May 22, 2011

Hofstra University honors the Dutch protector of the Dutch drugs mafia

Balkenende: Fuck drugs - protect the Dutch mafia
Dutch PM Balkenende

"The sight of hell's torments will exalt the happiness of the saints forever."
   (Jonathan Edwards)

I never heard of Hofstra University before. It is in New York, and it started life, as a private college, in the 1930-ies, funded with money from a man with a Dutch name, indeed Hofstra, who was a "Dutch immigrant lumber magnate", according to Wikipedia.

Since I never heard of
Hofstra University before, I never heard anything bad about it either ("And that is logic" - Tweedledum & Tweedledee) - but now I just read that Dutch former PM Jan Peter Balkenende as of today is doctor honoris causa of that illustrious New York based university, with that quaint Dutch name (and curious logo and somewhat distasteful flag) (*)

Hofstra's logo flag (*)

Is that A Good Thing? If you are not Dutch, you probably never heard of Jan Peter Balkenende, although he was prime minister of Holland until recently. He is a Protestant, like Jonathan Edwards, who I quoted in my opening quote was, while doctor honoris causa Balkenende is, in his own opinion - although he stole both the idea and the phrase from the US Republicans - "A Man Of Norms And Values". Or so he says.

Indeed, it may be quite difficult to say, apart from Protestantism, what "Norms and Values" the former Dutch PM really has, for at least two reasons, namely that (1) he is the worst speaker I have ever heard, who manages not to pronounce half of the sounds he should make in order to speak recognizable Dutch and (2) the last ten years his sense of values consisted in standing up in public and say - again and again and again - that he is
"A Man of Norms And Values" (pronounced his way in his Dutch: "kbnnmanfnnrmnwaerdn" - English translation: "Imumnfnrnsndvals"), without deigning to explain what he might have in mind.

Then again, a man - especially a politician - is better judged by his acts and ommissions than by his words.

Now this remarkably moral former Dutch Prime Minister, who has been in that function for 10 years, did get that function some 5 years after a Dutch Parliamentary Committee produced the Van Traa Report, which says that, at that time, at least 15 billions worth of illegal drugs were traded, each year, in Holland. So he knew.

Indeed, most of that policy was due to the remarkably moral Dutch worthy who loves narco-profits so enormously: Ed van Thijn, then mayor of Amsterdam, while the policy  mostly and specifically consisted in giving the Dutch mayors, who also are, in law and in fact, the chiefs of police in the place they are mayor of, the effective right of giving their personal permission, in a personal letter, with their personal signature to some fine personal friends of these mayors - one must presume: how else can they judge bona fides? - to deal illegal drugs with permission from the mayor, and protection from the municipal police.

This is called "The Dutch Toleration Policy", in Dutch Newspeak, and is extra-ordinarily profitable for the Dutch and European drugs mafia, as you might understand yourself (if you are not Dutch), while at present the sales of illegal drugs is the main Dutch money maker, since the Dutch supply all of Europe with all manner of illegal but therefore extremely profitable drugs, and have done so since decades.

That is also why presently at least
10 tot 40 billion dollars are yearly turned over in illegal drugs in Holland, thanks to that former Amsterdam mayor Ed van Thijn and that former Dutch PM Jan Peter Balkenende, who both are exceedingly honourable men, who also both never got tired of assuring their audiences how exceedingly moral they personally are, themselves, in their own honest opinion.

It so happens that in the United States the Dutch drugs policy is and has been widely misstated and misunderstood, since it would seem to very many US citizens, who have been in Amsterdam, and who have seen with their own eyes the drugs dealers in their police-protected shops, as if selling illegal drugs were THE Dutch trade - which indeed it is: Nothing that is sold in Holland or Europe has a higher profit margin, than Dutch drugs -
and that "therefore" drugs must have been legalized in Holland. I agree it seems thus - but alas:

NOT SO: Mr Balkenende, and the Dutch Parliamentarians and mayors and aldermen and council members
, who all are born dealers, want to keep drugs illegal, for if legal they would cease to be so enormously profitable, and this would very much hurt the interests of many Dutch lawyers, Dutch dealers, Dutch mayors, Dutch aldermen, Dutch policemen, and other Dutch worthies, whose incomes all depend on it, although this is  kept as secretive as is the turnover of drugs, or as their quality.

