October 14, 2010


ME + me: A Norwegian about LP  

I continue being not well, and otherwise also as before, so I cannot do much and today only have a translation from Norwegian, namely an article or post in something called "Synspunkt", which means "point of view".

It is about LP, here meaning specifically Phil Parker's Lightning Process, but I use it more comprehensively as abbreviation for Lying Process, by which I mean all manner of therapies, quackery, miracle-cures, trainings, courses and what not, that have a very high bogosity index ['bogosity' = 'The degree to which something is "bogus" in the hackish sense of "bad".]

I have written about it several times, e.g. in Radboud Ziekenhuis Nijmegen - Natural Home of the Lying ProcessTM; Get your whee-whees cuddled... Of Bees, of Johnson, of Brain Tapping and more; Alter study and LP nonsense; and Let's experiment on children!. In the last item there are links to ME Agenda's site, which has a lot of material relating to ME and also a lot of material on LP. The issue of experimenting on children - doing evidence based science KCL-style - is not my present subject, but while I am at it I may mention prof. Robin Gill, who last week argued about just this: Children should not be used as guinea pigs and - I must say, fairminded as I usually am - although he is a theologian, he is quite right.

Now to today's matter, that goes by the title


and argues just that and on the basis of having done the Lightning Process.

I like it, and read it in Norwegian first, since I have lived for some years in Norway, more than half a lifetime away though. As I am also not well, I have used Google.translate, that is a strange beasty, that smuggles in "ecosystems" for "limits" and more such things, and that has the benefit of putting the original in the link.

So if you read Norwegian, you can see whether you agree with Google + me, and may find that I took a few liberties in the interest of explicit clarity, and added a few empty lines, but that it is mostly a direct though free translation. (Put the cursor on the text of the translation and you get the Norwegian original.)

And you will also see, if you read this with minimal intelligence, what tricked manipulation and deception this involves. The link in the title also leads to the original:


Ang NAV \ Skien Kommune plans courses in Lightning Process.

I want to warn as strongly as possible against starting this training if it involves people who have been diagnosed with ME! I recall that already in 1969 the WHO classified the disease as a neurological disease. - About which other neurological disease would it be believed that one can recover it by means of three days of brainwashing?

Biomedical research in many countries has shown since long that ME is strongly correlated with infections and with an abnormal immune response, and this in addition to many other physiological problems. These problems
can lead to severe disability in those who are affected. There are families with several ill persons, there have been epidemies, and there also are many children who get ME. Some are so severely ill that they are not even able to feed themselves ...

Fortunately, not every patient gets hit as hard, and some are capable of doing some things. Meanwhile, what the researchers and ME-specialists seem to agree on is that all activity must be paced, based individually on what a specific patients' personal limits are. If one goes beyond one's limits, this will lead to a worsening of the disease, and one  may end up on an even lower level of functioning than before. There is a golden rule here: "ME patients should always have 30% energy balance available". It is clear that all treatments of ME patients must be adapted to the individual patient after a careful assessment of this patient's limits..

Lightning Process does not take this into account, but uses the same scheme for all participants regardless of diagnosis and of functional level. There is no requirement for LP-trainers to have some medical qualifications, and participants do not need any [medical] diagnosis to participate. The only requirement a course participant must satisfy, is that he /she submits to the LP trainers at any time. That is: do not make objections or ask awkward questions... For then one "destroys [the chances] for the other participants who do want to focus on becoming healthy"! And therefore "the process" does not work...
Lightning Process is what I would call brainwashing [
hjernevask] in good Norwegian!

Phil Parker, who developed the method, and who gets payment for EACH PARTICIPANT IN LP ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, claims a recovery rate of 85-90 percent. The way he / LP trainers arrive at this number is as follows:

On the third day of the training all must answer several questions, one of which is: "Do you have ME?" When one has for three days been told time and again: You do not HAVE ME, you DO ME! And the message is: If you answer YES to this question, the method will not work ... What do you answer then? Of course: No, I do not have ME!
AND HEY PRESTO: YOU HAVE A recovery PERCENT OF 90! And then this number is used time and again by LP trainers everywhere. Clever, because thus it quickly becomes a truth, wouldn't you agree? 

You also get strict instructions to remove, yes, get rid of, all thoughts, things and persons that remind you of the disease or 'that help to maintain the belief one is ill' - And you have to ignore ALL the symptoms and act as if they are do not exist. "Otherwise the process won't work!" And if the method does not work... Therefore, it is you who think the wrong thougths and which keeps you being ill!
It is rude, crude, and evidence of great ignorance about this disease if one accuses people of being responsible for their own illness because they think improperly! This gives them an extra burden to carry
in addition to all the misery this illness brings with it!

