January 9, 2011


me + ME: Causal explanation: It's malevolence, stupid!


     "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

    -- Hanlon's Razor

    The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it's good-bye to the Bill of Rights.
    -- H.L. Mencken

     "If mankind had wished for what is right, they might have had it long ago. The theory is plain enough; but they are prone to mischief, 'to every good work reprobate.'"
   -- Hazlitt

Back to me + ME and to continue what I wrote yesterday, that is in fact about an important lesson - a confirmation, that is for me definite enough now to act on, at 60 after 33 years of discrimination, defamation because I am ill and have ideas and values that do not have the democratic majority - that I have learned the past year:

The greatest part of the causal explanation of 33 years of illness without help is that it is in the end due to malevolence, possibly masked as total moral, medical, scientific, bureaucratic or political  indifference of those who commit it because it serves their own financial or career interests so well.

The reason I speak of malevolence, rather than stupidity, is that nearly everything I was exposed to by the Amsterdam bureaucrats, especially, because I was ill, and could neither escape it, or them, or Amsterdamn, being ill, happened with the firm knowledge that doctors had declared I was ill; with the firm knowledge that I had no financial interest whatsoever to be in Holland in the dole with a brilliant academic M.A.; with the firm knowledge that many have been murdered in Amsterdam by the drugs mafia; with the firm knowledge that I had written and spoken the truth about the decline of education in Holland; but also with the firm knowledge that my death would mightily please the mayors and aldermen of Amsterdam, and the drugs-corrupt bureacratic colleagues of their colleagues, and these mayors and aldermen wished to protect their willing bureaucratic executioners from legal prosecution or - least of all - thorough investigation. Also, the illegal drugs-bussines is worth tens of billions in and around Amsterdam, since decades - and I must have said to hundreds of Amsterdam bureaucrats, while it was happening, that I was ill and in pain and feared for my life.

What I received from nearly all of them - two notable exceptions, in 22 years - in the free country where I live, in the town governed "in the name of the ideals of the February Strike", were contempt, lies, indifference, and a constant repetition from all of them, but the two I mentioned, that they were personally not responsible and not accountable in any way - speaking as bureaucrats paid very well indeed to maintain the Dutch law in Amsterdam, also for me, according to the paper that law is written on, about the fact that I had been threatened with murder and been gassed by Amsterdam dealers in illegal drugs given personal permission by Amsterdam's mayor to deal illegal drugs from the house where I lived (rather than his own, or those of aldermen or council members).

I can only explain that by a mixture of cowardice, cruelty, sadism, and indifference, mostly enabled by the fact that an ordinary Dutchmen has no idea what bureaucrat he may be addressing, for it is nearly all on a functionally anonymous first name basis, and no bureaucrat has an address - while all bureaucrats have a computer screen full of information about ordinary citizens they deal with. (This applies especially to people living in a city: in villages it still is a bit different, for at least you know who the bastards are that tell you effectively you may be gassed by the criminals they protect, and where to find them or have them found by a lawyer: not so in Amsterdamn. Nearly all bureacrats are functionally anonymous, as if on an internet-forum. All are effectively beyond the reach of the law, and beyond sanction of the civilians whose lives or health they may destroy, "in the name of the ideals of the February Strike", or whatever sanctimonious moral rot they use to clothe their malevolent corruption in.)

So that's why malevolence is my main explanation, ever since reading Reeves, Wessely and Bleijenberg last year: In the case of ME/CFS, It is about intentional human failings to be moral, fair, honest and rational, much rather than about the scientific merits of specific research, indeed in part because that specific research is not really scientific, and the writers are smart and educated enough to know this.

Now as to what the category of malevolence quite well explains, noting also that Reeves and Wessely are not stupid at all, though they are evil - deceiving, defaming, defrauding, offending, manipulating the pain and poverty of ill people; harming and denigrating people for the fun of harming and denigrating, for that's what they are and have been doing, if you tell the world that 17 million ill people with a specific neurological disease, that is not psychiatric, are - according to Reeves, Wessely etc. - not physically ill but mentally disturbed, and should learn to work and be forced into mental therapies.

That is slander, defamation, and character assasination, and the fact that it is served to the public with an academic degree in psychiatry, that anyway is a pseudo-science for the most part, does not make it less slander, defamation, and character assasination of 17 million people with a specific neurological disease, that is not psychiatric, according to the World Health Organization, and most medical researches who are not pseudoscientific psychos with academic titles and a nice way of peddling and propagandizing psychobabble and pseudoscience.

