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July 15, 2011           

me+ME: My present B12 protocol

I've said before that the B12 supplement protocol that can be found on Phoenix Rising helps me. Here are some facts, figures and suppliers that hold for me in Amsterdam, at present and the last 6 weeks, in which I improved considerably on this protocol.

There also are some disclaimers, warnings and guidelines.

1. Background
2. Protocol at present
3. Remarks on the protocol
4. A few guidelines

Also, I am repeating some things I wrote before, with some changes and additions, and have decided to present what relates to my personal history with ME in a small letter, namely because it is relevant to my own history with ME and my legal position and rights, but it is not relevant to ME or this protocol for others.

So if you're only interested in the protocol you can skip the more personal text in small font.

1. Background

To sketch in some background, I repeat what I wrote in Nederlog on June 30 last, with a few improvements, deletions and additions, but mostly the same:

As I mentioned before, the B12 protocol that Freddd - the man who calls himself thus on Phoenix Rising - established as helping him to get a lot better with ME/CFS, also has turned out to help me, so far, and strikingly enough to report it here, since it may be interesting for others like me, with ME, in my case for the 33rd year, to experiment with.

In case you are interested, here are the two main references for the protocol I follow (for the most part - see below)

The first is a very long thread - currently with over 2000 posts - where most of interest, such as Freddd's first protocol, is at the beginning, in the first 100 posts or so, though the thread has rather a lot of interest if B12 works for you, but then  it requires a lot of persistent reading to read all, while the second link is a recently revised version of Freddd's protocol, that I am mostly following.

Now something about supplements and how I arrived at Freddd's protocol.

I became first aware that supplements (<- Wikipedia) might help me in 1984, in my fifth year of ME, before I knew of its existence (which I only found out about in 1989: none of the dozens of medical doctor I had seen knew of its existence, which means that many had lied to me and behaved incompetently or unprofessionally), when I found that rather large doses - then called:  "megadoses" - of B-vitamins, E-vitamins and C-vitamins did make a considerable difference to how I felt, in making me feel more energetic than I had for a long time

This it also did without my having any prior belief in the taking of supplements - in fact, being of a scientific, skeptical and non-superstitious bend of mind, with considerable doubt, then, when I first tried it, about the whole notion of food-supplements.

It made a quite noticeable and clear difference, the most in the beginning, but also later, though less pronounced, for I had the vitamins I had found useful flown in from England, since very few took any food supplements in Holland at the time, and vitamins in large doses were simply not for sale in Holland in 1984 (that I know of: it may have happened on a very small scale).

I also tried to find out experimentally what helped and what didn't, read up on it, and compiled over a year of data on how I felt at various points in the day, and what I had taken that day, and used these data to try to account for my findings, which led to my formulating the mitochondria-theory also articulated by Dr. Myhill, in 1987.

Then I collapsed, not because of the supplements, but because the mayor of Amsterdam gave permission to a number of drugsdealers to deal drugs from the bottom floor of the house where I lived (not from his house, and not from the houses were the Amsterdam aldermen and council members lived), who kept me awake for four years on end, without the mayor, aldermen, council-members, municipal police, district attorneys, or indeed anyone who worked for the City of Amsterdam doing anything to help me sleep, to help me with my illness, to protect me, or indeed to defend me from the dealers' threats of murder and attempts on my life because I protested against this. (Since very few Dutchmen dare to protest such things, it was "obvious" I "must" be "mad", and hence, just as in the case of ME/CFS, the authorities refused to investigate the matter - probably also in part because of my background, and that of the mayor, who knew my parents superficially, because they were heroes of the Dutch Resistance against the Nazis.) (*)

At long last, after nearly 4 years, and with the help of my excellent GP, I managed to escape to another house, but since that time, that is, for the last 20+ years, my ME has been much more serious than in the first 10 years.

The supplements I kept taking helped some, but did not undo most of the damage that was done. I kept taking them but was much worse from 1991 onwards, since when I also got actively discriminated by the Amsterdam bureaucracy, because I had protested against being threatened with murder and being, very literally, gassed by the drugsdealers the Amsterdam mayor Van Thijn protected, in the name of the heroic deeds my father and grandfather had been sent to concentration-camp for, because in Amsterdam illegal drugs are dealt in the name of The Ideals of the February Strike, and invalids who dare protest it are gassed by the dealers and their menials, all protected by mayor, aldermen, council members, municipal police and district attorneys.

