October 14, 2012

Ubuntu-information and planned series

2. Planned series

3. My eye problems


This is about the NOTEBOOK (a little) and about Ubuntu (links to lots of information), and about series I plan in NOTEBOOK, if I can find the health and the eyes for them.

1. NOTEBOOK and Ubuntu

There would have been no NOTEBOOK and hardly any computing for me the last months - since May or June, without Ubuntu.

The main reason there is this NOTEBOOK section is that Ubuntu has a High Contrast Reverse setting, that makes its menus, and quite a few other things that depend on standard color settings, reverse - effectively white text on a black background, instead of the more normal other way around.

Also, I can do the same on Ubuntu with the Firefox that runs on it (currently 16.01 - and I get visitors to my sites who use version 3.0), which enables me to browse with the colors I want for text and background, and to switch off the graphical backgrounds of html.

Similarly, the Ubuntu reader for pdf - called "Document Viewer" - is pleasant and powerful and allows one to inverse the colors.

These things are not possible on the MS Windows I have used, that I tend to avoid anyway, if I can help it at all. (For file sharing with others it may be necessary to have a working MS Windows, is true.)

The reverse color schemes mostly work, for me and in practice, though it is also true that with black backgrounds one may miss some things that are in black in the orginal, such as graphics.

The other reasons that there is this NOTEBOOK section now, is that I am considerably more productive with it per unit of time, and that apart from my eyes I am not as bad as I was since 2006, at least. (I can think of various explanations, but I am mostly in the dark.)

So here is a little more documentation about Ubuntu that is on my site. First, a link to a video showing that the version of Ubuntu I use is like, and an overview of the files that were there from May and June, and since were not added to:
The most helpful items in the 8 html-files I did write, for the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version I have been using since May 2012, and/or indeed also for some earlier versions of Ubuntu, are the followingL
The above three items I've mentioned before, but here are some I have not mentioned earlier, that also are very useful:
  • Getting started with Ubuntu 12.04
    (10 MB of very clear well-organized information - if I may judge from the same for 11.10, that I did read most of: I just found this, that seems to exists since August 23)
  • Full Circle Magazine
    (A fine free monthly about Ubuntu in pdf, presently in its 65th issue, and always very helpful. Note there are also specials, notably about learning to program in Python.)
  • Linux Dictionary
    (This is by Binh Nguyen, who must have spend a lot of work on it. It is dated on August 16, 2004, and hence not recent, but it contains a vast amount of useful information.)
2. Planned series

This is all very provisional, since it depends on my eyes and my health, but I do plan a few series in NOTEBOOK, just as there were series in its predecessor Nederlog:
  • Politics: Johan Huizinga's "In de schaduwen van morgen"
    (translation: "In the shadows of tomorrow", as an
    excerpt with comments by me: I think it is helpful to understand the present)

  • Ethics: What are good and bad?
    (With the help of Hume and my notes to his Enquiry: I think I can be a lot more clear than is usual, for people like me, who know a lot of analytic philosophy, and have no religion. See also my "On 'The Logic of Moral Discourse'".)

  • Logic: Comments on E. Bernays' Propaganda
    (Edward Bernays and his uncle Sigmund Freud caused great amount of harm to others and to civilization by cultivating and abiusing the art of lying, which they called "public relations" resp. "psychoananalysis".)

  • GNU/Linux/Ubuntu: More documentation
    (As in this file and the above one I wrote earlier)
Of course, there is one certain-sure guarantee: I can guarantee that I can guarantee nothing, except this. All I can do is hope for the best and do the best I can.

(I am being quite optimistic in this sections but indeed I would like to do the above, and will if I can.)

3. My eye problems

My eye problems are the reason this page has the colors it does have: It is very difficult to look at white and light backgrounds with such eyes as I presently have. See also: Why are the colors as they are?

The diagnosis is keratoconjunctivitis sicca (possibly as a part of Sjoegren's syndrome). It is less than it was, for months, but not as I should like it to be.

The present settings of NOTEBOOK aka NB seem the best compromise between what my eyes can handle, and what most readers like to see.

And they have been changed repeatedly, as have the links below to change the background (not the color of the text box).

As of yesterday, standard setting for the text box is white on darkslategrey while the standard background is maroon.


Maarten Maartensz

P.S. My eye problems

                  PS: Any necessary corrections have to be made later.