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Jun 8, 2011           

 Crisis: US Politics

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  "If mankind had wished for what is right, they might have had it long ago. The theory is plain enough; but they are prone to mischief, 'to every good work reprobate.'"
   -- Hazlitt + Heidelberger Katechismus (quoted)

   Were I, who to my cost already am
  One of those strange, prodigious creatures, Man
  A spirit free to choose, for my own share,
  What case of flesh and blood I pleas'd to wear,
  I'd be a dog, a monkey or a bear,
  Or anything but that vain animal
  Who is so proud of being rational.

   -- John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester
   (from "A Satire Against Reason and Mankind") (*)

As I wrote yesterday in Nederlog - in the P.S. - I intend to write less about ME/CFS in Nederlog, and - if I can find the energy - more about other things. Also, I make no promises, since these are useless in view of my health, and also I am not certain yet, except that it seems to me I should write more about philosophy and logic, if I can find the energy.

As to my title, namely the "Crisis" part: There is a series in Nederlog with that subject that I started in 2008 around the time the banking system nearly collapsed due to mismanagement of the bankmanagers.

That collapse was narrowly avoided, and to some, such as bankmanagers, it would seem that "therefore" the economical and political crisis in the world is over.

I do not think so, and specifically not while the Western governments are cutting their budgets like crazy, as they are doing, so as to pay off the debts that the bankmanagers caused, and which I, already in 2008, said eventually will end up being paid by John Doe and company: Mostly anonymous lower and middle class folks, because they are not in power, and can be fleeced easily, with the help of state officials.

This is still happening; meanwhile both in the US and Europe especially parties on the right side of the political spectrum profit (*), quite possibly because they play the populist card quite well, as far as propaganda and posturing is concerned, though probably the feelings of those who adopt  populist postures are as sincere as their lack of both civilization and brains are real.

So... my readers and I are currently still living in interesting times, as the phrase is, and I personally fear they will only grow more interesting, and that especially because I see hardly an intellectually capable, well educated and morally decent politician, bureaucrat, mayor, alderman or council member.

I don't see them in Holland; I don't see them in England; I don't see them in the US - I don't see them anywhere, though indeed it is also true, as I often say in contexts like this, when I sound, and perhaps am, pessimistic, I am also convinced that there is a minority of intelligent, capable and mostly honest folks in most walks of life, as well.

But least of all amongst political leaders, religious leaders and bureaucrats, that strongly attract phonies and bastards, and indeed have and want to have offices that, historically and in present fact, have been and are mostly based on lies and deception.

1. Anthony Weiner shot in his own ..um.. underpants

I wrote about US Congressman Weiner before in Nederlog, namely here:
There I was pleased with Weiner's stance, as I was on some other occassions, and I still agree with his stances, but now I am not so sure about his judgement or his sincerity.

This is related to the title of this item: It has turned out that Weiner has been sending pictures around of himself to young women that in the news in the US - where the attitudes to things related to sex are other than in Western Europe - are euphemistically described as "in his underpants".

When I got slightly puzzled about this - "what are  they not saying, all the time, except very euphemistically?!" - the European papers enlightened me about things I did not know:

In fact, Congressman Weiner has been sending around pictures of his erect penis, and that member is -
or at least: so it would seem, whether by nature or by means of the offers of the kind of help that my mailbox in earlier year got flooded by - a really huge dong: He seems to be hung like an ass.

Then again, in the US this same subject is treated in a very euphemistic fashion: The term "erection" I only found in Dutch papers; and the size of the erected member was only very indirectly referred to, mostly, at least in the US, as if this cause of Mr. Weiner's pride and happiness could not be publicly mentioned without courting disaster.

Incidentally... here is a similar subject treated by a favourite poet of mine, namely Earl Rochester, on King Charles II's male apparatus and women folk, in a poem he handed himself to the King, who liked wits, and forgave him:

"His scepter and his prick are of a length;
And she may sway the one who plays with th' other,
And make him little wiser than his brother.
Poor prince! thy prick, like thy buffoons at Court,
Will govern thee because it makes thee sport.
'Tis sure the sauciest prick that e'er did swive,
The proudest, peremptoriest prick alive.
Though safety, law, religion, life lay on 't,
'Twould break through all to make its way to cunt.
Restless he rolls about from whore to whore,
A merry monarch, scandalous and poor."

Here are The Young Turks - in this case: Ben Mankiewicz, mostly - on the subject, including footage of Weiner owning up to lying about it for some ten days:
Weiner says he won't step down as Congressman, "but then he would say so, wouldn't he?".

