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Jun 3, 2011                              

 me+ME:  Russell  Tribunal on Psychiatry - Verdict + DSM-5

   "The mild and the long- suffering may suffer forever in this world. As long as the patient will suffer, the cruel will kick."
   -- Rev. Sidney Smith

   "We never hurt each other but by error or by malice." 
   -- Sir Robert Chambers, possibly inspired by
    Dr. Johnson

   "So we really ought to look into theories that don't work, and science that isn't science. I think the educational and psychological studies I mentioned are examples of what I would like to call cargo cult science. In the South Seas there is a cargo cult of people. During the war they saw airplanes land with lots of good materials, and they want the same thing to happen now. So they've arranged to imitate things like runways, to put fires along the sides of the runways, to make a wooden hut for a man to sit in, with two wooden pieces on his head like headphones and bars of bamboo sticking out like antennas--he's the controller--and they wait for the airplanes to land. They're doing everything right. The form is perfect. It looks exactly the way it looked before. But it doesn't work. No airplanes land. So I call these things cargo cult science, because they follow all the apparent precepts and forms of scientific investigation, but they're missing something essential, because the planes don't land."
    From Richard Feynman:
Cargo Cult Science

This continues my Nederlog of May 27
I then promised the verdict of that Tribunal, and reproduce it below, with some remarks pertinent to the DSM-5 following it. Indeed, today I will be complimenting several individuals and have to cram rather a lot in one Nederlog:

1. Professor Hooper writes another excellent letter

Professor Hooper is a very honourable man with a very fine mind and a lot of personal courage and character that I and many others with ME/CFS owe a lot to, because he defended the integrity and human dignity of persons with ME/CFS against the lies of the British school of pseudo-scientific psychiatrists, e.g. in the following fine essays:
These - and many other things professor Hooper wrote on this and related subjects - should be read by anyone who wants a scientific and ethical insight in the science and politics of ME/CFS and into the degeneracy of modern psychiatry, of which more below.

Earlier in the year I wrote about a fine letter he recently wrote (that I have still not commented, as I intended and intend to, just as the formatting of Nederlog still has to be sorted out properly, also left undone so far for the same reason: I have ME/CFS, and I must make do with what I can do, and not with what I want to do):
He did it again, meeting professor Peter Denton White, the British psychiatric fraud who composed the PACE-trial report the last link also addresses - and I provide the full title and the link:
It is very interesting, very sharp, and should finish professor White - in a fair society, or indeed in a society with well-working and moral medical professional organizations.

I do intend to return to this soon, if and when I can.

2. Llewellyn King writes a very fine piece on ME/CFS

Meanwhile, there are some others, next to Ms. Amy Dockser Marcus, in the Wall Street Journal, and David Tuller, in the New York Times, who write - more or less regularly - with knowledge and insight about ME/CFS and patients with the disease, and the US-based but originally no doubt British Mr Llewellyn King is one of them.

I mentioned him several times, first time in October 2010:
and he did it again, this time not in the context of his own site and program mentioned in the last link, but on the finely named "Real Clear Science":
Quite so, and the above is a well-informed well-written article, by someone who understands both the situation and the disease.

3. The Verdict in the Russell Tribunal on Psychiatry

Now to the sickness that is modern psychiatry, that I satirized in my
in the following words (among others), speaking as a psychologist, philosopher of science and ill with ME/CFS for the 33rd year, without help, thanks to professors Wessely, Sharpe, White, and Van der Meer, who all rather denigrate, offend, discriminate, hurt and harm genuinely ill people than help them, as they also morally and legally should, given their medical oaths, but don't, because they are that kind of human being - and in case you want to jump to the verdict directly in this text (since I quote my indented text from the last link), here is the link, and otherwise you can refresh your mind with some choice well-deserved satire:

For me the whole DSM-5, from beginning  to end, from top to bottom, in language, in proposals, in ideas, and in methodology is one great intentional criminal planned and conscious abuse of science and scientific authority, and it is all intentional fraudulence, deception and bogosity. For background for my judgements, see below and consult my
Moreover, the newly planned statistical methodology of vague terminology ("higher dimensional") is an intentionally created pseudo-scientific construction designed to go precisely against the whole original purposes of the DSM, which were (1) to design an empirically applicable terminology for classifying complaints, so as to enable (2) precise empirical testing and research, based on precise empirical distinctions.