Fast forward to 2009-2010:

In 2009 I had - at long last: I am poor and ill, and am the least likely of anyone in Amsterdam to get any help whatsoever from its municipal authorities - succeeded in getting fast internet, and in October at long last found two persons who - almost for the first time since I had fallen ill, on January 1, 1979 - spoke about ME/CFS in the moral and scientific terms that made real sense to me, namely Hilary Johnson and Malcolm Hooper, whom I had not known about before, because the person I relied on for my scientific information about ME/CFS chose not to tell me about them (for personal reasons: professor Hooper, I assume quite justifiedly, had tried to have her license as clinical psychologist terminated).

That new knowledge set me on a track of reading and some writing (see section 3), and taught me rather a lot about ME/CFS (see the NL-index for 2010), and indeed also about human evil and moral degeneracy and about medical sadism (see ME-resources and the NL-index for 2011).

As it happened, I had tested quite a few vitamins in high doses in quite a few combinations in the 1980ies, but the one vitamin I had not tested in high doses was B12, and that for a simple reason: These had not been available in high doses for me (and meanwhile my excellent GP had given up on medicine ca. 2000, being thorougly sickened of the bureaucratization of medicine in Holland, that since then has only grown much worse, while the insurance-premiums kept much rising: Somebody is profiting a lot, but not patients, and not good GPs).

So when I learned on Phoenix Rising in November last year that there was a preparation in Holland of B12 in a high dosis - Bloem's "Recovery Power", being lozenges of 10 mg hydroxycobalamin - I decided to try out that, as I had also learned, from the same source, that about 1/3rd of around 100 patients with ME/CFS had said it helped them. Furthermore, B12 in that form has no known level of toxicity.

This I tried starting December 1, 2010, and immediately found helped me some, in terms of energy, possibly also in combination with the other supplements I took, but quite clearly so.

I had by that time also found the B12 thread linked above on Phoenix Rising, and learned that Freddd claimed hydroxycobalamin is far less effective than methyl-cobalamin, but at the time I had very little health to try to find a supplier in Amsterdam, and anyway I was doing better with what I took.

In February 2011 I decided to stop eating bread, trying not to consume gluten, since I had been having belly-aches for at least 4 years then, off and on, and had read this again may be related to ME/CFS and gluten, and replaced it by rice.

This helped against my belly aches, though slowly, and perhaps also otherwise, for in any case, I did slowly improve with it and with hydroxycobalamin, indeed to an extent that I could organize the supply of Freddd's protocol, linked above.

So on June 1 I started with methylcobalamin and adenosilcobalamin supplemented to my morning dosage of hydroxycobalamin - and in case you wonder: cobalamin is B12, and these are three different kinds of them. (There also is cyanocobalamin, which one should avoid taking in large doses.)

The felt difference was immediate, indeed at least as clear as earlier felt differences when starting with B-supplements, and this was again the case when a week later I got all of the necessary ingredients of Freddd's protocol, and added these, notably B-Right, metafolate, and potassium.

Since then I have been quite a lot better than I have been for a long time - and the reason to write this out at such length is that it gives good probabilistic grounds to assume that, for me at least, Freddd's protocol is helpful, also in being more helpful than standard supplements of B, C and E in considerable doses; more helpful than hydroxycobalamin with said supplements; and also more helpful than methylcobalamin, hydroxycobalamin and adenosil-cobalamin with said supplements - for as far as I can see, the recommended vitamin C, metafolate and potassium, that I added last, made that last positive difference.

Since then - now for 6 weeks - I feel considerably better, and have consistently more energy to spend without relapse, and indeed have done more the last few weeks than I have done in a long time (years), in terms of being up and about and walking and standing. For perspective: I still am ill, I still have pain, I still have problems getting enough sleep, and I still have a lot less energy available than a healthy man does. But I feel better and can do more than I have done and been able to do for years, and since I have so much experience with supplements and with being ill, the present combination of supplements that I take is the only rational explanation. And besides, quite a number of my symptoms have improved.

