December 5, 2010


ME + me:  Typical cowardly degenerate Dutch narco-fascism: prof. Bovenkerk


    How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.      
      -- Anne Frank
   It was from this time that I developed my way of judging the Chinese by dividing them into two kinds: one humane and one not.
    -- (Jung Chang)
   Son, it's like a latrine in this society: the shit drifts to the top.
   -- My father explains society to me ca. 1958
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    (Edmund Burke)

I continue being not well, and otherwise also as before, so I cannot do much.

Also, I am feeling somewhat disgusted about several things - to which it should be added that having written out a good part of a particular disgust of mine, I managed to sent it to bitheaven.

General Background:

ME + me: Three documents: My father's story + my story + my Human Rights

Anyway... rhe nominal background of my story is that the mayor of Helmond, in the Dutch province  Brabant, is in hiding since last week, after being threatened by drugsdealers; that the mayor of Tilburg protested this (he must be a brave man: nobody dares protest Dutch drugsdealers except me, to my knowledge); and that the Dutch government sent A Special Crisis Team to Tilburg, with the result that no extra police whatsoever will be used ("these are economically difficult times"), that is to say: For 40*365=14600th time, at least, in 40 years a Dutch government refused again to do anything that might upset the Dutch drugsmafia .... but all ordinary customers of coffeeshops (in Brabant, and soon everywhere, no doubt) will soon have to legitimate themselves with a special elecronic pass, so that the police can register who smokes soft drugs in Holland (which information will be part of your personal dossier for the rest of your life!), while continueing to protect the drugsdealers, who indeed have very much money and indeed are very dangerous.

You think I am making this up? Not so, as you will see below - but what you get today is a stunted version of what disappeared, only preceded for the moment by some background, that relates to my being threatened with murder, being physically maltreated, and being gassed, literally but unsuccessfully, by the drugsdealers the narco-fascist Amsterdam mayor (also a racist) Ed van Thijn had given his personal permission to deal drugs from the bottom floor in the house where I lived. This he did - of course! - without asking me or my neighbours any permission, and without letting this illegal trade being done from his own house (Breestraat 10, Amsterdam), or from the houses of his aldermen, council-members, police-commissioners, district attorneys, Amsterdam professors in Human Rights, Municipal Ombudsmen, local municipal bureaucrats or indeed anybody who is not either a member of the Dutch Labour Party (the narco-fascists par excellence since over 40 years: labour-mayors of Amsterdam invented the practice) nor has any Dutch celebrity status.

The coffeeshops of the drugsdealers are infested upon the Dutch proles, and those who live between them because they are too ill to be upwardly mobile, like me, who has ME.

The profits of the coffeeshops of the drugsdealers, though, are no doubt fairly shared with aldermen, council-members, police-commissioners, district attorneys, Municipal Ombudsmen, and local municipal bureaucrats and possibly also by Amsterdam professors in Human Rights (all Dutch Labour Party members in Amsterdam, all much intent on fair sharing) - and at any rate I asked ALL of these, between 1995 and 2002, to do anything whatsoever to help me against the drugsdealers, and none of these as much as received me, phoned me, or answered my letters or mails these past 22 years, that I spent with much more pain and many more healthproblems than the 10 years with ME before that.

That is what Dutch society is for, these days! This is why my family was in The Dutch Resistance  in WW II!

In any case: That is Dutch morality and the Dutch narco-fascist legal-illegal practices since 40 years: Support the drugsdealers, or be gassed, while the mayors, municipal policemen, district attorneys, Amsterdam professors in Human Rights, Ombudsmen, aldermen, and councilmembers stand by, applaud, laugh, do nothing, and get their free snorts - Rob Oudkerk! (*) - from their drugsdealing friends and colleagues.

In any case: What my very willing narco-fascist executioner Van Thijn did not know when he gave his murderous drugsdealing friends (probably members of Dutch Labour too: To achieve almost anything at all in Amsterdam, one needs either be a prominent member of Dutch Labour or have friends among these) is that my father was a hero of the Amsterdam resistance against the discrimination of the Jews, and survived almost 4 years of German concentration-camps; my mother was a hero of the Amsterdam resistance against the discrimination of the Jews, and worked in Brabant when Ed van Thijn was in hiding there as a kid, being Jewish according to Goebbel's Nuremberg race-laws; and my father's father was a hero of the Amsterdam resistance against the discrimination of the Jews, and was murdered by means of a German concentration-camp.

Whether this makes me genetically a bit more courageous than other Dutchmen I am not certain ... that I am allowed to say these days in Holland, for I learned in the University of Amsterdam that even the suggestion that something may even be partially caused by one's genes is "fascistic" (very few Dutchmen are highly gifted in any way, I agree) for which also see: 39 Questions about the qualities of education and government in the Netherlands, which form the nominal (not the complete) reasons why I was, invalid and all, removed from the study of philosophy in the University of Amsterdam, briefly before taking my M.A. in it there.

