November 9, 2012

Updates on Stapel and Notebook/Nederlog

    1. More on Diederik Stapel
(the excellent Dutch scientist)

    2. Should I move back to Nederlog?

PS. My eye problems


Today I write only about things I wrote about before: The Dutch ex-professor social psychology also ex-doctor Diederik Stapel, and Nederlog, my eyes, Notebook, and my site.

1. More on Diederik Stapel (the excellent Dutch scientist)

I wrote about the Dutch professor doctor Diederik Stapel before, namely the first four days of November last year. My reasons to do so were various
  • I have an M.A. in psychology, from the same faculty and university as the former doctor and professor of social psychology, who was shown to be one of the world's greatest scientific frauds a year ago.
  • It is very likely he read my Spiegeloog-columns, since these were published during the time he studied, at the faculty and university he and I studied in, and that were quite (in)famous at the time, and indeed may have inspired Mr Stapel (which I do not know at all: I merely make a guess).
  • I do not believe that psychology is much of a real science, although there are some parts that make sense - though most that is sensible in it is already to be found in William James's "Principles of Psychology", for which reason it is on line on my site, also because very few scientists wrote as well as he did (though as philosopher James was disappointing, also to his friend Charles Santiago Peirce).
  • I do believe that the Dutch universities have been thoroughly destroyed by my generation of "leftist activist" in fact careerist students and managers, who got thrown the power over the Dutch universities in their lap in 1971, when a law was accepted by the parliament that gave 1 person working or studying in the university, whether as professor, door man, cleaner, secretary, or student 1 vote in the yearly elections for the university- and faculty-councils, which from that time onwards were in the firm Stalinist grip of Labour politicians and Communist and far leftish students, which remained so until the next parliamentary law of 1995, that undid the nearly 25 years of Stalinist Soviet Rule in the Dutch universities [*]
  • I believe there is a great lot more of incompetence, dishonesty and fraudulence in the Dutch universities, and especially in the social and the soft sciences, than the staff and directors of these universities want to (publicly admit they) know or want to investigate.
Then again, these things are difficult to explain to foreigners, also because most who get a chance to utter forth about them in the Dutch media belong to the same caste of academic liars and careerists that effectively took over the power and management of the Dutch universities from the nineteenseventies onwards, when managerial careerists and former radical student activists saw that they could take over the universities from real academics, and did so, in their own personal and financial interests, like real Stalinists.

So here are just four links to the Nederlogs I wrote about the Stapel case a little over a year ago, all in English, from the first five days of November 2011
One reason to mention this is that I think the situation in the Dutch universities is still a major and sick moral and intellectual mess; another reason to mention this is that I am really interested in science and in truth, and most Dutch academics are not and never were: They got where they got to be, in Dutch Academia, because they had the right political and personal friends, and not because of any talent (with a few exceptions, mostly in mathematics or physics).

Anyway... for those who are interested and read Dutch or are willing to rely on Google.translate, here are some recent Dutch articles on the subject of Mr Stapel.
I translated the titles:
The summary seems to be: The Dutch do all they can to limit fraudulent social science to one or a few persons, though in fact there is a lot of it in Dutch universities since the 1970ies, since when fraudulence and incompetence were institutionalized, and the wrong kinds of persons - those with political, personal, careerist and financial interests, rather than those with any real interest in real science - got the power in the Dutch universities; and also Mr Stapels himself does not seem to want to cooperate with anyone to uncover the extent of his fraudulence, that indeed now seems to extend over at least seven Ph.D.s as well (based on his falsified data, not necessarily based on falsifications by these Ph.D.s)

2. Should I move back to Nederlog?

I pose the question, that in fact concerns my eyes, Notebook, Nederlog, and my site because (1) I recently got less sore eyes and (2) I recently found a way to edit my site in such a way that I do not need to see the standard white backgrounds to black text that still bother me, while also not upsetting them.

The reason I started Notebook and its precursor is that I really saw no way to write anything for my site with such eyes as I had than by concocting something where I needed only to look at mostly black, dark blue or brown screens.

Now my eyes are somewhat better, though far from good, and I also have found a way to edit parts of my site in a way that does neither hurt my eyes nor upset the white backgrounds I still can't tolerate well or at all.

So... since Nederlog is a popular item on my site, which is a popular site, and since it is something that effectively started (as Nedernieuws) in 2004, I am interested in continueing it, if indeed I can.

And I posed the title of this section as a question, because I am still thinking about it.

If I find a way of doing it painlessly, I probably will, simply to write in "the tradition I have been used to for years", though indeed not as I did the last few years, because of ME/CFS and XMRV.

Then again, all together there is - I just counted it - 126.3 MB in these 9 years of writing on Nedernieuws and Nederlog, so the term "tradition" is not unjustified, and indeed I know of no one who wrote anything comparable.

Whatever I do, if I keep writing on my sites at all, then it is likely that I will write less about ME (the disease) and more about me (the person), and also will try to put a lot more on my site, if and when I can scan it - for as it happens I think I have led an interesting life, that also is very well documented in many ways, indeed in my own prose, both in Dutch and in English, and since 1970.

More about this later, also about the present background, which is a view from - approximately, not exactiy - where I lived in 1975. The original - much broader and more detailed - is here; the part I cut out to fit my screen is here.

There are worse places to live or go to, such as Amsterdam, so I found, through much suffering, pain and discrimination, because I am, alas, an Amsterdammer! [**]


Maarten Maartensz

P.S. My eye problems

I'll leave the  text on my eye problems for the moment as a P.S., to clarify why I use such colors as I do, and why I have, for the time being, mostly stopped editing my site.
Version October 15, 2012: My eye problems are the reason this page has the colors it does have: It is very difficult to look at white and light backgrounds with such eyes as I presently have. See also: Why are the colors as they are?

The diagnosis is keratoconjunctivitis sicca (possibly as a part of Sjoegren's syndrome). It is less than it was, for months, but not as I should like it to be.

The present settings of NOTEBOOK aka NB seem the best compromise between what my eyes can handle, and what most readers like to see.

And they have been changed repeatedly, as have the links below to change the background (but not the color of the text box).

As of October 13, 2012, the standard setting for the text box is white text on a darkslategrey background while the standard background is maroon.

Version October 28, 2012: Black text on #339999.
Version November 8, 2012: Changed background to picture. (Background colors work no more.) I may changes this again, depending on my eyes. I may even return to Nederlog!
Version November 10, 2012: Black text on #CCCCFF, changed background picture.

[*] In fact, most of what is read in Nederlog is written in Dutch and - as far as I can see - most of that got selected because I wrote about something my readers are interested in, which means, as is indeed true, that quite a lot of old Nederlogs are being read daily.
[**] Probably it will not be a constant background, but it is a nice view and a nice memory for me, and indeed I do intend to write some more about Dovre and Norway, and in such contexts it will probably reappear.

                  PS: Any necessary corrections have to be made later.