May 16, 2010


  ME: Good article on ME in Daily Mail + Resources started

This is again a piece - article, file - about ME. It is not long but the second half covers rather a lot of work, by others to get the real facts about and around right, and by me to gather and present them in ME - Resources.

But I start with a good article on ME in - of all things - the Daily Mail, namely a fine interview with Criona Wilson, who is Sophia Mirza's mother, while Sophia Mirza may be quite fairly and objectively be described as being murdered by English medical sadists practising the insane and cruel bullshit professors Wessely and White have generated.

1. Criona Wilson speaks
2. ME Resources - first part of the first part

1. Criona Wilson speaks

Criona Wilson is the mother of Sophia Mirza, a woman with severe ME who was sectioned by English medical sadists, then released with a totally ruined health (who knows to frighten English people with ME: My dying grandfather, then 67, was released by the Nazi's in WW II from the concentration camp Amersfoort in order to make clear to Dutch what fate they had in store for whoever dared resist).

Wilson is a former nurse, now 66, and a very, very brave person herself:

‘I failed Sophia big-time,’ Criona says in her soft Irish accent. ‘I failed to get the correct treatment for her.  I failed to stop the doctors and psychiatrists sectioning her. But now I’ve got nothing to lose. Nobody can hurt me any more. My daughter is dead; I cannot get her back. I don’t have a job. I have no home of my own. I have no savings. They can’t take anything from me. Therefore I’m free, I’m free to speak out. It’s going on with other people and it’s got to be stopped.’

I don't think Mrs. Wilson failed her daughter, but otherwise I am completely of her feelings, including - for me, at least, a descendant from a father, mother and grandfather in Dutch Resistance in WW II - that I have given up the law, since the law and its spokespersons and executers have failed me on purpose and for three decades, usually by a combination of refusing to answer anything I wrote while having me maltreated, offended, scolded, lied to and threatened with murder by the willing bureaucratic beasts political and medical monsters usually easily find, and as easy as the Nazi found collaborators in Holland once they had occupied it (6 times as many Dutch SS'ers as in the Dutch real resistance; over 100.000 Dutch civilians betrayed and gassed for the crime of being of an inferior race).

Here are the title and link to the interview, which is a very fine one, by Louette Harding:

Two more remarks before I am done with it, apart from reiterating it is a really good article well worth reading also if you don't have ME, for it shows both the great power and the great human, intellectual and moral degeneracy of many English medical doctors.

First, Sophia Mirza herself was a woman of great courage and character, as anyone may know who reads her mother's very clear account of her great suffering, which is here:

on which there is a great amount of relevant information about what happened to Sophia, and about the - perhaps, if you don't have ME - amazing cruelty or indifference of many, including those who are paid very well to be humane and helpful

As to Sophia's courage apart from ME, here is Mrs. Wilson again, in the interview:

Looking at Sophia’s photograph now, I see she was beautiful but she never traded on it. She was kind and funny. In the pub one day, this big man was kicking his dog. She went up to him and said, “If you hurt the dog again, you can come outside with me.” He didn’t kick the dog after that.’

Second, an inhuman freak like Simon Wessely (whose sadistic freakiness is discussed below, as are his medical fraudulence and scientific incompetence) as little dares to attack Mrs. Wilson as professor Hooper, although morally, humanly and legally he should, given what they say, but he doesn't, because he is a sicko, a coward, a creep and a sadist - who, if I read him correctly (and see 7 P.S.: Professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues for excellent evidence for the totally insane lengths Wessely goes in order to hurt, harm, denigrate, offend and pester people who cannot defend themselves well or at all) is easily monstrous enough to put them on a slow fire if he can get away with it.

2. ME Resources - first part of the first part

I wrote on May 11 in  ME: Resources and Documentation that I'd started the section ME - Resources, which now has been populated with a set of files, mostly pdf, with a set of notes and descriptions that follow, that give the ME - Resources as they are today:


        Et ses mains ourdiraient les entrailles du prêtre,
Au défaut d’un cordon pour étrangler les rois.


This the beginning of ME - Resources on my site.

ME - Resources

   Some basics relating to ME/CS.
Komaroff Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS

   This is a brief PDF-file by a professor in medicine of Harvard that gives ten bio-chemical
    findings about ME/CFS: ME/CFS is not a mental disease or psychiatric condition
Ben World Health Organization's placing of ME and CFS

    A fairly brief description how the World Health Organization has classified ME and CFS.
     This is of considerable importance for patients and doctors, since psychiatrists and
     psyhotherapists (not real scientists) since decades choose to wipe their asses with
     the classification of the WHO, and instead propose their own pseudo-scientific
     criterions and socalled "evidence based science" (what results if you lie with statistics
     and criminally incompetent or insane methodology).

     Also, the American Psyhciatric Organization seems to be trying to reclassify ALL diseases
     so as to have a psychological dimension, that is lorded over by psychiatrists, in the
     interests of incomes for psychiatrists, and a somatical dimension, that only will enter
     the end of curing the patient (if not rich) after psychiatrists have agreed the patient
     is ill.

     This seems to be planned to effective from 2012 or 2013.

Carruthers et al Canadian Criterions (for medical folks)

     The Canada Criterions (as they are mostly known) for diagnosing ME from 2003,
      prepared by 14 medical specialists for the Canadian government. Note this is
      written mostly - unavoidably for such a report - in medicalese.

