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  May 4, 2012                  

The Narko-Nazi Netherlands: National Day of National Narko-Nazi Justification

From the Dutch Parliamentary Van Traa Report on Drugs of 1995 (*) 

"Boekhoorn and others (1995) estimate the current yearly turnover of cannabis for Dutch consumption as  0.8 billion, the yield of the export as 1.8 billion, that of the import/export trading at  3.9 billion and that of the international  trade that does not take place inside the Netherlands at 12.5 billion guilders. The total yearly turnover of cannabis for all of  The Nederlands is therefore 19 billion guilders. If the yield of the trade in all other kinds of [illegal] drugs were added to this the sum of money becomes yet again much larger. The trade in [illegal] drugs is one of the most important and fastest growing sectors of the Dutch econonomy. Amsterdam takes part in this trade to a much larger extent than would appear  (..)"

In The Netherlands the selling and trading in cannabis, marihuana, cocaine, heroine, LSD etc. are illegal as in other countries, but smart aldermen of Amsterdam, starting with the Dutch equivalent of Beria, Harry Verhey, and followed by the Dutch grandson of the Dutch mass-murdering collaborators of the SS Rob Oudkerk, ably assisted by other grandsons and great grandsons of collaborators of the SS Cohen and Asscher (*), instituted - in the name of the February- Strike and Tolerance, Tolerance, Tolerance - what they called The Dutch Drugs Toleration Policy:

From 1970 onwards, the aldermen or mayor of Amsterdam decided, personally, with their personal signature, which mafiosi could deal illegal drugs - that were supposed to be cannabis and marihuana, though this was not controlled - with personal permission and personal signature from which place (usually by not always "a coffeeshop") they could deal soft drugs for profit, also with the added guarantees that the police would not harass these dealers; that the drugs the dealers dealt were not controlled; that the amounts the dealers sold were not controlled in any way; that the illegal profits the dealers made were not controlled, not in any way, and not administrated and not taxed; and that the neighbours of the drugsdealers were harassed by the police if they harassed the drugsdealers.

This was done - it was claimed, by these grandsons and greatgrandsons of the greatest criminals in Dutch history: the willing executioners of the SS, who helped round up over 100.000 Jews, who were nearly all gassed, namely because they were rich Jews themselves, who thus bought their own survival and the protection of their riches from the SS - because Amsterdam Is A Very Tolerant Place, and there were more than 100.000 poor Jews.

If one calculates the sums mentioned in the Dutch Parliamentary Report of the year 1995, almost certainly estimated far too low, one must remember that (i) since then the guilder has been replaced by the euro and (ii) since 1970 the trade in illegal drugs is "tolerated" i.e. personally protected by Dutch mayors, Dutch aldermen, Dutch policemen, Dutch parliamentarians, Dutch ministers, Dutch judges, Dutch district officers, and - the best, the richest, the ablest - Dutch lawyers, one arrives at the following:

If we add in cocaine and heroine - also massively trade in and through Holland, by the very same mafiosi who deal in soft drugs, for the most part: They are in it for the money - 50 billion guilders per year (ca. 1995: since probably a lot more) is a very low estimate, and the non-Dutch reader should also realize that none of these mafiosi risked anything, and if arrested at all (most improbable), then nearly all were freed within a day by the some of the very best of Dutch lawyers, who also could arrange almost none of the Dutch drugs mafiosi was ever persecuted for committing any of the many drugs murders, of competing mafiosi, in which the Dutch police and district attorneys since 42 years manage to never find any trace, which indeed will have added much to their personal safety and - taxfree, undeclared - income (or the cool temperature of their noses).

Then again 1995 being a rough midpoint, and taking account of the euro, it is a very safe guess that at least and on average since 1970 some 40 times 25 billion euros or dollars in illegal drugs have been tolerated  and protected by Dutch mayors, Dutch aldermen, Dutch policemen, Dutch parliamentarians, Dutch ministers, Dutch judges, and Dutch district attorneys, which together is a turnover of 1000 billion  dollars in 40 years. (Note I am basing all this on the figures in the one and only Dutch Parliamentary Investigation of drugs in Holland: I am making up nothing at all.)

This turnover was - it seems: The Dutch are extremely careful and tolerant in not tolerating any investigation into drugs money, laundering drughs money, etc. - mostly invested in real estate, if it was not exported to secret bank accounts of Dutch mayors, Dutch aldermen, Dutch policemen, Dutch parliamentarians, Dutch ministers, Dutch judges, and Dutch district attorneys as pure gold or diamonds, of course, except that no (politically correct, or careerist, or prominent) Dutchmen will ever say so or name names (as there happen to be many drugs related murders that are never solved if they are ever investigated in Holland).

