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Aug 11, 2011           
Crisis: The audacity of nope

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I wrote earlier this month about the crisis and Obama here:

and before that in January and February 2009:

in which I also cited his speeches and gave some comments.

The speeches make somewhat curious reading, 2 1/2 years later.

As I said under the first of the last two links, I had up to January 2009 not heard Obama speech (as I don't have TV), though I had heard much about his ability to do so.

I was somewhat disappointed - clearly, he is no Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., though indeed a better speaker than many - as I had been earlier disappointed by titles of his books, such as "The Audacity Of Hope", that seemed to me contrived and nonsensical in the just quoted case: Hope is something that is as deservedly called "audacious" as intelligence is called "blond" - it is a category mistake, and as Obama clearly is an intelligent and educated man, an intentional one. And I don't like ad prose.

Since then, I have been mostly disappointed by Obama's presidency, in my case - not living in the US and not being a US citizen - especially because he explicitly promised to close Guantanamo, and didn't, while I find concentration camps with torture, like Guantanamo, morally obscene and degenerate. (*)

Anyway... here are two links to two US citizens who are quite disappointed in Obama:

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(*) I have meanwhile seen and read rather a lot of discussions about torture as a means to obtain information, but nearly all of it was rhetorical, phony or false.

The point that tends to be missed most, intentionally or not, is not about whether torture works, and also not about imaginary situations in which some kind of physical force may, conceivably, seem justified to many (here you have certain knowledge of a flying plane full of lovely toddlers; there you have a Hannibal Lector in chains who is certainly known to have hidden a bomb in the plane a.s.o.) - the point is that if you institutionalize torture and concentration camps you have bidden goodbye to civilization, to civilized law, to human decency, and to publicly responsible and accountable military and bureaucrats, and indeed you then have definitely taken leave of a state, governors, state bureaucrats, police and military personnel fit to be trusted or to be considered your legal equals: A person who can lock you up without trial and with waterboarding is not your equal, not in law, not in morals, and not humanly speaking.

If you allow torture to be institutionalized, you have taken leave of civilized society and of civilized laws and institutions, and you have taken leave of state servants you possibly could trust or legally oppose without undue personal risk, and you will have allowed bureaucrats and politicians to become your absolute superiors in force and power, who can do anything they please with anyone within their power. You will have lost your freedom and your defence in law or morality, and you will have turned into a slave of the state, its politicians and their bureaucrats, police and military men. (See e.g. Montefiore's "Stalin - The Court of the Red Czar", for how this works out in practice, in the name of the highest moral ideals, also: Do never be so naive, stupid or ignorant as to believe that those out to enslave or abuse you will honestly own up to their degeneracy. The worst atrocities have been committed for the purportedly best of moral, political or religious reasons, by self-appointed saviours out for power or profit.)

P.S. Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.
-- Aug 12, 2011: Actually the above was typed with a keyboard at the very end of its productive life. It has been replaced, and I have made some corrections and insertions I couldn't make yesterday.

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