January 1, 2011


Nederlog 2010 overview: commented selections (links)


  "Enjoy and give pleasure, without doing harm to yourself or to anyone else - that, I think, is the whole of morality."
  "If mankind had wished for what is right, they might have had it long ago. The theory is plain enough; but they are prone to mischief, 'to every good work reprobate.'"
   -- Hazlitt + Heidelberger Katechismus

It's the first of January; the eighth year of Nederlog; and usually I prepare this time of year a sort of classified index of the subjects I treated that year.

Last year was different from the other years, in that last year I wrote nearly all in English, not in Dutch, as in the other years of NL (Nederlog), and wrote almost only about ME, about which I have learned a lot, and indeed written a lot, for the text alone, including html, to be sure, is over 12 MB.

So the index for last year will be a bit different from the foregoing years, and in fact I will below reproduce and extend The past year of ME + me - some that I learned - 2.

First a little overview of how this site fared in terms of numbers:

Nederlog 2010:

more than 285 files (apart from images etc. that is)
more than 12 MB html

Site 2010:


- nearly 900,000 hits
- nearly 700,000 pages
- more than 160,000 visitors
- more than 13 Gb downloaded (13393752 Kb)

Day (average over the year)

- nearly 2400 hits each day
- 446 bezoekers each day
- nearly 37 MB mostly text download each day

The site did better than all foregoing years, in terms of visitors, downloads etc. - and I should note that it is a mirror of my Site in Nederland that does better.

For one man with one site - with a mirror - and that man ill, poor and with no real help, that is not bad, especially if you also reckon with the facts that my ideas and subjects are neither easy nor popular, nor is my language, and that I do not try to please anyone but myself.

Nederlog 2010 overview: commented selections (links)

This comes from my file about what's new on the site because I wanted to provide myself and others with some overview of what I had written in Nederlog about ME in 2010 year.

It's all in temporal order and most links have some comments. It's also most of what I wrote this year, and it shows and explains at various places what I have learned, about ME, medicine, patients with ME, ME-forums, medical science, and a number of persons involved with ME-forums or ME-advocacy.

Note that what follows is a selection from what I wrote in Nederlog, and my selection is mostly oriented around ME.

Also, I have snipped the monthly summaries in the original, except from that for January, that I now give, because it explains why Nederlog differed in 2010 from the years before:

On January 7 I became a member of the Phoenix-Rising forums (PR-F), that I had found out about in October 2009, in the context of the XMRV-news. After that, most of NL for 2010 is in English and about ME. (By contrast, NL had been mostly in Dutch since its beginning.

So in fact NL for 2010 charts my opinions on ME after this discovery, when I also learned I had missed a lot the previous 20 years, and also charts my presence on and then withdrawal from two American forums for patients with ME.

This is the overview - and this is a link to a note after it:



  • Feb 22: Weer on line na drie weken
    On line again, after having been off line for three weeks, due to a cable-failure (in the setup of my computer).

  • Feb 23: A note on miracles
    Here I became aware some VERY strange things were going on in PR-F: A newbie arrived from England, claimed to be A Christian, claimed an IQ of 145, claimed to have ME since a few months - and was nearly immediately made moderator, after which she claimed, in public, on PR-F, that she had been cured from ME by a miracle, in a prayer meeting, an insane or conwoman-claim strongly supported by the pseudo-scientific conman and moderator dr. Kurt, who wrote me a stunningly and stinkingly morally evil private mail: A moral and intellectual degenerate. This also showed me what moderation was like on PR-F: Very flawed, very biased, quite dishonest. (Except for _Kim_ who was excellent, but who was removed by the other administrators and mpderators, very probably because of her excellencies. This too happened in February.)

  • Feb 24: Bittere hoon uit Kamp Amersfoort: "de gegevens van uw vader"
    Bureaucratic degenerates administrating the former Concentration-camp Amersfoort, where my father and grandfather have been locked up as political prisoners ('terrorists') in WW II, have found my father's writings on my site and claim it in a sickeningly impolite, impertinent fashion. I do not reply but do write the above.



