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  May 31, 2012                  
Crisis:  Kill Lists + Socialist Capitalism

They should rule who are able to rule best.

 --Aristotle, Politics
Wretched, ephemeral race, children of chance and tribulation, why do you force me to tell you the very thing which it would be most profitable for you not to hear? The very best thing is utterly beyond your reach: not to have been born, not to be, to be nothing. However, the second best thing for you is: to die soon.

  --Aristotle, Eudemos

Previous crisis       

This is a short Nederlog with some quite frightening examples of what the ongoing crisis in fact comprises, politically, legally and economically:

       1. Obama's Kill Lists
       2. 'Capitalism for profits, socialism for losses'

Note it is mostly videos.

1. Obama's Kill Lists

These are two items by The Young Turks (<- Wikipedia link)

       - Obama's Kill Lists
       - Do Not Kill List

The first concerns the existence of Presidential kill lists: People 'to be be taken off', without due process, without a court's decision, quite possibly with a drone, by being on the US President's kill list. Also, Guantanamo is still open; rendition is still practised; and indefinite detention, without trial, still allowed. 'Yes, we can!'.

The second continues the story. And here are links to some earlier Nederlogs of this year, in case you missed them:

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       - The times they are a'changin' - 1964/2012 
10 years of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp
      - Crisis: The drones of war
Interesting times we're living through, until we get hit by a drone, because the neighbours of our neighbours happen to be on a President's - of 'the home of the brave, the land of the free' - kill list: 'Collateral damage in 'the battle against terrorism''.

Incidentally: The last link is in Dutch, and shows that already in 2005 I said this 'battle' is based on deception of the public:

Far fewer, far less measures directed against the public - that is: all of society, except its rruling Úlite, military, (secret) police, and courts - at large kept 'The Free West' existing in the times of Cold War, when great quantities of heavily armed well trained Soviet troops, also a country with huge amounts of atomic weapons, stood on the borders of Western Germany: No forced identity papers; no extensive telephone tapping;
no 'anti-teroristt' measures; no strip searches; no rendition; no kill lists; no illegal  death sentences; no indefinite - secret - detentions without public trial or court case: Relatively civilized times, without Big Brother spying on everyone, and without a police state's foundation.

And since these foundations have been laid, both by Bush and by Obama, and since the point is elementary: There is no enemy as there was in the times of Brehznev and Mao, and not by a large streak, my conclusion must be that these foundations have been laid on purpose.

And yes: That really ought to frighten rational people of good will.

2. 'Capitalism for profits, socialism for losses'

This is an item by the BBC, interviewing Nassim Taleb
(<- Wikipedia link), whose saying is the title of this section:

The bankmanagers and FED have brought it about the that the bankmanagers still get enormous incomes, now in the fourth year of economic crisis, caused by their actions, in the tens of millions of dollars yearly; and that the banks still keep whatever profits they are making, these days usually from money given to them from tax-money, and without interest, while the rest of society must pick up their losses:

       - The banks have hijacked the government

Taleb seems an interesting and smart man, with a lot of relevant knowledge. Here is his sworn testimony to the US Congress, in two parts. Note this is interesting, clear, on oath, to the point, but alas in a somewhat vague video-rendering, for it is a bit hazy - but the spoken text is good and clear:

       - Nassim Taleb speaks to a clueless Congress (1/2)
Nassim Taleb speaks to a clueless Congress (2/2)

Here is the same in a very much clearer video, answering questions for Times, and briefly explaining some of his ideas:

       - 10 Questions for Nassim Taleb

And here are again some
links to some earlier Nederlogs of this year, in case you missed them:

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So yes, we are  living through 'interesting times', alas, as indeed mostly, with  morally corrupt and incompetent leaders.

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.
                                --June 2, 2012: Corrected some typos.


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