One should of course realize at this point realize that ALL Dutch mayors, ALL Dutch aldermen, ALL Dutch policemen, ALL Dutch parliamentarians, ALL Dutch ministers, ALL Dutch judges, and ALL Dutch district attorneys have since forty years maintained that they personally do NOT know anything about drugs, do NOT use them, do NOT profit from them, and that, in brief, they ALL are extremely tolerant sorts of persons who are totally blameless, and indeed have - especially since parliamentarian Van Traa was murdered - never thought or spoken or written about the sales of illegal drugs in and through Holland at all, except to commemorate the fact that Holland is a VERY tolerant country, and the Dutch are a VERY tolerant people, and that, speaking personally, ALL Dutch mayors, ALL Dutch aldermen, ALL Dutch policemen, ALL Dutch parliamentarians, ALL Dutch ministers, ALL Dutch judges, and ALL Dutch district attorneys are completely blameless, legal, and very moral sort of most honest (and "authentic"!)  persons, who ALL never saw any penny of those 1000 billion of dollars they managed to help turn over, the last 42 years.

Yes, you read that well...

Remarkably, ALL Dutch mayors, ALL Dutch aldermen, ALL Dutch policemen, ALL Dutch parliamentarians, ALL Dutch ministers, ALL Dutch judges, and ALL Dutch district attorneys have ALL these forty plus years insisted again and again and again that legalizing illegal drugs is extremely undesirable, extremely dangerous, and "forbidden by international treaties". (They never mentioned the fact that the profit margin of the illegal drugs they illegally were helping to trade was at least 50% - taxfree, uncontrolled in any way, except by a personal signature of the mayor that allowed their making, in spite of the Dutch laws that forbid this, in legal terms, and have forbidden this for all these forty plus years in which these 500 billions of illegal profits from illegal drugs were made, all protected faithfully, honestly, constantly, and very, very tolerantly by, especially, Amsterdam mayors, Amsterdam aldermen, Amsterdam policemen, Dutch parliamentarians, Dutch ministers, Amsterdam judges, and Amsterdam district attorneys, almost all, as it happens, key members of the Dutch Labour Party For The Drugs Mafia, who - you foreigners must understand - NEVER EVER profited of any of this, for - you foreigners must understand - Dutch mayors, Dutch aldermen, Dutch policemen, Dutch parliamentarians, Dutch ministers, Dutch judges, Dutch district officers are all very honourable men, who never lie, never are immoral, and who constantly think of Auschwitz and the Holocaust.

Also no Dutchmen - except 1 (*) - sees any moral, legal, or personal problem with any of Dutch mayors, Dutch aldermen, Dutch policemen, Dutch parliamentarians, Dutch ministers, Dutch judges, Dutch district attorneys, who are all, according to ALL Dutchmen - except 1 (*) - totally incapable of doing any dishonorable, immoral, or illegal thing: Indeed, any one who dares to suggest anything else about Dutch mayors, Dutch aldermen, Dutch policemen, Dutch parliamentarians, Dutch ministers, Dutch judges, Dutch district attorneys risks being gassed or threatened with murder and violence by Amsterdam drugs dealers. (It happened to me, but then I am just 1 Dutchmen, and ill, and my father and grandfather were Dutch political terrorists who were convicted by Dutch judges to concentration-camp imprisonment, in August of 1941, for the best of Dutch legal and moral reasons, which is also shown by the fact that none of these Dutch Nazi-judges was ever persecuted or indeed criticized for anything, for the Dutch are a VERY tolerant people).

What the Dutch people - all except 1 - also are VERY tolerant of, and are also ALL - except 1 - VERY heroic about, is the bearing of the pain of others. This great Dutch heroism can be shown by another simple calculation:

If we assume that the many tons of cocaine and heroine ALL Dutch mayors, ALL Dutch aldermen, ALL Dutch policemen, ALL Dutch parliamentarians, ALL Dutch ministers, ALL Dutch judges, and ALL Dutch district attorneys have ALL these forty plus years VERY, VERY TOLERANTLY, always In The Name Of The Ideals Of The February Strike, mind you! - protected, respected, and helped turn over, without ANY of then EVER receiving a single penny, for Dutchmen are all known since ages to be morally completely perfect, honest, authentic and also never ever lie, as all Dutchmen - except 1, who is a fascist terrorist - will honestly assure you, even if you don't ask, then we may assume that a mere tenthousand Europeans and Americans (who came to Amsterdam to enjoy Dutch Tolerance and Dutch drugs) per year got hooked on some of the more habituating of the 1000 Billions worth of illegal drugs turned over these forty years, in Holland and the rest of Europe, with the very tolerant support of ALL Dutch mayors, ALL Dutch aldermen, ALL Dutch policemen, ALL Dutch parliamentarians, ALL Dutch ministers, ALL Dutch judges, and ALL Dutch district attorneys.

Consequently, since it also may be safely assumed that at most 1 in 10 of those tenthousand good-for-nothings who got hooked on hard drugs (all not called "Asscher", "Cohen", "Oudkerk" or "Van Thijn", rest assured!) thanks to ALL Dutch mayors, ALL Dutch aldermen, ALL Dutch policemen, ALL Dutch parliamentarians, ALL Dutch ministers, ALL Dutch judges, and ALL Dutch district attorneys ALL these forty plus years, that is a mere 40.000 lives killed and 400.000 lives hooked on hard drugs, all thanks to Real Dutch Tolerance, except as regards toleration for legalizing illegal drugs you don't want to or cannot control, which I agree is far less profitable.

