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  Aug 11, 2012                     
Crisis: Gore Vidal explains some backgrounds

Benjamin Franklin: "I think we should accept this constitution for all its errors and omissions because it will give us good government for a course of years. It may be a blessing for the people, if well administered, and I believe this is likely to be well administered, and then [it] only will end, due to the corruption of the people, in despotism which will be the only form of government suitable for them."
(Quoted by
Gore Vidal)


    1. Introductory remarks
    2. Interviews with Gore Vidal

1. Introductory remarks

My eyes do still give me trouble, but a bit less so than before, because I have more effective drops, and indeed yesterday I had a day that was mostly free from pain in my eyes, which was a first in over two months.

But then yesterday my day was thoroughly embittered by typing out the sick sadistic shit the Dutch nation, parliament, courts, Supreme Court - I'll soon have news on the kind of "men" in that august Dutch body - embraces as the Dutch fashion of these postmodern days: Locking up parents and children for up to 1 1/2 years in cells of 2*5 meters per two inmates, for the specific crime of having no papers, and then releasing them by a process that is officially called "stoning" by the Dutch government, courts, bureaucrats and journalists, because it amounts to evicting them from their cells onto the cobbles of the street, and then rearresting them within a few weeks or months, to repeat the same sadistic degeneracy on people who have no abode, no refuge, nowhere to go, and no papers: The Dutch Parliament and the Dutch courts, judges and Supreme Court want this, to please Mr Wilders and his many admirers, and indeed the courts and politics are not separated in Holland, at all, and not since 1940 at the earliest, and probably never in real fact.

What amazes me is that I have not yet heard any public outcry in Holland, to the effect that gassing these folks is a lot cheaper, and also helps saving these poor refugees much pain, to which I can add my own personal testimony that I have been gassed, in person, in 1988, by the landlord whom the mayor Ed van Thijn had given his personal signature and personal permit to deal illegal drugs - marihuana and cannabis, in fact mostly cocaine and heroine (*) - from the bottom floor of the house where I lived. Since these friends of the mayor threatened me with murder, with these words: "If you do something we don't like, we will kill you" when I protested against the noise their business made into the night, and since the municipal police derided me when I tried to make a complaint and asked for protection, I went to the mayor, who superficially knew my parents, since my father had been knighted in the Amsterdam City Hall in 1980, briefly before he died, and had been a member of the Dutch Communist Resistance against the Nazis between 1940 and 1945, in both he and my grandfather were convicted, in 1942, as "political terrorists" by Dutch judges (all or almost all of which collaborated with the Nazis, as did all of the members of the Dutch Supreme Court between 1940 and 1945, if they were not Jewish). (**)

Anyway.... that is how I know that being gassed by carbon monoxide is mostly painless and also happens fast, and since the mayors, courts, policemen, district attorneys, council members and journalists I have seen about this seem to all share the notion that all that was wrong with that - legally, morally, economically - was my complaining about it, and that none of it deserved any investigation whatsoever by any of such august Dutch persons - for look: I am alive, I receive dole: Why do I whine about Mr van Thijn's very rich personal friends?! Don't I know his family was gassed?! Isn't the safe and peaceful selling of illegal drugs Amsterdam and Holland's greatest source of income these last 40 years?! And all untaxed, not administrated, and legally non-existing?! What sort of insanity and intolerance poisons the mind of a man who objects to illegal drugs dealers being located in the house he lives in, in Amsterdam, anyway?! - which is why I am, as I remarked, quite amazed that no ordinary Dutchman or authority has, yet, modestly proposed the gassing of foreigners who are found without papers on Our Proud Dutch Soil, though in fairness I should add that such a policy, cheap, final and effective as it may be, might not be very good for tourism, which is, after the selling of drugs, the most profitable source of income for Amsterdam. (Indeed a large amount of drugs is sold to tourists, so my complaints must be baseless, besides being bad for Our Dutch Economy.)

