October 8, 2012

me+ME: Last Nederlog | Continuation in NOTEBOOK|NOTITIEBOEK



1. The LAST Nederlog

2. Continuation in NOTEBOOK | NOTITIEBOEK
3. M.E. and my eyes

PHILOSOPHY: But what's your job? There's no harm in asking that.
LUCIAN: I'm an anti-cheatist, an anti-quackist, an anti-liarist, and an anti-inflated-egoist. I'm anti all the revolting types like that - and there are plenty of them, as you know.
PHILOSOPHY [smiling]: Well, well! You're quite an anti-body, aren't you?
LUCIAN: I certainly am. You can see why I've got myself aso much disliked, and why I'm in such a dangerous situation. Not that I'm not an expert pro-body too. I'm a pro-truthist, a pro-beautician, a pro-sinceritist, and a pro-everything that's pro-worthy. But I don't find much scope for exercisting my talents in that direction, whereas thousands of people are always queuing up for the anti-treatment. In fact I'm so out of practice as a probody, that I dare say I have lost the knack of it by now - but I'm a real expert at the other part of my profession.
PHILOSOPHY [seriously]: That's bad. They're opposite sides of a coin, as it were. So don't specialize in one at the expense of the other. They should merely be different aspects of the same fundamental attitude.
LUCIAN: Well, you know best, Philosophy. But I'm so constituted that I can't help hating bad types and liking good ones.
(From: Lucian Fishing for phonies, in de Turner-vertaling, p. 177-8)


This is the last Nederlog - at least for the time being, and as long as my eyes remain as bad as they have been for months now. Below I explain briefly why, and introduce its successor.


1.  The LAST Nederlog
This is the last Nederlog - at least for the time being,and as long as my eyes remain as bad as they have been
for months now. The reasons to end it have been given in
- me+ME: Ending Nederlog| Last words - Laatste woorden| My eyes and M.E.
There is a difference from what I wrote there, briefly explained in the next section:
2.  Continuation in NOTEBOOK | NOTITIEBOEK
In  the last link I spoke of something called LAST in which to continue Nederlog in a format that is easier on my eyes. Eventually, this became
- NOTEBOOK | NOTITIEBOEK  (its index)  
In which there are currently two entries:
About NEDERLOG : Selective Survey
I suggest that if you liked Nederlog, that is the place to go to.

I will try to continue this NOTEBOOK | NOTITIEBOEK, if my eyes and my health and my circumstances permit, and have made it because it is considerably easier for me to edit and maintain.

It also looks a bit different: it lacks the current background image, it is simpler html, that probably displays
better in various browsers. For more about it, consult the above links.

There are a few related changes
- The opening pages of the site have been changed to account for this
- From the opening pages, this file will be the Nederlog file linked
- If you want the latest NOTEBOOK, click its link in the opening page
- This lastest NOTEBOOK file will also tell you the last time the site was updated
- The site will be mostly frozen for the time being: No further updates
- The exceptions will be
NOTEBOOK and - if I can - the Philosophical Dictionary
The Philosophical Dictionary is excepted for two reasons: (1) it does give an accessible brief survey of what I think about many philosophical issues and clarifies the meanings I give to key terms and (2) it badly needs reformatting.

If my eyes improve and my health does not deteriorate, I will probably revise some of the above changes, but this will be mentioned in NOTEBOOK | NOTITIEBOEK.

Finally, the 
About NEDERLOG : Selective Survey item in  NOTEBOOK  is what it says: It links quite a few files in Nederlog that may be (and have been) of interest to many. Indeed, if NOTEBOOK continues, it may continue some of those, notably the Crisis series.
3. My eyes and my M.E.
This is mostly as the last time: There seems to be some slow progress for me, which - I can assure you - is quite a relief.

Since the probability is that it is due to the Duratears I put in my eyes, and since this is quite difficult to do well by oneself, here is the procedure I have found to be best, and better than flat on one's back or sitting:
Procedure: I stand with my face to a wall, leaning on my elbows above my head against it, bow my head backwards, and then use the bottle to put a drop in the sack I make by pulling under the lower eyelid with a finger.
The last part is also in the documentation that comes with the droplets, but the rest isn't.

For more on my eyes, and what I have done to curcumvent some problems related to them, see
as I explained in on Sep 17/


Maarten Maartensz

P.S. My eye problems

                  PS: Any necessary corrections have to be made later.