  • Apr 1:  ME: Info
         ME: Neerlandse beestachtige ME-satires e.o. "grievend taalgebruik"
    Some useful and some funny links in the first bit, and some Dutch satire the Dutch won't read because the Dutch know their country and their people are the acme of perfection. (It is seriously true that many of the Dutch have for decades maintained that they have the moral leadership in the West, because of their excellent morality. This only stopped after the Srebrenica-massacre.)

  • Apr 4:  (me:) Some Favourite Books & Authors
    A list of 115 of my favourite books, originally for PR-F + my advice (to all really intelligent folks): Read The Classics!

  • Apr 5:  ME: Unsere Doktoren in Europa - Ohne Wörter
    My evaluation of Dutch professores Bleijenberg and Van der Meer, completely in line with what I learned at the University of Amsterdam, which was this: "All men are equal" (to Eichmann and Einstein, but this was not added, except by me, and then I was called 'fascist' from diverse anonymous directions: Dutch mores in Dutch everyday practice.)

  • Apr 6:  ME: Unsere Doktoren - Ohne Wörter - P.S. 1: English
    More of the same as April 5 + some visual experiments by me.

  • Apr 7:  ME: Update, MEdical sadism and some links
    And yet more on the subject, with Dr. Johnson's ""We never hurt each other but by error or by malice" as moral guideline.

  • Apr 9:  ME: Recommend Reading about ME/CFS/FM
    This was a plan that did not work out, because everybody on PR-F had far better things to do than cooperate with a psychologist on compiling a good list of readings for persons with ME. Eventually, I rolled my own: ME - Resources

  • Apr 10:  ME: Elucidating professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues
    This starts the subject in the title and also has an answer to somebody who probably is Dutch but doesn't want to say so, but anyway of the typically Dutch morally sick and depraved pomo-school: "Everybody should respect everybody" (You Hitler, me Eichmann, and so on: R-E-S-P-E-C-T! My own opinion is that you can do this honestly if you know you are a nobody of no talents whatsoever, but then I did read psychology, and Nietzsche too.)

  • Apr 11:  Studies in MEdical Sadism - 7: Professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues
    This comes mostly from PR-F and is mostly by Orla, who found and commented some truly shocking sadistic antics by Wessely, also totally uncalled for, and totally useless except by one who loves to hurt others.

  • Apr 13:  ME: The danger Dr. Myhill is in
    Dr. Myhill is an English medical doctor who behaves like a real medical doctor should, and helped a lot of patients with ME. Therefore, the British General Medical Council, a kind of Star Chamber of Wesselytes, took her permission to practice from her, also on the basis of anonymous groundless accusations (in October revealed to be by some medical sado-creep called Stuart Jones).

  • Apr 14:  ME: !! Serious Health GET + CBT Warning !!
    Visual explanation of the human character of Wessely and Bleijenberg (and an experiment with some simple software on my part).

  • Apr 15:  ME: On trolling the Phoenix Forums
    There are and were a number of fairly to very obvious trolls on the PR-F forums: Esther12 and Mark the moderator, criticized here (and Marky, who either has issues or is a Wesselyte had his revenge within 3 weeks, as you'll see: He is such a type); Eric_Johnson_from_I&I and eric_s from Switzerland; Awol and Kurt and FreePrisoner... but Cort The Owner, whose good friend is dr. Kurt the military relativist and dumbo-freak, does not even want to allow discussions of trolling on "his" site, and the only other ones who see what I see are all highly educated and highly intelligent and quite honest, and so in a small minority. In brief: Trolling continued and continues.

  • Apr 19:  ME: On having severe ME
    This is a good post by Gerwyn the Welsh Wizard on the subject in the title, that he knows himself very intimately.