My story is extensive, clear, and not refutable, for which reason no Dutchmen wishes to publicly consider it, and can be found in Dutch in ME in Amsterdam:

Also, while not reading Dutch makes it impossible for you to judge how very perfidious, cruel, lying, degenerate, and greedy for illegal drugsmoney the drugscorrupt and drugscriminal Amsterdam mayors, aldermen and bureaucrats are - it is FORBIDDEN to deal drugs in Holland by Dutch law: to permit criminals to do so anyway by personal permission of the mayor, who also is chief of the local police in Holland (so the protection racket is perfect and has been perfect from the start, except that Helmond has a mayor unlike all other Dutch mayors, it seems: Not drugscorrupt) - the above should make clear something is VERY rotten in and around Amsterdam.

Now consider this, that translated from, dated december 3, 2010

Criminologist: Police and government of Brabant shitty cowards

For your daily dose of pissing on top of the police (worthless do nothings, always taken photographs of your car while you transgress the trafffic laws, and never present when you need them) we hand over the mike to Frank Bovenkerk, professor of criminology emeritus [presently still working for the University of ... Amsterdam - MM]. Bovenkerk knows exactly why the caravan sites in the South-East of Brabant are called "the granary of the weed-growing of The Netherlands. The police of Brabant lacks the balls to do anything about it. In spite of reports as thick as one's fist about the organised crime behind the weed-growing (cannabis cultivation), any Helmond housewife in the dole on some third floor shack has much more to fear from the police than any of the big boys who also are involved in shooting, trade in people, and hard drugs. Merely thinking about a  clean sweep produces thin shit in a mayor. Bovenkerk: "Since a long time this is a difficult region, De Kempen, with gangs, smugglers and the Black Riders. Difficult folks. There still is among the caravan folks the mentality that it makes no difference whether you get there legally or illegally, as long as you get rich. The local governments and the local police have left these folks on the caravan sites alone, and allowed misdemeanours and crimes for which other citizens are punished. It is merely shitty cowardice, for fear of the violence these criminals use." Solution: Send in the tanks + F-16s. Or much better: Legalize soft drugs.

                         (clicking the above image leads to the source..)

If you are a foreigner, and perhaps even if you are a Dutchman, you may be highly impressed by a man with such balls, such courage, such outspokenness, as Frank Bovenkerk, professor of criminology emeritus.

As it happens, some 8 years ago, knowing he was one of the authors of the Van Traa report of 1995 about drugs in Holland, that has been on my site since 2001, together with most of the other materials in ME in Amsterdam professor Bovenkerk was asked by professor Molenaar, who knew me well and wanted to help me get the Ph.D. with him, to talk with me by phone. If you read Dutch, here is his highly laudatory assessment of my gifts:

Also, professor Molenaar knew that I was much worried by the continued power of Maureen Sarucco - who can have me shot any time, which is the main reason, next to my very much worse health since my years above Sarucco's and Van Thijn's professional drugsdealers, so if I am shot or disappear these are the lady and gentlemen who are responsible - and very angry and worried about the insane, illegal, criminal and highly dangerous drugs situation in Amsterdam, about which nobody seemed to dare to do anything about, and had told me had superficially known or at least could supply a phone number for Bovenkerk, and did so.

Bovenkerk completely stonewalled me, like everybody in Amsterdam and in Holland, and never replied to mail I sent him, acting and replying to me when I briefly spoke to him by phone as if he knew nothing about my mails or my site, talking in words of one syllable, and was also quite impolite in that conversation, for he treated and spoke to me as if I am an idiot - from which I then concluded and still conclude he probably was corrupt and my life in Amsterdam, with my site, and with my opinions, continued to be in danger, since he could verify anything he pleased about me and what I had written and done, by talking to professor Molenaar - who indeed also knew me while I lived above the drugsdealers and was threatened with murder by them, while no mayor, no police, no councilmember, no bureaucrat, no district attorney, no professor of human rights did anything whatsoever to help me, defend my human rights, answer me, receive phone me, or even investigate anything about anything I dared to say - while I had been threatened with murder for doing anything the drugsdealers who threatened me with murder would feel displeased about, and the drugsdealers were daily present in the house where I had to try to survive.

I could be gassed, I could be threatened with murder, violence and Doberman pinchers for all they cared - and the municipal police, the district attorneys and the mayor refused to even let me file an official complaint:

"If you don't like it in Amsterdam, go fuck off elsewhere",

was their reply to me (municipal police) knowing full well they were addressing an invalid.

