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On September 9 2012, because I have serious problems with my eyes, and this is about the only format I can write with on a computer I made things black. See: 

The link to the main site is above. It is the same as was, but I can't do much with it with such eyes as I have now, in the format it is in. The link to the index for Nederlog up to September is 2012 Index till september.  and also by way of
Previous. (Only the adfix differs: They are both named "NL12" with this one being "html" and the earlier "htm".)

September 2012

Sep   9: Introduction
Sep   9: From the Notebooks of MM
Sep 11: On my eyes | The Nuremberg Interviews
Sep 12: M.E.+my eyes | Stem wijzer
Sep 14:
B12-protocol | Psychologist with M.E. | Statistics and medicine
Sep 15: My eyes | Black Book in NL | Schopenhauer against the scribblers
Sep 16: My eyes, M.E. and internet | Dr Thomas Szasz died
Sep 17: DSM-5 & psychiatry | Ubuntu | eye problems | Carlin and voting
Sep 18: XMRV is dead | Tuller in NYT | What is the yield?
Sep 20:
me+ME: Lipkin and Racaniello talk | George Carlin talks | My eyes and M.E.
Sep 22: me+ME: Excellent article  by Sonia Poulton| ERV | Maartensz | The sadism link | My eyes and M.E
Sep 26: me+ME: Rich van Konynenburg dies| Two excellent books about philosophy | My eyes and M.E.
Sep 30: me +ME: Corrupt Dutch Supreme Court| More about Rich vanKonynenburg| My eyes and M.E.

October 2012

Oct  2: me+ME: Nederlog| Norbert Wiener and dr. Strangelove| My eyes and M.E.
Oct  4me+ME: Ending Nederlog| Last words - Laatste woorden| My eyes and M.E.
Oct  5: me+ME: New ICC primer for doctors| XMRV controversy| M.E. and my eyes
Oct  8: me+ME: Last Nederlog | Continuation in NOTEBOOK|NOTITIEBOEK

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