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July 30, 2011           

me+ME: Wessely; Dr Myhill and the GMC + What about ME?


   "At the landing she stopped, turned around, and said furiously to my father, who had come out with them, 'Are you crazy? I'm asking you for the last time: Do you still refuse my help? You realize I can do anything to you now.'
   'I want nothing to do with you,' my father said. 'You and I are different species.' " 
(Jung Chang, Wild Swans, p. 451)


1. Wessely's supposed 'death threats'
2. Dr Myhill and the GMC
3. "What about ME?"

1. Wessely's supposed 'death threats'

Earlier today I copied a fine letter to the British Medical Journal by professor Malcolm Hooper, which was in fact part of a longer file of the day before that I did not upload, because I compared Simon Wessely's complaining about 'death threats' with the death threats I have received in Amsterdam, ill with ME, living with an illness that was not admitted to be real about drugsdealers who had been permitted by the mayor of Amsterdam to deal in illegal drugs, for what I presently guess against a percentage for the them mayor of Amsterdam (drs. Ed van Thijn, in many respects the equivalent in humanity and morality of Simon Wessely), who during the 12 years of his mayorship helped the mafia of Amsterdam turn over between 10 and 50 billions of dollars in illegal drugs.

I am the oldest son of a knighted Dutch communist hero of the resistance(*), who survived 3 years and 9 months of German concentration-camps; my mother was a member of the resistance helping Jews in hiding in the very province of North-Brabant where drs. Ed van Thijn was in hiding as an eight year old; my grandfather was murdered in a German concentration-camp - and I have been gassed and threatened, very credibly, in 1988-1991, by the drugsdealers Ed van Thijn protected (for a percentage, I think: "All power corrupts", especially when joined up with the drugs-mafia).

Drs. Ed van Thijn knew my parents superficially, because of my father's knighthood. I went to him in 1988-1989, with the information stated above, including that in September 1988 I had been gassed, because the drugsdealers had made the chimney I had to use collapse internally.

I am still awaiting a reply, and have only survived this by extreme carefulness and the help of an excellent GP.

The information has been on line since 1998, and has been brought to the attention of all aldermen, mayors, city council members, police commissioners, district attorneys, advocate generals, and several journalists.

Nobody cared: I am an expendable invalid, who is, like my father, mother and grandfather neither an average Dutchman, nor a born collaborator, not a social-democrat (both Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam are and have been, since 1948, the effective lien, of grandees and magnates of the Dutch Labour Party), so I could be gassed, threatened with murder, laughed in my face by the Amsterdam municipal police, and then, since 1988, got no answer with any complaint from anyone, and "live" since then on minimal dole, with no help, and at least 4 attempts by high-ranking Amsterdam bureaucrats to manipulate me into suicide.

Here is some of the evidence, never contradicted, never denied, never taken up, never investigated since 1988, since when 23 * (10 to 50 billion) dollars have been turned over in illegal drugs, with the help, connivance, assistance, and protection of all mayors, aldermen, councilmembers, police commissioners, district attorneys, advocate generals, and journalists:

I do grant there are many drugs-related murders, and that I am the only person in Holland that I know of with a background like I have.

I agree with Jung Chang's father, quoted in the opening. The only solution I can think of is here

So... I was quite pleased to see today there is another excellent letter by professor Malcolm Hooper about Simon Wessely's complaints - without real objective checkable evidence, as always with this degenerate - that he, Simon Wessely - of all folks! (**) - "has received death threats", followed by an excellent earlier explanation by Margaret Williams of the techniques of the morally and rationally degenerate human being Simon Wessely:

This and professor Hooper's fine text will be considered later in Nederlog, possibly tomorrow.

And I should say that personally I believe as little of credible, serious or indeed any 'death threats' directed at Wessely, until there has been produced objective evidence other than his own words, or such things as he could manufacture himself.

My reason here is that I do not know of any occasion or any subject where I have read texts of Wessely that were not composed of what I hold he knows are lies, innuendo, defamation, denigration, character assassination, or false accusations that many millions with ME are, if he is to be believed, not medically ill but psychiatrically disturbed. (Some few are; some may have threatened him - but with a Wessely one must be prepared for any number of lies, innuendos, misrepresentations and falsehoods, in my experience, and none of them excused by ignorance: He does it on purpose.)

