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me + ME: The ‹bermensch of Helmond, Holland - 1


JULIA SCHOPICK Ė Now, why is that?

DR. BERKSON - Thatís the system.

JULIA SCHOPICK Ė Why? We donít trust any other country, do we?

DR. BERKSON - No, it has nothing to do with that. Itís a bureaucratic type of system.

Thatís City Hall, and you can't fight with City Hall.

  -- From: Burt Berkson, MD, PhD, Talks With Honest Medicine About His Work and Our Medical System: The Interview Transcribed

    The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it's good-bye to the Bill of Rights.
    -- H.L. Mencken

Back to me + ME:

1. English Introduction
2. Dutch Quotation

1. English Introduction

Indeed, today most of my text is in Dutch also, though I will explain my title briefly, and indeed will today not comment on the Dutch text I reproduce here, for a reason to be explain in the next Nederlog.

As you may know if you consulted either of the following files, for example

I am not only ill with ME without any help since January 1, 1979, but I also have been 'a student-leader' - see the next paragraph for the reasons of my quotation marks - who has been removed from the University of Amsterdam briefly before taking my M.A. in philosophy, as the only Dutchman since the Nazis were defeated "because of your publicly outspoken ideas"; and in September 1988, invalid with ME, I have been gassed by the drugsdealers the mayor of Amsterdam, Ed van Thijn, who met my parents superficially, had put without asking my permission in the house where I tried to survive with ME and without help, but who refused to answer my complaints, refused to receive me, refused to phone me, and refused to protect my human rights for nearly four years, when I at long last could flee, and had severe ME. Similarly, I complained with the UvA for being removed: The Board of Directors of the UvA refused to answer my complaints, refused to receive me, refused to phone me, and refused to. This in spite of the fact that I have a unique background in Amsterdam and in Holland, that all Dutchmen pretend to be very proud of (father, mother and grandfathers heroes of the communist resistance in Holland agains Nazism from 1940-1945) and in spite of the fact that it was widely admitted in the university that I am intellectually brilliant.

Now for my explanation of the quotemarks around 'student leader':

I am the son and the grandson of communist heroes of the Dutch and Amsterdam resistance against the nazis, but turned away from communism in 1970, mainly because (1) I had developed a serious interest in mathematical logic and philosophy of science, and was (and am) quite convinced I had refuted most of Marx's theoretical teachings (and/or so had others whose works I had read and (2) because I had been reconnoitering the student revolts in Paris in 1968 and in Amsterdam in 1969 personally, and had arrived at very negative appraisals of the studentleaders (Dutsche, Cohn-Bendit, Regtien and others) noting that they knew less of Marx than I did, and lied about their knowledge of him, and anyway were not rational but wishful thinkers. Also, I though my revolutionary Marxist and heroic father seemed much more right than not: He described the student-revolts in Marx' words as "petit bourgeois turned savage".

Therefore, when I was asked in 1981 in the University of Amsterdam, "because you can say it so well" - so I was flattered - by members of the scientific staff of the UvA whether I could help cobble together a student party to take care in the yearly or halfyearly elections for the various university parliaments - a general one, and one in each faculty - composed from students, staff and personnel (the last those who worked in the university not as staff, but as secretaries, doormen etc.) I said "yes", adding that my wife and I had an unpleasant rare disease, but that I would do my best.

Clearly, I was 'a student leader' unlike all other student leaders: While having the genuine proletarian, communist, heroic parents and grandparents they would all have envied me for had they known, I kept that background secret since my parents still lived, and still were members of the communist party, and I wanted to save them the troubles I had, for my opponents, who claimed to be Revolutionary Marxists, but were fanatics out for kicks and careerists out for jobs, called me publicly many time "a fascist" and occassionally, notably after the speech that triggered my removal, "a terrorist".

Now two of my important reasons to study philosophy and psychology, rather than biology or physics or mathematics is that I wanted to understand (1) why concentration camps could come to be, in terms of human nature and social forces and (2) why human history is by and large a history of massmurder, violence, exploitation, slavery and religious and political insanity/fanaticism. To which you then may add three other reasons that arose in the UvA: (3) why is nearly all of my generation selling out the ideals of science and civilization they hardly know and hardly understand on the basis of a fanatically held political ideology they also hardly know and hardly understand and (4) why it was a manner of course that my student opponents in the university let everyone publicly know that somebody like me, who was in favour of real science, rationality, logic, and universities for the best and the brightest rather than the average and the cognitively challenged called me "fascist" and "terrorist" as a matter of course, and with much evidence that screaming so at me - and screaming other things: "patriarchical pig", "macho swine", and "supporter of American imperialism" - was in their minds a moral act, and (5) why it was a manner of course that my teachers, my professors and lecturers, for 95% sold out to the students, and helped ruin the Dutch universities and indeed also the rest of the Dutch educational system, all in the name of "equality" and "democracy"?

