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Dec 26, 2011               

me+ME: The horror of the anonymous Bobbian freaks


Abbie Smith had better get her parents to cough up money for her oncoming legal woes. A grad student from some bogus Kansas university can damage the reputation and career of a world renowned researcher? WHO was Abbie Smith's so-called "source"? Since Smith is not a journalist she should be required to tell her source.
Good luck finding a job if you do complete your degree.
-- Sharon Stapleton (*)


1. Introduction
2. The Bobbian horror
3. Horror prevention

I get nauseated by anonymous terrorists operating on forums, and do a bit of public vomiting.

1. Introduction

There still is extra-ordinarily little discussion by patients on English-language ME/CFS-forums, at least those that I have access to and looked at, and as regards the case of dr. Mikovits.

This is odd in view of such statements as the opening one by Sharon Stapleton, who spoke there for many patients that I've read, though not for me. The quoted statement can be found in the comments to Ewen Calloway's article in Nature:

- Integrity issue follows fired researcher

At the same place, the interested reader finds long diatribes by sociology lecturer Angela Kennedy and by dr. Mikovits's lawyer Lois Hart (once repeated), who both show they are not real scientists, at all.

2. The Bobbian horror

Again, the silence of most patients with ME/CFS on the Phoenix Rising and on Peoplewithme forums is somewhat understandable: Anyone who is a member of the first risks being privately mailed by  Bob the Sick Respect Rat, in the following Dunning-Kruger manner, as I saw on a Belgian site, for imbeciles like Bob believe they are qualified in everything - retrovirology, science, methodology, law, morals, philosophy ... Sicko Bob insists on making his sick presence felt:

Bob December 18, 2011 at 9:19 pm
Hi Johan,

May I suggest that you change some of your wording to avoid confusion and legal action against you?

People are innocent until proved guilty.

Therefore you should not be stating that Judy Mikovits’ has committed a “crime”, but only refer to an “alleged crime”.

Your current wording accuses Judy Mikovits of a crime about which you probably do not know the full and correct details. And in any case, you, yourself cannot determine if someone has committed a crime – only a court can do that.

Your current wording is libellous.

I urge you to change your wording immediately.

Sicko dimwit Bob, an anonymous verbal terrorist full of issues he lacks the wit to see and the courage to face [sorry Bob: I do have the degrees: IMdegreedO you are not sane and should urgently go see a shrink: you are a positive danger to any "community of patients" that accepts the likes and opinions of an undereducated sick bully and total dumbo like you are, to speak for them]; who also must believe that Stalin, Hitler, Himmler, Mengele, Mao, Pol Pot,  and Moammar Khaddafi are all totally innocent of any crimes whatsoever; who maintains that only judges and Bobs may discuss matters of morality; who should maintain in logical consistency that one should not be allowed to discuss unjudged dictators or mass-murders without him censoring one; who does that in the dulcet and hypocritical moral tones of a SM pedophile  archbishop; and who seems to have been playing this for him most delicious SM censoring game backstairs of Phoenix Rising, for a long time now; who does it wholly anonymously like a coward, and who is being protected by moderators as if he is one of them - which gives me occasion to kindly suggest that his quality of immoral nitwit be removed to some other forum, more fit for an imbecile bully like he is, who also has helped to make the reputation of people with ME much worse, as being himself an obviously nutty verbal terrorist who stops at no hypocrisy, who recognizes no idiocy, and who stoops at no lie and at no pretense so as to prevail over anyone who is rational and reasonable, and not willing to be imposed on by his stupid and uneducated kind.

He is the V99 of Phoenix Rising, but he is more of a hypocrite, if as much of an incompetent, and is equally stupid and equally dishonest, since he is publicly but anonymously touting more of a hardly sane and false claim of his own personal understanding and knowledge of science, which for someome of his very poor gifts - as pure a case of Dunning-Kruger as can be observed, outside asylums - is simply as logically impossible as is teaching algebra to an ass: their brains are not fit for it.

