October 24, 2012

How to write and think like a real psychiatrist (psychologist, psychotherapist) - P.S.


How to write and think like a real psychiatrist (psychologist, psychotherapist) - P.S.

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Yesterday I put the hugely inspirational How to write and think like a real psychiatrist (psychologist, psychotherapist) on my site, but then realised I forgot to add a few words of advice to it - which now follow, here and in the original:

A final note on ethics and science
Link to the foregoing hugely inspirational How to write and think like a real psychiatrist (psychologist, psychotherapist) to which the following is a final note:
At this point I have arrived at the end of my practical Easy-In-One-Lesson program, that has taught you in one lesson How to write and think like a real psychiatrist (psychologist, psychotherapist), become rich, and get away with most anything.

In fact, all that remains to be said practically, to my very many fine and proud and honorable professional friends who want to be very well to do highly respected real professional psychiatrists (psychologists, psychotherapists), is this:
"Just go ahead and do it! You know you can! You can cheat almost anyone into believing almost anything, as an academically degreed "health care professional"! You can become rich while knowing nothing and having no competence! Just serve Big Pharma and follow the leaders of your professional organizations!"
Then again... I realized it may be wise and helpful to insert a final note on ethics and science - to help some of you who may have moral qualms, or who may even feel somewhat obsessive about notions of "real science" or "medical norms" like "primum non nocere!"

Here my professional message is like that of the leadership of the American Psychiatric Association,


which is in the most paradigmatic Kuhnian and Feyerabendian evidence-based postmodern traditions:

"Don't worry - in postmodern psychiatry 'Anything Goes!': Everyone knows there is

no knowledge; everyone knows all morals are relative; everyone knows that after postmodernism all that really matters is the story, the text, its interpretation, and its presentation.

The better you present it, the more you get! Since nothing is really valid, really true, really moral, or really known, any professtional psychiatrist (psychologist, psychotherapist) can say what he or she pleases, and get away with it, and with a lot of cash!

We professional psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists know this is so, since generations - just as we all know we shouldn't discuss this with our dear layman patients who have been and are so good for us - which is why we rarely do so, except on rare glorious occasions like the present one.

Fellow professional psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists!

Do as our patron saint, the late great pragmatical William James counseled:

 "Have the Will to Believe" - anything that brings you profit, and always "Look at the Cash Value of your doctrines": If it doesn't pay, then it wasn't worth medical school!

If "primum nocere" is what makes you the most money, you would be more
irrational than a bank manager not to do "primum nocere"! You have that responsibility to your own best interest, and that of your family, your professional organization, and the best interests of big business! 

"primum nocere" is in your very own very best interest, it would be most immoral - and very much against the best moral and medical traditions and practices! - not to "primum nocere"!

The world is your oyster; your patient is your cash cow; and greed is good: A happy and rich Health Care Professional is an ornament to Our Society, to Our Profession, and to the average Welfare of All!

Thank you very much - and now go for it:

For a professional psychiatrist (psychologist,  psychotherapist) anything goes!

If you don't make money, you're a looser! No one is better placed than you to obtain riches, success, and admiration! Tell the suckers want they want to hear, and prescribe them only drugs you take a hefty margin on! "


Maarten Maartensz

P.S. My eye problems

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