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Jan 3, 2012               

Crisis: Exit US-Constitution?!

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1. Exit US-Constitution?!
2. Crisis

1. Exit US-Constitution?!

On New Year's Eve President Obama signed away considerable parts of the US Constitution, by signing into law decrees that allow the indefinite detention of persons, including US citizens accused of "terrorism", without trial and without appearing in an open court.

Here are first an item from a blog by Ed Brayton, followed by two videos by respectively Cenk Uygur and Rachel Maddow lifted from the comments section in the first item.

- Obama's meaningless signing statement (Freethought Blog)
- Cenk Uygur on Current TV
- Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

To me, it seems and sounds very much like state terrorism, now signed into US law. I wrote about this kind of development in Dutch in 2005:

- Staatsterrorisme
- Over terrorisme

and in English last month here, in fact copied from my notes to Mill's Chapter II of his On Liberty

- A note on terrorism

Meanwhile, the Western economy also seems to have gone into "double dip".

And about the only things that have been done by Western governments to tame the crisis since 2008 seems to have been to increase the wealth of the rich and the power of the executives of government.

We live in interesting frightening times.

Here is a bit I wrote on August 5 last:

2. Crisis

I started the Crisis-series (this is a link, in Dutch, and most I wrote on this is in Dutch) nearly three years ago. We're three years further and yesterday the stockmarket plummeted downwards again, while most that has happened the last three years seems to have involved (i) making the bankmanagers and rich even richer (ii) make the middle class and poor pay the debts they made, and while doing this "to save the economy" destroy the welfare state, medicare and social security.

Also, the problems now are much larger than they were in 2008:

- There is no money for another rescue operations if the stockmarket crashes again
- The US economy is a lot weaker than in 2008, and the dollar is a lot less strong
- In Europe, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Ireland - at least - are in very serious problems
- Those in charge, whether politicians, bankmanagers or state bureaucrats are mostly corrupt or incompetent (it tends to be the worst rather than the best who want to be politicians or bureaucrats, both in - nominal - democracies and in other political systems: The really competent run their own firms or are academics or artists).

Since I fear the last point is the root of the problem, I ended Quotations today with a favourite of mine of Hazlitt:

If mankind had wished for what is right, they might have had it long ago. The theory is plain enough; but they are prone to mischief, 'to every good work reprobate.'
   -- Hazlitt

For reasons why I think so, and some background on humanity and its politics and politicians and their very willing servants and executioners, the bureaucrats see e.g. here

- T.H. White : On the talking and acting of ordinary people
- Estienne de la Boétie : Discourse on voluntary servitude
- Politics - introductory texts
- Hazlitt : On corporate bodies
- Democracy plan
- Bureaucracy plan

The last two require a social revolution, I'm afraid, but then I'm afraid the current leaderships and current bureaucracies are incompetent, dishonest, and only there for their own benefit, covered and motivated by human-all-too-human weaknesses Hazlitt saw and phrased so well:

Corporate bodies are more corrupt and profligate than individuals, because they have more power to do mischief, and are less amenable to disgrace or punishment. They feel neither shame, remorse, gratitude, nor goodwill. The principle of private or natural conscience is extinguished in each individual (we have no moral sense in the breasts of others), and nothing is considered but how the united efforts of the whole (released from idle scruples) may be best directed to the obtaining of political advantages and privileges to be shared as common spoil. Each member reaps the benefit, and lays the blame, if there is any, upon the rest. The esprit de corps becomes the ruling passion of every corporate body, compared with which the motives of delicacy or decorum towards others are looked upon as being both impertinent and improper.

   -- Hazlitt On corporate bodies

Then again, if the majority of the stupid or egoistic have the democratic right to elect the corrupt, the incompetent, the lying, the careerists, the bullshitters, the impostors, in brief: mostly the worst rather than the best of society to rule society, what one can expect is a major mess and much misery, just like in the 20th Century, but - I fear - rather a lot worse: More people, more and better weapons, better technology to repress, fewer natural resources ... if things go wrong and spiral out of control, they will go wrong on a major scale, and probably will remain so for a long time.

And if Western society collapses, mostly because of the incompetence of its leaders, the folks in the US are a lot better of than in Europe: In the US, citizens can buy weapons, and need not be the slaves of incompetent governors; in Europe, the complete citizenship in nearly all countries is the effective slave (subservient, defenseless, gun fodder) of the bureacrats (military, police, secret service) who work for the leaders of the state.

For more on these lines, see

On "The Logic of Moral Discourse" - Chapter 11

But we shall see. (For those who desire optimism or good cheer: it would surely help to see or have seen any honest and intelligent and competent politician or bureaucrat, these last 40 years, but I was not thus blessed.)

See also these Nederlogs of last August:

- Crisis: "Yes, we can!"
- Crisis: "What happened to Obama?"
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