September 9, 2012

The Black Notebook - introduction

1. The Black Notebook - introduction


This is a copy from the orginal to NOTEBOOK. I insert the copy here for ease of reference - the idea being that Nederlog 1012 continues after August with NOTEBOOK, which is easier to maintain for me, because of the problems with my eyes that started in May 2012.

This is the link to the Nederlog index of 2012 to see what I wrote before this on my site about things that interest or concern men. This file gives the main reason for giving Nederlog up, at least for the time being, whereas the NOTEBOOK of October 8 is the first appearance of NOTEBOOK. There also is a Nederlog item for October 8, now also part of NOTEBOOK.

The Black Notebook - introduction

The black notebook was started on September 9 2012, because I have serious problems with my eyes, and this is about the only format I can write with on a computer without getting serious and painful problems with my eyes real fast.

The links to the main site is above. It is the same as was, but I can't do much with it with such eyes as I have now, in the format it is in. The
Previous  link is to the last Nederlog (which has too much light colours - too much luminosity - to work with now, for me), and the Next  is to the first file in the Black Notebook, while the Index link is to the index of the Black Notebook.

The black notebook exists to allow me writing on my site in about the only format I can do this in, at present, and since the last months, in which I tried to maintain the old format, and failed, with more pain in my eyes.

Otherwise, it continues
Nederlog - except that its entries will very probably be shorter, and also - probably - will be more personal, more philosophical and, possibly, sharper.

However, I make no promises, as this is all quite experimental, and much constrained by the problems with my eyes and with my health.

There are a number of rules I adopt
  • - The format is simple: black background; green or blue text in Verdana; little formattiing.
  • - Everything in The Black Notebook depends on my eyes and my health: I will not write if my eyes or my health gets worse.
  • - The Black Notebook mostly continues Nederlog, but has its own directory and format, as described.
  • - The Black Notebook being mostly a continuation, in a new format, of Nederlog still gets linked from the Nederlog link on the opening page of the site.
  • - The Black Notebook will be in English or Dutch as I please, and there probably will be more Dutch than in Nederlog since 2010.
  • - It is likely the entries will be shorter, less frequent than in Nederlog, and quite possibly sharper, more sarcastic, especially if in Dutch
  • - I still have between 400 and 500 daily visitors (and over 2000 daily hits) on the least popular of my two (identical) sites, and 2 to 5 times as much on the other, and must assume that those who are new to my site can learn more than they probably wish to know about me from it, in case they want, for which reason:
  • - In The Black Notebook I shall not explain things, as a rule, that my readers could glean from my site, that is over 400 MB of text, and in so far as this is personal or relates to my disease from Nederlog, from ME Resources, from the Philosophy section (for my more serious ideas), or from ME in Amsterdam (in Dutch, mostly), from the public speech for which I got removed from the University of Amsterdam's faculty of philosophy (I am the only real philosopher in Holland, if philosophy requires intelligence, courage and honesty), or from my published columns


Maarten Maartensz

P.S. My eye problems

                  PS: Any necessary corrections have to be made later.