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  June 11, 2012                  
me+ME:  About Nederlog, site and mail

It seems as if there was not much interest in the Nederlogs with Frank Zappa (which you can find here and here), at least on my Danish site. I infer that the average age of my readers is considerably lower than 60, and I also suppose it is a bit different on my Dutch site, not because of a different average age, but because Zappa was and still is fairly popular in Holland.

Then again, I did not check my supposition, and also do not care much, because I did not create my sites to become popular.

So... why do my sites exist, and what are they for?

The first three sections provide brief answers, and the last two sections sketch what I hope to do (that may decrease the number of Nederlogs), and also provide a new mail-address for those who tried to reach me but did not.

1. To serve my interests
2. To write as I please
3. Why are there no academic publications or books by me?
         4. Reviewing my site and Nederlog
      5. New e-mail address

1. To serve my interests: I have a neurological disease that is ill understood: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (aka 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome', which is a manipulative name imposed by psychiatrists to further their own financial interests), and I have been much discriminated for my opinions about the decline of education and civilization in the Netherlands, and about the policies and practices by which the mayors, aldermen, police, courts and district attorneys in Amsterdam and in Holland protect the drugs mafia.

In case you do not know: Drugs - hashish, marihuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, mescalin, amphetamin etc. - are illegal in Holland, as they are in the rest of Europe and in the US, but its dealers may get 'personal permission' from mayors to deal drugs publicly and with police protection, without any investigation or control whatsoever of either the drugs or the profits. (Yes, you read that well: A unique Dutch business set-up.)

I seem to be the only Dutchman who publicly admits that he thinks that when each year between 25 - 100 billions dollars worth of illegal drugs are turned over in Holland (nobody really knows: the Dutch mayors and ministers do not want this topic researched, objectively and honestly, but 25 Billion dollars is the realistic minimum), as is the case, much of it with mayorial, bureaucratic and police protection, the probability is that the mayors, bureaucrats, district attorneys or police are... corrupt. It seems as if all other Dutchmen like to pretend that 'That can't happen here' (namely in view of the  moral excellence of Dutchmen, Dutch mayors, Dutch bureaucrats etc.), and indeed consider the suggestion Dutchmen might lie for money a most evil aspersion on the Dutch National Character.

This has been going on now for 42 years, and must have made millionaires of quite a few Amsterdam corrupt bureaucrats (mayors, aldermen, district attorneys, lawyers, council members).

2. To write as I please: I have many ideas about many things, and always found it easy to write, provided it is about a subject I am interested in and I am free to write what I please, and I am not too ill to sit in front of my computer.

As it happens, I have written as I pleased, but not what I pleased:

Had I been healthy, or had I been helped when I asked, I could have written much more, and probably considerably better, and mostly about other things than I did.

Even so, there is a lot of original philosophy on my site - see e.g. Leibniz, Mill, Hume, Descartes, Aristotle, Multatuli, Machiavelli and more: ALL with my extensive comments, often as long as the originals - and also in an original form: I put classical texts on line in good html-editions, and then comment on these using the advantages of  hypertext (html).

Had I been healthier, there probably would have been a lot more, notably in logic and computing, for which I now often lack the energy or the mental concentration.

This leads me to another question I will attempt to answer, since this has been raised by several correspondents:

3. Why are there no academic publications or books by me?

I fell ill when I was 28, and effectively was in my first year of studying in a university, that I hadn't reached earlier, because I had left school around 16 because it seemed too moronic to me, and The Sixties were happening around me, in Amsterdam, and after that I had gotten involved with foreign women in foreign lands.

My reaction to the university was very similar to the school education I had received:

The academic year 1978 was opened with a public lecture by professor M. Brandt on the theme 'We all know that truth does not exist', which to me sounded and sounds like an insane, manipulative postmodern lie, while the university turned out to be in the hands of frauds and thieves - namely, the Dutch Labour
(*) Board of Directors Cammelbeeck, Poppe, De Hon and Noorda managed to let 'disappear' at least 65 million guilders (around 30 million dollars), by the expedient of not submitting yearly balances, as they legally should have done, and my pointing this out publicly in 1981 led to their eternal enmity and hatred of me, and indeed I do think they invested the money mostly in whores and parties - and in the hands of the most radical, the most dishonest and/or the most stupid neo-marxist or neo-feminist nitwits there ever were, whose political ideals were mostly phony, and who nearly all went into 'student politics' to get tenure as a lecturer, to teach the ideals they pretended, for a top salary, with hardly any duties, and no personal interest in any real science themselves.

