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July 11, 2011           

More Hazlitt: Table-Talk Volume I

As I promised yesterday, there is today no more Bayle. Instead, there is another great favourite of mine, William Hazlitt, and namely

Table-Talk Volume I

Indeed - all of it, nicely edited as well, though I have to thankfully grant that nearly all of the work was done, and very well indeed, by the editors who did it for Project Gutenberg.

I redid it, dividing one big html-file into two volumes, and each of these into  separate files with separate essays, all linked at the top by arrow-keys, but then that was easy, firstly because Gutenberg's editors did a fine job (and I should mention Google's search-machine seems to try to appropriate it just as Google tries to appropriate all books with defunct copyrights, no doubt to increase its share-value - and I neither like nor trust Google, who care much more for profit than is moral for any man or institution, even for entrepreneurs and businesses (*)), and secondly because, as I said before, B12 seems to help me. (And no: I may be mistaken, but this has, in my case, good probabilistic grounds and evidence, indeed such as are very rare in psychiatry.)

So I am quite pleased, for I wanted to do this for a long time, and you should be pleased too - a little, at least - because Hazlitt is a great writer.

(*) They are in the league of big US corporations who use the tax-paradise Holland to avoid paying more than very minimal taxes in the US.

P.S. Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.
-- July 12, 2011: Corrected some typos.

As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

1.  Anthony Komaroff Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)
3.  Hillary Johnson The Why
4.  Consensus of M.D.s Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5.   Eleanor Stein Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)
6.  William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7.  Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

8.  Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)
 Maarten Maartensz
ME in Amsterdam - surviving in Amsterdam with ME (Dutch)
 Maarten Maartensz Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Short descriptions of the above:                

1. Ten reasons why ME/CFS is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understands ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:

7. A space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.
9. I tell my story of surviving (so far) in Amsterdam with ME.
10. The directory on my site about ME.

See also: ME -Documentation and ME - Resources
The last has many files, all on my site to keep them accessible.

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