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Aug 14, 2011           
"O for a muse of fire!"

Actually, for better or for worse, I suppose I have such a muse - but for the moment I will silence her, and not speak openly of freaks, degenerates and sadists, nor of liars, deceivers, or  frauds who, appealing to the rabble, seek even to forbid one may do as little as honestly name their sick sinful sadistic souls and deeds, and the devious lies they sow to prosper with themselves, and destroy others by.

Instead, I give some links to interesting videos. I hope they, or some of them, are to your liking:

First, the Simon Wessely of religion, who is the Peter Popoff of psychiatry - and I repeat, speaking myself as son and grandson of communist heroes of the Dutch resistance against the Nazis, who believes moral and intellectual characteristics are genetical (but not racial or religious: degeneracy is strictly personal or runs in families, as indeed is talent):

" 'I want nothing to do with you,' my father said.
  'You and I are different species.' " 
(Jung Chang, Wild Swans, p. 451)

Graphic warning: This is fairly frightening sick and sadistic stuff, but the maker of the following is to be highly commended:

Second, the man who showed Popoff is a fraud, is the same who showed Uri Geller is one:

Note there are many videos by Randi on the internet: Search for "james randi educational foundation" on Youtube. He's smart, skeptical, scientifically informed, a clear speaker and rational thinker, and a stage magician of long standing.

Third, here is one of his videos, that well illustrates the point he makes in the title:

And note please that the problem is not with making assumptions - the problem is with uncritically accepting them as if true; not seeing they are assumptions rather than "facts" produced by prejudices or the imagination or at best guesses; and not testing them logically and empirically where this is necessary.

Fourth, here is the source for my title of today

This is Kenneth Branagh's version and adaptation for the screen of Shakespeare's play. I like it, but then I like Shakespeare. This is well done, although I found the scenes with the common people a bit too Monty Pythonesque, visually speaking. Branagh plays the title role, and he does this very well indeed - and it may help if you also look into Wikipedia, for background.

Fifth, being the son and grandson of communist heroes of the Dutch Resistance (see the link in case you doubt), who gave up communism at age 20 precisely at the time most of my babyboomers generation converted to something like it, mostly because that was fashionable, and not because of any deep moral or intellectual convictions or trouble taken, I so happens that I have a strong interest in man's - the ideological ape's - totalitarian proclivities.

Here is a good series on part of the subject:

This was made around the time Branagh made his Henry V, and is mostly informed by books of Robert Service, Robert Conquest, and Allan Bullock, and it is well done, and makes  the case for the title - Hitler and Stalin were similar in quite a few unexpected ways - quite well, while it also includes video I hadn't seen so far.

Sixth, here is some by Orson Wells, on passports and bureaucrats, in fact speaking at a time that the dangers of communism - less than 200 miles from where I live - were very much larger than any "Al Qaeda" [N1]

I like Welles, and was pleased to find there is rather a lot from and about him on the internet, including some fine interviews and Citizen Kane (which you should see if you haven't: If it is not, as many believe and voted, the best film ever made, it surely is one of the best).

The above is relevant in this time when every civilian in Holland must have an ID, to protect the political elite and their bureaucracy, and to be able "to put on transport" anyone the political elite of the moment would want to see "put on transport". And here I quoted the current Dutch Political Leader Mr. Wilders' words, who now also has been cleared by a Dutch court to smear anyone on any ground, so far as I can see, ably defended by the country's richest mafia-lawyer.

In the sick degenerate proto-fascist society in which I have to try to survive, because I am too ill to escape it, I have been told, by the passport officals in mafia-town Amsterdam, to whom I politely complained that my father and grandfather were sent to a concentration-camp, for which reason I could not take kindly having to submit my fingerprints being taken as if I am a common criminal, that

"Sirrah, me mum was not even born when World War II happened." [N2]

The degenerate speaking knew she was speaking to somebody of the age of her grandparents, very much better educated than she, but then in Amsterdam the bureaufascists rule in the name of the ideals of the February Strike for the local drugsmafia.

To quote Jung Chang once more

"It was from this time that I developed my way of judging the Chinese Dutch by dividing them into two kinds: one humane and one not. It took an upheaval like the Cultural Revolution being gassed in Amsterdam by drugsmafiosi protected by mayor, aldermen, council members, courts, district attorneys, municipal police and local journalists to bring out these characteristics in people. [N3]

I do so since being gassed by the mayor and municipal police of Amsterdam for the benefit of the drugs mafia they support and protect since decades, I hope and trust for a share in the illegal drugs billions that are yearly turned over in Amsterdam and Holland thanks to their kind, that is clearly not mine - and after finding none of the race of fascist degenerates who form the bureaucracies and political elite in Holland felt the least shame, guilt, responsibility or accountability, and instead did all they could, and have been doing so now for over twenty years, to make my life as painful and poor as they could, while formally abiding by the letter of the law their likes loves to abuse for the local drugs mafia and also to indulge their personal sadism.