I was abhorred, and also fell ill, like my then wife, in the fourth month of my university studies, and remained ill ever since, that is since January 1, 1979.

Being ill made many things effectively impossible to me, such as studying in the university library, and keeping up with literature. Besides, I found Academia almost completely fraudulent and dishonest, and was appalled that almost no Dutch professor or lecturer protested the destruction of the universities while it happened and could be stopped.

And thus it happened I gave up on academia and on Dutch institutions, while my more political and moral views - to the effect that I must be 'a dirty fascist' simply because I was in favour of real science and against politics as a university policy or end - were for decades so extremely unpopular that almost no one wanted to publish or indeed hear or read them.

Since I also am not a public whore, like most Dutch 'writers' are - I am not vain and not interested in the acclaim of folks I consider morons - and since I dislike modern Dutch 'civilization' in general, namely because that is oriented around soccer, beer, drugs, partying, and  being normal as the supreme Dutch moral value, I also gave up on trying to please editors or publishers
(indeed: I never started, probably unwisely, financially speaking), also because in view of my health the one guarantee I can give is that I can guarantee nothing about my health, my well-being or my available energy or lack of pain, and can do nothing at all but lie in bed with pain and without help if my disease gets bad, as it the last 20+ years often and mostly has been.

So that is why there are no publications by me in academic journals (I don't believe in postmodern academia; I think most current academics betrayed the ideals of the university, of science, and of civilization; I believe most academic papers I have seen were written for tenure, not for science), and no publications by me as paper books (I am too different from the Dutch norm to be published, and known as an opponent of most men and women in power in Holland or in Amsterdam, which makes few Dutchmen willing to risk helping or supporting me); I have a lot of pride but little vanity, hence no talent or motive for being an academic public whore; and I despise Holland and Dutch 'civilization' and those - still in power - who destroyed the schools, the universities and the public climate opf equity and tolerance and free speech.

Then again, I have published a little on paper the last forty years, generally because I was asked to do so, and nearly always pseudonymously, as I have no taste for journalism nor for Dutch literature, always excepting Multatuli - for whose work I did more than almost any Dutchman the last hundred years (**), it seems to me, but as with everything I did, wrote or said in Holland that too is stonewalled, not linked, nor mentioned, by anyone who is anything in any Dutch university, any Dutch paper, or any Dutch publishing companies, even though the Multatuli-parts of my site gets thousands of hits every day since at least a decade, and nobody ever did what I did: Comment 7 volumes of Multatuli's ideas at length, in excellent Dutch, and without any of the usual pretenses the professional academic exploiters of Multatuli always have in Holland, while most of them did not write as much as 5% about him compared to what I did.

4.  Reviewing my site and Nederlog: It is probable there will be fewer Nederlogs in the coming weeks or months, because I hope to review my site and Nederlog: Straightening out the formatting and the pictures; checking the links; removing some files I believe are mistaken, and replace them by better texts are some of the things I think need doing.

Then again, it is not certain, because my eyes are still problematic, and my health, although better than it was, is still shaky and varies with the day.

 5. New e-mail address:

My Dutch provider 'xs4all.nl' was an excellent provider between 1996 and 2002, that I know, for I started internet and my Dutch site there in 1996, while xs4all.nl existed some years before that. It turned into a horrible commercial provider from 2002 onwards, after it was sold to Dutch Telecom - 'KPN', for Dutchies - that retained the name to exploit the excellent and deserved reputation of the real thing, that ceased to be 10 years ago.

The reason I am still there are mainly that (1) my Dutch site is on its servers, and (2) the competition that is available to me in Amsterdam is no better and is just as commercial and dishonest (in my experience, and from what I have been told or did read).

As you may read in the brief file E-mails, that you can find on the opening pages of my sites, I receive a lot of spam, and also very little mail about my site - which is a little strange since far smaller sites draw a lot of mail traffic, but which has not bothered me much, because I simply do not have the health (nor the inclination) to answer a dozen or dozens of mails a day.

But then I noticed that the small file I mentioned -
E-mails - got 80 hits last month, while I got no mail from folks I didn't know previously, and it seems it was similar the rest of this year.

Since I would not be amazed to learn that my site receives special treatment at my provider, I provide another and new e-mail address, at my Danish site: If any of my readers that I have never mailed with have tried to mail me (this year or before that) at the mail-address at the xs4all-site, and never received any answer, by far the most likely explanation is that their mails never reached my inbox at xs4all. (There are two persons whose mails get automatically spammed, but these have been informed of that fact. Apart from that, I generally answer all polite mails quite politely, also if I disagree with what people write me.)