2. Protocol at present

Here is the protocol I presently use, set out by the names of the supplement, the supplier of it, the contents per pill (p/p), the price p/p, the cost per day (p/d) for that pill, the unit price of a box, pack, or strip of the supplement, and the number of pills in that unit of that supplement. The prices are approximate, rounded, in Euros, and without special savings, and as they are in Amsterdam, when bought in a special shop I will mention below, and the links in the left column are to items in the Wikipedia

Contents p/p Totals
Pills p/d
Price p/p
Unit price
aka hB12
hB12 10 mg (10.000 mcg)
20,000 mcg
aka mB12
mB12 5 mg (5000 mcg)
10,000 mcg    2
aka aB12
aB12 1500 mcg
3000 mcg    2


folic acid 500 mcg 1000 mcg




aka folate
Solgar 400 mcg 800 mcg
  2 0,28 0,56  28,00 100
B-Right b-complex Jarrow  
  2 0,28 0,56  28,00 100


B1 25 mg
50 mg







B2 25 mg
50 mg







B3 25 mg
50 mg







B5 100 mg
200 mg







Panthetine 25 mg
50 mg







B6 pyridoxine HCl 25 mg
50 mg







B6 pyridoxal 5-phosphate 10 mg
20 mg







B12 methylcobalamin 100 mcg

200 mcg







Folic acid folate 400 mcg
800 mcg







Biotin 300 mcg
600 mcg







PABA Choline Inositol






aka Kalium
80 mg
480 mg
Omega 3 Fish oils Toppharm
Fish oils 1000 mg
3000 mg
    vit E 10 mg 30 mg          
vit C 
Biovitaal   2000 mg C
2000 mg
   2   0.60  32,00  250 gram 


128 mg Ca
256 mg







64 mg Mg
128 mg





Anti-oxidant Solgar Various supplements 
  0,60 0,60   18,00 30
250 mg
250 mg

TOTAL PER DAY           5,90    

There is an additional table with remarks on the products in the first column, but I should start with making a few points that are probably relevant for others with ME/CFS:

(1) I started the above protocol on half the number of pills listed, and if you try this out I recommend you do the same, or start out with even less, such as a quarter of the above, or less, and built up gradually, over one or two weeks, to see what does what, for you, if anything.
(2) I have a lot of experience with and knowledge about supplements, and generally it made little difference and did no harm, for me - and thus I know that I can take fairly to very large doses of supplements (like vitamins B, C and E) without this doing me any harm, and without making more than a positive small difference, and indeed the same holds for me for stopping with large doses that made no difference: Sudden stopping, which I usually did to see if I noticed any difference that way, generally also made no difference.
(3) I have no MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and have no trouble with taking medicines or supplements and never had - and I mention this because quite a few with ME/CFS seem to be different in this from me: If you are different this way, you have to take care and I can't give counsel for lack of relevant experience and knowledge.
(4) I have no other known disease (which is a relevant consideration: if you have bad kidneys, this protocol may not be for you, for example)
(5) I am a tall man, so what are large doses for people who are not tall, often are not large doses for someone of my length (1.95 m).

Now as to getting the wherewithall for the present protocol: The above except the first item, that I get by way of my chemist, were all bought in Amsterdam here:

This seems a fine shop run by helpful and informed people, and they either already had what I was looking for, or had it ordered and supplied within a week. The link is to their website, and they also can send your order to your home address, or so I understood.

As I said, the prices I list are approximate, and I have not used their discount  schema, that brings the prices down.

Alternatively, I have been told on the internet that

also supplies all of the above, and at less cost - in principle, and possibly with difficulties to get through customs (I don't know), and to get delivered (as the Dutch postal system, that used to be fairly decent, has been handed over to "marketing forces", since when it is a major mess, but also very profitable to its managers and directors).

You may perhaps also buy the supplements from

This last company is owned by someone with ME/CFS and has a lot of useful information about it, and has products for it. I do not know whether they supply what I listed, but then I also do not know the brands I listed are necessary, only that they were recommended, and work in my case.

If I lived in the US, I probably would order directly from either of the above suppliers. As it is, living in Amsterdam, with my bad health and no help, the Vitamin Advice Shop worked well, and they are specialists in food supplements, while the prices I paid are the regular prices, without discounts (for which they do have a schema).