Yesterday I wrote among other things about why I wanted to study the subjects I have studied (and have excellent academic degrees in):

Now two of my important reasons to study philosophy and psychology, rather than biology or physics or mathematics is that I wanted to understand (1) why concentration camps could come to be, in terms of human nature and social forces and (2) why human history is by and large a history of massmurder, violence, exploitation, slavery and religious and political insanity/fanaticism.

To which you then may add three other reasons that arose in the UvA: (3) why is nearly all of my generation selling out the ideals of science and civilization they hardly know and hardly understand on the basis of a fanatically held political ideology they also hardly know and hardly understand and (4) why it was a manner of course that my student opponents in the university let everyone publicly know that somebody like me, who was in favour of real science, rationality, logic, and universities for the best and the brightest rather than the average and the cognitively challenged called me "fascist" and "terrorist" as a matter of course, and with much evidence that screaming so at me - and screaming other things: "patriarchical pig", "macho swine", and "supporter of American imperialism" - was in their minds a moral act, and (5) why it was a manner of course that my teachers, my professors and lecturers, for 95% sold out to the students, and helped ruin the Dutch universities and indeed also the rest of the Dutch educational system, all in the name of "equality" and "democracy"?

I think my explanation - malevolence; total indifference to if not also enjoyment of another's pain and misery; the profit motive without any regulation - explains what happened to me in Amsterdam best, and also explains many more things best:

  • slavery
    For it is for many economical purposes much more productive and profitable to use paid labour rather than slave labour.
  • concentration camps
    For the inmates were worked to death, on average in 3 months with on average a little over 1600 Reichsmarks proft, while they would have been far more productive with better working conditions and better treatments. Likewise in the Gulag and Mao's "re-education": Basically sadistic projects to wreak cruel vengeance on opponents and frighten the rest.
  • dealing in illegal drugs
    For there one cannot care over the many deaths and destroyed lives this causes, when the substances are heroine, cocaine, crack, ecstasy and other hard drugs.
  • the policies and writings of Reeves etc., Wessely etc. and Bleijenberg etc.
    For these are anything but scientific, all but rational, totally immoral, besides being illegal slander and defamation of millions ("dysfunctional believers": Ne, ne, ne, ne: you can't get me, sickening neurasthenic, for I am A Psychiatrist").
  • the economical crisis
    For these were based on the sort of gamble o which CBT, GET and LP are based: "We do our very best to force you to do what we want, even though this may work out very bad for you, if our theories are wrong, for we are so rich and powerful we won't feel the misery and pain we create anyway, and we can force you to pay for our doings anyway".
  • the degeneration of socialism in Russia, China and elsewhere
    For these were little else than thinly disguised tyrannies of a very small group exploiting millions, in the name of the highest moral ideals: Stalin, Mao and their willing executioners knew very well what they were doing and why.

There is more this applies to, and lest you didn't think of it: What I am saying amounts to a good part of the moral teachings of the Protestants and the Catholics: For the most part man is a fundamentally flawed creature

prone to mischief, 'to every good work reprobate.'

mostly because the large majority is born stupid and raised an egoist by egoists, and apart from that is chauvinistic and easily moved to cruelty and to persecution in the interests of the group, which often works out as the interests of its leaders, with some share of the spoils for wellbehaved members (as in other kinds of animal that live in hordes: wolves, hyenas, chimps).

Also, lest you mistake what I am saying: It is in neither case the full explanation, but it is the best single one I know, especially because it explains things in terms of personal motives of the perpetrators:

The group wants it, the leader desires it, self-interest demands it, it is profitable - what do I care for the pains and miseries of somebody I do not or very vaguely know, does not belong to my group, and cannot settle scores with me anyway?

Here is the mechanism in general terms, from a book that explains it all quite well, in the form of my review of it, in "Politics - introductory texts" - and I put the bold marking in the quote I give of Browning, he did not:

Christopher R. Browning: "Ordinary Men": This concerns the actions of the German Reserve Police Batallion 101 and The Final Solution in Poland. These were for the greatest part quite ordinary German middle-aged men, not fit for front-duty, some 500 of them, who yet managed to murder each - at least and on average - 166 innocent mostly Jewish Polish civilians in the 1940-ies, unarmed and defenseless, old or child, healthy or ill, and for no other reason than their supposed race, mostly by shooting them through the head.