  • Apr 20:  ME: ME video
    About a good video about ME made by StarryEyes. (There are more videos about ME on Youtube, some good, but most do not tell a new story if one has ME and read about it, whereas almost everyone who does not have ME does not watch these videos. Even so, this is worthwile and may help some, notably to explain one is really ill to family members and friends.)

  • Apr 23:  ME: On legal rights of posters + Yodeling frabjously...
    Cort The Owner claimed he owns (or 'owns') the posts of the members. I found that a pretty ludicrous claim, and also in contradiction with such rights as I have under Dutch law about the products of my own mind: They are mine, even if I am kind enough to put them on a place were many ill people can read them.)

  • Apr 25:  (ME:) On some of the dangers of internet
    Very useful advice also if you don't have ME

  • Apr 27:  ME: On "bodily distress syndrome" a.k.a. "psychiatric idiocy"
    Includes a logical analysis of the Wesselyan Pseudoscientific sadistic BS.

  • Apr 27:  Studies in MEdical Sadism - 8: Professor Wessely's crap completely clarified (visually)
    Visual image By dr. Speedy.

  • Apr 28:  ME: Start of ME/RESOURCES
    In October this got to version 1, and is probably useful for most persons interested in ME, whether as doctor, therapist or patient.

  • Apr 30:  ME: Unsere Doktoren - Ohne Wörter - 2
    My sincere and honest appreciation and evaluation of professors Bleijenberg and Van der Meer.



  • Jun 1: me: Personal notes about politics
    This is mostly by way of introduction to my On Politics, that I wrote in 1983 and not put on line. It explains a number of differences between myself and the vast majority of the people I have known, who were nearly all far more interested in politics than in science (with me the other way around), and also pretended or really believed "everybody is equal", which to me is offensive bullshit uttered forth by the least deserving, least respectable or most cunning and least honest manipulators and flatterers. (In case you disagree, you very probably confuse 'equality of all' and 'equality for the law'.)

  • Jun 2: me: On Politics
         ME+me: NL: Postmoderne MEdische en Thuis-zorg
         Studies in MEdical sadism - 10: Some strong and graphic evidence
          ME + me:   Forums news...  
    Four NLs on one day, the first an essay; the second an illustration how thoroughly sick the Dutch healthcare burewaucrats and politicians are; the third more about medical sadism with a link to Dr McIntire's excellent videos; and the fourth my mentioning there is a new forum.

  • Jun 4:  ME + me:  Where are MM's posts on Phoenix Rising?
            me:  NL: Postmoderne publieksvoorlieging - Onze Demokratische 

    I had pulled all my posts from PR-F, and put them on my site. The Dutch piece is on the modes and styles in which the Dutch are lied to without cease by their bureaucrats and politicians: Everything is propaganda intentionally aimed at the majority of the lowly gifted voters. It is advertisement and PR, not decent rational information for a public of rational people.

  • Jun 9: me:  Part of the problem, humanely speaking...
    Bill Maher, an American comedian, agrees with me (without him knowing of me or me knowing of him till June 9 2010): It is a really serious problem that so many people are so thickheaded, especially if they are allowed to vote and buy guns.

  • Jun 10:  me:  Should I've been a comedian?
             me:  Political Correctness
    I reflect with some melancholy whether I wouldn't have been better of being a stand-up comedian, and consider PC, that is one of the banes of my life: Myriads of dumb pretentious immoral assholes prescribing one how to use language.

  • Jun 12:  ME + me: Ads on Phoenix Rising?!
    Meanwhile The Owner And Creator has decided to make money by adding ads to PR-F. I can see he has to eat and to live, but I don't like ads, and what I object to is that he imposes these things without any discussion on more than 2000 members, some of whom are far more intelligent and far better educated than he is, without any discussion whatsoever.

  • Jun 15:  ME + me + Multatuli : Butterflies and asses
    I translate a nice short story by my favorite Dutch writer, that explains a lot about the relation between the gifted and the rest, incidentally a theme that is beautifully illustrated by Christ crucified: Human beings are the animal that murders the best among themselves, for reason of being different from the rest.