Bovenkerk knows or should know ALL of this since 2001, for it was already then ALL on my site. I could be gassed, I could be threatened with murder, violence and Doberman pinchers for all he cared.

And now this "man" is accusing others that they are cowards, lack courage, lack guts and lack balls! It is this that motivates my title: Typical cowardly degenerate Dutch narco-fascism. (You'll find my father's and Jung Chang's assessments of his manner of "man" and character at the top. They suffered deeply, to see and formulate sharply, as I did and do.)

To conclude with a clarification of my opening remarks: Now you may know why I am lately feeling somewhat disgusted - though indeed there are more reasons than a Bovenkerk can embody.

See also in Februaristaking:  Wat ik erover leerde van Van Thijn en Cohen that includes this that's also in Three documents: My father's story + my story + my Human Rights:

 My father survived almost 4 years of German concentration camps as condemned 'political terrorist', and could start a familt in which I was born as eldest son, and could work for 20 years as a housepainter, after which he received a resistance pension. He organised with the Sachsenhausen-comité during the last 20 years of his life exhibitions about the resistance, the concentration camps, and the dangers of the revival of fascism, that in the end produced the so called National Resistance Exhibition, that was shown many times in many places, including the Royal Palace in Amsterdam and the Dom Church in Utrecht, for which my father, briefly before his death, was knighted in the city hall of Amsterdam.

I myself survived almost 4 years, as non-admitted invalid with ME, continuous noise, threats with murder, and being gassed, which only barely did not kill me, while living above a coffeeshop for dealing soft drugs that did most of its business dealing hard drugs, with the permit to deal illegal drugs signed by mayor Van Thijn in the shopwindow, and in the same year as I was gassed have been removed for the third time from the Municipal University, because of "your outspoken ideas", and have since that year, that was followed by 3 more years of terror, threats and noise that made it impossible to sleep, pain all the time and my already ill health has been totally ruined. I have now been complaining about this for 20 years and never get answered: Everyone in the bureaucracies and leaderships of the city and University of Amsterdam is effectively personally unaccountable and personally irresponsible for anything they choose to do or leave undone - and I have not been able to start a family, have lived in the direst poverty, have not gotten any help beyond minimal and minimized dole. The only answers I have gotten, both from the city's mayor and the university's director, is that I will not get any answer because my usage of language, that they claim to be so "grievous and/or offensive", without giving any proof or documentation, that it totally relieves Amsterdam's mayors or aldermen of the duty to maintain the Dutch laws, indeed just like the tolerated ("gedoogde") dealing in soft and hard drugs from the bottom floor of the house where I lived, the dealers of which threatened to kill me in these terms: "We will kill you if you do anything we don't like". The Amsterdam municipal police refused to file any complaint I desired to make, and the mayor of Amsterdam with the director of the municipal medical service ("GGD") refused to provide me with a little help for money to enable me to get the Ph.D. in spite of agreeing that I must be intellectually brilliant and in spite of the fact a prominent Amsterdam professor (who since emigrated from the Netherlands to the US) pleaded my case and my intellectual brilliance with them in writing. He too did not even receive a reply from either of Amsterdam's leading personalities.

In a city and a country in which these things are possible, I do not want to live, and do not want to pay taxes: I want to emigrate.

Because my health presumably has been totally and forever ruined during my four years of utter misery, pain, sleeplessness, murderthreats, and continued danger of being gassed again, I am legally and morally entitled to large compensations for damages.

But in Holland, since I personally went with a written complaint and claim for damages, to mayor Ed van Thijn of Amsterdam, whose career owes a lot to the exhibitions  that my father got knighted for in Amsterdam's City Hall, with a description of the threats and of being gassed, at the time while I still lived above the murderously inclined drugsdealers protected by Van Thijn and the Amsterdam bureaucracy and municipal police, and while the threats continued,  I simply have not received any answer to any of my complaints, whichever way I write, however politely I modulate them, whoever I pose them to.

I posed them to 3 Amsterdam mayors, over 20 Amsterdam aldermen, over 40 Amsterdam council members, 2 of Amsterdam Ombudsmen, 3 of Holland's National Ombudsmen, 1 advocate-general of Amsterdam, also part-time professor of Human Rights in the University of Amsterdam, 3 Amsterdam district attorneys, 2 commissioners of police, 3 inspectors of police, several journalists, the foundation that pensioned my father, the Dutch Institute for War Documentation, the Amsterdam Court, the Amsterdam Resistance Exhibition's leaders and Committee of Recommendation, and hundreds upon hundreds of Amsterdam bureaucrats: Nobody answered, nobody even came to see what was in fact the case - I was and am a non-person of no human value or with any human rights whatsoever, and the same Chief Order and Security Officer of Amsterdam that left me to being gassed, threatened with murder, annd kept out of sleep, is still and ever since Chief Order and Security Officer of Amsterdam, while every year since then the Amsterdam drugsmafia has earned untold fortunes, and committed many murders, although the Chief Security Officer of Amsterdam and mayor Cohen of Amsterdam proudly appeared in front of the TV-cameras of the media in 2002 to declare that they had together personally prevented the murders of no less than 17 Amsterdam drugsdealers. In 2007 the same Chief Order and Security Officer of Amsterdam received the prize for being Holland's best bureaucrat from the hands of His Royal Highness Prince William-Alexander of The Netherlands.