The book is tolerably well-written, not long, not pleasant reading because of the horrors it details, and predates Goldhagen's (in)famous "Hitler's Willing Executioners". Goldhagen didn't like Browning's book, and Browning explains in an interesting "Afterword" why: "Central to Goldhagen's interpretation is that these men were not only "willing excecutioners! but in fact "wanted to be genocidal executioners" of Jews (italics mine). They "slaked their Jewish blood-lust" with "gusto"; they had "fun"; they killed "for pleasure." (..) Goldhagen concludes emphatically that "with regard to the motivational cause of the Holocaust, for the vast majority of the perpetrators, a monocausal explanation does suffice" - namely the "demonological antisemitism" that "was the common structure of the perpetrators' cognition and of German society in general." " (p. 203)

Browning is less simple-minded and concludes his "Afterword" and book (2nd edition) as follows, and it seems to me he is right:

"Why does it matter which of our portrayals of and conclusions about Reserve Police Batallion 101 are closer to the truth? It would be very comforting if Goldhagen were correct, that very few societies have the long-term, cultural-cognitive prerequisites to common genocide, and that regimes can only do so when the population is overwhelmingly of one mind about its priority, justice and necessity. We would live in a safer world if he were right, but I am not so optimistic. I fear we live in a world in which war and racism are ubiquitous, in which the powers of government mobilization and legitimization are powerful and increasing, in which a sense of personal responsibility is increasingly attenuated by specialization and bureaucratization, and in which peer-group exerts tremendous pressures on behavior and sets moral norms. In such a world, I fear, modern governments that wish to commit mass murder will seldom fail in their efforts for being unable to induce "ordinary men" to become their "willing executioners." " (p. 222-3)

Incidentally, I had a similar reaction to Goldhagen completely independently from Browning. If you read Dutch, it is here: Goldhagen en "de Holocaust". It was written in 1996.

But this again is what makes its honest public discussion virtually impossible:

The public for the most part consists of ordinary men, that is, men who take pride in being conformists, pride in being chauvinists, who are willing and proud to serve and obey their group and leaders blindly, and who are themselves for the greatest part neither well educated nor particularly intelligent nor equipped with a high level of morality. Indeed, the public has on average the mental level that is presupposed by the success of the amusements and advertisements they watch daily - which unerringly brands them, alas, as  willing dupes, blind fools, and dumb suckers, even if they can't help it, and might have been better and less credulous had they been better educated.

And next to that, I live in a sort of "civilization" where only the comedians may hope to speak the truth, be heard, and get away with it. Here are some explanations of the difficulty, coming with quite a few videolinks that should amuse the more intelligent while also enlightening them at least a little:

Indeed, the last is my friendliest feeling about the degenerate rotters that ruled Amsterdam for the drugs-mafia and for the degenerate rotters that produced the bullshit that ME, or indeed any disease current science cannot explain, must be psychiatric and due to the patient's malingering or lying, or - indeed - to madness aka "dysfunctional belief", which is a complete return to the outlook and ideas of the inquisition and the middle ages.

Yes: I do grant this sickening malevolence is the most profitable option for governments, health insurances, and psychobabblers (*):

The first two - governments and health insurances - don't need to pay any money or make any effort to help ill people, for the latter - the titled psychobabblers - assure them, smiling like villains, and ever repeating the mantra "It's Evidence Based Medicine, It's Evidence Based Medicine", that ME is madness, of 17 million persons no less, or is malingering, and the "patients" are to be handed to them, to be forced into exercise while being degraded by psychobabble, to be sectioned, or to be driven to suicide, all at much cheaper rates than it would cost to help them as if they are really ill, as the vast majority of them are, or at least to do real biomedical research into what may have caused it.

Instead, patients are effectively accused of having dissident beliefs - styled "dysfunctional": if you think you are ill with ME, possibly by the millions in the US, certainly by the tenthousands in Holland, your government much rather pays rich bank managers even more riches, than that it does organize any real biomedical research to find out what may ail poor and ill patients. That is the brief of it - monetary profit coupled to criminal indifference or sick malevolence, the one feeding the other.

And please note: This is by no means true of only people with ME. It is true of many more groups of patients, even including, in the United States, the first responders to 9/11 who have been left to die of cancers while coughing out there lungs ever since 9/11, even while no one would have been willing to deny in public that many of these acted heroically, and afterward were gravely ill, and sorely in need of medical help:

Again, this illustrates my difficulty, and indeed Congressman's Weiner's difficulty as well:

It ought to be totally obvious that not helping these first responders can only be explained rationally by either utter and truly psychopathic indifference to their suffering or by malevolent glee that they were not helped (for this issue has been going on for nine years: it cannot be a matter of ignorance for those who refuse to help these first responders, for all manner of bullshit reasons Congressman Weiner attacks so well in the above link).

