November 11, 2012

Back to Nederlog! + The site exist 16 years!

    1. Back to Nederlog!
    2. The site exists 16 years!
PS. My eye problems


This is mostly to announce the fact that I will try to keep my daily notes in Nederlog again, and to register the fact that I now have a site for 16 years.

1. Back to Nederlog!

I more or less announced it yesterday:

Today I moved my attempts to keep going some daily records about the things that interest or concern me to the format and place and title of

I gave my reasons to do so
yesterday, the main ones being that Nederlog gets read quite a lot; that it has been going on since 2004; and that - practically the most important reason - I have found a way to edit the files on my site in a way that is convenient for my eyes, without upsetting the color settings of the file I edit.

This means that I have to put the things I wrote in September and October 2012 in Nederlog, and that I have to adjust some things on the opening of the site.

For the moment, I have uploaded the items I wrote in November and put them inside the present Nederlog format - which is not quite like the old one:
  • There is presently a background picture of Dovre, Norway, that reminds me a lot of the view I had during the spring and the sommer, when I lived in Dovre in 1975, a view that I could see daily from somewhere 250 meters to the left and 100 or 200 meters upwards from the place whence the picture was taken. I may replace the picture, but I like it. (It's a download of around 100 Kb, which may be a reason to remove it.)
  • The textbox, as I call it - effectively, it is a html-table - that you see in the middle of the screen is smaller than it used to be and also is not quite white. The reasons for that are, first, that I like its width: I do not like very broad columns of text and, second, that I do want to be able to reread my own texts without having to adjust the color settings, and this blueish, purplish, greyish "white" - in fact color #CCCCFF - is about the limit of luminosity my eyes can presently cope with, without serious trouble. This may also change, depending on my eyes.
  • The present set-up does not contain a constant reference to ME/CFS. This I may restore, in some fashion, because the fact that I write about this disease, which I have since 1.1.1979, is one of the reasons people read Nederlog. If people arrive in Nederlog to learn some about ME/CFS, then I may as well refer them to what I consider accurate information, of which there is a lot on this site in ME Resources. [*]
  • It is likely that Nederlog will contain more Dutch, more philosophy and more autobiographical matters than it used to: I will continue to write about ME/CFS, Holland, Amsterdam and related matters, but less so, because it doesn't seem to make any positive difference, and I also am quite pessimistic about the prospects of civilization.
  • Besides, I am 62, and I want to survey my life and ideas, and as I think I had an interesting life and have interesting ideas, while it is unlikely that, as long as society or civilization has not collapsed, I will be able or will be forced to participate in it in another role than as an invalid, I should do this while I still can write about it and document things.
2. The site exists 16 years!

Currently, the site - there are two, in different countries, with different providers, but they are intended to be mirrors i.e. the same - is 405 MB of mostly text in html, that can be surveyed with this link: site directories

I am not in a very festive mood, for various reasons, though I am glad to be writing in Nederlog again: The present set-up looks better than NOTEBOOK, and it also seems better to continue Nederlog, also because in that way I can continue its series, such as the ones about the crisis and about the DSM-5.

I do hope to keep it up, which mostly depends on my health and my eyes.

Right now I still have to restore the months of September and October to Nederlog. I have restored November, and in the format of the present file.

So what still remains to be done with this transition:
  • Restore the months of September and October to Nederlog
  • Update and reformat the index and summary of 2012
  • Straigthen out links
I do not know how long this will take.


Maarten Maartensz

P.S. My eye problems

I'll leave the  text on my eye problems for the moment as a P.S., to clarify why I use such colors as I do, and why I have, for the time being, mostly stopped editing my site.
Version October 15, 2012: My eye problems are the reason this page has the colors it does have: It is very difficult to look at white and light backgrounds with such eyes as I presently have. See also: Why are the colors as they are?

The diagnosis is keratoconjunctivitis sicca (possibly as a part of Sjoegren's syndrome). It is less than it was, for months, but not as I should like it to be.

The present settings of NOTEBOOK aka NB seem the best compromise between what my eyes can handle, and what most readers like to see.

And they have been changed repeatedly, as have the links below to change the background (but not the color of the text box).

As of October 13, 2012, the standard setting for the text box is white text on a darkslategrey background while the standard background is maroon.

Version October 28, 2012: Black text on #339999.
Version November 8, 2012: Changed background to picture. (Background colors work no more.) I may changes this again, depending on my eyes. I may even return to Nederlog!
Version November 10, 2012: Black text on #CCCCFF, changed background picture.

[*] Besides, if what seem to me far too often political psychopaths keep being (re-)elected by the democratic majorities of the clueless, the conformist, the stupid and the ignorant, nothing will change the course of history but a major collapse of civilization, precisely because there is no real, effective, rational, public debate anymore.

                  PS: Any necessary corrections have to be made later.