Anyway... you find the new mail address in the
E-mails file, with a stand-in for @, because my xs4all-email-address is on far too many spam-lists, and indeed exists since 1996, but you need to do a little human thinking to get it right.

I do not generally solicit e-mail, but I do solicit now, namely specifically from such people as have mailed to me this year and never got any reply, while they were also not told that I consider their mails spam. (***)


(*) The University of Amsterdam was directed like a socialist Sovchos from 1970-1995, when all power was formally in the hands of a yearly elected 'University Counsel', where the majority always was in the hands of students who were members of the Dutch Communist Party (CPN), and where daily business was done exclusively by members of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA), who used it to enrich themselves, and to promote their friends and family to professorships, that lasted for life, because all academic tenure in Holland was as state or municipal bureaucrats, whose contracts it was impossible to break because of incompetence or laziness.

It was a totally insane form of operation for a university, since everything that happened in the University of Amsterdam these years was explicitly done for political reasons, and the UvA also operated in terms of Five Year Plans, of a Stalinist kind also, that formulated ideals like the following for 1981-1986, when the UvA was said to exist for the following three main ends, explicitly listed as such:
  • to further the ends of the trade unions
  • to further the ends of the environmental movement
  • to further the ends of the feminist movement
Whoever dared to protest risked major trouble with hundreds or thousands of extremely leftist students (who got course points for squatting or taking part in political demonstrations from the staff); or with the staff (meanwhile recruited from former student radicals, who had succeeded in elbowing themselves into professorships and such); and was generally called 'a fascist' in public.

Almost nobody protested. I did, and was removed three times from the university for doing so, and very often called 'a fascist' by folks whose IQs are 40 points lower than mine, but who now and since decades are professors or lecturers in philosophy or psychology in Holland.

(**) I know of two exceptions: Multatuli's widow, who managed to get a fine version of Multatuli's Collected Works published in the first decade of the 20th Century, and the Dutch writer W.F. Hermans, who wrote the best biography of Multatuli, and a number of fine essays about Multatuli's reception and the maltreatment of his writings by Dutch professors of Dutch literature.

I really would like to hear from people (1) who did try to mail me, especially in the last couple of years, and (2) who did so without having mailed with me before they tried, and (3) who never got any reply, nor any indication they are on my spam-list: In all the cases that meet these three conditions I never saw your mail(s), and I am sorry for any trouble you took to mail me - which also is the reason the new mail address has been opened.

                                    P.S.     Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.
                             -- Jun 20, 2012: Corrected 'every month' (a typo) to '
every day' in
even though the Multatuli-parts of my site gets thousands of hits
                             every day since at least a decade
' since that is the truth.

                             It is also true that my sites are being read between 3 and 14 days
                             each day.

                             As it is true that my sites are completely stonewalled and often plundered
                             in Holland, and true that I have not anyone like me in all of my life, as
                             regards the kind of intellect and ethics I have. It also is true this deviance
                             from the norm - being normal is the one and only Dutch maintained moral norm -
                             is very probably genetic, and that it still is normal in Holland to scream at
                             somebody - if not Cruyff's One And Only Son, blessed be His Name! - who says
                             that his talents are due to his genes, and no 'personal choice', must be ... 'a fascist'.

                             And so it goes... among the Dutch, where all Dutch are Heroes, and all Heroes
                             the proudly declared 'equivalents' - 'gelijkwaardigen': of equal value - as Einstein,
                             Newton, Leonardo, and Aristotle. If it were otherwise, the Dutch democratic
                             moral majority feels most offended, you see: Somebody who might be better
                             than they are! Horror of horrors!

                             Anyway... I am proud to belong to the very small proportion of the Dutch
                             who does not insist that he is 'of equal value' as
Einstein, Newton, Leonardo,
                             and Aristotle, shameful and dangerous as that belief has turned out to be,
                             among the aggressive levellers of very low intelligence that the vast majority
                             of the Dutch is.

                             For this is The National Dutch Moral Norm, since many decades:

                                   'Muh binnuh allemaol chuleikwoardig fuiluh kankertyfusjood!'

                             which freely translates as 'We are all Einstein's equals because we would
                             be dangerously offended if someone suggests we may not be'.

                             And so it goes... in this proud nation of 16 million equivalents (gelijkwaardigen)
                             of the best, the brightest and the most heroic.



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