But you can't say so, in public, that only malevolent perverts or psychopaths without conscience wait for over 9 years to help persons everybody in the US agrees acted heroically and who have gotten gravely ill because of their heroism, as the media are at present (except in small corners few look at or hear): If so, Newt Gingrich, Joe Liebermann, Dick Morris, Bernie Goldberg, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly get very irate, and tell you that you are demonising their beloved GOP. Indeed, some of these - notably, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly - may not so subtly suggest that it's you who are a racist, a fascist and worthy of being shot or executed by the Tea Party and such, as these things happen these days in the US media, around Assange, and indeed in the streets in Tucson yesterday (**).

And it's the same in Holland and in Amsterdam:

Rather than investigate my allegations that the drugsdealers who mayor Ed van Thijn had put on the first floor in the house where I lived to enable them to deal illegal drugs with illegal profits with his personal permission as mayor and chief of police of Amsterdam, had threatened me with murder and tried to gas me so as to get rid of someone as outspoken and unflappable as me above their "coffeeshop", while the mayor knew full well that my father and grandfather were heroes of the Dutch Resistance in Amsterdam in WW II, and were arrested as co-responsible for the February Strike, nothing was done but prepare a report full of lies, while leaving me to be terrorized by the mafia as they pleased, for nearly 4 years (in which the Amsterdam drugsmafia and willing bureaucratic collaborators turned over something like 4*10 billion - 4*1000 million - in illegal drugs).

But you can't say so, in public, that only malevolent perverts or psychopaths without conscience help the drugsmafia deal illegal drugs "in the name of the ideals of the February Strike", to the tune of 10 billion illegal euros a year, year after year, and that only parliamentarians or council member who are criminally corrupt or insane tolerate such things for four decades, for the most part without any discussion, not even by Dutch judges.

You will then offend these Dutch tribunes, parliamentarians, council members, bureaucrats and politicians who have been helping and protecting the mafia for decades, essentially for the reason everyone except one small boy "could not see the emperor was naked":

It was so much better paying, so much better for one's career, so much kinder to one's corrupt colleagues, to simply look the other way or admire the King's new dress in tones of idolizing public praise, as befell the mayor who had me gassed, precisely because he claimed to govern Amsterdam, "in the name of the ideals of the February Strike", to the tune of 10 billion illegal drugsmafia-euros in turnover each and every year, that no one with any power in politics or the media ever wanted to discuss rationally the last 40 years while it happened. "Offensive to Dutch!"

Suppose that one explains - as I did in Dutch in 2006: In Nederland regeert de leugen  - that in fact in Holland, country of Srebrenica and more than 1% of the population gassed between 1941 and 1945, because the rest of the Dutch for the most part collaborated with the Nazis, with numbers like these, that hold for 1940-1945 in Holland:

inhabitants = 9,000,000
resistance = 3000 = number of Dutchmen in the armed resistance (***)
Dutch SS etc = 24000 = number of Dutchmen in the Dutch Waffen-SS etc.
collaborators = (inhabitants  - resistance)/inhabitants = (2999/3000)

criiminals = Dutch SS etc  / inhabitants = (1/375)

opponents = resistance/inhabitants = (1/3000)
gassed Jews = 100,000 = minimum number
proportion of Dutch victims = gassed Jews / inhabitants  = (1/90)
= more tham 1% of the Dutch population.

In Amsterdam one then is told that one is ... calumniating the mayor "who means so well" and one is ... blackening the Dutch reputation! A nation where effectively 2999/3000 stood and watched and did nothing or collaborated while 1% of their own population was herded up in razzia's, in beastly fashion also! Indeed, some Dutch women - collaborators of professor Bleijenberg, it seems - are so malevolent or insane they do this (anonymously, of course) even on American ME-boards!  "Offensive to Dutch!

So... to end with a return to my title "me + ME: Causal explanation: It's malevolence, stupid!":

If there is one thing I learned from 32 years of illness without help but with discrimination, denigration and defamation is the explanation why there were so many concentration-camps in the 20th Century, where my grandfather got murdered, and that my father barely survived:

In every generation, in every race, in every culture, in every faith a new bunch of born rotters, genetical fascists, natural nazis and sadistic creeps gets born, and in every generation, in every race, in every culture, in every faith it is these creeps who easiest and soonest get to the top, and who rule the human world, or the part they can control, for their benefit, income, and status. And it is especially to these that I attribute malevolence: Many of their willing executioners are mostly deceived if also willing conformists and willing collaborators.

