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Dec 21, 2011               

me+ME: More on St. Judy

More on St. Judy - and it's getting to be or indeed already is for quite a while real life:

- Theatre of the absurd (<- Wikipedia link)

The link is interesting, and if you never read any Ionesco, Dürrenmatt, Pinter, Stoppard, or Albee you should, because it's fun and it also clarifies human social behaviour and human beings to some extent.

But I'll try to document things again:

1. General backgrounds
2. Science reports
3. The cell-lines and St. Judy's dismissal from WPI
4. ERV is laughing loudly

1. General backgrounds

First, for general backgrounds, informed ideas and decent prose see

- ERV's blog

of which I'll quote a little below. It generally makes the most sense, since there are quite a few writing there who are quite well-informed about virology, ME/CFS, dr. Mikovits's antics, and real science, and some of the regulars also write quite well.

Then again, the True Believers among the patients seem to shy away or are being curtailed on the forums for people with ME/CFS that I can access, but still shine brightly, in their own dimwitted ways, on dr. Deckoff-Jones blog, in the comments section, anonymously of course:

- X Rx blog

Some general background to help make sense of much of this is here, and the last of the following items may amuse Life of Brian fans, besides showing that mankind, that defines itself as sapient, uses its intelligence to get things wrong most of the time, while blissfully and succsfully trying to be blind to all evidence to the contrary:

- Cognitive Dissonance
- When Prophecy Fails
- Pseudoscience

- Unfulfilled religious predictions

2. Science reports

Second, Science also has a brief article on it, by Jon Cohen, dated yesterday:

        - Civil Court Rules Against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Researcher

It contains some information I didn't know yet. Here are some quotations, with a few comment by me. I quote by indentation:

Mikovits (..) appears to have frustrated a Nevada judge, who asserted that she had "flouted" his order to return the disputed property to the complainant (..)

The judge had good reasons to be irritated, given that he ordered the sainted dr. Mikovits not to tamper with the materials she had "misappropriated" from the WPI:

But WPI filed an affidavit from a computer expert that said all the files had been recently deleted on the laptop. WPI attorney Ann Hall further asserts that Mikovits returned only 18 of the notebooks, withholding half a dozen more that include experiments done between 2006 and 2009.

Indeed, it seems as if the judge would have laughed St.-Judy-of-the-great-gift-and-good-intentions out of court if he had felt less disgruntled:

In essence, the judge's "default judgment" rejected Mikovits's replies to the complaint and upheld all of WPI's claims, which include breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets. "It is so surprising," Hall says of the judge "striking" Mikovits's reply, noting that that the judge emphasized that he had never taken this action in his 22 years on the bench. Typically, judges offer a point-by-point ruling on the merit of a defendant's answers to a compliant. Mikovits attended the hearing but did not testify.

As I noted before, I also cannot take a defense of the form "My client is a worrrrld-renowned scientist and doesn't know the law" serious. Nor can I take the following serious:

In court documents, Mikovits pled the Fifth Amendment, the right not to testify against yourself. Hall charges that the Fifth Amendment defense "was overly broad and kind of an abuse of the process."

To me it seems pretty ridiculous and quite inconsistent: If the dear doctor really meant so extra-ordinarily well, then why not use the occasion to explain publicly what is wrong with the WPI, why she felt entitled to take the lab books and lie about not having them, and why she saw removing materials from a laptop she was ordered by the court not to tamper with as justified?

What the removal of information on the laptop she did return strongly suggests, as does her not returning of several lab-books she was ordered to return also strongly suggest, is that she had the lab-books and lap-top(s) stolen because they contained information she did not want others to see (as I've argued from the beginning).

Ms. Ann Hall (also known from Woody Allen's movies, by name: I mentally see lobsters, when reading that name, but this is an aside for others with a good visual memory or with DVD-collections) is not optimistic:

Hall says it's unclear whether WPI will ever retrieve the property it seeks, and the civil case will now focus on damages. WPI has yet to tell the court the value of the property at issue, and no future court date has been set for the damages hearing.