  • Jun 16:  ME + me + Multatuli : On being human(e)
    A long and reasoned comment of mine to part of Multatuli's Idea 1211.

  • Jun 17:  ME + me : Animal forum - 1
    I react to a post of Gerwyn The Welsh Wizard on ME-F, who explains why he does not write on PR-F anymore.

  • Jun 18:  ME + me :  The pseudo-science of Wessely and McClure
    I have written before on this theme, on March 8, but Mindy Kitei, an American Journalist who is writing about ME and does so sensibly and informedly, found a nice supporting argument.

  • Jun 20:  ME + me :  A New Idea - The Daily ME
    In fact, by this time I have concluded that patients forums are good for socializing only, and that mostly for those within 1 standard deviation of the intellectual average, which is nice for 2/3s of the people - A Solid Democratic Majority - but neither useful nor interesting for me, and also hardly helpful for people with ME in general. So I articulate another idea. (And as usual get no response. This is because I am talking to my respectful equals, I suppose.)

  • Jun 22:  ME + me :  True speakers + the Dutch Mussolini strikes again
    Some on true speakers and on Obama's strength of spine and moral principle (torture is allowed again...) and some on a Dutch ministerial freak.

  • Jun 23:  ME + me :  XMRV and ME-connection confirmed
           ME + me :  The tragi-comical human fundamental problem
    The first news that dr. Alter and his group - and dr. Alter is a very respectable medical doctor, worth myriads of Wesselys and Van der Meers - has confirmed the WPI-findings of last October. Also I reflect on mankinds fundamental problem, and link in a lot of the stand-up comedian George Carlin, who did dare to speak the truth and who had a fine mind.

  • Jun 24:  ME + me :  Updates on ME and XMRV-2 
    More on Alter etc.'s findings with video links.

  • Jun 25:  ME + me :  Updates on ME: Hillary Johnson + two impressive videos
    On Hillary Johnson, who wrote a very fine and courageous and well researched book about ME/CFS and the CDC-fraudulence over decades, and two impressive videos by patients.

  • Jun 30:  ME + me :  XMRV blues + On Cant
    The Alter-paper is not published an put on hold, which is a very strange event in science, though indeed dr. Alter works for the NIH, which worjs for the US government. This is about that, and about a fine quotation from Dr. Johnson.


  • Jul 1:  ME + me :  XMRV blues - part 2
    In contrast with the positive Alter etc. study, the negative CDC-study is published, and indeed Bill Reeves, who has been lying for decades about ME, is one of its authors, while its main author Switzer is not even properly academically qualified to do the research. This is my response to it.

  • Jul 2:  ME + me :  XMRV blues - part 3: Prof Myra McClure's suffering and logic
    Professor Myra McClure probably has been had, used and abused by professor Wessely, unless she is as big a rotter as he is, which is probabilistically speaking improbable, but still does not want to admit she can make mistakes - so she makes more of them. This is a response of mine.

  • Jul 3:  ME + me :  On CDC-"science"
    My first run in with the egregious Awol, who is a type that just loves to offend people. I initially try to explain things very fully and politely because I mistakenly assumed she is a physicist, whereas in fact she is a pomo student of pomo architecture with - she says herself - "very severe cognitive impairments", which I agree is quite true, alas.

  • Jul 4:  ME + me :  On CDC-"science" - update
    More about CDC-science, with a stunning piece of CDC-sadism found by Hillary Johnson.

  • Jul 5:  ME + me :  On CDC-"science" - message from highest authority
    Here I am amused by a joke involving a picture of Einstein - which was naive, because the majority on ME-F seem to believe (and at least write as if they do) that once they see a picture of Einstein who writes "ME=XMRV", they know ME=XMRV.