I do have the answers to my questions - and see my Spiegeloog-columns - and will unfold these on my site, if I am allowed to live, which I insert because this is a dangerous thing to do, also because very few will like my conclusions, even though they are rather close to the teachings of both the Calvinists and the Catholics about human nature: On average it is rotten, that is: morally corrupted by egoism, dishonesty, deceit, manipulation, to such an extent that ordinary men are humane for the most part only to the members of their own groups, but lie and exploit all others as a matter of course, and on average, also for intellectuals and academics, the human mental powers are small compared to the proportionally and absolutely small number of men that created the fundaments of science, civilization and a state of law.

So... I have fought City Hall over the incredible corruption through illegal drugs they have dealt for the past 22 years since I complained and since when I got no help: What remained of my health has been ruined on purpose, with gloating sadism also, on quite a few occasions, apparently motivated by "he is an invalid, so he can't settle with me, hee, hee, hee", but the turnover the last 22 years must sum to between 100 and 200 billion euros - and no Dutch parliamentarian, no Dutch minister, no Amsterdam alderman or councilmembers has the guts and the character to even discuss this honestly in public; I have fought with the City University over the incredible corruption through levelling of education on all levels of education, and studied at a university where the IQ of students was 115 on average (and most of THAT quasi-elite is NOW the effective social elite, in all manner of functions, and on average consists of lying idiots), and where at present the average IQ seems to be 105 - but hardly any Dutchman cares, just as hardly any Dutchman cared that I was gassed and threatened with murder during nearly 4 years: That is my problem, they claim, not theirs, just as their parents and grandparents did to their Jewish neighbours in 1941, and just as it is also my problem I have ME, not theirs, and anyway the vast majority of the Dutch simply loves getting an academic degree without any sweat or any intellectual qualifications for it, and also loves getting affordable cocaine, ecstasy and marihuana in the weekends. Democratically speaking, therefore, a person like me, highly gifted and honest, is lost, counts as fool, and can be, so the Dutch feel in large majority, since decades also, be physically maltreated, personally offended and threatened with violence; thrown from the university for lack of the pomo PC public poses; and be called "a fascist" and "a terrorist" because he is smarter and a better debater than those who call him these things.

My answer to my five questions is in brief that I have turned for help and protection to persons who are not human in the sense my family is human:

A major of Amsterdam like Ed van Thijn is a subhuman - a narco-nazi, to pick the right term for his kind of subhuman - in the same or worse sense than the SS who ran Auschwitz: He and they just are not there, do not exist at all (if they are not gloating sadists), where morality or reason or fairness or basic humanity or common sense morality are involved, and are capable of anything whatsoever to anyone whatsoever if that seems to serve their personal interests or the interests of their own group or its leaders, which in Amsterdam is nearly invariable Dutch Labour (aka PvdA).

Unfortunately, I risk my life if I write this manner of thing, and therefore I have to go by another way, to be revealed soon on this place. There is more about my general point of view here and about the Amsterdam sadistic beastwoman who was Ombudsman there, for the mafia - who is dead, so I can speak the truth about this fascistisches Untermensch (*) - who etched that in my mind through her and her willing executioners stunning bureaucratic sadism, no doubt meant to drive me to suicide, since I had told these monsters of the mafia employed by City Hall honestly that my experiences in drugscorrupt Amsterdam had made me very depressed:

This is a theme I will spin out on my site and in NL, in what I think is an elegant format: I will ask human beasts, utter moral human moral shit compared to my parents, utter idiots compared to me whether they agree to my opinions I will quote for them, and I will ask them for permission to put them on my site with a swastika on their foreheads, to clearly indicate their mental level - for I will not be gassed without punishing those responsible, or having my damages paid, and alas I have no right to bear arms in the mafia-paradise that is Holland.

For in Holland, the mayors have the practical right to have the inhabitants gassed by the mafia, as no one dares or desires to do anything against the drugsmafia.

This last point is born out by the Dutch quotation that now follows, namely an interview with the mayor of Helmond, who says he got threatened by the drugs-mafia - and who got protected in Holland, from which I infer he must be an ‹bermensch just as my family and I are Untermenschen (**), in the perspective of those who have the social power in Holland, and used it to get rich through permitting the mafia to deal drugs, and of those who totally ruined the Dutch schools and universities, because they are themselves without any talents whatsoever, and therefore want to prevent that anyone with talents can develop these (outside soccer and dealing in drugs of course).

2. Dutch Quotation

NRC 5 januari 2011, pag 4:

                           'Ik was totaal verdoofd, het was pure angst'
            Burgemeester van Helmond, die eerder ondergedoken was,
                               wil maatregelen tegen het drugsmilieu.

