March 3, 2011


me+ME: Falk, Kitei and problems around ME

I am still around, but again didn't sleep enough because of pain - "the dysfunctional belief", as medical and psychotherapeutical frauds and sadists love to call it, that I am in pain, that I have most of the time since 22 years.

More on these professionals below, but first more from patients with ME.


1. John Falk in Huffington Post on ME/CFS
2. Mindy Kitei on the (de)merits of the CAA
3. Internet and me+ME

1. John Falk on Huffington Post on ME/CFS

One of the somewhat though not very strange things about ME/CFS is that few well-known people, or at least few persons with regular access to wellread media, own up to having ME/CFS.

This is somewhat strange because there are bound to be a few that fit the description, but if it is so, it tends to be a rumour, that is not confirmed.

This again is not very strange, because Reeves, Wessely, and Bleijenberg have succeeded for the most part in publicly redefining ME/CFS to a psychiatric condition, and did so fraudulently, falsely, without better evidence than the inquisition had for burning witches, but alas with considerable media-success, for that is where these pseudoscientists fight their fights: In the media, not in real science.

More on this below, but indeed that is one of the reasons why you find my academic degrees and subjects below: I have - all the defining symptoms of - ME/CFS since 1.1.1979, and I am therefore very much qualified to judge who is and is not a pseudoscientist in it.

It therefore may be of some help that John Falk, who writes for the Huffington Post, and who is a journalist, owned up to having it, presumably for the reason he gives in his opening paragraph:

"Psychotherapy Eases Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Study Finds," read the headline in the February 17, 2011 edition of The New York Times. Within a few days Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) ranked third on Yahoo's 'Trending Now' list. For the misinformed reader it's likely these headlines translated that CFS is all in your head.

The heading refers to the PACE study, which turns out to be a multi-million medical fraud by the English Wesselytes, who must since Simon Wessely started his fraudulent and sadistic writings ca. 1988 have driven hundreds of people into suicide, as I assume they did with the greatest pleasure, for else they would have written and acted differently, and who have succeeded in inventing a psychiatric ailment they call "chronic fatigue", or CFS, which they consistently and on purpose confuse with ME, to the nefarious extent of excluding patients with ME from their studies, by the criterion that those with physical ailments are to be excluded, and then declaring their studies of tired people to be studies of people with ME - which is a neurological disease, that is explicitly not a psychiatric condition, according to the World Health Organization, but not according to medical frauds like Wessely and White, both psychiatrists, and not real medical scientists at all.

I provided the link and to the Huffington Post because Falk has access to it, and very well may have ME, but he doesn't have it as long as I have - less than 10% of the time I have had it - and is not a psychologist, is much younger than I am, and with a young daughter, and he writes

I have no problem with CBT as part of overall treatment for CFS. I'm still fighting to get better and am not yet ready to surrender to a life where I spend 20 hours a day horizontal, lack the physical energy to sleep with my wife, and hold my new baby girl for more than a minute. But I have actively sought out CBT treatments, and all other forms of psychotherapy. Anything to help is my motto, from exotic herbs to the couch. And this openness to CBT is one I'm sure is shared by many with CFS.

Well... not by me, but then I am a psychologist, and I know what psychologists and psychiatrists can do for you, which rarely is much, and in so far as it consists of psychotherapy, talk therapy, psychoanalysis, or psychobabble, which is what most of clinical psychology aka psychotherapy and psychiatry in fact is, it nearly always consists in exchanging one set of delusions for another, for pay to the soul healer, who even may believe that his brand of psychobabble is, somehow, medical science.

This it rarely is, since little is really scientifically known about how the human brain produces human experience, and those who have such knowledge rarely are psychiatrists or psychotherapists. (They tend to be neuroscientists, engineeers, pharmacologists and the like: People with some real knowledge of how the brain works.)

In brief, my point is this: If Mr. Falk is benefitted by CBT, then by all means he should avail himself of it - but it really is not true that CBT is helpful for most people with a genuine physical disease, whatever the psychiatrists or psychotherapists claim: These sellers of feel good stuff are in it for the money, which is why they claim that their expensive treatment - psychobabble - is a panacea for any problem.

The claim that CBT is a legitimate, regular medical treatment for ME/CFS is just the sort of baloney professors Wessely and White, and Reeves and Jones in the US, want people to believe about ME/CFS: It is medical fraudulence.

Apart from this, what Mr. Falk writes makes sense, and I hope the best for him.