Since these wasted lives are clearly mostly not Dutch, and also - thanks be to Yahveh! - none of them was called "Asscher", "Cohen", "Oudkerk" or "Van Thijn", or indeed "Donner", "Kok", or "Balkenende", we tolerant Dutchmen (all except 1) hold that we highly moral and tolerant Dutchmen have done very well in cleaning up Europe and the US of immoral weak wastrels and good for nothings who got hooked on hard drugs in or around Amsterdam: Their deserved punishment (and lest you "moral"  phoneys who are protesting foreigners forget: less than the 100.000 our most excellent grandfather and great grandfather Cohen and Asscher helped clean up and endlöse!)

Today is the day these honourable mayors and aldermen, the grandsons and great grandsons of massmurdering Nazi collaborators, have a special day to commemorate the massmurder and the war; to thank the dear lord for making them Dutch; and to assure the world that they themselves as Dutch mayors and aldermen are the equivalents ("gelijkwaardigen") of my father, grandfather and mother, and by far the person superiors, in health, in morality, in honesty, in money, of that one fascist terrorist who is Dutch, who bears my name, and who has the truly fascist degeneracy to dare to criticize mayors and aldermen whose grandfather or great-grandfathers were mass murderers, and who are themselves humanistic and tolerant enough to provide for forty years A Safe Haven for the internationally much maligned and discriminated dealers of illegal drugs, which these very same mayors and aldermen have tolerantly protected for forty years, all through the deep goodness of their hearts and the great heroism of their souls, and for absolutely no free money, free whores, or free cocaine whatsoever, but only moved by the most genuine and deepest most human concerns for the safety and human rights of drugs mafiosi from Holland and Surinam and the former Yugoslavia etc.

Nobody has the right, in Holland, to criticize Amsterdam's mayors and aldermen whose rich grandfathers and great grandfathers have suffered so very much in World War II for collaborating with the Nazis to murder more than 100.000 miserably poor Jews. How could these Amsterdam mayors and aldermen help having those grandfathers and great grandfathers? How could they help having much the same genes?!

And only malicious fascist terrorists are insane enough to find fault with the dealing of illegal drugs with the gracious deeply humanistic toleration, respect and protection by these mayors and aldermen, including such self-declared equivalents of Einstein as the narko-nazi genius Van  Thijn, the narko-nazi genius Oudkerk, the narko-nazi genius Asscher.

These most excellent humanist protectors and tolerators of thousands of the much discriminated but most deserving mafiosi from all over the world will tell you most honestly and sincerely, with just a little media-training, that only antisemites see anything wrong with protecting, honoring, helping the international discriminated and undeservedly maligned drugsmafiosi from all over the world, also if Jewish or Black, most heroically in and around the City of the February Strike.

Above you see The City of Amsterdam's Heraldry, with the three crosses of Andreas (I have been personally nailed to for nearly four years, waiting to be killed, gassed or burned, while unable to sleep because of interminable noise, all by the noblest and most heroic of drugsdealers protected by mayor and aldermen of Amsterdam against a lone fascist terrorist of my terrorist family background, all while professor drs. Van Thijn, mr.dr. Nora Salomons and mr. Maureen Sarucco and mr. Edward Lisser ("mr." meaning "attorney at law, lawyer, barrister", read by the Dutch as "master") and the last two being Amsterdam's Chief Security Office and her assistant) bravely - nay: Heroically, Steadfastly and Mercifully  took care that the Amsterdam drugs traffic kept going very profitably, directly below me in the house where I lived also, because mayor professor drs. van Thijn, who knew my parents, rather had me gassed and threatened with murder for the sake of the profits of the Amsterdam mafia than maintain Holland's written laws (**)). Incidentally, the heraldy and three marks of heroes were awarded to Amsterdam after the war by Queen Wilhelmina because of the February Strike that enabled Van Thijn's later dealing drugs for the mafia and caused my father's and grandfather's arrest in June 1941).

In brief: All foreigners should know what all Dutchmen (except 1) know since forty years: Alderman Verheij, alderman Oudkerk, alderman Asscher, mayor Van Thijn and mayor Cohen are the greatest of humanistic geniuses and deserve to personally protect the much maligned mafia, and have all of them profited not one penny of those 500 billions of profit they helped the much discriminated drugsmafiosi make! Honestly! Persons with their genes cannot possibly do any harm, not to anyone, and especially not to honourable drugs mafiosi they protect and receive personally in City Hall!

After all, they are all Jews, they say, although they don't have the Jewish faith, "after Auschwitz", as they like to add themselves! By contrast, my mother - although she helped save mayor Van Thijn's life in 1944 - was not a Jewess, and mothered a fascist terrorist like me, who nevertheless was "accidentally circumcised", I suppose quite unlike the good "Jewish" folks I mentioned, it must be feared, and that I had the fascist terorist chutzpah to dare to protest Mayor Van Thijn's most excellent mafia friends, that mayor Van Thijn gave his personal permission in writing, with his personal signature, to deal illegal drugs from the bottom floor of the house where he did not live at all, but where I lived, and that mayor Van Thijn kept protecting these friends of his (Labour Party members, surely, unlike me) when they threatened to murder me because I protested, invalid as I was, and who mayor Van Thijn then kept protecting Heroically, Steadfastly and Mercifully, always in the name of the February Strike my father and grandfather got sent to concentration camp for, and who mayor Patijn, mayor Cohen, alderman Oudkerk and alderman Asscher have all been most Heroically, Steadfastly and Mercifully protecting ever since - which they did not do for money, but because they are each and all deeply humanistic most tolerant most moral and most hononourable protectors of the so unfairly discriminated drugsmafia, by such a fascist terrorist as I am.

