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Aug 4, 2011           


There was no Nederlog or a few days and I am still in holiday mode & mood - see Telling the truth like it is... - but here is something I got meanwhile done, this time in Javascript, with all of the quotes and all of the code in the html of this very file.

For the following Quotations-server to work, your browser must have been set to   allow Javascript, and that must not have been switched off.


Enjoy - it contains many interesting quotes, ideas and fine formulations. It works and has been tested in Firefox, Seamonkey and MS Explorer.

P.S. Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.

-- Later on the day: I use Firefox and SeaMonkey as standard browsers, in both cases with Noscript, and in all cases with the latest versions. As it happens, I can't get the above JS working in Firefox when I am on line. As far as I can tell, this is most likely a Noscript bug in (my) Firefox 5, since I can get the above JS working in SeaMonkey, where I also have Noscript.

So... you are on your own, but it should work if you download it to your own harddisk and open it from your harddisk in a browser. But I am not going into details or difficulties, because there are too many possibilities. As it is, I know it works correctly for me in SeaMonkey, and in Firefox it does if I run this file from my own harddisk.

I will soon, maybe today, include the above quotations-server in Javascript in my Philosophical Dictionary, and plan on extending both the quotations and also the program, for Javascript is useful and not difficult.

If the above - that is, clicking Quote or Help doesn't work in your browser: It should, with Firefox, Seamonkey and even MSE, and if it doesn't it may be because you have switched Javascript off (I usually have). It also should work if you save the file to your own harddisk and open it from thence in a browser, provided your browser itself has not been set not to use Javascript.

All of the quotes and the code are inside the present html-file (look into the source!) and you may perhaps verify for yourself that Javascript is not difficult. Also, the above quotations-server is reprogrammed from Assembly - see More and better WoW-quotes - to Javascript, and presently contains almost the same quotes, or precisely: The same quotes with some typos removed.

As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

1.  Anthony Komaroff Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)
3.  Hillary Johnson The Why
4.  Consensus of M.D.s Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5.   Eleanor Stein Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)
6.  William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7.  Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

8.  Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)
 Maarten Maartensz
ME in Amsterdam - surviving in Amsterdam with ME (Dutch)
 Maarten Maartensz Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Short descriptions of the above:                

1. Ten reasons why ME/CFS is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understands ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:

7. A space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.
9. I tell my story of surviving (so far) in Amsterdam with ME.
10. The directory on my site about ME.

See also: ME -Documentation and ME - Resources
The last has many files, all on my site to keep them accessible.

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