2. Interviews with Gore Vidal

The last few paragraphs were just some reflexive background about the moral norms and priorities of the Dutch, that - though perhaps interesting to some - is not my subject today, which is, namely, the ongoing Crisis - now for over 4 years, and that does look, in its various aspects, as if it, or much of it, was planned. so as to: break down the welfare state; destroy social security; undo the payment of taxes by the rich; help bring about the creation of the new sort over Superman (Übermensch) called "Corporations are people, my friend"; enable the effective total removal of the Bill of Rights in the US (except in name); and prepare the introduction of police states everywhere, with forced identity papers, forced - secret and continuous - checks of one's mail and phone, that is all in one's own very best personal interests, obviously, in Our War Against Terrorism (for after all: if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear: Not under Obama or Romney, and not under Stalin or Hitler, so why protest, if you are not a terrorist, or an opponent of Our Leaders, to begin with?!).

Perhaps what happened and happens was and is planned, in part or all, as is the continuous singing from the same hymn sheet by Fox News and GOP politicians, but then few really know, or indeed are in a position to know, in case it is true, that this has been planned, somehow, secretively, for if it is, this is and remains well hidden, and can or could be seen for what it really is, or might be, only by someone who is highly educated, who has a bright and fearless intellect, and who really knows history, the law and the political elites, especially in the US.

It so happens that Gore Vidal (<- Wikipedia) is - or rather: was - such a man, and I was not aware of that until after he died, on July 31 of this year, when I decided to use the internet to try to find out why he was fairly well known in the US.

I found he is a fairly well known writer of novels and essays and film scripts; that he has a patrician background: Cousins with people like Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Jackie Kennedy; personally known to John Kennedy; well educated and erudite in literature and history; something of a war hero (in WW II); and one of the first to write openly about homosexuality in the US, namely in 1948. He also
was witty, and a good conversationalist with a caustic tongue.

Most of the above is from the Wikipedia lemma on him, and from some other fairly superficial internet searches, and I certainly never read anything by him, but he does seem to have been an interesting man, also and especially because he was his own person, and thought for himself, something that many believe they do, and few really can do.

At least, thus it seems to me, who has read none of Vidal's many books - which is something I should do something about - but he certainly had interesting ideas about what has been happening in the US since 2000, when the Bush family engineered, with help from the Supreme Court of the US, that the looser of the elections became president of the US nevertheless: See below for Vidal on the merits of Bush Jr.

Then again, my interest in Vidal arises from the fact that he clearly saw many of the recent developments in the US and elsewhere in similar terms as I have arrived at, meanwhile, after him, but quite independently, and indeed also without his great inside knowledge of the American political elite of the last 70 years, which in itself alone makes him - given his wit and courage - an interesting character anyway, also if he had had other values and ideas than he did have: There are few members of any political elite who publicly reflect on it with intelligence and style.

Incidentally, for those who question the thesis that what has been happening in the US (especially, and since 9/11/2001 elsewhere, also in Holland, where it so happens that many leading politicians talk as if they get their speeches and ideas and priorities  straight from the American Enterprise Institute or some other GOP thinktanks, whence they also seem to receive their money) was secretively engineered, in part if not fully, I should interpose the following remark:

However it happened, if it was planned, this is almost certainly not something there is public proof for, and indeed one may explain the coincident rise of Fox News, of The War Against Terrorism (which is bullshit, as explained by me in 2005 in Dutch: The Cold War (millions of highly trained soldiers with atomic weapons, from the Soviet Bloc and China, for nearly four decades located a few hundred kilometers from Amsterdam, Paris and London, was at least a million times more dangerous than anything a group of Muslim zealots could possibly do), of the strangling of the Bill of Rights, of the creation and maintenance of concentration camps, of the allowance of arrests without court order, and the complete disappearance of persons, detained forever on what may be a mere suspicion or slur, all quite as with the
Nazi "night and fog" method (***), and of the killing by drones of just about anyone, including American citizens and whoever is in the vicinity of a drone strike, just about anywhere, if and when the US President desires it, in his "war against terrorism" - one may explain it, I said, also as a mere coincidence, accidental confluence, self-evident necessity of war, or as creative (ab)use of possibilities to extend the powers of the political, military and economical elites, rather than as carefully and secretly planned.

Besides, at this point in time it does not really matter: Most of the harm has been done, and the future is bleak and fearful, and looks like police states or authoritarian regimes (in the name of freedom, from terrorism) arising everywhere in the West - that is, if a total social collapse due to the ongoing economic crisis doesn't destroy societies as we know them.