So once again:

Mayor Van Thijn did not get one penny of the billions his most excellent mafia friends made, for he said so, and a man of mayor Van Thijn's background cannot possibly lie, for his mother survived Auschwitz, while my mother helped saving him, who was then a small boy in hiding from the Nazis, and while my father and grandfather were in concentration camps for protesting the razzias against the Jews (razzias that (great-)grandfathers Cohen and Asscher, who told them to surrender themselves to the Nazis and trust the Lord, who they themselves did not believe in).

How evil is it to accuse a man of Van Thijn's background of doing anything that is bad or saying anything that is false?! How rotten must my character not be for doing that?!

Mayor Cohen did not get one penny of the billions his most excellent mafia friends made, for he said (or implied) so, and a man of mayor Cohen's background cannot possibly lie, for even though his family was and is rich, not all of them escaped Auschwitz, while my father and grandfather were in concentration camps for protesting the razzias against the Jews (razzias that (great-)grandfathers Cohen and Asscher, who told them to surrender themselves to the Nazis and trust the Lord, who they themselves did not believe in).

Alderman Rob Oudkerk (also a grandson of grandfather Cohen), also well known since some 5 years as a cocaine snorter and as a sadomasochist enjoyer of very young junkie whores while being alderman (after which mayor Cohen dismissed him - and I believe (I add it in fairness) that the Dutch media said these junkie whores were all or mostly females: clearly this totally exonerates Mr Oudkerk, certainly in his own opinion), did not get one penny of the billions his most excellent mafia friends made, for he said (or implied) so, and a man of alderman Oudkerk's background cannot possibly lie, for even though his family was and is rich, not all of them escaped Auschwitz, while my father and grandfather were in concentration camps for protesting the razzias against the Jews (razzias that (great-)grandfathers Cohen and Asscher, who told them to surrender themselves to the Nazis and trust the Lord, they themselves did not believe in).

Alderman Lodewijk Asscher (great-grandson of the rich Asscher who collaborated with the SS), did not get one penny of the billions his most excellent mafia friends made, for he said (or implied) so, and a man of alderman Asscher's background cannot possibly lie, for even though his family was and is rich, not all of them escaped concentration camps, while my father and grandfather were in concentration camps for protesting the razzias against the Jews (razzias that (great-)grandfathers Cohen and Asscher, who told them to surrender themselves to the Nazis and trust the Lord, they themselves did not believe in).

And May 4 is the national commemoration day of World War II, on which the Cohens, the Ascchers, the Oudkerks and the Van Thijns, surrounded by cameras and by proud friends and family who are journalists and actors, show off their great talent for elegant male weeping - on demand! - in front of journalistic cameras, to remember all the murdered Jews the (great) grandparents of some of them helped murder, and also to show how deeply honourable, moral, honest, Heroic, Steadfast and Merciful they are themselves, in respecting, and tolerating the traffic and dealing in illegal drugs, and for heaving the enormous heroism of protecting the Amsterdam drugs mafiosi against the one Dutch fascist terrorist who writes this (unarmed, or only with wit and character, inherited from his parents and grandparents, and ill and in pain all the time because of what was done to him with their protection and help).

A 1000 billion dollars worth of illegal drugs turned over in and around Amsterdam, in 40 years, all thanks to them, of which some 500 billion is estimated to be profit? It's "filthy lucre", and Heroic, Steadfast Merciful mayors and aldermen like Cohen, Asccher, Oudkerk and Van Thijn, can tell a camera with great sincerity that they did not make one penny of it, and may add that only fascist terrorists don't believe them. (Besides, all this money created very much work and income in Holland and in Amsterdam: Don't you forget that! These gentlemen helped Holland by helping the drugs mafia, who are great job creators all! If drugs were legalized - Yahveh forbid! - nearly all these profits are gone! Think how awful and horrible that would be for our Dutch proud community!)

You ask perhaps about a mere 400.000 expendable wimps hooked on hard drugs, in forty years, of which a mere 40.000 may have perished, thereby also alleviating the world's population problem? They were all not members of Dutch Labour, so they must have been expendable - and besides: who cares for a junkie, after all?! They started hard drugs from their own free will! No Amsterdam mayor or alderman or council member told them to! 