3. Remarks on the protocol

Now for some remarks on the protocol sorted by the entries in the first column of the above table, but starting with two general remarks

A. It makes a lot of sense, before you set out on this, in case you would want to, to first read the basic links for the protocol on Phoenix Rising:

The first is a lot of reading if you were to read all, but I think you should at least read the first 10 pages - 100 posts - in that long thread. If you want more information about B12, there is quite a lot on the internet, and another long thread on a site called

Another thing not to miss is

since it supplies general information and background (with specific entries for the four kinds of B12 at the end of it).

And also not to miss one central process that is involved

where I also should mention that both Freddd's B12 protocol, Rick van Konynenburg's methylation-protocol and Martin Pall's protocol have more similarities than dissimilarities, and all are most concerned with methylation.

B. I am taking this protocol because I have been ill since 1.1.1979, with what has been medically diagnosed repeatedly as ME/CFS/FM, and I would very probably not do it if I were not ill or if I found something else that is safe and helpful and is better researched.

You are on your own if you try this, and there are risks, though probably no major ones, at least if you are like me: With ME/CFS, without known other diseases, and no special problems with taking supplements or medicines.

 However, the following four things make sense:

  • If you have ME/CFS and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), as seems to happen rather a lot with ME/CFS, it is not likely you handle supplements as I do, and you have to start on lower doses than I use, and have to take some special care.
  • If you do not know much or anything about food supplements, it is wise to read up on it. Here it helps if you read some reviews first, and buy or borrow books that make sense scientifically. (In the end, this is biochemistry or illusion. The biochemstry is interesting, but not easy, and lots of things have not been researched properly, often because vitamins cannot be patented, and so drugs based on them cannot be, which takes away the monetary stimulus that moves pharmaceutical companies.)
  • It makes sense to inform your GP, and to find another GP if he or she disagrees without giving good and checkable medical reasons (that may exist in your case). I write it doen as I did because I have been exposed, the last 33 years, too many times to medical doctors who rely on fake authority and pretended knowledge they in fact wholly lacked to have patience with medical bullshitters. (Then again, I am a psychologist and philosopher of science, and for me it is easier to know when a doctor talks nonsense than it may be for others. And I have had and met both excellent and horrible GPs - who all ought to know that they did not take a degree in real science so much as a degree in being a medical practioner, which indeed is difficult enough.)
  • It makes sense to trust your body: A supplements protocol that makes you feel worse or that doesn't do anything for you probably should not be followed for more than a brief while.

C. Now for the remarks on the entries in the above table, that supplement it - and the links in the left column are to Wikipedia-entries:

Supplement Remarks
aka hB12
The "aka" is a useful abbreviation. As I described above, I started on this and still have a supply, but it seems Freddd is right - in my experience - that mB12 and aB12 are considerably more effective than hB12. I probably will phase this out.
aka mB12
This is the most active form of B12, also in my experience. The form I take takes some 45 minutes to dissolve, and the beneficial effects can be felt within a few hours at most. The form I use seems to be quite good.
aka aB12
This is another form of B12. I have two brands, and both have some folic acid with them, which is reported to be not such a good idea, since this interferes in various ways. So I will have to see what to do about this.
aka folate


This is a precursor of folic acid (i.e. one's body uses it to make folic acid from it) and seems better to use when using high doses of B12, and to be required for B12 to work well. Solgar has 400 and 800 mcg pills, the last considerably less expensive per mcg, and Life Extension has an expensive 800 mcg form.
B-Right b-complex This is a good supplement of the B-vitamins, which you do need to supplement. I have taken for many years at least double the amount, so it's not dangerous. The PABA, Choline, and Inositol parts in it I've not specified dosages for are in all or most B-complex supplements I have taken.
aka Kalium


These are two names for the same substance, and it is needed in considerable doses when taking a lot of B12. One gets some 2 to 4 grams of Potassium per day in food, so half a gram in supplements should go, and maybe I need more, being tall. In any case, I found that taking more than 160 mg made a positive difference for me. This needs more experimenting, and some care.
Omega 3 Fish oils The rationale for this is especially to help one's brain repair one's brain.
vit C 
This is powdered vit C with powdered Calcium and Magnesium, and one needs all three, while Calcium and Magnesium are best supplemented in the proportion used in this product. I have taken more vit C as powder for quite a few years, and 2 gr a day seems a good minimal dose given the level of the other supplements.
Anti-oxidant This is to get an all-in supplement, with vits A, B, C, D, E and K, and a good choice of minerals, and I probably should take another such supplement instead.
This I take because I know from experience this makes me feel a bit more energetic, but is not a part of the B12-protocol