So... these are the Dutch national values and ideals my father and grandfather went into resistance for; these are Dutch national values and ideals my mother risked her life for in the resistance as sub-chief supplies for Jews in hiding in Noordbrabant, where the future mayor of Amsterdam Ed van Thijn, who proudly had me gassed, threatened and tortured in Amsterdam, for the sake of illegal drugsdealers he desired to maintain the rights and practices of, over my dead body if necessary, was hidden as a young boy at the time:

ME + me : Why my family was in The Dutch Resistance  in WW II a.k.a.
       Dutch Norms And Values    a.k.a.
       If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much
A Real Dutch Treat

(*) Rob Oudkerk: Former aldermen of Amsterdam, grandson of David Cohen, who helped so much to gas so many Amsterdam Jews (over 100.000!), and was never punished, for that is again Dutch morality. Oudkerk finally was dismissed by mayor Cohen (said to be his nephew) after for the second or third time having been found to be snorting cocaine while sadistically dallying with junkie-whores in Amsterdam (one or both, not necessarily always at the same time, nor necessarily always witnessed or testified to): It's this quality of persons that rules  Amsterdam and Dutch Labour since decades. Former mayor Cohen (said to be Oudkerk's nephew) now is "the leader of the opposition" in Dutch parliament.

P.S. I do want to take up this theme, if indeed I survive. If you wonder about this, here is a bit in Dutch from the Van Traa-report, 1995:

"Boekhoorn en anderen (1995) schatten de huidige jaaromzet van cannabis voor binnenlandse consumptie op 0,8 miljard, de opbrengst van de export op 1,8 miljard, die van de doorvoerhandel op 3,9 miljard en die van de internationale handel die buiten Nederland omgaat op 12,5 miljard gulden. De totale jaaromzet aan cannabis voor heel Nederland is daarmee 19 miljard gulden. Als hier de opbrengst van de handel in alle andere drugs nog eens bij wordt geteld, wordt dit bedrag nog veel hoger. Handel in drugs vormt een van de belangrijkste en snelst groeiende sectoren van de Nederlandse economie. Amsterdam neemt van deze handel een deel voor haar rekening dat haar relatieve grootte ver te boven gaat.

That is: Before 1995, ONLY the turnover in soft drugs (an illegal monopoly semi-legalized by Dutch mayors, parliaments and governments, who claim to be totally innocent of any criminal intent or benefit from this) was around 9 billion euros. Up to 1995! It is very probably at least a tenfold now - to which one must add the turnover in hard drugs, also very much flourishing over the past fifteen years, as were the drugs murders in Amsterdam, with mayors like Van Thijn and Cohen, aldermen like Oudkerk and Asscher, chief security officers like Sarucco, and criminologists like Oudkerk.

Oh, and in case you worry about their reputations in Holland: Rock solid, as their incomes, and all of them have easy access to the media, who pamper them.

(Corrections to the above have to be made later. You can thank prof.dr. Bovenkerk for this, if you want to assign blame. He is healthy, believes no doubt he is of sound mind and great moral integrity, or at least pretends so, and has been flourishing and well paid all his life, as a "scientist" in the "science" of criminology. Vintage Dutch, of this pomo era!)

Etymology: "Narco-fascism" from being gassed In The Name Of The Ideals Of The February Strike for the benefit of drugsdealers and corrupt and incompetent bureaucrats, whence also "Buro-fascism"

P.P.S. It may be I have to stop Nederlog for a while. The reason is that I am physically not well at all. I don't know yet, but if there is no Nederlog, now you know the reason.

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    "Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!

No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure.
I ask the Earth, have not the mountains felt?
I ask yon Heaven, the all-beholding Sun,
Has it not seen? The Sea, in storm or calm,
Heaven's ever-changing Shadow, spread below,
Have its deaf waves not heard my agony?
Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!
     - (Shelley, "Prometheus Unbound") 

    "It was from this time that I developed my way of judging the Chinese by dividing them into two kinds: one humane and one not. "
     - (Jung Chang)


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