So you see how utterly unfair, unjust and unreasonable I am against all these noble self-declared equivalents of Einstein, Mandela, and my heroic family, also because my over 16 million countrymen believe the noble and humanistic mayors and aldermen on their word, and are as heroic as they are in bearing another man's suffering, while the Dutch morality about money - which is half of the sum-total of Dutch morality, the other half being that if you are not normal you deserved anything normal folks may do to you - amounts to the thesis that you are an immoral wimp and failure and "thief from your own wallet" if you skip any chance on making any money by any means whatsoever, as Heinrich Heine already saw and testified and as former Prime Minister Balkenende displayed laughingly,

Dutch PM

                      Balkenende in 2010
Prime minister Balkenende in 2010, in a characteristic pose, with his own favourite drug, and his typical, Dutch, tolerant value on his breast.

while praising the business sense of the Dutch slavers of a few centuries ago, before the days of tolerated dealing of illegal drugs to all friends of Dutch aldermen and mayors (last link in Dutch and German, the German translated below),

You'll find the source for my statement in the last link, and more in the following link about prof.mr.dr. Balkenende being honored by Hofstra University in 2010: Hofstra University honors the Dutch protector of the Dutch drugs mafia

Finally... this being the National Dutch Day of Commemoration of World War II, let me give you a bit of Heinrich Heine in German, singing the praise of Dutch morality that is so much admired by the above photographed Dutch Leader, Protector and Tolerator of the Dutch drugsmafia:

Text: Heinrich Heine Free translation: Maarten Maartensz

Der Superkargo Mynheer van Koek
Sitzt rechnend in seiner Kajüte;
Er kalkuliert der Ladung Betrag
Und die probabeln Profite.

  "Der Gummi ist gut, der Pfeffer ist gut,
Dreihundert Säcke und Fässer;
Ich habe Goldstaub und Eisenbein -
Die schwarze Waare ist besser.

  "Sechshunder Neger tauschte ich ein
Spottwohlfeil am Senegalflusse.
Das Fleisch ist hart, die Sehnen sind stramm,
Wie Eisen vom besten Gusse.

  "Ich hab' zum Tausche Branntewein,
Glasperlen un Stahlzeug gegeben;
Gewinne daran achthunder Prozent,
Bleibt mir die Hälfte am Leben.

  "Bleiben mir Neger dreihundert nur
Im Hafen von Rio-Janeiro,
Zahlt dort mir hunderd Dukaten per Stück
Das Haus Gonzales Pereiro."

  Da plötzlich wird Mynheer van Koek
Aus seinen Gedanken gerissen;
Der Schiffschirurgus tritt herein
Der Doktor van der Smissen.

  Das ist ein klapperdürre Figur,
Die Nase voll rother Warzen -
"Nun, Wasserfeldscherer," ruft van Koek,
"Wie geht's meinen lieben Schwarzen?"

  Der Doktor dankt der Nachfrage und spricht:
"Ich bin zu melden gekommen,
Das heute Nacht die Sterblichkeit
Bedeutend zugenommen.

  "Im Durchschnitt starben täglich zwei,
Doch heute starben sieben,
Vier Männer, drei Frauen - Ik hab' den Verlust
Sogleich in die Kladde geschrieben.

 "Ich inspicirte die Leichen genau;
Denn diese Schelme stellen
Sich manchmal todt, damit man sie
Hinabwirft in die Wellen.

 "Ich nahm den Todten die Eisen ab;
Und wie ich gewöhlich thue,
Ich liess die Leichen werfen ins Meer,
Des Morgens in der Frühe.

  "Es schlossen alsbald aus der Fluth
Haifische, ganze Heere,
Sie lieben so sehr das Negerfleisch;
Das sind meine Pensionäre.

 "Sie folgten unseres Schiffes spur,
Seit wir verlassen die Küste;
Die Bestien wittern den Leichengeruch,
Mit schnupperndem Frassgelüste.

 "Es ist possierlich anzusehn,
Wie sie nach den Todten schnappen!
Die fasst den Kopf, die fasst das Bein,
Die andern schlucken die Lappen.

 "Ist alles verschlungen, dan tummeln sie sich
Vergnügt um des Schiffes Planken
Und glotzen mich an, als wollten sie
Sich für das Frühstück bedanken."

  Doch seufzen fällt ihm in die Red'
Van Koek: "Wie kann ich lindern
Das Übel? wie kann ich die Progressien
Der Sterblichkeit verhindern?"

  Der Doktor erwidert: "Durch eigne Schuld
Sind viele Schwarzen gestorben;
Ihr slechter Odem hat die Luft
Im Schiffsraum so sehr verdorben.

  "Auch starben viele durch Melancholie,
Dieweil sie sich tödlich langweilen;
Durch etwas Luft, Musik und Tanz
Lasst sich die Krankheit heilen."

  Da ruft van Koek: "Ein guther Rath!
Mein theurer Wasserfeldscherer,
Ist klug wie Aristoteles,
Des Alexander's Lehrer."

  "Der Präsident der Societät
Der Tulpenveredlung in Delfte
Ist sehr gescheit, doch hat er nicht
Von Eurem Verstande die Hälfte.

  "Musik! Musik! Die Schwarzen soll'n
Hier auf dem Verdeckte tanzen,
Und wer sich beim Hopsen nicht amüsiert
Den soll die Peitsche kuranzen."


  Hoch aus dem blauen Himmelszeit
Viel' tausend Sterne schauen,
Sehnsüchtig, glänzend, gross und klug,
Wie Augen von schönen Frauen.

  Sie blicken hinunter in das Meer,
Das weithin überzogen
Mit phosphorstrahlenden Purpurduft;
Wollustig girren die Wogen.

  Kein Segel flättert am Sklavenschiff,
Es liegt wie abgetakelt,
Doch schimmern die Lanternen auf dem Verdeck
Wo Tanzmusik spektakelt.

