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  June 29, 2012                  
Crisis:  Congratulations  US of A:  Possibly Decent Health  Care!

Since my eyes are still giving me trouble I keep this brief, but from my personally unconcerned point of view - being Dutch, having health care, that is legally enforced on all Dutchmen - I do congratulate the US citizens for having at long last arrived at what may be the fundaments and the beginning of a somewhat decent and fair health care system.

Here is Cenk Uygur of
The Young Turks on the subject:
    Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

Clearly, such a sort of system should be in place in a fair society, and is in place - in various forms, and not without warts or blemishes or shortcomings - in Europe.

It is fair and sensible, as my mother explained it to me, when I was ca. 8 and asked what ''Health Care For the Ill meant'' (in Dutch: Ziekenfonds Ziekenzorg, long since defunct). She said it was an insurance, and explained - I was 8 - that this meant in this case that everyone pays in a small amount of money every week, in order to be assured of free medical help in the for most people rare cases that this was needed: "That way everybody helps himself by helping everybody else", she explained, and namely by fairly spreading the risks and by contributing all.

It worked very well for at least 40 years, until some local rightwing and centrist politicians, who I strongly suspect of being supported by the GOP, because they talk that kind of talk, and use that kind of verbal trickery, managed to undo part of it, in the name of "The Benefits Of The Free Market", that tend to work best for CEOs and captains of slave ships, and in the Dutch case much enriched the health care managers, while at least doubling my premiums, and forcing me to pay even my own sleeping pills.

But OK... nominally good things can get corrupted and abused, and have been corrupted and abused before, while the original idea, indeed an insurance "by the people, for the people, with the people", in case they need medical care, which can be fairly done, because there are good enough health statistics available to decide what care is needed; what it costs; and what would be a fair premium, if everybody enters, and because this provably works if the whole system is regulated carefully, honestly, competently and fairly (!).

It can be done, because it has worked well and affordably for over four decades during economically far poorer times (the fifties and sixties, notably), indeed until it got wrecked on purpose, if not in full, by a number of probably corrupted Dutch politicians. (*)

And in a fair and just society, all of society functions as a support for all of society, for that is in the end what society is for: Not to enrich the rich, but to cooperate so that all have a fair chance to live in liberty, without fear, and with human rights, affordable health care for all, and a chance to pursue happiness to the best of one's abilities.

Apart from that, the item is in the crisis-series for three reasons, I'll only briefly list for the moment:
  • Affordable health care for all is an important part of a fair and just society, whatever its further political or religious colours or set-up.
  • It may help Obama win the coming presidential elections, and if the choice is between Romney and Obama, the far less worse option is Obama, though indeed from my own point of view his presidency was disappointing.
  • I find in instructive - in a bitter and frightful way - that "Fox News" and such have been able to deceive considerable parts of the many poor whites in the US that affordable health care is against the interest of the poor and the middle class, while it obviously benefits them.
Anyway... A small step backward or forward to civilization, in my estimate: I found it quite odd to see what an incredibly and unnecessarily unfair and expensive mess the American citizens have accepted for decades as their "health care".

(*) Why would they be corrupt, you may ask? Because of ideological reasons - there are faithful believers that everything a PR-firm calls "a free market" must lead to bliss, whose hearts, at least, must be corrupted if their minds are unclouded and bright - and because a system like the American one until "Obamacare" is much more profitable for insurance companies - and as I said: In Holland the premiums went up and the care went down, after the purported "free market" measures, that generally translate as: The many poor get screwed once more for the benefit of the few rich. (This is no strict law, but the phrase "free market" tends to be a propaganda term, and I have seen it abused for all manner of private enrichment. See Liberalism in my Philosophical Dictionary.)

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.


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