November 10, 2012

Back to Nederlog?

    1. Back to Nederlog?
PS. My eye problems


This is just a brief note that illustrates what I am experimenting with on the moment.

1. Back to Nederlog?

Tomorrow I have a site since 16 years, since I started my first site in Holland in November 1996.

As I have been saying before lately, I have problems with my eyes since May 2012, which made maintaining the site a lot more difficult to do, and which therefore made me revise the normal maintenance of the site.

This normal maintenance depended on my health anyway, which apart from my eyes is not good anyway, because I have ME/CFS since 1.1.1979 (and the eye problems are known as a frequent complication or co-morbidity of
ME/CFS), but maintenance happened daily most of the time, at least the last six years or so, and happened mostly in Nederlog, which is a kind of blog about what concerns or interests me, except that I do not offer my readers an opportunity to add their comments.

In fact, the rest of my large site has been built up bit by bit through the years since 1996, with quite long periods of hardly any activity outside Nederlog, and also with periods that I uploaded rather a lot.

If you want a survey of the site, this following list of directories is probably the best - and you should realize that most of the text and most of the site is in the philosophy sections, and consists of philosophical classics, often with my extensive notes:
As I said, the daily maintenance of the site happened mostly but not only in Nederlog, that exists since 2004 (also counting Nedernieuws) or (without Nedernieuws) since 2006, but recently I have switched to a format that I found easier to maintain, that I called called NOTEBOOK.

Right now - that is: the last few days - I am experimenting with returning to the Nederlog-directories, and with trying to continue most of the Nederlog format, because (1) it seems a somewhat venerable tradition, with a lot of files and texts - over 126 MB if I count all - that are being read quite a lot [*], while (2) my eyes have improved somewhat lately, and - most importantly - (3) I have now found a way of editing a file in colors that are convenient for my eyes, while not changing the colors of the file that my readers will see.

Today I am experimenting and seeing and showing what I can do:

What the reader sees is about the limit of what my eyes can currently tolerate as backgrounds - and indeed this limit is important to me, because I want to be able to reread my own texts and - if this is possible at all - without my having to change them first to a format that my eyes can cope with.

The current format in the textbox, which is 
black text on a bacjground with color #CCCCFF - yes, that is its computer name - is the lightest that my eyes can currently bear, indeed not to write text on or stare long at.

But then I have now found a way to write my texts in a format that is more convenient for my eyes, and therefore it seems justified to try to return to Nederlog, at least formally
and by name and location - for I also intend to write on some topics I did not write much on so far.

More on that tomorrow.

So I have retitled today's NOTEBOOK entry to Nederlog; changed the text backgrounds of the opening of the site and of the Nederlog index
#CCCCFF; changed the background picture of Dovre to a better one [**]; stored the present text both as NL and as NB; and hope to have the things that are now in NOTEBOOK converted to Nederlog format tomorrow, though I make no promises that I will be able to have it all done then.


Maarten Maartensz

P.S. My eye problems

I'll leave the  text on my eye problems for the moment as a P.S., to clarify why I use such colors as I do, and why I have, for the time being, mostly stopped editing my site.
Version October 15, 2012: My eye problems are the reason this page has the colors it does have: It is very difficult to look at white and light backgrounds with such eyes as I presently have. See also: Why are the colors as they are?

The diagnosis is keratoconjunctivitis sicca (possibly as a part of Sjoegren's syndrome). It is less than it was, for months, but not as I should like it to be.

The present settings of NOTEBOOK aka NB seem the best compromise between what my eyes can handle, and what most readers like to see.

And they have been changed repeatedly, as have the links below to change the background (but not the color of the text box).

As of October 13, 2012, the standard setting for the text box is white text on a darkslategrey background while the standard background is maroon.

Version October 28, 2012: Black text on #339999.
Version November 8, 2012: Changed background to picture. (Background colors work no more.) I may changes this again, depending on my eyes. I may even return to Nederlog!
Version November 10, 2012: Black text on #CCCCFF, changed background picture.

[*] In fact, most of what is read in Nederlog is written in Dutch and - as far as I can see - most of that got selected because I wrote about something my readers are interested in, which means, as is indeed true, that quite a lot of old Nederlogs are being read daily.
[**] Probably it will not be a constant background, but it is a nice view and a nice memory for me, and indeed I do intend to write some more about Dovre and Norway, and in such contexts it will probably reappear.

                  PS: Any necessary corrections have to be made later.