  Die Fiedel streicht die Steuermann,
Der Koch der spielt der Flöte,
Ein Schiffjung schlagt die Trommel dazu,
Der Doktor bläst die Trompete.

  Wohl hundert Neger, Männern und Frauen,
Sie jauchzen und hopsen und kreisen
Wie toll herum; bei jedem Sprung
Taktmässig klirren die Eisen.

  Sie stampfen den Boden mit tobender Lust
Und manche schwarze Schöne
Umschlingt wohllustig den nackten Genoss
Dazwischen ächzenden Töne.

  Der Büttel ist Maître des plaisirs
Und hat mit Peitschenhieben
Die lässigen Tänzer stimuliert,
Zum Frohsinn angetrieben.

  Und Dideldumdei und Schnedderedeng -
Der Larm lockt aus den Tiefen
Die Ungethüme der Wasserwelt,
Die dort blödsinnig schliefen.

  Schlaftrunken kommen sie geschwommen heran
Haifische, viele hundert;
Sie glotzen nach dem Schiff hinauf,
Sie sind verduzt, verwundert.

  Sie merken dass die Frühstückstund'
Noch nicht gekommen, und gähnen,
Aufsperrend den Rachen; die Kiefer sind
Bepflänzt mit Sägezähnen.

  Und Dideldumdei und Schnedderedeng -
Es nehmen kein Ende die Tänzen.
Die Haifische beissen vor Ungeduld,
Sichselber in der Schwänze.

  Ich glaube, sie lieben nicht die Musik,
Wie viele von ihrem Gelichter,
"Trau kein Bestie, die nicht liebt
Musik!" sagt Albions Dichter.

  Und Schnedderedeng und Dideldumdei -
Die Tänze nehmen kein Ende.
Am Fockmast steht Mynheer van Koek
Und faltet betend die Hände:

  "Um Christi willen verschone, o Herr,
Das Leben der schwarzen Sünder!
Erzürnten sie dich, so weisst du ja,
Sie sind so dumm wie die Rinder.

"Verschone ihr Leben um Christi will'n
Der für uns Alle gestorben!
Den bleiben mir nicht dreihunderd Stück,
So ist mein Geschäft verdorben.     (*)

The supercargo Mynheer van Koek
Calculatingly in his cabin does sit
He calculates the cargo's value
And its expected profit.

   "The rubber is good, the pepper is good
Threehundred sacks that couldn't be fatter;
I have gold dust and fine black wood -
But the other black cargo is better.

   "Six hundred negroes I got in Senegal
Hale, hearty and healthy I did find.
Their muscles strong, their sinews firm,
Like well cast iron of the finest kind

   "In exchange I bartered brandy,
Pearls from glass, and some cheap knive,
My profit is eighthundred percent
If I can keep half of them alive.

  "If only three hundred negroes remain
In the harbour of Rio de Janeiro,
Then there I get a hundred ducats each
From the firm of Gonzales Pereiro."

  Then suddenly Mynheer van Koek
Stopped thinking and had to listen;
As the ship's surgeon had entered
The doctor van der Smissen

   That is a dry as dust sort of a person
His nose full of red pimples and green goo-
Well my fine fellow, van Koek calls out
"How do my lovely blacks do?"

   The doctor thanks him for his care and says
"I have come to tell you, if you please,
That right this night the mortality rate
Did quite considerably increase.

   "On average daily two did die,
But seven this night their lives forsook,
Four men, three women - I wrote the loss
Directly in my own notebook.

   "I inspected the corpses carefully
As these bastards dislike being slaves
And often pretend they're dead, and hope
We throw them overboard in the waves.

   "I took the irons from the dead
As is the usual norm,
The bodies were thrown in the sea
Right early in this morn.

  "There arose immediately from down below
Sharks as if in batallions,
They love to eat black meat;
That I feed them as their pensions.

   "They follow the trail of our ship,
Since we have left the coast;
The beasts smell the dead black meat.
That they all love so much to eat.

   "It is quite droll to see,
How they bite the death!
One takes a head, the other a leg,
The others maul what remains to be had.

   "When all has been eaten they swim around
The ship, satisfied at long last
And look at me as if they would
Thank me for their breakfast.

   But with loud moaning he is stopped -
Van Koek: "How can I help alleviate
That evil? How can I check the progress
Of their dying at this rate?"

   The doctor replies: "It's all their fault
That so many blacks got dead;
Their own bad breath did rot the air
The cargo room's air is very bad.

   "Also many died from melancholy,
Because they're bored to dead;
Some air, music and some dance
May cure them of this, perchance."

   Then van Koek calls out: "A good advice
My dear surgical preacher
This sounds as smart as Aristotle
Who was Alexander's teacher."

   "The President of the Delft Society
For tulip cultivation, has a mind most fit,
And is very smart, yet compared to you
All he can do is worth not half your wit.

   "Music! Music! The blacks must dance
Here right on deck of the ship
And those that will not be amused
Will be encouraged by the whip."


   High in the dark blue sky
Thousands of stars seem to pry,
They shine with emotion, big and bright,
Each looks like a beautiful woman's eye.

   They look down to the sea
That shows one its beauteous displays
And seems to emanate a purple haze
That sensually seems to move the waves.