But it's a bit bitter to here that quite a few of the media pay attention to what I must see as his antics, whereas I have gone to Dutch media, council members, mayors, district attorneys, advocate generals, etc. with PROOF I had been gassed and threatened with murder by degenerate mafiosi who provably dealt in drugs, and were eventually arrested with kilos of cocaine and heroine in 1991, without being received or replied to.

For the bureaucrats, politicians, police and civilians in Holland and England there are, in everyday practice, clearly two kinds of people: Superhumans and subhumans, and the former may effectively gas, defame, discriminate, denigrate, mistreat and persecute the latter - and do so in the name of the ideals my parents and grandparents fought for, and their parents and grandparents collaborated against.

I agree, but not in their sense: In Chang's sense.

For more, see De la Boétie: Discourse on Volontary Servitude.

2. Dr Myhill and the GMC

There is now on the site

a pdf-file that contains

It's interesting, and less awful in prose and conclusions the previous GMC-decisions, and also a bit more polite.

I may return to this, for I agree that there is a need for a kind of GMC, that does control the commissions and ommissions of medical doctors - but what I have seen from the GMC strongly suggests something is not functioning well there, if only because it took them over 1 1/2 years to come to a somewhat rational and somewhat reasonable decision, that they could and should have arrived at very much sooner, both in view of the nature of the complaint they acted on (anonymous, one person); in view of the content of the complaint (now correctly dismissed); and in view of the excellent status of Dr Myhill with her own patients.

3. What about ME?

It turns out there is what seems to be a good film about ME in the making, called "What about ME?". You can see two parts from it on Dr. Myhill's site here:

It works in Firefox and Seamonkey, with a recent Adobe and Flash player, and it's well done, with - among others - professor Hooper, Annette Whitemore and her daughter, dr. Mikovits, Pat Fero, all speaking sensibly, clearly and rationally.

Of course, none of the sado-shrinks like Wessely or his cronies could be found willing to be interviewed.

(*) Dutch communists, although together with some Christians the only ones to be in resistance against the Nazis, were consistently abused and maltreated after the war, namely as "betrayers of Our Fatherland". They also got no decorations. The reason my father was one of two exceptions was that he impressed Prince Bernhard, then the husband of Queen Juliana.

Indeed, my father was an impressive man - and very much the opposite of both Simon Wessely and Ed van Thijn in humanity and morality. See

for the full story in Dutch, never denied, never contradicted, just as no one denies illegal drugs have been dealt in Amsterdam with protection from the police, the mayors, the district attorneys and the city council members since four decades, all by the drugs-mafia, all for profit.

And here are the reasons why I am supposed to be "a fascist terrorist", which is why I was removed from the University of Amsterdam briefly before taking my M.A. in philosophy, namely because of these outspoken ideas:

Here are my published ideas:

Most of this happened in 1988, also the year Simon Wessely started his career as a sadist extra-ordinaire with a degree in psychiatry, for in that year I was thrown from the university (June 1988), I was first threatened with murder by drs. Ed van Thijn's personal protectees and drugs mafiosi (also in cocaine and heroine: not just in soft drugs) (May 1988), who were allowed to threaten me with these words "If you do anything we dislike, we will murder you", and who still - last month again - check my site to find whether I use the family name of the main mafiosi, a Dutchman whose family collaborated with the Nazis in WW II, and who is a personal protectee of drs. Van Thijn, mr. Patijn, and dr. Cohen, mayors of Amsterdam and protectors of the Amsterdam drugs-mafia, and I was gassed (September 1988).

See also these two files: Again my fellow Dutchmen found it better if I was killed or gassed than that they would lift a finger to oppose the Amsterdam mafia and their bureaucratic and political willing executioners in the City of Amsterdam's totally drugscorrupt municipal government:

The father of Jung Chang, like my father most of his life a sincere and courageous communist, voices my own judgment, above, about messrs. Van Thijn, Patijn, Cohen and Wessely.

(**) To the best of my knowledge, Simon Wessely has driven tens or hundreds of English men and women with ME|CFS to suicide, simply because he likes to do so, while his pseudoscientific lies and bullshit has been a major part of the cause of the horrible deaths of Sophia Mirza and Lynn Gilderdale, and the systematic mistreatment of and denial of help to persons with severe ME in England.

P.S. Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.

As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

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