Actually, my main reasons to write about this are these
Incidentally, this is as true of the female politicos as of the male ones, but the females are more prone to other perversions relating to power, but are by and large as unsavoury as their male colleagues. It seems mostly a personality type, that indeed also is prominent among leading criminals, for precisely the same reason: These folks really believe the rules that hold for others, and they publicly insist on, do not apply to their very special persons - the law and morals are for suckers, and to take people in: They are rules to play by only to deceive the majority of possibly well intending suckers, who are also the democratic majority.

2. US Patriot Act: The State as spy on its citizens

The theme of the previous section - corruption in high offices - is hardly ever treated well in public, and has been treated best by people who are rarely really read: Machiavelli, Mosca, Burnham, Orwell and Goffman.

Anyway... the links I gave - some in Dutch - give a lot of background, at least for the more gifted folks, if not for the democratic majority.

Here is something frightening from the website of The Young Turks
It comes to this: The Patriot Act - itself, as so much these interesting pomo days we live in, blessed with a truly Orwellian name, that is, a name that factually means the opposite of what it sounds like - was instituted in the wake of 9/11 to spy on US citizens "in Our Fight against Terrorism" (<- Good long Dutch exposition by me, from 2005).

Now - under Obama: "Yes, we can!", in Guantanomo, and with civil rights - this act has been extended... to an effect in law that the elected legislators decided to keep secret from the population that elected them to office.

Indeed, according to two senators summarized in the above link, the US government has now passed laws that allow government officials to spy on anybody, without any judge knowing of this, without any court order, and for any unknown reason an anonymous bureaucrat may think of AND it has, on top of that, passed laws that remain secret that go much further than that and MUST REMAIN SECRET - so not even the Senators can tell their constituents what has been secretively decided about their own privacy, civil rights, and protection in law and by magistrates?!

Interesting times, as I said: If Western civilization survives, it seems to be heading in the direction of authoritarian police states, because its elected governors, once elected, turn out to be in majority the types who just love authoritarian control by their own kind plus their beloved bureaucratic willing excecutioners, in practice. And indeed, for them that makes life very  easy and very profitable

Incidentally, for the non-Dutch: It's the same in Holland - corruption, degeneracy, and populism, all by "duly democratically elected officials", that I cannot myself distinguish at all from criminals or mafiosi, and all elected on the strength of utter political bullshit, lies and propaganda that the democratic majority - mostly of the exquisite mentality to whom the likes of a Glenn Beck or a Geert Wilders appears as a moral and intellectual genius - just adores.

For more, see my
And no - I do not expect to live long enough to see such sensible ideas as I just linked to put into practice, and I do expect another century of terrorism, war and degeneracy, to be honest, after the 20st century that for a sizable part was made up of the same - not because that is a natural necessity, but because everywhere, in any political system, and in most bureaucracies and NGO's as well, the greatest bastards, that are born every generation again, do acquire the power:

"There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel."
   (V. I. Lenin)

"Politics, as the word is commonly understood, are nothing but corruptions."
   (Jonathan Swift, Thoughts on various subjects)

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(*) One reason I am not very eager to return to Dutch politics is that at present Mr. Wilders - a Dutch cross of Glenn Beck, Jorg Haider, and the more presentable neo-fascism that only likes to be called such once it is in absolute power - dictates Dutch policy in the Dutch parliament and senate, where "the official opposition" is headed by a Dutch Labour figure who did in ten years of officeholder as Amsterdam's mayor all he could to help the mafia and to shut me up definitely, while refusing to cough up on the question whether he is the grandson (or great grandson) of one of the dirtiest and biggest nazi-collaborators there was in Holland and Amsterdam, as two of his own (former) aldermen, from his own Labour Party, in fact are.

Indeed, if you didn't notice, this is another example of my thesis that in pomo-democracies the greatest bastards rise the hightest and the easiest and indeed also one of my reasons to be pessimistic about what the 21st Century will bring, for Western civilization in particular:

It is presently in the hands of messrs. Wilders and Cohen, and their human equivalents, such as
Glenn Beck and Jorg Haider - while "the official opposition" is by such flashy types as Weiner in the US and Van Bommel in Holland.

I would be an idiot if I expected any good of political folks like these, and unfortunately, at least for my mood and for my social chances, I am not an idiot nor did I ever want to make a career by lying to folks far less intelligent than I am. (I grant that turns out to have been a romantic weakness, but then I also did have neither the health nor the character nor the personal education to undo it.)

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.

(Note on the formatting of Nederlog: See the last underlined link, and please note that even if it doesn't look as it should in an MS IE webbrowser, it does look as intended in Firefox and in Seamonkey, and indeed was written mostly in the Composer of the last fine Mozilla-browser. The necessary repairs are in the works, as the saying is - and the text is readable anyway, even in rotten browsers.)


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Maarten Maartensz (M.A. psy, B.A. phi)
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