October 8, 2012

MEAbout NEDERLOG : Selective Survey


About ME/CFS and related issues
About me (personally)
3. About the current socio-economical crisis
4. To be continued...


Having ended Nederlog, at least for the time being, and having a replacement for it in NOTEBOOK | NOTITIEBOEK, here is a selective survey of a number of files and series in Nederlog.

Nederlog started in 2006, as a continuation of Nedernieuws that started in 2004, and both were mostly in Dutch, and about subjects that concerned or interested me - which is also the rule for NOTEBOOK | NOTITIEBOEK.

Nederlog switched to English (with a few exceptions) in 2010, in order to address more patients with ME/CFS, after I was notified on October 8 2009, that there had been published an article in Science about data that supported a correlation between a recently discovered virus named XMRV and ME/CFS, a disease I have been diagnosed with repeatedly, after getting Epstein-Barr (aka mononucleosis or Pfeiffer) on January 1, 1979, that ever since never went away.

For more on ME/CFS see my ME Resources, for a lot of relevant documentation, and especially the recent ME international Consensus Criteria and the ME ICC Primer for Medical Practitioners in case you are interested medically. (These are two pdf files by medical specialists on ME/CFS, and outline the scientific and moral position on ME/CFS.)

Here are a few items and series in
Nederlog and Nederlog that seem to me to be of interest, for various reasons.

NB: This file may be extended later.

1. About ME/CFS and related issues

  • Most though not all of Nederlog 2010, Nederlog 2011 and Nederlog 2012 are about ME/CFS in various ways and respects.
  • NL October 8 2011 spells out my reasons for giving up on the XMRV hypothesis.
  • Part of the reasons ME/CFS is ill treated, ill researched and its patients abused: Medical sadism  (This is a serious hypothesis, and I am a serious psychologist and philosopher of science: I have met far too many doctors who were in it for the money, the power and the kicks. If I were a sadist, I would have wanted to study medicine, since this would give me the best basis to indulge in it. For sadism see my entry in my Philosophical Dictionary: Sadism). A miniseries (four files) on it, related to ME/CFS starts here.
  • The many trolls on patients forums, that make effective action and rational discussion by patients or advocates effectively totally impossible. My advice to any patient with ME/CFS with a good education or a high intelligence is to not even try: It will cause you much discrimination, for there are some very bad and immoral people trolling the forums who pretend to be patients (or who may be, but are seriously deluded and quite fanatic): I have seen the best and the brightest - some 10 patients, at least, and several advocates, and some real scientists - been brought to grieve and withdrawal on three forums for patients by trolls.
  • On the dangers of the DSM-5 (that starts effecting medicine and patients from May 2013 onwards):
    DSM-5: 100 Nederlogs  about and around the APA and the DSM-5.  See also On Freud and Psychiatry and Medicine is a very sick business in the US - 2.
  • About the mB12 protocol that may have helped me, but that I've stopped - perhaps temporally - on September 10 because of my eyes.
  • About the late Rich van Konynenburg Ph.D. who found the hB12 protocol and an interesting biochemical theory to explain the symptoms of ME/CFS.

2.  About me (personally)

My sites, as they are published (the one you're reading  and a mirror: see the Homepage) are about 400 MB, mostly text in html, with thousands of files and thousands of hits every day. The main subjects, since the beginning on November 11, 1996, are:
- Philosophy
- Logic

- Computing

- Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (aka ME/CFS)

   and also (in Dutch) ME inAmsterdam
Most of it is text, and most of the text is mine, though a considerable part of that is html-formatting. Even so, I wrote a lot, and could do so because I always could write very easily and very fast.
The main currents in my life are concerned with the above four general topics, and specifically also the corruption of the City of Amsterdam, that protects the drugsmafia, and the municipal University of Amsterdam, that was destroyed as a good university between 1970 and 1995, like most other Western universities were, by the aftermath of the student-revolts of the 1960ies; the entry of the babyboomers generation in the university, and the leveling of standards to ensure most got academic degrees; and in Holland by the crazy law of 1971 that handed over the Dutch universities to University Councils ("universiteitsraden"), effectively much like Soviets, which were like parliaments in states, where persons were elected from the students, the staff, and the personnel of the universities, in yearly elections, both for the university itself and for each of its faculties, on a 1 man / 1 vote basis.

The effect of that was the handing over of the power in the Dutch universities - and the jobs, and the policies, and the educational programs - to students from the leftist parties (in Amsterdam especially from the Dutch Communist Party CPN) and to corrupt bureaucrats from the Dutch Labour Party PvdA, who ruled the university in their own personal interests, and for the end of furthering their own parties' programs. See
Since I hail from a communist family, with parents who were in the Dutch resistance against Nazism in World War II, while I had given up communism in 1970, when I was 20, mostly because of reading Bertrand Russell, philosophy of science, and mathematical logic.

Ironically, precisely around this time many students of my age with totally different family backgrounds  became members of the Dutch Communist Party, usually because this was then the fashionable thing to do, after the student revolts of the late 1960ies. I had a special interest in this, also because I had come to see communism as totalitarian, dangerous and not really scientific at all.

In Nederlog, I say something about myself:

Here is how and why mayor, aldermen and top bureaucrats in Amsterdam destroyed most of what remained from my health between 1988 and 1991: The mayor of Amsterdam choose to protect the - extremely profitable, extremely dangerous - Amsterdam drugs mafia in "coffeeshops" rather than an ill son of Amsterdam heroes of the resistance against Nazism:

Outside Nederlog most of the story is in Dutch:

3. About the current socio-economical crisis

There is a crisis going on in the West and the world since 2008. It is still ongoing, and threatens great havoc, war and destruction - as resulted in the previous great crisis of the 1930ies, also because now there are major other problems, related to too many people competing for too few resources, with political and religious leaders who are mostly incompetent or only out for personal power or personal careers.

I wrote a long series about it in Nederlog

4. To be continued...

I can only do so much, so presently I stop here - and the above already consists of links to a lot of reading. The plan is to continue this file with more links to what I consider good Nederlogs.


Maarten Maartensz

P.S. My eye problems

                  PS: Any necessary corrections have to be made later.