I very much hope I am mistaken, also because the only protection against this happening cannot come from The People, who in vast democratic majority believe the propaganda that the media feed them, but only from a major economic collapse of the West, which may still happen - and which threatens to be resolved, if it happens, in the same way, as it did in the crisis of the 1930ies, that brought power to Hitler and Franco.

As I see it, the frightening thing is that, collapse or not, the most likely outcome of the crisis will be police states, possibly to an extent dressed up as if they are not, and with regular elections, as they happened also in Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia - except that the possibilities for control, manipulation and repression are very much more extensive than they were around the middle of the 20th Century.

So here are a number of talks by or interviews with
Gore Vidal (<- Wikipedia), all on Youtube, with links - and if you disagree with him, as well you may, at least he has the great merits of being witty, clear, and informed:
In case you rather read than watch video or TV, here is an interesting and informed piece on the man of a week ago:

The indented prose that follows contains some selections from it, in the order these appear in the above linked original:

The Gore Vidal legacy encompasses his numerous novels, literary writings, plays and essays. Few 20th century authors can match the volume of his compositions and consistency in the quality of his thoughts. If one can ignore his anti-religious beliefs and get past his complex sexuality, one can justly focus on the significance within his political viewpoints. Not since Oscar Wilde, has there been a man of letter with comparable wit and ridicule, that capsulated the age of his lifetime. Based upon a keen command of history and a flare for original insights, Vidal was the master political polemicist.

The New York Times obituary tribute provides a comprehensive account of his controversial life.

"Mr. Vidal sometimes claimed to be a populist — in theory, anyway — but he was not convincing as one. Both by temperament and by birth he was an aristocrat.
America is "rotting away at a funereal pace," he told The Times of London in 2009. "We’ll have a military dictatorship pretty soon, on the basis that nobody else can hold everything together."
Reflections on the legacy of an intellectual and political lion a most significant question is answered. Appreciate this no-holds-barred interview with The Nation's Marc Cooper in late 2005.

MC: Are you predicting a coming military dictatorship? And that the American people would stand for that?

GV: They'll stand for anything. And they will stand for nothing. I deal with a lot of European journalists who are very well versed in American politics. But they will ask me silly questions like, "So, Kerry didn't turn out very well. So who's the next leader of the opposition who can become President?" I answer, Well, first the New York Times won't interview him. He won't get on prime-time television if he looks like a winner. That's out. Or he will be made a fool of, like they did with Howard Dean when they amplified his famous cry. That was all done at CBS to make him look like a maniac. They are very resourceful! So if you have a media that is completely controlled by corporate America--or whatever phrase you want to use to describe our rulers--no information is getting through that is useful to the public. No White Knight is going to be acknowledged in the press or seen on television. He would have no way of connecting with the people. And this a permanent fact in our situation.... If there could be a viable opposition to the oil and gas junta that has seized power--all three branches of government, I think--it will have to be at the grassroots. Then you will have to find a way of publicizing through the Internet the White Knight--or the Black Knight, whoever comes along to save us.

Here is a two-part series (if it is 3-part I haven't found the third part):
This is a good interview and may also be a good introduction to the man.

And this is a threepart series again, consisting of an interview with Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!), and a recording of a public speech in part 3:

Finally, here is another three part interview by Amy Goodman, this timw with Gore Vidal on Bush Jr, in no flattering but quite just terms. This may be the best series if you don't want to watch all: Sharp, courageous, true:

I agree it's a lot of video to watch, but then again, as I remarked: Vidal knows his subjects and he was a witty conversationalist, and even if you disagree with him, his disagreeable opinions, on politics, at least, are interesting and are based on facts and on a great knowledge of recent US history and of many of the members of the US political elite, in so far as these were Democrats, during the last 60 or 70 years, in which Vidal was born and raised.

Also - but this may be more sympathetic for me than for most of my readers - he was somewhat of an aristocrat, of the mind and in background, which is a position I share (for my background see (**)); he was a classic liberal, in the sense of John Stuart Mill and Alexis de Tocqueville, as I am; and he didn't suffer fools gladly.

Whatever you think of the man and his opinions, we live in interesting and frightening times, and to understand what is going on you have to think and search for yourself, since the ordinary media broadcast what is effectively propaganda for the most part, and do no not relay many of the things that are happening, that would be controversial if they were reported objectively and truly, and with true reference to laws, principles of government, and documents like the Constitution of the U.S., the Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers, which you should read if you haven't, at least if you want to know what the United States are about, according to their Founding Fathers.


