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Jul 3 , 2011           

me+ME: Varia - Dr. Nathan, Norway & ME, Dr. King and the (ex-)Klan

As my title indicates, here are four different items that I passed by the last few days, that may interest some, for various reasons:


1. Methylization: Dr. Nathan and Dr. Van Konynenburg's
2. Norway does not support the NICE Guidelines
3. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Meets The Press
4. An ex-Klan leader on the benefits of using one's brain

1. Methylization: Dr. Nathan and Dr. Van Konynenburg's protocol

I wrote on June 30 that the B12-protocol for people suffering from ME helps me, and reproduced Dr. Rich van Konynenburg's (incidentally: a Dutch name, but a US dr. in real science) politely worded, brief and clear submission to the APA on the DSM-5.

As it happens, and as Dr. Van Konynenburg indicated in his submission, he has a theory on the cause of ME that also comes with a treatment protocol, and it is rather close to the B12-protocol, and an interesting theory.

There is a lot more to be found out on the subject on Phoenix Rising, and also elsewhere on the net. Here is first the thread from which I quote Dr. Van Konynenburg's protocol on Phoenix Rising, followed by a link to the Wikipedia on methylation:

And here is for your information the protocol Dr. Van Konynenburg's proposes - and I quote from a longer contribution by him on Phoenix Rising, which you should consult if you are interested:

Here is the protocol itself, without the notes and the surrounding text, that you all find by way of the last link, with considerably more material:

March 30. 2011

Rich Van Konynenburg. Ph.D.
(Based on the full treatment program
developed by Amy Yasko, Ph.D., N.D.
which is used primarily in treating autism [1])


1. General Vitamin Neurological Health Formula [2]: Start with ¼ tablet and increase dosage as tolerated to 2 tablets daily
2. Hydroxy B12 Mega Drops [3]: 2 drops under the tongue daily
3. MethylMate B [4]: 3 drops under the tongue daily
4. Folinic acid [5]: ¼ capsule daily
5. Phosphatidyl Serine Complex [6]: 1 softgel capsule daily (or lecithin, see below)

What I am doing here - in this text, and also in Nederlog in general - is on the lines of the old "Connect! Connect! Connect!" counsel, for those who want to understand things, and as it happens, there follows a link to the summary of a recent Question & Answer session by Dr. Nathan who - "Connect!" - is the medical doctor of choice of Dr. Woodin, the US psychiatrist who himself has ME/CFS and protested against the DSM-5's proposals:

This is the link to the Prohealth text I mentioned:

This is interesting stuff, and Prohealth also offers the protocol for sale for those who are interested, which also is good news.

Speaking of good news:

2. Norway does not support the NICE Guidelines (anymore)

I lived some years in Norway, and speak and read Norwegian, and here is the news in Norwegian, with a link to the source - and I also quote a part, and have a translation:

which contains the following text (and more)

CFS/ME kunnskapsoppsummering, evaluering og abefalinger til HOD

Mange pasienter har behov for tjenester i et samspill mellom primær- og spesialisthelsetjenesten. Det samspillet fungerer dessverre ikke godt nok i dag.

Helsedirektoratet har besvart oppdraget fra Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet med følgende hovedkonklusjoner og anbefalinger. (..)


  • Det forligger i dag ikke et evidensbasert kunnskapsgrunnlag for å kunne utgi nasjonale retningslinjer eller en veileder
  • Helsedirektoratet kan på bakgrunn av foreliggende rapporter se at det fortsatt vil ta tid å bygge opp gode, robuste pasientforløp for denne pasientgruppen.
  • Kunnskapsgjennomgangen støtter ikke opp om en tidligere anbefaling om å bruke NICE-kriteriene
  • Kunnskapsgjennomgangen gir ikke på et generelt grunnlag støtte for å anbefale tilpasset treningsbehandling og/eller kognitiv terapi for alle med CFS/ME

[Publisert: 23.06.2011]      [Sist endret: 01.07.2011]

And here is my (fairly free) translation - and a link to another (more strict) one:

CFS/ME Knowledge summary, evaluation and recommendation for the Ministry of Health and Care Services

Many patients need help that require cooperation between the primary- and specialist health care. This cooperation does unfortunately not function well enough at present.

The Directorate of Health has answered the task given by the Ministry of Health and Care Services with the following main conclusions and recommendations. (..)

Main conclusions:

  • There is at present no evidence based foundation of knowledge that allows the publication of national guidelines or a road map.
  • On the basis of reports that exist at present, the Directorate of Health observes that it will take more time to build good, robust patient care for this group of patients.
  • The knowledge review does not support an earlier recommendation to use the NICE-guidelines.
  • The knowledge review does not give general grounds that provide support for recommending graded exercise therapy and/or cognitive therapy for all patients with ME/CFS.

As you probably will see, it is all formulated with some political care, but even so, it is an interesting and good result, at least if one desires adequate help for people with ME/CFS: The - British - NICE Guidelines are - in Norway - not accepted as the last and best answers, and the recommendations of the NICE Guidelines - exercises plus cognitive behavioral therapy - are not the therapy of choice "for all patients with ME/CFS".

"It's a small step for a man, but a" major step forward in the direction of rational and moral care of patients with ME/CFS - in Norway, at least.

3. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Meets The Press

The best speaker I ever heard is dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - whose doctorate was in theology - and there is a fair amount of videos of films of speeches he made and interviews he gave.

I saw the following item (and series) before, but here is an interesting interview - in five parts - from the late 1950ies, which has the added benefit of being fairly close visually to my memory of how many white folks, also in Holland, looked at the time (and I was born in 1950, and have a very good visual memory):

This series of programs could be subjected to several interesting analyses, but I will leave that to you, if thus inclined, and move to the last item, which is connected to the present item:

4. An ex-Klan leader on the benefits of using one's brain properly

This comes from Australia, and it is a fragment of an interview with a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan who explains, in 2005, quite fairly, clearly, honestly and funnily, how he was - eventually - brought to his senses by the wit, intelligence and courage of a black minister who had cooperated with Dr. King Jr.:

This is fine humorous stuff, and Mr. Clary deserves credit for telling it, also in the way he did.

P.S. Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.
-- Jul 4, 2011: Corrected a few typos.

As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

1.  Anthony Komaroff Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)
3.  Hillary Johnson The Why
4.  Consensus of M.D.s Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5.   Eleanor Stein Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)
6.  William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7.  Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

8.  Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)
 Maarten Maartensz
ME in Amsterdam - surviving in Amsterdam with ME (Dutch)
 Maarten Maartensz Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Short descriptions of the above:                

1. Ten reasons why ME/CFS is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understands ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:

7. A space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.
9. I tell my story of surviving (so far) in Amsterdam with ME.
10. The directory on my site about ME.

See also: ME -Documentation and ME - Resources
The last has many files, all on my site to keep them accessible.

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