Finally, three more points

  • I reported what I take factually and why I take it, and can add that for the last six weeks of taking it, I felt consistently better than the foregoing 10 years, and had no major problems with it of any kind (which is no guarantee of anything, but may be nice to know), and also indeed have no known diseases (!) apart from ME/CFS since more than 3 decades. (If you have other diseases, things get a bit different, and the protocol may not be wise to try.)
  • Several of the ME-symptoms that bothered have noticeably improved i.e. grown less, apart from my feeling better and more energetic. (This I will not discuss in public.)
  • The protocol I use is not precise: I experiment with it, some days leaving out some, some days adding some, to see what difference it makes, if any, and the present protocol is very probably not the optimum protocol for me (which is a personal thing, and depends on many things, such as one's size - I am tall - and health apart from ME/CFS - I have no known other diseases - and quite a few more things.)

4. A few guidelines

Here are some guidelines, on the assumption that this text may inspire some to try the same. It is taken from a list of points I earlier wrote, and is more or less the same, with some additions:

  • First, unlike some with (supposed) ME/CFS I have and had no MCS (= multiple chemical sensitivities) that I am aware of, and never had problems with taking supplements or medications. (And most supplements and medications I have taken in connection with ME have neither helped nor harmed that I could see, while I have tried quite a lot since 1.1.1979, when I fell ill with EBV, that never disappeared, or grew into ME/CFS.)
  • Second, I have been taking supplements, in large doses, of various brands, kinds, qualities and prices since 1984, for which and other reasons:
  • Third, in my case it is not "a placebo-effect" and not "a dysfunctional belief": This protocol works better, for me, than any I have tried, against the symptoms of ME.
  • Fourth, as I said: While it definitely helps me, I definitely am not healthy. I have been improving on average over the last six weeks, but it is not a linear process, an the usual variations of better and worse days remains, so far, albeit on a considerably higher level. Then again, many ordinary drugs, like aspirin, ibuprofen, analgesics help people without being specific for the disease it helps them with, and even without known biochemical - full - explanations (aspirin is one example).
  • Fifth, the beneficent effects may not persist nor definitely cure, even if the protocol may continue to help: I have to find out and learn as I go.
  • Sixth, I have no guarantees or certainties of any kind - except that you won't find out things if you don't try out things.
  • Seventh, it very probably is a fairly subtle and personal thing to get a proper balance of helpful supplements, supposing supplements help: The combinatorial possibilities are very large, and there definitely are personal differences that are relevant. One has to experiment, and keep records. (Spreadsheets are very helpful, and tables as I supplied are the only way to get a clear view of what you take per day and how much it costs per day.)
  • Eighth, it is not cheap: What I take at the moment costs me ca. 6 Euros a day. It probably can be done for 3 to 4 Euros a day, but not less, in Holland, unless one can get serious discounts.
  • Ninth, it helps a lot if you know some about supplements, chemistry, medicine and science. (But by and large - given also the provisos I mentioned repeatedly - this is not a dangerous protocol to try. If it doesn't work for you, you'll certainly loose some money, but very probably not more.)
  • Tenth, I am myself a realist about pain and many other things: I stop doing things if they hurt and I also cease taking supplements in large doses for specific purposes if they do not make a difference. (I trust my body that it tells me something if doing something hurts or doesn't help, namely to stop doing what may hurt or may not help, unless I get very good rational reasons to persist in doing it, and causing myself more pain or more financial loss.)
  • Eleventh, there is no known good explanation why B12 would help against the symptoms, and it may not be causally effective, but only help, if it does, because the protocol supplies the body with substances the body can use to repair itself. Then again, B12 is underresearched, and its role in methylation and in the mitochondria does supply good clues for an eventual explanation.
  • Twelfth, the protocol has no clear relation to any of the theories about the cause of ME/CFS, except that it presumes ME/CFS involves a methylation problem of some kind - which is consistent with any plausible theory that accounts for ME/CFS.