That in Holland drugs are both illegal, and therefore enormously profitable, and tolerated, and therefore profitably sold, dealt, imported and exported, is just one of the truly Dutch very clever things thought of by ex-mayor Van Thijn and by ex-PM Balkenende: This is so enormously profitable that it very probably is even more profitable than the slave trade was, that the Dutch engaged in for centuries, indeed also to the great public pride of former PM Balkenende (see my: VOC-mentaliteit, if you read Dutch and German, and like Heinrich Heine).

And thence
"the Dutch toleration policy" of illegal drugs:

Dutch and European mafiosi, and also Dutch mayors, Dutch aldermen, Dutch policemen and Dutch bureaucrats, all got enormously rich by "tolerating" the sale of illegal drugs, which guaranteed, on the one hand, that the very profitable illegal drugs could be sold without any problems with the police or the law on a very large scale all through Holland - "our mayor gave permission", you see: case closed - and since many decades now, while guaranteeing also, on the other hand - and this is Dutch business genius - that the profits remain enormous, while the quality of what is sold also gets never checked.

As I have explained it before, in English, indeed while Mr Balkenende was proudly serving the Norms and Values of the Dutch mafia, namely in 2009, here are the links:

As I have explained many times - since 1969, in fact, as it happens - the way to protect the drugsmafia and their interests = to protect their enormous profits = to keep drugs illegal: If you legalize drugs, you take away most of its profit margin, and besides you can control both the quality and the sales, that the mafia - and former PM Balkenende and former mayor Van Thijn all want to remain secrets: The public should not know which aldermen, police commissioners, and mayors profit, and by how much, nor should the public know how dangerous the drugs are, or what the profit margin precisely is.

If you still don't understand, here it is in American, relayed to you by Americans, for the point is not very difficult to see, unless - of course - you are a Dutch mayor, a Dutch Prime Minister, a Dutch Police Commissioner, a Dutch District Attorney, or a Dutch Mafia Leader (all these Dutch folks freely and tolerantly intermingle since decades, thanks to the Dutch Drugs Toleration Policy: Many Labour Politicians, especially in and around Amsterdam, are - in secret - stinking rich because of this policy):
The Dutch PM Balkenende did want none of it: Being A Man Of Norms And Values he morally protected the powerful and the rich, and indeed the very dangerous, who are the Dutch drugs mafia, and firmly opposed legalizing drugs while maintaining the toleration of selling it on a very large scale, all through Holland.

Indeed, here is Mr Balkenende, doing it again during the last elections, which he managed to loose for his party of Christian Democrats, halving the votes of that party also, with his favourite drug - a can of beer - in hand, laughing at the world, and presumably also at Hofstra University's academic staff, while proudly propounding his message and attitude:

Balkenende: Fuck drugs - protect the Dutch mafia

He had donned the shirt with the slogan while campaigning to be re-elected, and indeed that is what he really means: I don't care what the fuck is going on in my country with drugs: I protect the mafia! Real Dutch Business!

If this Man Of Norm And Values, now also (undoubtedly) A Very Proud And Thankful  Doctor (Honoris Causa) Of Hofstra University, no less, in New York, ever had meant well with American or Dutch ordinary citizens' interests, he would - if sensible - have legalized drugs, and - if stupid but Christian - he would have forbidden drugs.

Being a Dutch Protestant, A Christian Man Of Christian Principles, and A Man Of Norms And Values, by his own very many times repeated personal insistence, Mr Balkenende, - now also Doctor Honoris Causa Balkenende - protected the interests, the profits, the businesses, and the lives and livelihoods of the Dutch drugs mafia, while being the most powerful man in the country.