(*) There is a widespread delusion in the world outside the Netherlands that the Dutch have legalized marihuana and cannabis, or even legalized all drugs (though the last delusion is less common).
This is completely false.

What there is in fact the Dutch call "
Toleration Policy" (in Dutch: Gedoogbeleid) which amounts to: Dutch mayors or aldermen are effectively free, since around 1980, to give a special, personal permit to special friends of themselves or of their leading legal bureaucrats, to deal in illegal soft drugs (marihuana and cannabis) from specific places ("coffeeshops" usually: these also sell coffee). The drugs are still illegal; selling them or having them is still illegal, except that these special persons are permitted, personally, to have and sell them, without interference, to those who sell and to those who buy, and indeed without control, or so it is said, by the authoriies, since 32 years or so. For there is another policy, next to the grandiloquently named "Toleration Policy".

In fact, this "Toleration Policy" policy is conjoined with what the Dutch call "Backdoor Policy" (in Dutch: Achterdeurbeleid) which consists in the following claimed "fact":

These drugscriminals who exploit coffeeshops - this is what they are, in Dutch law, and in fact, though it seems also true that not all of them deal also in cocaine an heroin, or other drugs (ecstasy, amphetamine, LSD etc.) which indeed they also do not need to do in order to become extremely wealthy by dealing only in soft drugs - are supposed to bring their illegal drugs into their "coffeeshop" "by way of the backdoor" as the phrase is
(and in Dutch this phrase also means: secretively, without being observed), that is - it is claimed by the Dutch authorities - without being controlled in any way: No one is supposed to investigate the quality, safety, chemical contents etc. of the drugs they sell, and no one is supposed to investigate the amounts of illegal drugs that then are sold from these coffeeshops, which also means that no one, except the dealers, is supposed to know how much is turned over, sold to the public, or how high the profits really are and who receives them in fact, etc.

This policy was started around 1969 in the Amsterdam party place Paradiso, with consent of the mayor and aldermen of Amsterdam; was extended in 1970 to the party place Fantasio and later to the Milky Way, and also to the Sleep-Ins (<- Danish Wikipedia: Can't find it elsewhere) funded by the City of Amsterdam, in which hippies could sleep very cheaply in dormitories, between 1970 and 1980. I led one of the first three in 1970, and indeed implemented the policy personally, including the incidental buying of large hash cakes. The profits "went into the exploitation costs of the Sleep-In", officially, if you want to believe that, or into the pockets of the alderman who organized the whole set-up, if you wish to believe that.

Around 1980 it was extended to coffeeshops all around Amsterdam, and soon also to many other cities in Holland, and of course this always happened - the authorities (mayors, aldermen, police commissioners etc.) claimed - "to protect the Dutch citizens from being harassed by dealers and criminality in the streets of the city" (as indeed happened in the 1960ies).

As it happens, a very conservative estimate is that on average, since 1970, that is, during 42 years at the very least 10 Billion dollars of soft drugs - and in case you want  to know: I am using an average based on the ONLY Parliamentary and ONLY official report ever made about it in Holland, the Van Traa Report, that is in Dutch on my site -  plus probably a multiple of that amount in cocain and heroin, were turned over in Holland each year (some also in sales to other European countries: Punishments are not as severe, and prisons, for dealers, not as unpleasant, as elsewhere).

In 1970 through 1985 - and in that last year I was personally involved with a large coffeeshop in Amsterdam, that belonged to a charity for adolescents, and indeed I was very kindly invited to City Hall for a conversation, with a personal letter, that I declined, and was inivited to the Municipal Tax Office for a deal of a quarter of a million of guilders that I also declined, all within several months, after which I severed all connections with the coffeeshop, having concluded drugs corruption in Amsterdam was very probably coordinated from City Hall - the profit margin at the time was 50%, and since then the costs of producing marihuana and cannabis have been much lowered, namely through the creation of hundreds or thousands (so called) weed plantations in Holland, where soft drugs are being produced on a very large industrial scale. ("Weed" - dutch "Wiet" - is a name for marihuana.)

So it is a very conservative guess that the yearly profit on soft drugs alone, in Holland, effectively for the most part in Amsterdam, is in the order of at least 5 Billion dollars each year - and this does not include any profits on any other illegal drugs.

