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  Apr 30, 2012                  

me+ME: Some videos (singing atheists etc.)

I am around, but I am taking it easy. As often, it would seem as if I have made an effort for nothing: Downloads fell rather than rose.

Actually I don't particularly care how much I am read: I am trying to do the right thing, and not trying to be popular with the masses - and yes: This is one of those either/or choices.

Also, I am writing for people who are not cursed with average intelligence or average morality - but see below for some video-glosses.

And meanwhile, I made the effort and am slowly recuperating from it, and have for today a few video-links of things I found interesting. The links are in the titles of the sections:

1. Trailer for Voices from the Shadows

This is what it says: The trailer for a movie about ME/CFS with that title, that was made by Josh Biggs and Natalie Boulton, that won a price at a film festival, and now is available on CD.

I have only seen the trailer (and rarely watch whole movies because they tend to bore me) but that looks good and also supports my contention that the psychiatric approach to ME/CFS is little better than conscious and deliberate sadism - and no: I can't make that judgment more kind without lying.

2. Little Boxes

This is a song that is this year 50 years old, that was written in 1962 by a woman born in 1900, named
Malvina Reynolds, that still works and still is - artistically - true of the vast majority, alas. (Consolation (?): It's mostly native intelligence ).

You can find out more about Malvina by way of the last link, where you also find the text, so you can sing along.

Here is more singing, this time by lots of people:

3. Singing atheists

This is a record of a meeting of Australian atheists who were targeted by a group of muslims who wanted them to know that they and their leaders, will burn in hell.

The kind and tolerant Muslims meant the Mohammedan hell, not the one of the Catholics or the Calvinists: For the second group, its faithful will assure you, that the first and third groups will burn, infinitely long also, while the faithful gloat ecstatically:

    "That the saints may enjoy their beatitude and the grace of God             more abundantly they are permitted to see the punishment of the         damned in hell."
       (St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica)

Then again, the faithful of the third group look forward to another kind of eternal heavenly bliss, namely the eternal roasting of the first and second groups of faithful religious believers:

      "The sight of hell's torments will exalt the happiness of the saints    

       (Jonathan Edwards)

Anyway... the atheists sing nicely, in their as yet unroasted state.

Why do people believe these things?! Here is an answer - sort of:

4. The basic human problem

This is an item from The Young Turks (TYT), that details that (it seems that) at present - 2012 AD - of all adults in the US

      19% believe in "spells or witchcraft"
        34% believe in ghosts
        23% have actually seen a ghost

The TYT-item contains more information on the present blossoming of democracy in the US, where Real Soon Now "corporations are people, my friend", and therefore will be allowed to give billions to politicians they like - which I leave uncommented, and for your consideration.

Here and now I just want to quote again a statistic I first quoted in April 1989, in print, in "I want to be read":

"The scientific world view is very rare. My guess is that at least 99% of all currently living human adults have a non-scientific world view and way of thinking. Most people probably base their lives on religion and/or magic. (..) let me amuse the reader by mentioning some results a Gallup investigation conducted in the U.S. in 1978 produced. According to it, 57% of all Americans believe in ufos, 54% in angels, 51% in ESP, 39% in devils, 37% in precognition, 29% in astrology, 24% in clairvoyance, and (only!) 11% in ghosts." (pag. 226 van R. Tuomela, "Science, Action, and Reality", D. Reidel Pub. Comp. 1985, ISBN 90-277-2098-3.)

In 34 years of human progress in the US, three times as much of the new generations of US citizens believe in ghosts as 34 years ago, or so it follows if the statistics are correct.

So let me provide you - also in view of item 3 - with an antidote

5. Religion is bullshit

The link is to 10 minutes of monologue of George Carlin. But then again, as human beings go - section 4 - chances are that you believe you know he is and ought to be burning.


Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.
-- May 1, 2012:
Made some corrections in and added some links


As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

1.  Anthony Komaroff Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)
3.  Hillary Johnson The Why
4.  Consensus of M.D.s Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5.  Eleanor Stein Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)
6.  William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7.  Paul Lutus Psychology a Science?
8.  Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)
 Maarten Maartensz
ME in Amsterdam - surviving in Amsterdam with ME (Dutch)
 Maarten Maartensz Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Short descriptions of the above:                

1. Ten reasons why ME/CFS is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understa, but nds ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:

7. A space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.
9. I tell my story of surviving (so far) in Amsterdam/ with ME.
10. The directory on my site about ME.

See also: ME -Documentation and ME - Resources
The last has many files, all on my site to keep them accessible.

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