolefulness of their existence. It is this deficiency, however, which explains one one hand the poverty of the scribbling which in all nations passes itself off to its comtemporaries as their literature, and on the other the fate that overtakes true and genuine man who appear among such people. All genuine thought and art is to a certain extent an attempt to put big heads on small people: so it is no wonder the attempt does not always come off. For a writer to afford enjoyment always demands a certain harmony between his way of thinking and that of the reader; and the enjoyment will be the greater the more perfect the harmony is: so that a great mind will fully and completely only another great mind. It is for this reason that bad or mediocre writers excite disgust and revulsion in thinking heads: and even conversation with most people has the same effect - one is conscious of the inadequacy and disharmony every step of the way."
    (Arthur Schopenhauer - Essays and Aphorisms, p. 125-6)


  • Sep 14: B12 Protocol | Psychologist with M.E. | Statistics and medicine: I do have an M.A. in psychology, as does my ex-wife, and we both fell ill with EBV after four months of studying in the first year of our university studies, on grants and loans. I explain why I deny the sadistic attributions by psychiatrist - if I would have been a sadist, I would have been a shrink - and also explain why I don't believe much of medical statistics (before reading about GlaxoSmithKline and Paxil, that illustrates my case).

  • Sep 12: M.E. + my eyes | Stem wijzer: This is one of the very few Dutch pieces I wrote since 2009, and is a satire on voting and Dutch democracy, which I don't believe in: Dutch political parties seem to me to be more like self-selecting gangs of psychopathic careerists than like the noble servants of the people they present themselves as, to a population they have systematically stupefied since 1965, since when the Dutch educational system has been systematically destroyed.     

  • Sep 11: On my eyes | The Nuremberg Interviews: Having mentioned yesterday that my father and grandfather were convicted political terrorist, being convicted in 1941, by Dutch judges, who collaborated with the Dutch Nazi occupiers of Holland, as did all of the Dutch Supreme Court under Nazi occupation, except for its president, who was fired because he was Jewish, I explain something about good and bad and about an interesting book of interviews with leading Nazis.   

  • Sep 9: From the Notebooks of MM. This is quoted from my own Notebooks (copy/paste is easier than writing). There is about 20 MB more of similar notes on my hard disk, and this is a fair selection.
  • Sep 9: Nederlog gets continued in The Black Notebook - but in November 2012 I return to Nederlog, because my eyes are less bad and - especially - because I found a way to edit my files in a way that my eyes permit, without having to look at white or light background, with Seamonkey's Composer. Meanwhile, I did write entries in something I first called The Black Notebook, and then NOTEBOOK, in a format that was friendlier on my eyes, and these have now all been incorporated again in Nederlog.

Endnote: There are some further changes
  • The globe at the top of the page is back. This is a link to the opening of the site.
  • The links at the start have been removed.
  • The links at the bottom of the page are back.
  • The old blue background is back.
I do not yet know whether I maintain all of these changes. 


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