For ten years, continuously, every day again, and again, and again, and yet again, as a Christian Man
Of Real (Dutch Mafia) Norms And Values, he looked bravely away and courageously did fuck all - for he was for ten years the Dutch Prime Minister who could have stopped it all, but who much rather saw at least 150 BILLION dollars of illegal drugs turned over, in Holland, thanks to him, who does and did so much to "Fuck drugs!" and to enrich the Dutch drugs mafia, with untold and uncontrolled BILLIONS in yearly profits.

So... let me congratulate the Board of Directors of Hofstra University for honoring this great Dutchman, one of the staunchest protectors of the real interests of the Dutch drugs mafia, and also the man who, thanks to his personal Christian Norms And Values, helped the Dutch drugs mafia to turn over 150 BILLION dollars - at least - in illegal drugs, in Holland, and for the rest of Europe, between 2001 to 2011, and while he was Prime Minister, also greatly benefiting thereby, as a man of Norms And Values, all those very many American tourists who were then trying to score cocaine or heroine or hash in Amsterdam, and indeed quite possibly also including some of the students or staff from that quaintly named American Hofstra University, that must indeed be, one cannot possibly doubt, A University Of Norms And Values, like their alumnus honoris causa.

Light that spliff, o Hofstra University academics! Sniff that line, o Hofstra Board of Directors! Push that needle, o academics of Hofstra! Fuck drugs with Balkenende, the Dutch PM of the Dutch drugs mafia - and see, if you want to know more about the very immoral writer of this encomium:

or in case you might want to know more about the proud country the present writer hails from
But being a man from my family (see above link), I am fair enough to grant that Mr Balkenende certainly did the wise and the Dutch thing: In Holland, the mafia is very powerful, and much more so than the mayor - unless the mayor is from the mafia - or indeed quite possibly than the Prime Minister.

So, in honor of Mr Dr Balkenende: I am willing to assume he did not act as he should have - maintain the existing laws, to prevent drugs dealing, or change the existing laws, if they cannot be maintained, and legalize drugs - because he was threatened, like I was threatened, with bloody murder, by Amsterdam drugs dealers, who happened to be mayor Van Thijn's personal friends (one must assume).

If you don't protest in Holland against drugs dealers protected by the mayor and the prime minister, you won't get any problems in Holland with them, and so most Dutchmen don't have problems with the Dutch drugs mafia, at all, or are too afraid to say so.

Indeed, not all men are as moral and courageous as my father, grandfather and mother were, and the vast majority of the Dutch, including Mr Balkenende, certainly are not - which is why Holland has that extremely profitable illegal but tolerated - for business interests: The US Republicans smile and approve - drugs policy, that benefits so many Dutch mafiosi, mayors and bureaucrats since so many decades now so much, all thanks to Dutch Norms And Values like those of Mr Dr Honoris Causa Jan Peter Balkenende.

Say a prayer for Mr Balkenende while you are scoring drugs in Amsterdam! If his favourite theologians are right, he will burn forever in hell, Norms And Values included.

(*) About that Hofstra flag.... The Wikipedia says:

Hofstra’s original seal was created by Professor of Art Constant van de Wall in 1937. The insignia was derived from the official seal of the House of Orange of the Netherlands and is used with the permission of the Dutch monarch. At the bottom of the seal were the words Je Maintiendrai, meaning “I stand steadfast” in French.

Well... yes, but... (1) the French words are also the motto of the Dutch Royal family, and (2) that flag, with that orange upper band (the Dutch flag has a red upper band) though without the Hofstra logo, was also the flag of the Dutch National Socialist Movement (NSB), in 1937, and till 1945:

I would not expect the present Hofstra Board of Directors to know of these things, but I would be very amazed if the very Dutch sounding Mr Constant van de Wall, designing it all, so originally also, in the year 1937 - the hey day of the NSB! - did not know this, then.

P.S. Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.
-- May 24, 2011: Corrected some typos and inserted some links.

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