   No sail moves on the slaveship's masts
It seems as if it lies in dock,
But the lanterns shine brightly on the deck
That on the sounds of music does rock.

   The violin is played by the first mate,
The cook plays flute like one of the pros,
The cabin boy does beat the drum,
While the doctor in the trumpet blows.

   A hundred negroes, male and female,
Scream, cavort and loudly wail
As if they are mad, and while they dance
Their leg irons rhythmically quail.

    They stamp the floor with painful lust
And many of the beautiful black ones
Embrace lustily a naked companion
Surrounded by aching tones.

   The slave's surveyor is master of all
And has with hits with his whip
Stimulated the lazy dancers,
To dance as if gladly on the deck of the ship.

   And hi nonny ho, and hop along do -
The noise on the deck calls from the deep
The beasts of horror of the sea,
That down below were stupidly asleep.

Drunk from their sleep they rise from the depths:
Sharks, many hundreds, seemingly dazed
They eye the ship balefully,
They're puzzled and somewhat amazed.

They note that their breakfast hour
Has not yet arrived, and yawn hoping for meat
As they open their mauls the sides
Are filled with rows of saw teeth.

And hi nonny ho, and hop along do
The dancing is whipped forth without fail
While the sharks quite impatiently
Do bite themselves in their tail.

I believe that they don't love music
And many of their kind don't know it
"Do not trust a beastie that does not love
Music" said Albion's own poet.

And hi nonny ho, and hop along do
The dancing is whipped forth and never ends
Close to the mast stands Mynheer van Koek
And folds in prayer his hands

"For the love of Christ my Lord
Save the lives of these black sinners!
If you got angry at them with their trespasses
God knows they are stupid like asses.

Please save their lives for the love of Christ
Who died for us all, as you Lord saw fit:
For if I cannot keep three hundred alive
Then my business is wasted for lack of profit.

      Moral of the story (Maarten Maartensz)

Wat gij niet wilt dat u geschiedt
Doe dat een ander en geniet:
Want een ander zijn pijn
Kan alllicht uw vermaak of voordeel zijn.
What you do not want to be done to
Do unto others to your heart's content
For another's pain and misery
May serve your amusement or profitable end.

If you had access to Dutch TV today, it is very likely that you will have seen several of the mayors and aldermen who protect the Dutch mafia cry in public, or just barely repress it, because their hearts run over with feelings of solidarity and empathy with those who suffered in World War II.

Meanwhile, they helped trade 1000 billion dollars of illegal drugs in the last
forty years, as explained in the text and quoting from a Dutch Parliamentary Report, that never got discussed, used, or continued after its main author "got a lethal accident" or (vastly more probable) was killed by his own Party members he had been tracking too closely.

The Netherlands: The Narko-Nazi state of Europe, thanks to Narko-Nazis of Dutch Labour,
a Dutch terrorist organization serving the mafia for over forty years now, for money.

If you read Dutch, you can read my story in
ME in Amsterdam. Dutchmen never react, Dutch journalists never react, Dutch parliamentarians never react, Amsterdam council members never react. All have been asked and mailed; some have been phoned:  Nobody in Holland wants to lift a finger for me, for maintainibg the Dutch law, or against the Dutch mafia party that calls itself Dutch Labour, and all Dutchmen pretend the mayors and aldermen are excellent great humanists, who always do the best they
can, and who are completely incorruptible.

I think that if they just asked a percentage, they have billions, and I also can't see why
or how the (great-)grandsons of war criminals can find the force or decency inside themselves to avoid taking percentages from the mafia for protection, if they for over two decades refuse to answer, receive or talk with me, while studiously avoiding all this years of doing anything whatsoever, except (i) minimize my dole (ii) discriminate me for decades while (iii) only replying me twice in letters of one sentence, that declare that "I will not take up this subject, yours, mayor Patijn / mayor Cohen." (**)


(*) Conny Kristel's excellent Ph.D. thesis (in Dutch)

Geschiedschrijving als opdracht
     - Abel Herzberg, Jacques Presser en Lou de Jong over de jodenvervolgingen.

treats the problems of writing honestly in Holland about WW II.
This seems to be rarely if ever done especially when writing about the
collaborating rich Jewish families who survived WW II by collaborating
with the Nazis to arrest and transport the poor Jews.

Over 1 % of the Dutch population was gassed. Nobody was punished, ever:
Not the rich Jews who collaborated (they didn't even have to appear in court);
not the judges - all Dutch judges collaborated, except one, who was Jewish -
not the mayors, who nearly all collaborated; not the Dutch policemen, who
nearly all collaborated. Also, the few survivors of Auschwitz and such found
their houses and possessions "appropriated" by "aryan" Dutchmen, who
refused to return any of it, nearly all. 

You can find out more about the holocaust in "The Holocaust Encyclopedia"
Ed. Walter Laqueur, that treats the murder on the Dutch Jews a lot more
honest than the Dutch historians do and did.

You find my own background explained here, with the testimony of my father
who survived nearly 4 years of German concentration-camps as a condemned
(by Dutch judges, who were never punished, and could judge on) "political

My mother helped protect Jewish children in hiding in 1944, in the district
the later mayor of Amsterdam Ed van Thijn was hidden as a boy of 8.

