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Dec 20, 2011               

Nature on Mikovits + The Scientist on the mouse scandal + Dutch "democracy"

This continues the previous Nederlog of today, in which I wrote

As I am writing this - afternoon Dutch time - I don't know of any media commenting, other than the above

which referred to the MyNews4.com in Nevada. As before, I shall assume the reader is familiar with the case of dr. Mikovits, and meanwhile, Nature has released another brief article by Ewen Callaway, dated today:

     - Institute claims victory in civil suit against Judy Mikovits

This also has some more information, and I quote:

In a statement, the WPI’s lawyer, Carli West Kinne of SNR Denton, said: “At yesterday’s civil hearing, the Honorable Brent Adams found that Dr. Mikovits’ degree of non-compliance with the court’s orders was willful and deliberate without justification. Consequently, the judge entered a default judgment in favor of Whittemore Peterson Institute and also awarded the Institute attorney’s fees. Most importantly to the Institute, today’s ruling requires immediate return of all misappropriated materials.”

As I read it, without the benefit of much relevant legal knowledge, but with good logical gifts, it seems that (1) Judge Adams dismissed the case of dr. Mikovits lawyer(s) as nonsense (you can't plead that "a world-renowned scientist" is ignorant of the law and should therefore be excused for breaking it) and (2) dr. Mikovits so far has not returned all she took from the WPI. The last point also is elucidated in the article, and I quote again:

The WPI recovered some of its material before the latest ruling, but a spokeswoman for SNR Deton [WPI's lawyers - MM], Audrey Young, says that Mikovits’s own laboratory notebooks have not been returned.

What is not clear to me is whether this is a computer-notebook or a notebook of some other kind; what seems clear to me is that the judge may in fact have been lenient, since not returning this may be construed as contempt of court, at least in my European understanding of the law.

The article in Nature also contains the links to and titles of six earlier articles Nature published about dr. Mikovits.

Another somewhat interesting article is in TheScientist - Magazine of the Life Sciences. It is by Tia Ghose, dated yesterday:

- Top Science Scandals of 2011

It has a subheading "Five New Scandals in 2011:" and then proceeds to list on first and second place Diederik Stapels case I wrote about in November and later, and Judy Mikovits. About the second case, Ghose writes

Mouse virus and chronic fatigue

The link between a mouse leukemia virus and chronic fatigue syndrome made waves when it was first announced in 2009. But after several labs failed to recreate the link, the paper, which was cited 200 times, was retracted. The story took a turn for the dramatic when Whittemore Peterson Institute director Judy Mikovits, who led the retracted 2009 study, refused to hand over key lab notebooks. She allegedly had an underling take the notebooks, then skipped town to California. She has been arrested on counts of felony theft,  jailed overnight, and is now awaiting trial.

This is not quite accurate: The paper has not yet been retracted, but has been partially retracted, namely in so far as the work of dr. Silverman and his group is concerned, and also it is not mentioned in the article that dr. Mikovits was fired and then had her assistant take the notebooks, nor is it mentioned that dr. Mikovits was freed on bail, after four nights in jail.

Then again, Tia Ghose may have only had so many words for an article, or may not have followed the case as closely as I have. There is an interesting quote of a comment to another article on scientific fraud to the right of the article (one of several: You may have to reload):

Considering the fact that Science is no more a curiosity driven field and it is driven by careerism, I wonder [if] what is caught is just the tip of the ice-berg!

This is a good point, if phrased too broadly: The universities in the West have been going down, indeed as the payments to grandees in universities went up as if they were bankmanagers, at least in the U.S., ever since postmodernism struck in the 1970ies and 1980ies, and indeed ever since the babyboom generation overflooded the universities, and standards have been much lowered in the names of "equality" and "democracy".

I wrote and published quite a lot about it, in fact since the late 1970ies, and have been removed from the University of Amsterdam because of "your publicly outspoken ideas", as its Board of Directors wrote me, as the only student removed for that reason since 1945 in Holland, and was also prevented taking the M.A. in philosophy (whence I was removed briefly before that) and the Ph.D. in psychology (I got no money for having my house cleaned, nor any assistance of any kind, in spite of being admitted to be an invalid by both the University and the Amsterdam Municipality since 1979).

See e.g. here for the demise of the Western universities, for that is what it is, a few faculties that require real talent (mathematics, physics, chemistry, computing) excepted

- On Searle's "The Storm Over The University" - 1
- Spiegeloog columns (Dutch and English, from 1988/9)
- 39 Questions about the qualities of education and
   government in the Netherlands

Indeed, foreigners who need to be disillusioned about Dutch tolerance (in fact, for the most part: moral indifference) and freedom (in fact, for the most part: Dutch tolerance) should know I have been thrown from the University of Amsterdam for publicly stating ideas as in the columns linked and very specifically for asking the 39 Questions as an invited speaker, who also was a student. Finally, in the past 23 years since this happened my letters and mails have systematically not been answered by both the University and the City of Amsterdam (both led, it seems eternally, by corrupt Dutch Labour grandees), while no Dutch lawyer wanted to plead my case when this could have been done (for fear of offending the very powerful corrupt Dutch Labour grandees: "This is too political for me to do", several lawyers told me, always with a smile, as if that is a matter of course where the rights of Dutch citizens who are not Dutch Labour grandess are concerned), while now it probably is legally too late, and anyway I would have to pay a lawyer per hour what I receive per month to live on, buy clothes from, eat with, buy most medicines with, etc. This also illustrates the Dutch "equality" and "equivalence" the Dutch have been so proud of the last 50 years.

Finally, for foreigners who may doubt this: What's on my site, both in English and Dutch, is slander and defamation if false, and several great scandals if true. It's veracity has not been contested by anyone, ever, but most Dutchmen basically don't care for intelligent individuals who speak the truth, and have been mistreating them ever since Erasmus, Spinoza and Multatuli.

"So it goes."


Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.


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