2. Mindy Kitei on the (de)merits of the CAA

Mindy Kitei is a journalist who has a blog about ME/CFS with some interesting articles and opinions, that I wrote about before.

Lately, she is doing battle with the staff of the CAA - that largely unknown organization that is supposed to do advocacy for persons with ME in the US, but that seems the last two decades mostly and only successful in paying its staff really well. (Congratulations, staff!)

Here she is on the merits of Kim - originally yclept Kenney, it seems - McCleary, the head of the CAA who received the last 20 years more per year for advocacy for persons with ME/CFS than the Dutch prime ministers received per year these decades:

Mindy Kitei's title refers to Ms McCleary's supporting the idea of prescribing CBT and GET to patients with ME, as if she didn't or shouldn't know most patients who do know what ME is, from the literature and their own experience, are much against it, as shown very clearly here, in May 2010, on Phoenix Rising, that Ms McClearly surely knows and reads:

Note the above link is looooong - 459 Kb - but selected by me from a very much longer series of contributions of the most outspoken and best informed patients of Phoenix Rising - then not yet hunted away for a good part for reasons displayed in my next link - in a thread that ran for a very long time, and also was meant to make the CAA do something against prescribing GET to persons with ME, instead of, as the CAA did, indeed also on its website, endorsing the views of the fraudulent English psychiatrist Peter Denton White, lately also responsible for the PACE Trials.

It seems to me both Ms McCleary, and her - it seems - personal lawyer Jennifer Spotila simply wiped their asses with it, and this is an important part of my reason to say that I do not believe in their bona fides, but I trust blindly they are very well paid. (Congratulations, staff!)

As to Spotila: Here she is screaming like a Maoist on the day I definitely closed the door on Phoenix Rising, indeed in part because I get personally quite sick of the following sort of hysterical verbal Maoism - and I quote myself in small letters and her screaming person in ordinary size from my:

Then the legal eagle of the CAA moved in to support Cort and the moderators and complete the set-up to silence anybody with 'inappropriate' thoughts, values, ideas or background:

jspotila - senior member, CAA rep - #59 in part)

The "Report Post" button is completely democratic. Think someone is being offensive? You can report it. Think someone has gone off topic? You can report it. Think someone is full of crap? You can report it. Have a vendetta against the poster, no matter what he/she said? You can report it. See a troll? Hate someone's avatar? Spot subtle bullying? Report. Report. Report.

 (^ anonymous reporting to anonymous moderators completely democratic ^)
How many posters and posts did Jennie Spotila "
Report. Report. Report."?
Many, it may be rationally feared, for Her Own Colleagues at the CAA
($ 180.000 per year) have been criticized quite sharply, and that is quite
impolite to such sensitive souls who - honestly! - mean well and do well always.

I do not like personalities like Spotila - also personally impertinent and impolite - and certainly don't trust one with this evident totalitarian mind set.

What is also clear is that she trusts the handful of anonymous moderators on Phoenix Rising much more than hundreds of patients who complained about the moderators: I suppose and supposed she has good personal reasons or such deep trust in these failing moderators (unless they too work in fact under instructions from the CDC: how can one tell, with anonymous folks, who clearly misbehave?).

Anyway, for more see Mindy Kitei's website, where there is an earlier article - Bad Company - Why some patients have had enough of the CAA  - to similar effect as her The devil made me do it.

Did I already congratulate the staff of the CAA on their financial wellbeing? Congratulations, staff!

3. Internet and me+ME

There are two problems with the internet and ME that need some consideration and addressing. I merely list them with a brief explanation for today, and hope to return later to them:

A. Anonymous forums for patients with ME
B. Pseudoscientists as opponents

A. Anonymous forums for patients with ME: It has turned out that anonymous forums for patients with ME are, for advocates and people who can write or are intellectually or academically qualified, most effective traps and places where one gets offended, pestered, scolded and abused precisely for one's qualities, by trolls, by envious idiots, or by crazy people who insist on argueing and argueing and argueing, meanwhile demanding respect, respect, respect, while they are themselves intellectual non-entities without the least talent, wbo are apparently taking revenge on their betters under the cloak of being anonymous and "a patient with ME".

I have seen the best people - I am not talking of my self here - sorely abused by the worst types, and hunted away from fora, for no other reason that I can see than that they are the best, and that the worst can wreak havoc on anyone, without any responsibility or accountability, because they are anonymous.

