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Jan 6, 2012               

GW: Against discrimation, racial and otherwise


There's rather a lot to mention about the Nederlog of two days ago

    - Is the American Psychiatric Association a terrorist organization?

which I will do later, while for the time being I refer you to Suzy Chapman's fine site that the APA tried to strangle

   - Dx Revision Watch (was: dsm5watch)

where you find quite a few interesting and heartening reactions to that attempt, that I plan to say a little more about later in Nederlog.

For now, another item in my GW series in Nederlog, following up on my update of Bob Dylan's

    - The times they are a'changin' - 1964/2012

It is a quotation of a quotation I found in Hazlitt's essay "On Reason and Imagination", that was reprinted last (I think) in Penguin's series "Great Ideas". It was first published in Hazlitt's collection of essays "The Plain Speaker".

Hazlitt gave it as

 "an example of eloquent moral reasoning (..) which was not the less profound because it was produced by a burst of strong and momentary feeling. It is what follows: -"

"The name of a person having been mentioned in the presence of Naimbanna (a young African chieftain), who was understood by him to have publicly asserted something very degrading to the general character of Africans, he broke out into violent and vindictive language. He was immediately reminded of the Christian duty of forgiving his enemies, upon which he answered nearly in the following words: - "If a man should rob me of my money, I can forgive him; if a man should shoot at me, or try to stab me, I can forgive him; if a man should sell me and my family to a slave-ship, so that we should pass all the rest of our days in slavery in the West Indies, I can forgive him, but" (added he, rising from his seat with much emotion) "if a man takes away the character of the people of my country, I never can forgive him."

Being asked why he would not extend his forgiveness to those who took away the character of the people of his country, he answered:

"If a man should try to kill me, or should sell me and my family for slaves, he would do an injury to as many as he might kill or sell; but if anyone takes away the character of Black people, that man injures Black people all over the world; and when he has once taken away their character, there is nothing he may not do to Black people ever after. That man, for instance, will beat Black men, and say, Oh, it is only a Black man, why should I not beat him? That man will make slaves of Black people; for, when he has taken away their character, he will say, Oh, they are only Black people, why should I not make them slaves? That man will take away all the people of Africa if he can catch them; and if you ask him, But why do you take all these people? he will say, Oh! they are only Black people - they are not like White people - why should I not take them? That is the reason why I cannot forgive the man who takes away the character of the people of my country."'-Memoirs of Granville Sharpe. (*)

This - incidentally - is also my own feeling, not only about racial discrimination, but about the discrimination, defamation, and character assassination that Simon Wessely, Peter White, Michael Sharpe and their ilk have been trying to smear ill people (with ME/CFS) with - a technique which also is now part, parcel and essence of the APA's sick DSM-5.

And since a sick person like Simon Wessely may try to remind his audience that he is from Jewish descent, and his father survived the concentration-camp Treblinka - for he has publicly done so, which is why I know this - let me add that this makes his slander, defamation, discrimination and character-assassination of millions of genuinely ill people like myself all the more sickening for me, since my father and grandfather were arrested in 1941 for being co-organizers of the February-Strike, that was a protest against the razzias on the Jews in 1941, under Nazi-occupation, and were convicted to concentration-camp imprisonment, where my grandfather was murdered. (**)

(*) I took this as it appears in "On The Pleasure Of Hating", which is both the name of an essay by Hazlitt that the reader can find on my site under the link, and the title of a small collection of six of Hazlitt's essays, reprinted in 2004 in the Penguin series called Great Ideas. My quotation of Hazlitt's quotation is found on pages 91-92 in that booklet.

Incidentally, Granville Sharpe was a very interesting and able man, as the link to the Wikipedia article on him well shows.

(**) In fact, since Simon Wessely has this background, about which I know rather a lot - the problems of survivors of camps, that is - I would not at all be amazed if this sick shrink is trying to "solve" - Vergangenheitsbewältigung - his own family's problems due to discrimination, namely by creating problems for others by discriminating them. Also, having raised this point (I am quite able to support in court, if asked or pressed) let me also that I have probably known more "Jewish bolshevists", as the Nazis styled them, than Mr Wessely/Weisel, and that it so happens that I am a circumcised atheist, who strongly objects being discriminated for being ill, for the 34th year in succession, with a disease that medical science has not unriddled yet, and who on that ground, like millions of others with the same disease, is being abused by Mr Wessely as owing my problems to my - Wessely claims - "dysfunctional beliefs" (which did not stop me, while being ill, of getting an excellent M.A. in psychology, but which did stop me from making money with that, and condemned me to a poor men's life with minimal dole, without any disability benefits, because Wessely and his ilk claim people with my disease should not be entitled to help, because this would strengthen my and their "dysfunctional beliefs").

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later. 


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