Seventh, here are The Young Turks with some interesting news about the US, where it seems 2 out of 3 US-citizens do not even have a 1000 dollars for emergency costs (All Hail Obama Now!) [N4]

This and the previous items form strong grounds for my holding that a country where the citizens cannot buy arms, the citizens have been effectively enslaved by their political elites and their bureaucrats. [N5]

One of the great things about the US Constitution is that its citizens are allowed to bear arms, and so there is at least some hope that at some point they can stop being abused by their govern elites, corporate rich, and bureaucrats, since they need not fight with bare hands against the degenerates who rule and abuse them - as it is in nearly all of Europe, where the civilian populations, as in Hitler's and Mussolini's time, do not have a ghost of a chance against the rotters that rule them, and have taken their means of personal defense from them, only in order to be certainly free to be able to abuse and repress them.


[N1] I have to admit that by now I think it more likely that "Al Qaeda" - as was Osama Bin Laden - is a CIA-creature rather than anything else, and indeed one of my grounds is that Osama Bin Laden was not taken prisoner to stand trial, but "was killed" and then "given a sea grave".

I totally disagree with such methods, and I have not been given any evidence whatsoever Bin Laden was in fact killed, was in fact given a sea grave, and was in fact not in the pay of the CIA after the 1980ies.

[N2] Dutch: "Muhneer, muh moeder was niet eens geboruh met duh Tweeduh Weerultoorlog!". How sick and degenerate can one get, as Amsterdam bureaucrat? As sick and degenerate as is humanly possible.

For those who feel I am not entitled to say so: My point of view is Calvinistic and I live in a nominally Calvinist country, clearly ruled by the worst sinners or devils from hell, if there is any truth in Calvinism.

(I have not protested, for I have learned that protests by citizens who do not belong to the political elite or the bureaucracy, and also are not "media-celebs", can be made subject to extensive sadistic reprisals by the degenerates that rule Amsterdam.)

[N3] See the previous note about Calvinism. In my own terms in Herdenking Februari-staking : Amsterdam Narco-Nazi Stad

If there is one thing I learned from 32 years of illness without help but with discrimination, denigration and defamation is the explanation why there were so many concentration-camps in the 20th Century, where my grandfather got murdered, and that my father barely survived:

In every generation, in every race, in every culture, in every faith a new bunch of born rotters, genetical fascists, natural nazis and sadistic creeps gets born, and in every generation, in every race, in every culture, in every faith it is these creeps who easiest and soonest get to the top, and who rule the human world, or the part they can control, for their own  benefit, income, and status. And it is especially to these that I attribute malevolence: Many of their willing executioners are mostly deceived if also willing conformists and willing collaborators.

[N4] I do not know whether the number - 64% - the TYT-video states is true, but if it is, it seems to me an excellent reason to start a revolution, also since one can find out in libraries and on Youtube how F.D. Roosevelt tamed the crisis: In the opposite way that Obama, Geithner, Bernanke and Summers used, who only saved but did not tame the banks and corporate rich, whereas it is clear they should and could have, and had no reason whatsoever not to know this, or how to go about it.

And people who think I am hard on Obama may consider that I do not consider it inconceivable that his balls are in some sort of metal tongues a guy like Cheney holds, metaphorically speaking: I know of proportionally few persons who cannot be blackmailed with something, and I know of fewer persons who dare stand up against bullies and terrorists, especially if these are powerful to start with.

But indeed - I do not know and must guess, but the Obama presidency seems very weak to me and to many others, and this must have some explanation.

[N5] In Holland - and I imagine in Europe - millions of sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters of collaborators of the Nazis in WW II will look angrily or with mock pity at one, and say

"One cannot trust the common people with arms - look at Columbines in the US, or Breivik in Norway!"

This is a sick manner of answer, since it presumes that the bureaucrats and politicians that rule the common people are of another make, race, design or fundamental morality than those they rule.

They may very well be, in my opinion, statistically speaking, but the chances are then that they are worse than the common people, and those who look for proof should consider the histories of Nazism and Soviet style socialism.

And the average politician or bureaucrat I have seen in my life are generally intellectually and morally worse than the intellectually and morally best or average, and indeed generally for that reason chose for the careers they made.

If the human average cannot be trusted with arms, on average, certainly the bureaucracies, police and military cannot.

And if there is a price to be paid for the right to bear arms, then so be it: There is a price to be paid for transport by car as well, and as it is, in the US far more are killed in traffic accidents than in incidents with arms.

P.S. Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later
-- Aug 15, 2011: I made some corrections and clarifications and added some links.

As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

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6.  William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
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8.  Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)
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Short descriptions of the above:                

1. Ten reasons why ME/CFS is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
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6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:

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