  • Jul 6:  ME + me :  Typically Dutch morality (mostly in Dutch)
    On the subject of the title and on someone who very probably is Bleijenberg's personal assistant in Nijmegen, and a moral and intellectual pomo freak.

  • Jul 7:  ME + me : On infecting and storming blood banks
    To my astonishment, Patricia Carter, Owner of ME-F, caninely impolite to me from the beginning, wants to put blood of ME-patients, probably or possibly contaminated with XMRV, in US and other bloodbanks. I think the idea is immoral and stupid. A few on ME-F agree; most don't; and Bleijenberg's freaky troll again opines I am offensive to Dutch, which CFS_Since_1998, also an evil freak, and Patricia Carter don't do anything about, whereas no one else on ME-F opens his or her trap. I decide these are not my kind even if they have my illness; I am not going to be publicly offended by a morally sick intellectually degenerate Dutch fascist again; and pull my posts and stop writing for ME-F.

  • Jul 8:  ME + me : What the real me thinks about Animal Forum - 2
    My explanation of what happened to some intelligent folks.

  • Jul 10:  ME + me : Why my family was in The Dutch Resistance  in WW II a.k.a.
                                                      Dutch Norms And Values                       a.k.a.
                                         If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much
    A Real Dutch Treat
    My explanation of what I think about the modern Dutch nation of mafiosi and followers of neo-fascists, and soccer-fanatics.

  • Jul 11:  ME + me : Sex, soccer, stupidity and saviours
    More on soccer, for its the time of the world-games for it.

  • Jul 12:  ME + me : Having ME in Holland, Paradise of Homo Soccer Sapiens +Radboud Ziekenhuis Nijmegen - Natural Home of the Lying ProcessTM
    Yet more on Holland, soccer, Dutch morals, and also the Lying Process, so much beloved and practised by frauds, freaks, psychos, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and conmen and -women.

  • Jul 14:  ME + me :  Conversation with Miss Mr. Maureen Sarucco
              Amsterdam's Municipal  Chief Order and Security

    My translation of my taped phone conversation with Amsterdam's Municipal Chief Order and Security, who hails from where most Amsterdam drugsdealers hail from (Curacao and Surinam), who much rather had me gassed, threatened with murder, and kept from sleeping than do her duty. The reason is that billions are illegaly made every year by drugsdealing in Amsterdam, protected by the mayors and aldermen. This is the mafia's protector and one of my eager evil willing torturers, still in function, all these 22 years of my pain and suffering, in which I was systematically denied all help and any compensation.

  • Jul 18:  ME + me : Unsere ME-Fuehrerinnen und ME-Fuehrers
    Patricia Carter pleads for illegal actions on ME-F, and I think she is a troll and a liar, and Eric_Johnson_from_I&I writes reams of insanity claiming that he knows and has found that ME = neurasthenia, precisely as Reeves and Wessely have been claiming for decades. I contradict him, but hardly anyone seems to care, for "Eric" is "one of us", because he says he "has ME". So I get very angry.

  • Jul 19:  ME + me : On a sad misunderstanding of me
    The sado-freak CFS_since_1998 (even the name of the disease this chronically fatigued asshole systematically has wrong) lies about me and kicks me of his forums. I protest politely, but am never answered by this effective CDC-mate.

  • Jul 20:  ME + me :  Get your whee-whees cuddled..
    I have written about LP before, but there are even more insane forms of it, presented as if they are the latest and greatest in therapeutical science whereas it is utter baloney, insanity or fraudulence. Here I have some fun with the text of one of the more impertinent conmen practising it.

  • Jul 25:  ME + me :  Of Bees, of Johnson, of Brain Tapping and more
    And some more of the same, with My Own Formula For Brain Tapping.


