October 8, 2012


2. The site(s) as is is mostly frozen


This is the first NOTEBOOK post that continues - in a way - Nederlog. The differences are that
  • NOTEBOOK has a simpler format, that is easier to edit for me, since I have problems with my eyes since May 2012
  • It format is easier on my eyes than the Nederlog format, and easier to edit, write and maintain
  • The basic colors are meant to be a compromise between easily readabable for me and for others
  • The texts will tend to be simpler and shorter than in Nederlog and will be about one subject only, that is stated in the title
  • NOTEBOOK will consist of ideas and notes that interest or concern me but will tend to be more reflexive than Nederlog
  • The entries will be in English or in Dutch
Will NOTEBOOK last? It depends on my eyes and my health: If my eyes don't get better than they are, I'll limit myself to NOTEBOOK or less; else it depends. And that is apart from living with ME/CFS, getting older, and whatever else may happen to me. It's because of my eyes.

In any case
the plan I have, what with the eyes I have, is two-fold:


NOTEBOOK | NOTITIEBOEK is a replacement for Nederlog, that is: it will be about anything that interests or concerns me, with two or three differences:
(1) The formatting will be simpler and different, because of my eyes: If I write at all for my site, as long as my eyes are not a lot better than they are, I need to do it in simple html with a dark background.

(2) It will only be added to if and when I fairly can or feel I have to - and the NOTEBOOK eventuality covers only legal difficulties or important events.

(3) It will be in both Dutch and English, like Nederlog, but it is quite likely I will mostly return to Dutch, since I am Dutch.
The NOTEBOOK's language is still somewhat of an open decision for me, but the likelihood is that I will write more Dutch. The reasons I did not after 2009 were mostly that
(i) I wanted to reached more people with ME/CFS and

(ii) most of the things that happen in Holland, politically and in the media, are not at all to my liking, but then again, I do have a fair amount of Dutch readers, who read my Nederlog and Nedernieuws, also of years ago, or my Multatuli-section, and I do not dislike writing in Dutch.
If I can help it, and if my health doesn't get worse, and also if the political situation doesn't get worse, I do intend to live on, and to read and write quite a lot more than I have done so far, for I think there is much I can write that will be interesting or useful to some, and there is much to read and to ponder.

But one important reason for me to end Nederlog is psychological:

As Nederlog evolved - and note that on my hard disk it covers nearly 7500 items, taking 160 MB, although I should add that what's on the site is probably in the order of 5000 items and 190 MB, most but not all html - it got to be habit to want to write one each day if I could. (All of this is very approximate: Ubuntu stores things differently than Windows.  Take a look at the
Nederlog index and Sitemap  to get some qualitative notions about "how much there is on my site".)

If I write I always write fast and easily, but with my health, also with good eyes, it often was difficult to do, and something of a felt pressure, that I want to get rid of.

Another important reason for me to end Nederlog is the format of Nederlog:

It is html, and has evolved through quite a few WYSIWYG html editors, without my ever taking the time and trouble to regulate it with style sheets, and it is anyway not as good html as it should be, nor easy to maintain even if good eyes and good health.

And what I need with such eyes as I have is very simple html that takes minimal trouble to maintain, and is less of a strain on my eyes than the format of my site, as that is and has been for years now.

I have spend some time and eyesore getting the present format doable with such eyes as I have - see: keratoconjunctivitis sicca, if you want to know - and what I have now at least makes it easier for me than Nederlog.

The NOTEBOOK pages will adjust simply if you resize the window of the browser, and the standard color scheme at present is lightblue text on a darkblue background.

There is currently no way to adjust the textcolor. The standard font is Verdana 12 points. If this is not accessible to your browser it will probably show Times Roman, this being the standard default font.
  • You can adjust the size of the font in most newer browsers by Ctrl+Middle Mouse wheel, or else from an option in the main menu.
And you will find the rest of my site by way of the Links: below. It has not been changed and will not be changed unless my eyes get better, with the possible exceptions of (1) the Philosophical Dictionary, that badly needs reformatting, and is an accessible way to find out what I think about many philosophical topics, and how I use words, and possibly (2) some of the Nederlog files of September 2012.

2.  The site(s) as is is mostly frozen:

My sites, as they are published (the one you're reading  and a mirror: see the Homepage) are about 400 MB, mostly text in html, with thousands of files and thousands of hits every day. The main subjects, since the beginning on November 11, 1996, are
- Philosophy
- Logic
- Computing
- Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (aka ME/CFS)
and also (in Dutch) ME inAmsterdam
Most of it is text, and most of the text is mine, though a considerable part of that is html-formatting. Even so, I wrote a lot, and could do so because I always could write very easily and very fast.

Since 2009 I have not spend much time on the rest of the site, and presently I lack the eyes to do so, for which reason I will freeze it:

I will not add anything, except perhaps, if my eyes permit it, better formatting to the Philosophical Dictionary, because that is, taken together, a good survey of many of my philosophical positions.

This also applies to
Nederlog and Nedernieuws, as outlined in the previous section. There is more on this in the Nederlog of October 4, 2012, that explains why I give it up, and what it all was and is about.

Instead, there is the replacement I call NOTEBOOK | NOTITIEBOEK, because that covers my intentions for its content, which will be like Nederlog but probably less regular, with shorter entries, and with more Dutch entries.

Also, what will appear in NB as I will abbreviate it will depend on the state of my eyes and the state of my health.


Maarten Maartensz

P.S. My eye problems

                  PS: Any necessary corrections have to be made later.