A few people have told me that you are a decent member of the forum.
You have been so unreasonable towards me that I can't quite see this myself... but I will take into account the fact that this particular subject raises strong emotions, for many of us, before I form an opinion of you.

I think that your personal attacks have perfectly demonstrated the point I was originally making...

You saw someone who disagreed with your own views, and you attacked me personally, rather than discussing and arguing the issues...

I assume that you would do this with anyone who disagreed with your own views?
And would you would do this to anyone who said that they had benefited from LP?
It is very unpleasant to be on the receiving end of a personal attack.

And my original point was that I believe this sort of behaviour will not progress our cause...

If you just attack someone because you disagree with them, but refuse to address the issues intelligently and courteously, then you just come across as ignorant, and people will not listen to you or take you seriously. So it does nothing for your cause.

I remain of the view that we should address the issues, and not attack individual people.

You have refused to enter into a discussion with me, and you haven't raised any specific issues of debate with me, but you have just continuously attacked me instead. It is a very sorry way to conduct a discussion.

I stick firm to the belief that we shouldn't personally attack people who we disagree with, however passionate we are about a subject.

If you personally attack someone just because you disagree with their point of view, then you immediately lose the argument.