  • Aug 1:  me : Laudatio Neerlandica
    A few of the things I don't like about Amsterdam and Holland.
  • Aug 2:  ME + me :  On Zamyatin's "WE"
    An excellent book about totalitarianism from the early 1920-ies is on line.
  • Aug 4:  ME + me :  Animal Forum - 3: Slaughterhouse 11
    In fact, I think the owners and moderators of ME-F are either trolls and liars or else so frightfully incompetent morally and intellectually that they should shut up to speak for patients with ME: They certainly don't speak for me.
  • Aug 5:  ME + me : The ME-Association takes an ethical position
    No irony! They did, and quite rightly so, about LP.
  • Aug 7:  ME + me : Bloody stupid hysteria + lying
    Another troll or hysteric tries to incite people with ME to behave as if they are madmen. I explain what is wrong with this.
  • Aug 8:  ME + me : Real science & real psychology = joy
    Translation of something I published in 1988, that still should be useful to many, and shows quite clearly what I think about the "science" of psychology (mostly sham, cant or fraud).
  • Aug 10:  ME + me :  Alter study and LP nonsense
    This is quite clear about both subjects.
  • Aug 12:  ME + me :  Mandarins with an IQ of 115
    Translation of something I published in 1989, that still should be useful to many, and shows quite clearly what I think about the fundamental causes of most human misery and problems.
  • Aug 13:  ME + me : ME Time Travel
    Link to an interesting video of an American TV program of 15 years ago about ME/CFS, showing that hardly anything has changed or improved for patients in all those years: They only have been slandered systematically by pseudoscientific psychiatric liars and bullshitters, while being denied any help:

    "If medicine has not found the cause of your illness, you can't be ill; if you say you are ill nevertheless you are either a liar and malingerer or else an insane loony with dysfunctional beliefs; therefore you are denied all help and forced into psychotherapeutical brainwashing (CBT) and physical exercises (GET), so as to destroy further what is left of your health and personal integrity and human dignity. This is called psychiatric healing therapy."
    (Signed: Wessely, White, Reeves, Jones, Bleijenberg, Van der Meer, Gerada, Chalder, Crawley.)
  • Aug 14:  ME + me : Yahooism & democracy
    Translation of something I published in 1989 - mostly in English - that still should be useful to many, and shows quite clearly what I think about postmodern education and universities (about which it turned out in 2008 that I am quite right, at least if the Dutch Parliamentary Report Dijsselbloem doesn't lie and deceive as my professors at the UvA did for decades).
  • Aug 16:  ME + me : "I want to be read" Translation of something I published in 1989 that still should be useful to many, and shows quite clearly what I hoped might have been possible in Holland, if it was not ruled by bureaucrats and politicians that stem intellectually and morally for the most part from the dregs of Dutch society: The most worthless, the most evil, the most lying Dutchmen are those who get the most famous and most powerful - though I admit it is similar elsewhere. (But I don't live elsewhere, and wasn't gassed nor trained by drugs-mafiosi protected by the mayor and the municipal police elsewhere either, by a fascist terrorist mayor posing as moral Uebermensch while behaving as a sadistic very willing tool of the Amsterdam drugs mafia.)
  • Aug 17:  ME + me : Some good ME-news (?!)
    I register and copy with some considerable joy and skepticism an item from a Reno/Nevada publication that indeed the Alter study - on hold since two months at least - has confirmed the findings about ME and XMRV of the WPI.
  • Aug 18:  ME + me : Some more good ME-new
    Here starts a fairly long series of good news.
  • Aug 19:  ME + me : And yet some more good ME-news
    Also with some about me.
  • Aug 22:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: WPI-opening + the phony Dr. Crawley
    Dr. Crawley is one of the more freakish Wessely associates who just a few months ago publicly suggested repeatedly and in various ways that the WPI are frauds, much rather than herself. She also receives funding to find out experimentally whether the solidly mad "training" of the solidly mad "Lighthing Process", a freakish child from the wackiest therapies from the fabulously wacky sixties combined with scientological and "neuro-linguistic programming" bullshit, will harm children exposed to it.
  • Aug 23:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: Dr. Alter paper + Dr. Mikovits video
    At long last the Lo/Alter paper gets published, and Dr. Judy Mikovits has a good video about it explaining its findings.
  • Aug 24:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: More about the Lo/Alter paper
    Quotes from Dr. Alter and a link to a fine video with dr. Mikovits.
  • Aug 25:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: Cort & Chas explain all (more or less)
    Cort Johnson is The Owner And Creator (I cite his own billing of himself) of PR-F and Chas Shepherd is an English medical doctor with ME who advices the English MEA, so here we have the views of two prominent patients with ME (both A LOT healthier than I am, by the way). As a matter of fact, they explain the Lo-Alter material and its probable impact quite well.
  • Aug 28:  ME + me :  Neurasthenia, media, blooddonors, trolls
    Eric_Johnson_from_I&I lies himself blue in the face about what he said about the causes of ME (and shows a curious likeness with another BS type that poses as ME-patient and calls itself '"eric_s": He informs PR-F constantly that he is in Switzerland, no in Spain, back to Switzerland, back to Spain, and pretends legalese knowledge, which he certaintly can't clearly articulate). Also, I say a little about Awol (the born partner for either Eric) and some other things.
  • Aug 29:  ME + me :  Meditation on me & ME + National Archives (British)
    It is a curious fact that the British government has made a number of documents that concern ME and research about ME forbidden to the public until the year 2071, when anyone who did anything criminal will be long and safely dead, and it is also a curious fact, repeatedly raised on patients forums, that there might be a relation between ME and chemical or biological warfare (such as a virus escaped from a military hospital where it was developed with the aim of laming a whole civilian population - for example). I don't think this matter of thing is fruitfully speculated about at length (there simply is no conclusive evidence available, perhaps since it has been hidden until 2071) but it is a curious fact that documents relating to a disease are classified forbidden reading for three generations. Prima facie, this is either bureaucratic insanity or a way to hide major crimes by the British Government or British Military.
  • Aug 30:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: The news that shook the world (and Jos)
    Even professor Van der Meer, the would be medical genius from Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, admits there might be something to the Lo/Alter paper and XMRV (which he has been denying for a year), and indeed dr. Alter is all in the way of medical science and research that dr. Van der Meer is not. This also summarizes and links to a Dutch TV-program about the subject.
  • Aug 31:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: Updates about 'Een Vandaag' about ME/CFS
    Continues Aug 30.