Incidentally, to show the relative size of this sum, that is totally tax free, consider this item from the New York Times of a year ago, about Holland's largest and most profitable legal corporation (and note the amount given is gross profit, before taxes, and is supposed to be paid mostly to shareholders):

Royal Dutch Shell Profit Nearly Doubles

LONDON — Royal Dutch Shell, the biggest oil company in Europe, said on Thursday that its profit almost doubled in the second quarter on higher oil prices and as new oil and gas projects came on stream.

Profit rose to $8.7 billion in the April-through June period, from $4.4 billion in the same period last year, Shell said in a statement.

Who receives the profits made on drugs in Holland, however much they may be?

Officially, no one knows ("Backdoor Policy"), except that the dealer of the coffeeshop must get a share, and so must the owner of the plantation it was probably grown, since most weed (mariguana) and hashish these days are produced in Holland, while both officially and factually no one who legally should care does give a damn, except that all authorities have insisted for decades that the Dutch are an extremely tolerant people, and that in fact the "Toleration Policy", the
"Backdoor Policy", and the sales of drugs are not and should not be publicly discussed, as in fact they almost never are or were, at least seriously, since 1969, also because the only time such an attempt was made, by the Dutch parliamentarian Maarten van Traa - Dutch readers can find the parliamentary report that was named after him on my site: Van Traa Parliamentary Report, at least in so far as Amsterdam is concerned - it ended with what seems like the murder of Van Traa (disguised - if it was - the Stalinist way: as a car accident, which is what it officially is claimed to be), since when all parliamentarians have almost completely avoided discussing or mentioning the subject, in any way, possibly because they know, or at least concluded, that doing so easily leads to problems for them. (Also, especially in an around Amsterdam many drugs-related murders happen, since many years, that are almost all not solved, and seem to be hardly investigated.)

(**) The President of the Dutch Supreme Court was Jewish (according to Goebbels' Racial Nurnberg laws - I do not know whether he was religious, or indeed if he was, whether he practised the Jewish religion: Many - so called - Dutch Jews who perished in WW II were either not religious at all, but socialists or communists, and many who were religious were Protestant rather than Jewish) and was dismissed in 1940, and died from a heart attack in 1941. To quote Wikipedia:

During the German occupation, the Supreme Court kept functioning. In November 1940 the occupiers forced the president, Judge L.E. Visser, to resign because he was Jewish. Visser's colleagues did not protest. The members who remained also signed the compulsory declaration about Aryans. In doing this, they set a negative example of compromise to the whole legal establishment.

Mr Visser died in 1942 of a heart attack, but it may have pleased his colleagues that his wife was gassed at Sobibor, though they of course all denied so after early May 1945.

Also see

         Supreme Court of the Netherlands

My father and grandfather were convicted as "political terrorists" in 1941, in a Dutch court, by Dutch judges, who were not punished after the war, in any way whatsoever,  whereas my grandfather was murdered (but his name is on Yad Vashem) and my father and my mother - and the latter helped Jewish children in hiding in Noordbrabant in 1944, where Mayor Ed van Thijn of Amsterdam was in hiding - were ever since 1945, and especially in the 1950ies, accused of being "traitors of Holland", because they chose to remain communists, having seen most Dutchmen, and virtually all Dutch policemen and all Dutch judges (who were not "racially Jewish") collaborate (until April 1945, when they all became Heroes Of The Dutch Resistance Against Nazism, of course).

You'll find my father's testimony in the following links (and I cannot mention his and my family name, because the drugsdealer who had me gassed in 1988 wants to find me for speaking the truth about him, and he is protected by mayor, aldermen and municipal police):

ME + me: Three documents: My father's story + my story + my Human Rights
(***) I quote from the Wikipedia-lemma on SS-Obergruppenführer (General) and General der Polizei, chief of the Reich Main Security Office (including the Gestapo, and Kripo) Reinhard Heydrich)
By late 1940, German armies had swept through most of Western Europe. In 1941, Heydrich's SD was given responsibility for carrying out the Nacht und Nebel (Night-and-Fog) decree. According to the decree, "persons endangering German security" were to be arrested in a maximally discreet way: "under the cover of night and fog".

                             P.S.     Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.
                      -- Aug 13, 2012: Made some corrections and added some links and fixed the images for the arrows.



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