One reason for Ms Hall's pessimism is that Mr. Pfost and Dr. Mikovits had the materials they "misappropriated" for 53 days to themselves, and only then returned them, and only in part, it now emerges, indeed after the sainted doctor spent four nights in jail to learn some law.

3. The cell-lines and St. Judy's dismissal from WPI

Third, I guessed correctly that the originally stated reasons for firing dr. Mikovits from the WPI were not quite the full reasons. Here is a quote from Phoenix Rising, that in turn quotes an article from the RGJ.com that I can't find now, but that sounds quite credible. My bolding:

And, despite news reports to the contrary, Mikovits was not fired because she refused to share her research cell lines with other WPI scientists, Whittemore and Lombardi said.

"In fact, those cell lines weren't shared," Lombardi said. "They belonged to me, and she took them."

Lombardi said he had asked Japanese researchers who had built a cell line to share it with him.

"When you publish research using a cell line you have developed, then you're kind of obligated to share it with anybody who wants to use it, and they said they would be happy to do that," he said.

Lombardi said the package with the cell line has his name on it, but it apparently was sent to Mikovits' laboratory.

"She took them and never told me they came. When I called FedEx to track them down, I found out that she had them. I asked her for them back, and she said 'no' when they weren't even hers. So I talked to Annette."

Whittemore said she confronted Mikovits, who refused to return the cell line to Lombardi, so she fired her for insubordination.

"And what she did interfered with (Lombardi's) ability to complete his study," Whittemore said.

So the sainted dr. Judy also tried to "misappropriate" cell lines sent and addressed to her then colleague dr. Lombardi. Then again, she really must be a saint - saints have often been derided by unbelievers: "Saints should always be judged guilty until they are proven innocent" (George Orwell) - and her very own Prophetess Patricia Carter once again explains everything:

However, Orlando, Fla., resident Patricia Carter has created an online petition in support of Mikovits that garnered about 380 signatures, which Carter said would be sent to the U.S. Senate and the Whittemore Peterson Institute. The petition calls for the institute to "treat Mikovits fairly," return to her any research material that was hers and refrain from taking any legal or other action that would "intentionally damage Dr. Judy Mikovits' reputation of credibility."

However, Whittemore said Mikovits had signed a contract stating that all research material belongs to the institute.

Ms. Carter once had a law degree and even seems to have been a professor in law (she has said), before arriving at here present state of living death (she said), so perhaps she should step forward and take over the sainted one's defense, and teach the law to incompetent U.S. judges: No wooorrrrld-renowned sainted scientist ought to be bothered by the law or the courts if said sainted scientist thinks it morally justified to organize burglary, to steal, to lie, to deceive and to refuse to follow courts' orders - it is the moral, legal and human duty of US judges, so Ms. Carter assures the world, by direct logical implication, to

 refrain from taking any legal or other action that would "intentionally damage Dr. Judy Mikovits' reputation of credibility."

Indeed, it also seems quite justified, then, if Ms Carter starts persecuting judge Adams for incompetence, for damaging the reputation of a sainted one, for causing her unease, and for causing her to pay legal fees: Never ever could a sainted one be fairly expected to realize that her own saintly and scientific credibility might get tainted by burglarizing, stealing, and lying.

4. ERV is laughing loudly

Fourth and finally for the moment (early afternoon in Amsterdam) here is some vintage ERV-blog, commenting on the sainted one's computer skills:


"... WPI filed an affidavit from a computer expert that said all the files had been recently deleted on the laptop..."


Well we obviously can't expect her to know how to wipe data properly if she's too naive and innocent to understand that the law says you can't steal, right?

Posted by: Poodle Stomper | December 20, 2011 5:54 PM


Well, I mean for fucks sake the dumbass faked her figures IN POWERPOINT. Dumbass could get hax0r skillz from my mother, honest to god, my mother could provide her with some useful computer 'pro-tips'.

I mean for FUCKS SAKE!


Posted by: ERV | December 20, 2011 5:57 PM

It doesn't seem unfair to me, and I guessed the same, also here, in more detail.

There may be more later today, but meanwhile this will do as a first update.


Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.


As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):
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Short descriptions of the above:                

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See also: ME -Documentation and ME - Resources
The last has many files, all on my site to keep them accessible.

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