Burgemeester Jacobs van Helmond is opnieuw in functie ťn strijdbaar. Zonder bodyguard. "Het systeem is verstoord door mijn gedwongen vlucht."


HELMOND, 5 januari. Hij wist niet dat hij bedreigd werd, totdat de politie hem dat vertelde. Zorgvuldig formuleert burgemeester Fons Jacobs van Helmond (CDA): "Er was een dreigement gericht tegen mijn leven."

De burgemeester was zo verbaasd dat hij de melding op 26 november 2010 niet heel serieus nam. Een kleine week later bleek de situatie dreigend genoeg om met zijn vrouw halsoverkop het vliegtuig te pakken en onder te duiken. Hij was drie weken weg.

Sinds gisteren is de burgemeester weer volledig in functie. Zijn persoonlijke beveiliging (bodyguards en een speciale beschermingsunit van de politie naast zijn huis) is opgeheven. De bedreigingen volgden nadat Jacobs in april 2010 toestemming had gegeven voor opening van een tweede coffeeshop in Helmond, Carpe Diem. Deze werd vervolgens getroffen door twee aanslagen: nog voor de opening ramde een terreinwagen in juni de pui. Na de opening werden in juli granaten naar binnen gegooid. Het onderzoek naar de bedreiging tegen de coffeeshop en de burgemeester loopt nog.

Weet u zelf al uit welke hoek de bedreigingen precies kwamen?
"Nee, dat weet ik niet. Ik heb zelf ook nooit een directe bedreiging ontvangen. Na de aanslagen op Carpe Diem bleek wel dat de drugsmarkt hier blijkbaar problemen had met een tweede coffeeshop in Helmond."

Hoe heeft u uw vlucht beleefd?
"Heel moeilijk. Je stapt in het vliegtuig en gaat ergens heen waar je totaal niet wilt zijn. Ik heb vlak voor mijn vertrek een zeer indringend gesprek gevoerd met politie en justitie. Daarna zag ik geen andere mogelijkheid dan te vertrekken, hoeveel innerlijke weerstand dat ook opriep. Het is niet mijn gewoonte weg te lopen voor problemen. Eenmaal in het buitenland, was ik totaal verdoofd. Een gevoel van machteloosheid overviel me. En het begon te malen. Er schoten wel duizend scenario's door mijn hoofd. James Bond-achtige gedachten. Allemaal uit pure angst. Die verdween pas toen we de melding kregen van politie en justitie dat de dreiging afnam. Met Kerst waren we weer thuis."

Heeft u gedacht aan aftreden?
"Integendeel. Mijn vrouw en ik hadden het al over een mogelijk pensioen, maar nu is helemaal duidelijk dat ik daar niet aan toe ben. Ik heb veel om voor te vechten in Helmond. De rechtsstaat moet in ere hersteld worden.

Ervaart u de vlucht als een aantasting van de democratie?
"Laat ik daar duidelijk over zijn. Dit kan en mag niet meer gebeuren. We hebben in Nederland een fantastisch systeem, waarin iedereen bezwaar kan maken tegen alle zaken die hem niet zinnen. In een wereld waarin die bezwaren zich uiten via bedreigingen, zou ik niet willen leven. Het systeem is verstoord door mijn gedwongen vlucht. Nu is het zaak dat we de negatieve energie omzetten."

U klinkt strijdbaar.
"Dat ben ik ook. We gaan er tegenaan. Ik ben enorm blij met het kabinet-Rutte I. Misschien hebben we te lang gewacht met het nemen van maatregelen tegen het drugsmilieu, maar met de wietpas en de speciale taskforce die de criminaliteit aan de achterdeur gaat aanpakken, zijn we goed op weg. Laat dit een signaal wezen. Als we niet optreden, krijgen we hier Mexicaanse toestanden.

Gaat Carpe Diem ooit nog open?
"De shop is sowieso gesloten tot 1 april. Ruim voordien bepalen we, in samenspraak met de gemeenteraad, of de shop open mag. De veiligheid van de burgers zal de doorslag geven bij het besluit.

Voelt u zich nu echt veilig?
"Voor negentig procent. Het laatste stukje, en dat geldt ook voor mijn gezin, kan alleen terugkomen door weer aan het werk te gaan. Anders niet."

The above is the full text. And though I have very little against mayor Fons Jacobs of Helmond - I don't know him - I hope he does not mind if I say that compared with my father he morally does not exist, and is not or hardly human in the (high) sense in which I wish to use that term, very well aware as I also am that precisely that lack made him eligible to mayorship, as also in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and elsewhere:

The bastards, the scum, the psychopaths, in short the most brazen liars, careerists and born criminals rise to the top of especially political institutions like shit in a latrine - in Nazi-Germany, in Soviet-Russia, and in The Narco-Nazistic Netherlands, where rare invalids lilke me are gassed by mayors and bureaucrats, and threatened with murder by the mafia these bastards protect, because I refused to permit the dealing of illegal drugs from the house where I lived.