This is a great block in the way of effective organization, and it also has worsened the health of quite a few very fine, very intelligent people I have learned to know on Phoenix Rising (who were mostly clubbed verbally to death as reported in Sweet relief: The Phoenix Forums' Moderators (May 25, 2010), and have left or post rarely).

I cannot see it undone until discussion is really free, in real time, via webcameras. I hope to make that day, in such mental clarity as I still have, and if by that time the situation around ME hasn't changed, at long last I will have a fair chance of using my large talents for spoken and written debate, instead of being speared by anti-semitic moderators, on the wishes of an assistant of Bleijenberg, and instead of being abused by a guy/gal with major MH problems.

B. Pseudoscientists as opponents: One major problem both patients with ME/CFS and medical doctors and real scientists who support them have is that "The Opposition", that is the groups of psychiatric frauds centered around Reeves and Jones in the US, around Wessely and White in Great Brittain, and around Van der Meer and Bleijenberg in Holland, are pseudoscientists, liars and frauds, who do NOT do science in an honest and rational way, but who do pseudoscience in a very dishonest and fraudulent way.

Messrs Reeves and Jones, Wessely and White and Van der Meer and Bleijenberg are not occupied with publishing in what they call scientific jounals - mostly psychiatric or psychotherapeutical ones, that someone with my education knows to be mostly baloney anyway, as far as real science goes, even if it is honest - to contribute to science, but to make propaganda in and for the media, and to influence governments and health bureacracies, and to help health insurors, the last by offering "therapies" that do not heal but do harm the patient, while financially benefitting the therapist enormously, but avoiding much stiffer bills if the patients with a real disease where being dealth with as human beings with a real disease, instead of functioning as cash cows fit to be lied to in all manner of ways, which is what is and has been happening for over two decades now with persons with ME/CFS.

This is a major problem, because someone like me, ill for the 33rd year, nearly 61, but with the best possible degrees in psychology and philosophy, can say what I just said, quite safely also, because professor Bleijenberg or professor Wessely surely will avoid being sliced up by me in a court - but persons with an academic position and academic tenure risk a lot speaking the truth about frauds, deceivers, and Schreibtischmörder (*) like Wessely, White and Bleijenberg, who merit serious investigation with the question: How many persons did you successfully drive into suicide?! Let's investigate THAT scientifically and statistically, for a change: How many were driven to death like Sophia Mirza and Lynn Gilderday?!?!

See also:

This fraudulence is part of the devastating dishonesty and medical sadism of messrs Reeves and Jones, Wessely and White and Van der Meer and Bleijenberg: They do NOT meet their natural scientific opponents honestly, honorably and rationally in the field of science - they meet criticism by innuendo, slander, propaganda and manipulation of the media, while pretending they never heard from any person or any publication that criticizes them or that doesn't fit their fraudulence.

And this really is a major problem, both for patients with ME/CFS and for both honest scientists and honest people:

There is a large bunch of crafty professional psychiatrically trained liars opposing them with fraudulence and pseudoscience. And they do know their way to the media very well, and can make themselves heard while boasting their academic positions, to journalists who can't judge their claims, but mostly trust that professors would not lie about science.

Not so with and around ME/CFS.

It is also true - and this makes the chances for honest rational persons and for persons with ME/CFS to get rational and moral medical and social help rather than stigmas, denials an refusals worse than they might otherwise be - that this is a general trend, both in psychiatry, and in science and academia:

Anyway... since I am poor and too old to make an academic career, I can speak the truth as I see it.

More on these problems later.


(*) Aka desktop murders: "Some kill with a six gun, some with a fountain pen". I found a fitting neologism for the species: bureaufascists, for they generally are bureaucrats of some kind, for which species of I have a bureaucracy plan, since this species - the type of men and women who are and want to be bureaucratic servants of the political elites - is one of the blights of mankind

P.S. Corrections have to be made later, if any.

-- Mar 4, 2011: Corrections have been made today: Indeed I was very exhausted when I wrote the previous version, with too many typos.

As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

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    "Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!

No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure.
I ask the Earth, have not the mountains felt?
I ask yon Heaven, the all-beholding Sun,
Has it not seen? The Sea, in storm or calm,
Heaven's ever-changing Shadow, spread below,
Have its deaf waves not heard my agony?
Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!
     - (Shelley, "Prometheus Unbound") 

    "It was from this time that I developed my way of judging the Chinese by dividing them into two kinds: one humane and one not. "
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