It is because of anonymous "people with ME/CFS" like these two utter nitwits, who may as well be Wessely's graduate students as they may be proverbially mad as hatters themselves - who knows them? who has ever met them? who can know totally anonymous verbal terrorists of their anonymous kind, other than by expensive legal means? - and who are clearly having the time of their lives imposing on others with false authority and with sick claims that their type of immoral idiots deserve "respect", and it is also because I do not like to be played for a sucker by trolls and frauds, that I will continue to be interested in the case of dr. Mikovits, and her personal knight Bob the Bully of Phoenix Rising - which incidentally is a case that meanwhile has collapsed scientifically, and that also does not smell nicely, morally and legally speaking, of which more below, after providing some backgrounds.

And yes: I am sorry - to have to spend so much time and energy on bullies, but that is because owners and moderators of forums refuse to do so - or enjoy bullies, of course: I am just articulating one of the lessons that can be drawn from the XMRV-fiasco: Do NOT allow anonymous and stupid bullies without any scientific degrees, intellectual talents or any evident morality to dictate what patients forums are like.

It are just two to five major assholes like Bob and V99 that make it impossible for anyone to try to start and follow up any rational scientifically informed discussion on any English-language forum these rotters and nutters are present.

3. Horror prevention

How to get rid of Bobs? Well, to start with: Require all anonymous bullshitters to state their education, diplomas, degrees, grade point averages and age, so that other knowledgeable folks can at least test whether they are for real or just bogus Google-Ph-Ds - instead of forcing others to be polite and respectful to assholes, liars, frauds or trolls, who can lie themselves blue in the face that they know science, in "a community" where the democratic majority does not know science, and feels easily cowed by bullies and nutters like Bob and V99.

And let me also say that I find it pretty sickening that someone like Cort Johnson, the owner of Phoenix Forums, presumably not anonymous and no alias, admits and protects this manner of bullying bastards like Bob. I must assume he rather has lying ignorant nitwits like Bob speaking for patients and their interests rather than degreed psychologists and philosophers like me, or some quite intelligent other persons that have fled from Phoenix Rising because of its overdose of Bobs and Bobbians.

It is the world turned upside down: The idiots and assholes pleading, in the name of The Scientific Method they only know from brief brainfogged visits to Wikipedia, for bullshit and bogosity, that one as a patient with the relevant degrees must tolerate because the stinking asshole starts to insist on respect for his moronic bullying anonymous persona and written utter bullshit, and may get a number of similar dumboes with him, because they are dumboes, who love to be publicly flattered, even it is by an anonymous nutter of Bobbean gifts.

This set-up is against my personal interests, and it is against the real interest of anybody who insists that real science and real scientists must make the difference for ME/CFS, since it makes liars, bullies and idiots like Bob dictate what Phoenix Rising publishes, and which manner of persons write there: The ignorant bullies, who being anonymous may be anything but ill, but who are protected by owners and moderators because they PRETEND to be respectful, whereas in fact they are anonymous assholes who help Wessely hunt qualified persons from Phoenix Rising and other forums for patients where the Bobbian type of nitwit asshole flourishes, in the full glory and with all verbal terrorist privileges of anonymous stupidity, protected and admired by his intellectual and moral likes, and/or trolls from King's College.

In any case: As long as anonymous mental horror shows like Bob and Bobbians are protected and respected on forums: Forget about intelligent discussion; forget about academically qualified persons stating their honest opinion; forget about free open and fair discussion:

The nitwits have taken over and will vomit over any sensible informed discussion in the name of respect for nitwits and their illusions, and will drown and suffocate anyone more intelligent, more honest, more educated, and more rational than they are, simply because there are sick nitwits who love to revenge themselves for their lack of abilities on the minority that is not cognitively challenged, and who can do so because on anonymous forums any asshole can say almost anything while pretending respect, while because no one knows who they really are, or how to find them, they can keep up this game of moronifying and destroying all rational discussion forever.

(*) I don't know whether Ms Stapleton is an alias. But let me remark that Abbie Smith is not a student at a Kansas university; Judy Mikovits is not a world renowned researcher; Abbie Smith does not owe it to anyone to reveal her sources to the anonymous Bobs and V99s of the internet; and also that Abbie Smith did get an immediate job offer, in virology, on her own blog after this Stapletonesque threat.

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later. 
-- Dec 27, 2011: I have split the original Nederlog of Dec 26 into
two parts, and made a few other changes, mostly to make a clean
break between satire and exposition.


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