Instead, the DSM-5 is one big bogus bureaucratic pretentious  sick sea of fraudulent pseudoscientific terminology gone quite insane and made quite unreadable and ambiguous on purpose, while the newly proposed statistics is designed on purpose to make any objective testing of any and all psychiatric theories  and treatments totally impossible:

Certainly from the DSM-5 onwards, objective tests and research in psychiatry will have been made wholly impossible, all by malice aforethought, while the psychiatric frauds will try to abuse that opportunity to flood the world with their bullshit, and to declare anybody who protests thus or so as someone who is 'dysfunctional', 'neurotic' etc. - and will probably get the support of the bureaucrats and insurances, whose dirty work they are doing,  "in the name of 'evidence-based science'", just like the inquisitioners were acting "in the name of our God of love", and their own financial and sadistic interests in fact.


It is an intentional fraud on a major scale:

    All this was inspired by the principle--which is quite true within itself--that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.
Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X

and the DSM-5 editors will not be deflected, also not by the rest of the APA, if only because it all is so very clearly in the personal interest of anyone with a psychiatric degree: Many more patients, and no chance to be ever falsified by any statistical experiment, and the freedom to impute all manner of failings to others under the guise of "psychiatric science".

The major scam, the Big Lie that is the APA's DSM-5 will hit many more persons than just those with ME/CFS, and may drive tenthousands to suicide by intentional APA-design, for the APA is neither an authentic professional scientific organization, nor  is it doing  real science with the DSM-5: It is producing the Malleus Maleficarum of the 21st century - and all in the name of 'evidence based medical science', but in fact a wet dream and dirty public scam of psychiatric sadists, frauds, tricksters and manipulators.

2. Patients' organizations and psychiatric pseudoscience

As to ME/CFS, and patients' forums such as Phoenix Rising, and supposed US charities like the CAA:

It would seem that both Cort and the CAA fail to oppose or indeed discuss the DSM-5, which is quite odd, given (a) the fact that most of those who do claim ME/CFS in the US, GB and Holland, at least, and who do try to survive on  something like dole, will in fact have an implied or explicit diagnosis of either psychomatizing or somatoforming, and given (b) the fact that "the opposition" of patients with MRE/CFS since decades consists of psychiatrists, mostly, for over two decades now, where even a major psychiatric fraud like Peter Denton White - the psychiatric warlock of the PACE-trials - was hung in his full personal  glory on the CAA-website as if this fraud is 'a scientist' with useful ideas, and as if he deserves the CAA's praise and honor with a personal mug shot and effective public advertisement of his supposed medical excellence.


Presumably, Cort and K. Kim McCleary welcome the notion that in a brief while, and without their doing anything to register a protest, an objection, even a doubt, about the wisdom of the DSM-5, anybody in the US with either a diagnosis of ME/CFS or with a medically unexplained disease seriously risks being sectioned or driven to death in the name of 'evidence based' psychiatric pseudoscience.

In any case:

Patients organizations and charities must speak up, because they risk that patients will be driven to death as somatoformers, just as women in the Middle Ages were burned for being legally classified as witches, because - so the psychiatric sadists will gleefully affirm, and bureaucrats gladly enforce -
they ought to be forced to work because they are malingerers, except that it is phrased much more hypocritically and euphemistically - "Pardon us: We mean somatoformers - we mean no harm, and no offense, as long as you weirdos put in a good day of work each day" - and is being  packaged, again with sadistic malice aforethought, as if it were 'a real help' for people 'with real suffering', namely 'due to their dysfunctional beliefs about their own pains, that they really should learn to manage better, as per CBT and some very healthy forced labor'.

That is what is awaiting everyone with ME/CFS as of 2012, and if it happens to  you, if you are a US citizen, you can say a heartfelt prayer of thanks to Cort and Kim McCleary, for doing absolutely nothing:

In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up for.
  -- Niemoeller.

I quote this because it isn't as if the CAA, and the MEA, and other patients' organizations for people with ME/CFS couldn't and didn't know, for it also on the site made by Sophia Mirza's very brave mother Criona Wilson:
and indeed Sophia Mirza was done to death by the same psychiatric sadism that the DSM-5 seeks to institutionalize for all ill non-millionaires.

The DSM-5 simply
is an intentional fraud on a major scale, and the DSM-5 editors certainly will not be deflected from their psychiatric purpose, also not by the rest of the APA - "38,000 Physician Leaders" - if only because the DSM-5 is so very clearly in the personal interest of anyone with a psychiatric degree: Many more patients for them, and no chance to be ever falsified by any statistical experiment, plus the freedom to impute all manner of failings to others under the guise of "psychiatric science".

