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me+ME: Dr. Mikovits arrested


And here is a follow-up on the following items:

    - WPI vs Mikovits in court (Nederlog Nov 15)
    - A Bitter Divorce   (Osler's Web)
Hillary Johnson on Whittemore vs Mikovits (Nederlog Nov 17)

The follow up is from today's Osler's Web (and I copied the title, including the date mistake):

     Judy Mikovits Arrested in Ventura County on November 18, 2010

Since it is around 11 in the morning in Amsterdam, where I write this, it'll probably be night in the US, and there is not much clarity about the whys and wherefores.

Here is a link to the beginning of a thread on Phoenix Rising that presently has most information (and again I copy others' mistakes faithfully):

The most likely explanation I can think of is contempt of court, namely if the injunction dr. Mikovits got on November 7 included an order not to leave Nevada, which she did do, and possibly also in view of the damages the WPI claim, that may be considerable.

Then again little is known for certain right now, and I am most definitely guessing.

What I am not guessing about are two related points:

(1) It has gotten ugly and will very probably get uglier.
(2) Very few if any patients have any certain sure knowledge of much of
     the relevant information about court cases, costs and damages
     claimed, or the value and extent of the things that are said to have
     disappeared at the WPI.

I suppose also there may be more news later in the day, but since the day is a Saturday, and since few  if any patients have any reliable and provable relevant knowledge, what is to be read on patients' forums very well may be mostly emotion and speculation, and some may very well be rather crazy, or at least sound like it:

Some of the anonymous patients or "patients" published musings on forums are plain hysteria or insanity, if indeed not very sick trolling, such as e.g. the following piece from an anonymous Santi who, like many others who (re-)appear on Phoenix Rising, seems to return from Patricia Carter's forum, that seems to be - deservedly - in a messy state, namely to spread their ravings and bullshit wherever they can:

        Phoenix Rising thread: Judy Mikovits has been arrested

I am concerned for Dr. Mikovits' life. The Whittemores have now demonstrated that no action is beyond them. I hope everyone will let the Whittemores know that we are watching and if any harm whatsoever comes to Dr. Mikovits, we will blame the Whittemores.

I said it had gotten ugly. And indeed, this is scarcely sane - that is, if it is not written with sadistic glee, or for money. Then again, it may be the mere ravings of a sick nitwit, who believes himself or herself to be able to say anything under an alias on a site of someone else.

Anyway... more later in the day, I suppose, though I do not plan on documenting many more anonymous insanities, idiocies or trollings.

P.S. Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.

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Short descriptions of the above:                

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