We were three Norwegian participants in the LP-course in England some years ago, all with ME diagnosis. We got in after careful screening, for this is part of the LP concept: Only those who are 100% motivated may participate. "Otherwise, the process does not work .."

We did the LP-training with great seriousness and of course with the hope of getting healthy. We did as we were taught in the course: We proclaimed to the world that we were healthy! Of course, "otherwise the process does not work .." And we practiced at all times as we had been told. - For the symptoms were there as before ..

Two of us gave up after approx. a year. The rraining had ZERO effect, we were just as sick as before. One of us came THREE TIMES CLOSE TO DEATH DUE TO SERIOUS INFECTIONS!
There are many ME patients whose disease has gotten much worse after LP. The deterioration may arrive after a short or a longer time, I have even heard of people who had a total system collapse after 1-2 years ...
- LP trainers say nothing about this in their marketing ... Why not?

It makes me feel very sad for ME patients to see that the NAV \ Skien community has allowed itself to be seduced by the miraculous tales of LP ...

I am putting forward an important question to those responsible: Do they really know what they are about to embark on? Do they know that many ME patients have become even more ill after having participated in and followed up acting according to the methods taught in LP-training? Who bears the responsibility for ME patients who are supposed to become participants in the NAV \ Skien Kommune LP training if it makes them sicker? In any case not the LP-trainers, for they have secured themselves by calling it training instead of treatment, while participants must sign that they have the full responsibility themselves. And they must also sign that the contents of the course will not be disclosed to anyone ... "For otherwise the process will not work .."

It is not easy to be a patient with ME who has become more ill from this course .. After having told the people you know and your employer that you are healthy!

I want to point out to those responsible in the NAV and Skien community that research in the United States (WPI, published in Science in oct. 2009 and FDA \ NHI researchers from U.S. health authorities, in August 2010)) shows that nearly 90% of ME patients are carriers of retroviruses, compared with 4-7% in a healthy control group. This shows that the likelihood that this virus is related to ME disease is great. XMRV has previously been found in a type of prostate cancer. XMRV \ MLV originates from mice. XMRV \ MLV is the third retrovirus that is found in humans. The other two are HIV, which provides AIDS, and HTLV, which provides a type of blood cancer. It is perhaps naive to believe that this third retrovirus does not do any harm to human health, when we know what damage the first two do ..
Does anyone
think that LP can cure HIV \ AIDS or cancer? Or MS?

Lillestrøm Health Clinic is currently, as far as I know, the only Norwegian clinic that also offers assessment and treatment on the basis of biomedical principles. They have reported that preliminary tests show that 14 of 24 tested CFS patients in their clinic, tested positive for XMRV \ MLV. Many Norwegian ME patients are waiting to get answers as to whether they carry the retrovirus or not ..
XMRV \ MLV also been found associated with MS, autism and fibromyalgia.

Lightning Process is most apt for healthy people who want to manage their lives in certain directions, and not apt for ill people who need medical treatment!
And it can be dangerous if you have ME!
I sincerely hope that the NAV \ Skien community use their mind and cancel this project!

Venke Midtlien

I think this is rational, honest and brave, which is why it is here.

P.S.  I could and would write some notes to the above, if not for lacking the health for it, but I can give you an excellent tip for background materials about LP and ME: ME Agenda. There is very much to find there of interest for anyone interested in ME and the things happening around it, the last especially in the UK.

Again, it should also be clear that LP combines techniques of pseudo-scientific psychiatry, sauced with doubletalk, doublebinds, Catch22's - you must say you are cured also if you feel miserable: you must lie about your condition on the presumption you will not get healthy if you speak the truth about it, and if you say you feel ill when you feel ill you are ill only because you believe so - and a peculiar Parkerite totalitarian outlook that reminds this reader much of scientology and - indeed - techniques of brainwashing.

And most mistakes in the above - of non-factual kind: it is not my story - must be mine or Google's.  

P.P.S. It may be I have to stop Nederlog for a while. The reason is that I am physically not well at all. I don't know yet, but if there is no Nederlog, now you know the reason.


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    "Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!

No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure.
I ask the Earth, have not the mountains felt?
I ask yon Heaven, the all-beholding Sun,
Has it not seen? The Sea, in storm or calm,
Heaven's ever-changing Shadow, spread below,
Have its deaf waves not heard my agony?
Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!
     - (Shelley, "Prometheus Unbound") 

    "It was from this time that I developed my way of judging the Chinese by dividing them into two kinds: one humane and one not. "
     - (Jung Chang)


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