It is all very dirty, all very fraudulent, all very dishonest, and all very, very  dangerous, the last because it will drive people to death - in the name of science, on the force of the DSM-5, by people who care for money before they care for others.

And that's more or less what one is facing, when facing the psychiatric brotherhood: A bunch of crooks and criminals, of a decidedly priestly mental and moral make-up - the modern inquisition, trying to pirate medical science, and mostly succeeding, through lies, fraudulence, and propaganda, and because the masses are dumb but don't want to admit that either.

You think I am mistaken? Well, at least I have the degrees in the relevant fields to be able to judge rationally, and I am in my 33rd year of continued discrimination because I just happen to fail to have a disease that the APA or Dutch degenerate bureacrats prefer to admit as a real disease, in spite of the WHO coding it as a serious neurological disease since as long as I suffer from it.

First, here is some relevant background I wrote:
Next, there is this that I recommend you look at somewhat closely, for it is not long, not difficult, and I mostly agree:

3. A summary of the Accusation of the Russell Tribunal on
    Human Rights in Psychiatry

Here is - to whet your appetites, if I may say so - The accusation in The International Russell Tribunal on Human Rights in Psychiatry - and I now quote from the Freedom of Thought website where I found it.

I quoted the accusation in my
Russell  Tribunal on Psychiatry, and here is The Verdict - and I also refer you to the Freedom of Thought website for more on the jurors and for a dissenting minority opinion by two jurors. I also inserted a missing word and some bolding:

Verdict of the Russell Tribunal on Psychiatry

As a result of the evidence it has heard in its first session in Berlin over the weekend of June 30/July 1, 2001, the Tribunal is convinced that the serious abuse of human rights in the name of psychiatry is widespread but largely unrecognized.

In accordance with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights the majority of the jury deeply deplore the incarceration of people against their will in the name of psychiatry. The perpetration of such practices is a threat to individual and collective liberty everywhere.

We consider the concept of "mental illness" and the "medical model" of psychiatry to explain human behaviour dangerous and fallacious because it is deterministic (particularly in the case of bio-psychiatry) [and - MM] deprives people of choice and responsibility. It even justifies concepts such as the legal category of "mental patient" which permits a total deprivation of human and civil rights and actually is used to exculpate anti-social and criminal actions.

We deplore the action of the Free University which reneged upon its promise to host the Tribunal following pressure of its Department of Psychiatry. Nevertheless we are determined to continue our investigations and hearings and to use the media and all means of communication available to explore these abuses and to alert public opinion to the dangers to human freedom presented by the uncritical acceptance of the claims and practices of psychiatry. We think further investigation should be conducted to explore specific psychiatric abuses: forced drugging, electroshock, four point restraint and involuntary hospitalization.

Strict legal and political supervision of mental hospitals and psychiatric practices is a prerequisite for the effective protection of human rights. Legal mechanisms should include legal representation, access to relevant documents, civil or criminal liability for incarceration and prohibition of discrimination against "mental patients". Further political and public steps should be taken including critical public examination of the role of psychiatry, its scientific basis and the justifiability of contemporary psychiatric practice.

Psychiatry not only refuses to renounce the force it has historically obtained from the state, it even takes on the role of a highly paid and respected agent of social control and international police force over behaviour and the repression of political and social dissent.

We find psychiatry guilty of the combination of force and unaccountability, a classic definition of totalitarian systems. We demand the abolition of the "mental health" laws as a first step toward making psychiatry accountable to society. To this end, compensation should be made for harms it has done. Public funds should be made available for humane and dignified alternatives to coercive psychiatry.

Signed (members of the jury):

Kate Millett
Ken Fleet
Esther Hertzog
Ron Leifer
Jacob Emanuel Mabe
Wolf-Dieter Narr
Richard E. Vatz

I agree with what I have made bold, and in particular with this:

Psychiatry not only refuses to renounce the force it has historically obtained from the state, it even takes on the role of a highly paid and respected agent of social control and international police force over behaviour and the repression of political and social dissent.

For this is what at least the editors of the DSM-5 seem to want to be: Psychiatrists as the willing executioners and eager tools of governments and the bureaucracies, all for good pay and in the name of science, but in fact to discipline and repress the dissenters and "undeserving sick", and to save the state and the insurances money and care that a human society is for - except if it has fallen in the hands of corrupt or immoral leaders.