Having had my chances ruined to use my talents for the most part; having had my chances ruined to have a family with children; having been gassed "in the name of the ideals of the February Strike"; having been kicked from the University for being honest and smart; having had no help during 33 years except from - clearly and evidently - a few extraordinary men and women, who did not behave as proper ordinary Dutchmen should, this is the message I will try to hammer home in the Dutch conscience + consciousness, including the content of this most downloaded file from my site and a good explanation of the social mechanisms underneat it all:

For I see no escape from the beastly level of the ever collaborating majority, nor of the born rotters, genetical fascists, natural nazis and sadistic creeps, who are precisely those who easiest and soonest get to the top of a human society, and who therefore tend to rule the human world, what with the lack of intelligence or courage of the majority, and namely to the effect Gibbon and Chamfort summed up so well:

"History is little else but the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind"

"Presque toute l'Histoire n'est qu'une suite d'horreurs."

That is: I see no escape from many more horrors caused by man's inhumanity to man, until the best and the brightest find the eugenetic means to get rid of those parts of the human mentality, and specifically of the common and widespread stupidity, the native bend to explain all by wishful thinking, and the deeply ingrained totalitarian attitudes that blight most faiths, most political creeds and most institutions.

This very probably will also not bring about a heaven on earth, but it may produce a more humane society, people with fewer beastly folks, and more truly intelligent and benevolent human beings.

It is not something I will live to see. (****)


(*) See e.g.

(**) Where yesterday Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot through the head, and six others killed, and thirteen wounded, not long after she complained herself in an interview that

In an interview after her office was vandalized, she referred to the animosity against her by conservatives, including Sarah Palin's decision to list Giffords' seat as one of the top "targets" in the midterm elections.

"For example, we're on Sarah Palin's targeted list, but the thing is, that the way that she has it depicted has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district. When people do that, they have to realize that there are consequences to that action," Giffords said in an interview with MSNBC.

In the hours after the shooting, Palin issued a statement in which she expressed her "sincere condolences" to the family of Giffords and the other victims.

Trust Sarah! As "honest" as a Beck, as "moral" as a Limbaugh, as "intelligent" as herself!

(***) Interestingly, in Holland nearly all men and women doing real resistance - more than 3000 Dutchmen listened to the BBC or read illegal papers, it is true, and since WW II ended have enlistenend themselves as Resistance Fighters, so that it looked after the war as if every Dutchman had been in the resistance, this being the PC thing then and there - were either members of the Dutch Communist Party, like my parents and grandparents, or were members of some Protestant denominations (of which there were many in Holland, Protestant denominations, I mean).

This is an interesting fact that has been discussed several times, not to my knowledge with my explanation for it: These were the only Dutchmen who took their ideology/faith seriously, and had not been pretending and faking.

(****) But if there will be a human race at all, with the present scientific knowledge or better, this will happen, if only for a similar reason as cosmetic surgery happens: it will improve one's chances and standing. (Note though that, as men are on average, it may work out as one master race, with a slave race. This is not something I favour, but the keeping of slaves was common all through human history, and the possibilities of genetically engineering you children (to be) to become little Mozarts or Newtons with the looks of a supermodel and the brawn of a top athlete will be initially at least restricted to the rich few - who may decide to keep it to their kind, so as to better abuse the rest.) See Eugenics in the Wikipedia for more, including the similar convictions of several top biochemists.

P.S. And also see these, as I believe the fundamental problem is the bureaucracy and the human types that naturally become bureaucrats:

This is also explained by me in some more detail and with references in "On 'The Logic of Moral Discourse'", chapter 11. (This text will be my base level text in any court, next to ME in Amsterdam.)

Corrections have to wait till later.

-- January 10, 2011: Made some precisifications, corrected some typos, and inserted some new lines.

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    "Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!

No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure.
I ask the Earth, have not the mountains felt?
I ask yon Heaven, the all-beholding Sun,
Has it not seen? The Sea, in storm or calm,
Heaven's ever-changing Shadow, spread below,
Have its deaf waves not heard my agony?
Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!
     - (Shelley, "Prometheus Unbound") 

    "It was from this time that I developed my way of judging the Chinese by dividing them into two kinds: one humane and one not. "
     - (Jung Chang)


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