A final point, since my email-address is on line since 15 years: I cannot help you, also not if you are Dutch, beyond writing about my own experiences in Nederlog. And this only details my own experiences, and if you think you might experiment in a similar way, this is your responsibility, not mine.

(*) For me, this is a Human Rights issue of very grave and and dangerous proportion, because since I complained to the then mayor of Amsterdam in 1988-1989 about being gassed and being threatened with murder by the dealers in illegal drugs who dealt with his personal permission and personal signature, I got no help, no answers, and enormous amounts of bureaucratic troubles, whereas my opponents are drugs-corrupt Amsterdam bureaucrats, mayors and aldermen, who rule a city were every year at least 15 BILLION Euros of drugs are illegally turned over since decades, with their protection.

If you believe mayors, aldermen, police-men, district-attorneys, advocates-general and courts are not drugs-corrupt, it seems to me you must maintain these folks are all the human equivalents of Jesus or Buddha, and must be completely uncorruptible, and part of a race of superhumans. The last they seem to believe themselves, but I don't, and believe some of them have great but secret wealth.

The great majority of Dutch people, and all Dutch journalists I know of, will not rationally discuss the drugs-problems in Holland, because doing so would mean criticizing those with power in Amsterdam and in Holland, and if you criticize those with power in Amsterdam or in  Holland, you will get personal problems - as I found, and it is a miracle that I am still alive, which very probably has a lot to do with my sites, that may have prevented my being murdered (which happens a lot in Amsterdam, in matters relating to drugs).

Incidentally: The Amsterdam mayors, aldermen, courts, district attorneys and police chiefs very well know who I am, and have never contradicted anything on my site, which they should and could, legally, if it were false.

It isn't false and it's extremely profitable for them and/or for those they protect and have protected - such as my then drugs-mafia landlord - since decades.

Then again, none of the above happened to anyone else with ME, and no one else with ME has my personal background, or indeed as excellent a set of academic degrees, also after having been removed from university several times because of my publicly outspoken opinions: I failed to be a marxist in a university run by people who pretended to be marxists, and I failed to be a postmodernists in a university where postmodernists rules, and I failed to be as stupid and immoral as the vast majority of my professors and fellow-students, while thinking for myself, and not lying about what I thought.

And if one differs from the average, the average will discriminate one.

"And so it goes...", since millenia: While the worst make careers, the best get persecuted, discriminated or killed.

P.S. Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.

As I said, the things that are specific to my life with ME in Amsterdam are rendered in a small font, and not relevant to the B12-protocol or to the ME of some 17 million others - but they are relevant to my being much more ill the last two decades than the first decades; they concern my human rights; and they are about the degeneration of Dutch "civilization", that is as drugs-corrupt as are Mexico and Colombia, but more hypocritical and better protected, since it all is tied up in Holland with corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt district attorneys, corrupt police-chiefs, and corrupt aldermen and mayors.

Then again, if one says so in Holland, one gets discriminated, and may get murdered or threatened with murder, for not being respectful about Our Leaders. Then again, I come from a family 3 members of which belonged to the 3000 Dutchmen in WW II who dared to oppose the Nazis by real resistance, whereas most of the rest collaborated and helped send more than 1% of the Dutch population to the gas chambers.

Probably, the municipal medical doctors who protect the Mafia in Amsterdam these days, will want to insist I must be a subhuman, a fascist and a terrorist for that is the game of the politicial left in Amsterdam: Careerists like Stalinists, they accuse anybody who opposes them of being "a fascist and a terrorist".

"And so it goes..."

As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

1.  Anthony Komaroff Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)
3.  Hillary Johnson The Why
4.  Consensus of M.D.s Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5.   Eleanor Stein Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)
6.  William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7.  Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

8.  Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)
 Maarten Maartensz
ME in Amsterdam - surviving in Amsterdam with ME (Dutch)
 Maarten Maartensz Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Short descriptions of the above:                

1. Ten reasons why ME/CFS is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understands ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:

7. A space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.
9. I tell my story of surviving (so far) in Amsterdam with ME.
10. The directory on my site about ME.

See also: ME -Documentation and ME - Resources
The last has many files, all on my site to keep them accessible.

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