I survived four years of terror above the drugs dealers, in soft drugs, hard
drugs, and murder threats and violence against me
, but since I was ill
already with ME/CFS my health got very much worse and never improved

Also, I was removed from the University of Amsterdam for publicly insisting
that the education I and all students received was bad and politicized and for
insisting that truth does exist and that not everybody is equivalent

I agree that I myself meanwhile can't see any relevant difference between
Eichmann and Van Thijn, morally speaking, except that the former seems
to have been an idealist of some kind, while the latter is a careerist.

This happened over 20 years ago - during which time: No Amsterdam mayor,
no Amsterdam alderman, no Amsterdam district attorney, no Amsterdam
policeman, no Amsterdam Ombudsman, no National Ombudsman and so on
replied to my letters and mails, while all refused to receive me, and refused
to speak with me on the phone.

They simply denied that it happened, and would have denied any illegal drugs
are sold in Amsterdam if there were no foreign journalists to contradict it.

Also, no Dutch journalist wanted to receive me or talk to me, mostly because
most are party-members of Dutch Labour or friends with aldermen and mayors:
There is no real free press in Holland, for all journalists have been bought, or
else get dismissed. (There are exceptions, but with very little influence, and
they are mostly termed insane, or rabblerousers, or loosers.)

The serious risk I run, since all that time, in which the drugsdealers who
threatened and gassed me flourished, as did and does their business to
this day, is that I disappear forever, in which case I will have been murdered
God knows how. (That's a major reason for my site: It has been said; I am
being read; it's difficult to make what I wrote disappear, even if I can be
killed easily in Amsterdam, where there are many drugs-related murders that
never get solved and rarely get seriously investigated.)

Finally: Apart from me, no Dutchman cares, or if some do, as is the case,
it is to rejoice about the quality, price and easy availability of drugs.
The reason I care is that it  totally destroyed my health, caused me
continuous pain since 1989, completely destroyed all my chances,
while I have been told all these years that the men who did it are
the best Dutchmen who ever existed, great humanists and
great moralists also because they know how to cry in front of cameras, and
that they do everything, as they always insist themselves "in the name of the
February Strike
" that my father and grandfather helped co-organize and were
arrested for, tortured for, and condemned to German concentration-camps
quite possibly by the grandparents of the same Amsterdam judges who
refused to receive me or reply to me or speak with on the phone or receive
me in their office or house.

O, and at least 5 lawyers have refused to do anything for me - in spite of the
Dutch laws, that forbid dealing in illegal drugs, forbid threatening people with
murder, and forbid gassing people, and in spite of there being direct evidence
for everything I claim, that should be easily enough to convict tens of Amsterdam
mayors, aldermen and leading drugscorrupt bureaucrats to years of prison.

Their reason? "I can't do anything for you, for this is far too political". And
thus the Dutch have flushed their own laws through the toilet: They prefer
to believe the lies of evidently criminal mayors and alderman, and don't
care shit about the dealing of illegal drugs, protected by the mayors,
aldermen and police, as long as the drugs are cheap and work.

Incidentally: No Dutch citizen is allowed to buy or carry fire arms; permits are
difficult to get - unless your slightly or very insane, 19 years old, and have
friends in the police, or you are a drugs criminal, and then you can get anything
money can buy, and anyway you are personal friends with some Dutch mayor,
aldermen, judges and/or lawyers anyway, who all will do anything for money,
except maintaining the laws they are paid for legally to maintain.

"So it goes."

(**) Resp. in 1997 and 2009. I do not believe Patijn's father or grandfather
or greatgrandfather collaborated with the SS. But then he was a member
of Dutch Labour, which is a collection of Yagodas, Yezhovs and Berias -
and who can't deny this because they all have insisted for over 40 years
that "all men" - you, Einstein, me, Eichmann - "are equivalent", that
is to say "of equal value" (Dutch: "gelijkwaardig") and that whoever denies
that in Holland (till Wilders arose) is "a fascist" and "a terrorist".

Everything ME in Amsterdam has been submitted to the mayors, aldermen
and members of the city council tens of times since 1988, when I was
gassed, after having been threatened repeatedly with murder, by mayor
Van Thijn's personally approved drugs dealers, who were arrested with
several kilograms of heroine and cocaine in 1991, without my being allowed
to file any complaint by the Amsterdam drugscorrupt municipal police, quite
possibly the fathers or grandfathers of the Nazi-collaborating Amsterdam
municipal police who arrested my father and grandfather in June 1941 to
deliver them to torturers of the SS.

Everything ME in Amsterdam has been on line since 1997-2003 at the
latest. No Dutch politician, alderman, mayor, policeman, judge, journalist
care one whit: I have been systematically ignored while the bureaucratic
henchmen of narco-mayors and narco-aldermen did their best to drive me
to suicide by systematically denying any and all help, in spite of having
been diagnosed with a serious neurological disease.

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.

-- May 5, 2012: There are some general remarks in the NL of May 5.
-- May 7, 2012: Some more links and some more small corrections.
I also added the last two paragraphs to the last note to educate all
non-Dutch about the unique Dutch moral norms, and the real respect
Dutchmen have for norms and values, or the few Dutchmen who have
moral or physical courage.


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