That is a crime which merits gassing in Amsterdam since Ed van Thijn became mayor there, and the drugsmafia came to rule Amsterdam, also through him, and Holland effectively became and remains The Narco-Nazistic Netherlands, the Colombia of Europe, haven, refuge and paradise of the European mafia and Dutch Labour, all thanks to mayors and aldermen of Amsterdam since 1984 - who presently lead the opposition.       

Principal explanation of the subject:


(*) + (**): "Untermensch" = "subhuman". What I accordingly claim - and have the fullest right, indeed civic duty, to claim - is that a very great number of the top of the City Hall and the City University are, relative to my parents and grandparents, morally no better than sadistic beasts, sadistic also in ways beasts are not, for no animal but an Untermensch wishes to gas invalids to further the interests of the drugsmafia. Also, being the third generation of my family who has been savagely mistreated by this manner of inhuman beasts: It is genetic, for the most part, and personal, not racial. Those who led in politics in Holland over the past 40 years were cowardly immoral degenerate scum to a man or woman, and undeniably so if they did not discuss or did participate in protecting the drugs mafia and ruining the universities and schools. (I have asked all political parties in the Amsterdam City Council in 2001-2002, explaining my background: I could not even get to speak any council-member, except for an extreme rightwinger I regarded and regard as a political fraud and careerist anyway.)

Get me to court, ye Dutch political and bureaucratic Untermenschen - in Straatsburg, if you please, for the Dutch judiciary consists of the family, the party comrades, or the study friends of the corrupt degenerates that rule Amsterdam and Holland, and that have ruined Dutch education and the maintenance of Dutch laws.

And to illustrate how Amsterdam is ruled: In 1984, when requesting dole, and not knowing anything about the beastmen who rule(d) that, I protested against the discrimination of Moroccans and Surinams by two obviously degenerate Amsterdam bureaucratic fascistische Untermenschen (which at the time I did not say to them or anyone) who threatened to kill me because I protested, and screamed publicly through the center of Amsterdam that my mother (than alive) is a "disgusting dirty cuntwhore" (Du: "vuile gore kuthoer").

I have been protesting this since 1984 with the bureaucratic fascistische Untermenschen that rule Amsterdam: No answer, no reply, no reception, nothing - except sadism and more sadism. (And for readers of Dutch, see my C.V.: Moorddreiging Amsterdamse ambtenaren.)

P.S. So let me state clearly what my problem is: I cannot write the truth about Holland in Holland, especially not about the Amsterdam drugsmafia and about the mayors, aldermen, councilmembers and bureaucrats who have protected the drugsmafia since 1970, all for illegal money, where the bureacrats are concerned, at least, which is again a theme one cannot publicly discuss in Holland without being harassed and threatened, besides being offended, defamed and lied about.

And please note what my crime is apart from wishing to discuss publicly the Dutch system of selling illegal drugs, that only help the mayors, aldermen, bureaucrats and police to get rich in secret and apart from wishing to discuss publicly the Dutch system of totally degenerate education: I am not a normal person, for I am not one of those born from  average, bred averagely, and equippedd with all or most of the desirable sanctimonious conformisms to the prevailing cant and corruption that are so widely loved in human society by average folks living in it. As Mencken put it:

All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior man: its one permanent object is to oppress him and cripple him. If it be aristocratic in organization, then it seeks to protect the man who is superior only in law against the man who is superior in fact; if it be democratic, then it seeks to protect the man who is inferior in every way against both. One of its primary functions is to regiment men by force, to make them as much alike as possible and as dependent upon one another as possible, to search out and combat originality among them. All it can see in an original idea is potential change, and hence an invasion of its prerogatives. The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are. (From "The Smart Set", 1919).

But I think I have found a way to publicly nail a number of bastards, and speak the truth about them, which will appear here, so that the only problems left for me are my bad health, my poverty, and the fact that those I oppose are political and drugs criminals for whom no crime is beyond the pale and for whom lying, deceiving and violence are as natural as breathing.

Corrections have to wait till later.

-- Jan 9, 2011: A few typos were corrected and a few precisifying phrases and some separating lines were inserted, as was the link:  Principal explanation of the subject:

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    "Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!

No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure.
I ask the Earth, have not the mountains felt?
I ask yon Heaven, the all-beholding Sun,
Has it not seen? The Sea, in storm or calm,
Heaven's ever-changing Shadow, spread below,
Have its deaf waves not heard my agony?
Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!
     - (Shelley, "Prometheus Unbound") 

    "It was from this time that I developed my way of judging the Chinese by dividing them into two kinds: one humane and one not. "
     - (Jung Chang)


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