Note - as before - that I do not agree with all of the above nor with all of the accusation, but I agree with most of both, and I reproduced both to help make people up their own minds, namely by providing evidence of people quite qualified to judge that modern psychiatry has grown into a dangerous pseudo-scientific arm of state-bureaucracies everywhere, with the willing consent of the present editors of the DSM-5 and present leaders of the APA, indeed in spite of opposition by the editors of the DSM-III and DSM-IV:

4. Suzy Chapman's excellent site on the DSM-5

As I indicated in my nice bit of - :o) well-deserved, nicely written :o) - satire quoted above, that also may have woken up some, though one never knows, I do find it quite odd and peculiar that patients' organizations and charities that claim to be there "for the patients' sakes" have for the past two years hardly done anything to try to stop the dangers that threaten all patients with ME/CFS, inside and outside the US, from the sides of the APA and the DSM-5, because the DSMs have had a nearly biblical status amongst bureaucrats, judges, insurors and journalists.

Indeed I also do understand that the subject of XMRV has taken up much attention, and the subject of the DSM-5 is not easy, but then it should be clear, at least to the leaders of patients' organizations of people with ME/CFS, that the DSM-5 holds grave dangers for anyone with ME/CFS, in any country where this American bible of pseudo-scientific psychiatry will have influence.

It should have been clear to these "leaders of our community" (their style of describing themselves, not mine) if only because the people that patients with ME/CFS have most to fear from are precisely the people that have driven quite a few to suicide already: The psychiatric fraud-squad led by Wessely, White and Sharpe in the UK; by Jones, Holmes and Reeves in the US; and by Bleijenberg (a 'clinical psychologist' rather than a psychiatrist) in Holland. See e.g.
for the eventual horrors in store for many, if this grave and dangerous psychiatric sickness is not halted. It's not that difficult to understand what may be in store for many, especially in Great Britain and the US.

Also, given the character of the opposition, and indeed given the exceedingly bitter histories of Sophia Mirza and Lynne Gilderdale, driven to death by the criminal malfeasance of British psychiatry and incompetent bureaucracies, I find it odd that so many patients' organizations have said nothing or very little about this grave danger - and lest somebody might think so: They do not need to do so in my terms, but then I am a philosopher and psychologist in my 33rd year of illness with a repeated medical diagnosis of ME/Fibromyalgia, by medical specialists, but no help, because in the country where I live it is consider moral to mistreat the ill for the financial benefit and personal glee of psychotherapeutical and psychiatric frauds.

Besides, it is not as if I am the only one who said so, besides professor Malcolm Hooper and Ms Margaret Williams, who both wrote extensively and very well on the subject, indeed without satire, and in polite, clear, rational and reasonable terms.

There is the site and the person of the patients' advocate who did most to wake people up about the DSM-5 and indeed LP (see: Get your whee whees cuddled...),
namely the British Ms Suzy Chapman aka ME agenda, who has a fine mind, a fine site, and who did a prodigious amount of patient and careful work in the course of the last two years to publicly expound the dangers the DSM-5 promises to hold for everyone with ME/CFS and indeed for anyone with an unexplained disease, or indeed anyone ill in any way from 2012 onwards:

The last two are two carefully maintained sites with much material and with many links about the topics they are about, and very well worth reading for anybody interested in the subjects.

Then again, at long last it seems to have been registered on Phoenix Rising and elsewhere - and this is from Phoenix Rising and explains what the Coalition4ME/CFS" is supposed to be (which is new for me):

I suppose the appropriate saying is "better late than never" - but personally I find it odd that, given such excellent patients' advocates as professor Malcolm Hooper, Ms Margaret Williams and Ms Suzy Chapman so very few picked up this very important subject before.

P.S. Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.

(Note on the formatting of Nederlog: See the last underlined link, and please note that even if it doesn't look as it should in an MS IE webbrowser, it does look as intended in Firefox and in Seamonkey, and indeed was written mostly in the Composer of the last fine Mozilla-browser. The necessary repairs are in the works, as the saying is - and the text is readable anyway, even in rotten browsers.)

                              As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

1.  Anthony Komarof Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)
3.  Hillary Johnson The Why
4.  Consensus of M.D.s Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
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6.  William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7.  Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

8.  Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)
 Maarten Maartensz
ME in Amsterdam - surviving in Amsterdam with ME (Dutch)
 Maarten Maartensz Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Short descriptions of the above:                

1. Ten reasons why ME/CFS is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understands ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:
7. A space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.
9. I tell my story of surviving (so far) in Amsterdam with ME.
10. The directory on my site about ME.

See also: ME -Documentation and ME - Resources
The last has many files, all on my site to keep them accessible.

Maarten Maartensz (M.A. psy, B.A. phi)
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