  • Sep 1:    ME + me :  Aussie quashes Wessely + forums-blues
    This is really well done, though it also is long. If you want to find out why prof Wessely is a fraud and why he stands no chance against somebody intelligent with scientific knowledge, read this. (It provides the link, not the text.)

  • Sep 2:    ME + me :  Some observations on ME and ME-forums
    The brief of it is that ME-forums are not fit for advocacy, but are fit for socializing. The  main reason is known as "regression to the mean" among statistically informed folks; another important reason is that trolls, administrators and moderators collectively take care that almost anybody who can write and who knows science gets discriminated, and that rational public debate is made impossible.

  • Sep 5:    ME + me :  On the DSM-5
    The APA is very busy redefining and reshaping psychiatry for the Brave New World to come. Here I quote ME agenda, who explains very well what's wrong with it as regards 'somatoform disorder', which is what ME will be if the APA gets its way.

  • Sep 6:    ME + me :  Brit. Jn. Psychiatry: 78% of the British are not sane
    A nice bit picked up from Neuroskeptic's site: Indeed the title says what British psy's hold themselves to have 'scientifically established' - which among rational people is as valid a refutation by absurdity as one can find.

  • Sep 7:    ME + me :  More about psychiatry + some good NIH-news
    The good NIH-news is that its new director, dr. Francis Collins, seems a sensible man. He also is a prominent scientist.

  • Sep 8:    ME + me :  Williams vs White + Feynman vs Wessely
    This quotes Margaret Williams on professor Peter White, which is quite good, and Richard Feynman (by implication) on the Cargo-Cult Science of professor Wessely, which is excellent.

  • Sep 10:  ME + me :  Links about the 1st XMRV-conference
    Just what the title says, including video-links.

  • Sep 13:  ME + me :  Good ME-news, hyperintelligence and lively programming
    More good news, and some about my own deviance.

  • Sep 15:  ME + me :  Updates on ME and intelligence
    More of the same, in quite a few sections

  • Sep 21:  ME + me :  !!HEALTH WARNING!! !!"BEWARE OF THIS SITE"!!|
    Ms Ellen Goudsmit - who has known of me since 1989, and of my site and diplomaas since 2002 at the latest - tells the world via Facebook that I am not qualified to judge psychological texts; write nonsense about Amsterdam; and have a site that should be avoided. I think that is very unwise, but then dear Ellen did not study philosophy and has said quite a few quite unwise and unkind things, I found out since January.

  • Sep 22:  ME + me : Sweet relief + Ayaan and me
    This is about mathematics and about a human type the Dutch love in droves of millions: A careerist economic refugee who is a black woman who looks fairly well, and lies as if it is printed in heaven about ideals. I thought from the beginning she is a very unlikely kind of 'resistance' or 'freedom' 'fighter' and that she doesn't have the brains she claims or maybe believes she has. And indeed. Here is some documentation for my inferences.

  • Sep 24:  ME + me : On "harassment" by internet
    Ms. Goudsmit, it turns out, harasses other people who write on ME-sites by writing that she feels harassed by them if they criticize her, even if they do so quite politely, and then goes to the English police to deposit a complaint and have her claimed harassers harassed by the State's prosecutors in the name of the Harassment Act or such. I explain why I disapprove.

  • Sep 28:  ME + me :  Various updates: McClure, JavaScript and Dijkstra
    Precisely what it says - and Dijkstra is Edsger Dijkstra, one of the great minds in computing, about whom there turns out to be an excellent site.

  • Sep 30:  ME + me :  Light relief: JC on brains and scientists, me on science
    Again precisely what it says - and JC is John Cleese, who makes a lot of sense in a very funny way.




Note: As I said, the above is a selection. If you want to see all, consult the index for 2010.

Also, I wrote more about ME, namely for Phoenix Rising, which is here: MM on ME on Phoenix Rising and indeed also for the MECFS forum, but that is either in the above listing of Nederlog or not on my site.

What is the end of it all?

Well... I write Nederlog to keep track of what I am concerned with, what happens to me, what interests me, and I do that as and when I have the energy for it, and do it nearly always quickly and with little energy and at least some pain.

If and when I can find the energy, I will try to excerpt Nederlog and what I wrote for PR-F for a list of points related to ME, although I should say that, while part of this will hold for most patients with ME (in my sense: according to the CCC-criterions, according to medical specialists), some of it is specific to me with ME, for which see my whole site and ME in Amsterdam. (And my story is rather different from the story of others.)

But that is if and when I can find the energy. For the moment, the text in this file is the overview of Nederlog 2010.

P.S. Corrections have to be added later.

As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

1. Anthony Komaroff

Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)

3. Hillary Johnson

The Why

4. Consensus (many M.D.s) Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5. Eleanor Stein

Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)

6. William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7. Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

8. Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)

Short descriptions:

1. Ten reasons why ME/CFS is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understands ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:
   "it is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon
     insufficient evidence
7. A space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.

    "Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!

No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure.
I ask the Earth, have not the mountains felt?
I ask yon Heaven, the all-beholding Sun,
Has it not seen? The Sea, in storm or calm,
Heaven's ever-changing Shadow, spread below,
Have its deaf waves not heard my agony?
Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!
     - (Shelley, "Prometheus Unbound") 

    "It was from this time that I developed my way of judging the Chinese by dividing them into two kinds: one humane and one not. "
     - (Jung Chang)


See also: ME -Documentation and ME - Resources

Maarten Maartensz

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