     These are the criterions for diagnosing someone as having ME that are taken most
      seriously by real patients with ME and real scientists researching ME. The alternatives
      are either less precise and useful (Fukuda Criterions) or consist almost whole of
      intentionally obscure psyhiatrists waffle (Oxford), that aims underhandedly to
      stigmatize patients with ME as insane if not malingerers, for which reasons patients
      with ME are excluded from all help, which saves the state and the health insurance
      companies enormous amounts of money.


Carruthers et al Canadian Criterions Overview (for all folks)

     The same as the above, written by two members of the team, but a lot clearer for
      non-medical folks.

      This is probably the best exposition of what is scientifically known about ME/CFS
      in one file.

ME Consensus Doument

    The same as the above medicale version, but as published in the Journal of Chronic
     Fatigue Syndrome, with a few additions (that seem not important)
Hyde Little Red Book: A new and simple definition of ME (2006)
     This is by a medical doctor who treated very many patients with ME/CFS and who
     goes his own way.

Magical Medicine (2010)

     This is by professor emeritus Malcolm Hooper, who taught medical chemistry and is a
      very fine overview of what was know scientifically and claimed and done non-
      scientifically as regards ME/CFS in Great-Brittain.

      This is another Must Read for anybody interested in the facts about and around ME,
      written up by someone with a great amount of relevant scientific knowledge


Hooper Engaging with ME: Lectureslides Sparsholt (extensive, clear) (2005)

      Nominally, these are the slides for a lecture by professor Malcolm Hooper in 2005, but
       they provide a VERY clear overview of ME if you know a little about it, and also
       provides many excellent or interesting references, links and illustrations.

Twisk et al

Plausible explanations for neurocognitive deficits in ME/CFS (etc.) (2010)

      This is the text of a Letter to the Editor of Psychological Medicine. It is brief but

CFS-Book: Diagnosing and Treating CFS (27th ed, 2009)

      This is the 27th edition of medical doctor Sarah Myhill's CFS-Book, that is quite long
       but is very probable quite useful for anyone with ME or caring for (or about) someone
       with ME.

       Dr. Myhill has treated thousands of patiens with ME since 1982, and with considerable
       success also, while she has the merit - for me - that she conceived of a bio-chemical
       theory to account for the known facts of ME that is very similar to my own, that I
       reached completely independently in 1987 (two years before knowing that ME/CFS
       existed), and that others also have come to, that is best classified briefly as the
       mitochondrial hypothesis or theory, to the effect that the energy-pathway by which
       the mitochondriae produce energy (ATP-ADP-AMP and back) is broken in persons
       with ME.

       Again, this is a Must Read for anybody interested in the facts about and around ME,
       also because it contains very many useful tips.

Stein Guidelines for psychiatrists
      Professor Wessely and his gang, like professors Reeves and Bleijenberg in resp. the US
       and the Netherlands, have since over two decades insisted on totally ludicrous grounds
       that persons with ME are not ill, but are insane or malingerers, albeit it they often,
       though certainly now always, use more hypocritical terminology.

       Psychiatry, since its inception by the cocaine-addict and un-uncloseted lover of
       of prof. Wilhelm Fliess (also obsessed with noses and cocaine), has never been anything
       like a real science, but consists instead for the most part of tales, that for the most
       part are meant to help psychiatrists to get status and lots of money for selling
       psychobabble to the naive, the stupid, the ignorant and the easily impressed.

       Not all psychiatrists are mad, and not all psychiatrists are bad, and dr. Eleanor Stein
       wrote a good set of guidelines concerning how a sane and moral psychiatrist should
       treat his or her patients with ME.      


Fatigue Chronique (French)

      Professor Wessely, mentioned before, the mad Fraudian still teaching waffle at KCL,
       very often lies, and does so very plausibly and credibly, if one is not as informed as
       he is. One of the lies he spouted effortlessly - see: ME: Back to the Middle Ages
         with professor Simon Wessely - P.S. -
is that (I quote the KCL-liar and KCL-sadist

                'Each country has different syndromes. They don't have CFS in France'

       The above file, in fine French, was located by me with 6 minutes of reading this
       first, and also has the merits of being a good exposition of what ME is, besides
       refuting other lies of Wessely in the linked interview.

       The reason to list it hear is to illustrate my theses that professor Simon Wessely
       is both a pathological quite possibly psychopathic liar (and apparently, like many of
       that ilk, quite charming, superficially) and an evident medical sadist.


       Pain is one of the main symptoms for most persons with ME, again one of the many
       facts prof. Wessely usually conveniently forgets, denies, or pooh-poohs.
McCleary et al

Pain Practioner (2010)

       This is by the director of the CAA for the American Association of Pain Management.
       It is useful if not deep (and a big download for a few pages) and is here because
       it is so far the only halfway decent file I could find on the topic of managing pain
       from ME, which I have a lot of, since decades also. 



      Hillary Johnson is an investigative journalist who got ME and then decided to investigate
       why so little is effectively done in the USA to help people with ME. This she did very
       thoroughly and managed to write up and get published as a book, called "The Osler"
       (after a 19th C brilliant English medical doctor).

       The summary of the book is: There has been an enormous amount of corruption,
       fraudulence, incompetence and intentional deception in the US, especially on the part
       of the CDC, and the reasons why, apart from the theft of millions, personal vanity,
       evident sadism and lust for power and a well paid easy7 job for the main perpetrators
       at the CDC are still unclear (and may be tied up with state politicking and health
       insurance intrigueing).

       The book is fine and fat and thorough, and since it was published also in the US
       and Johnson is American, one may safely infer that Johnson's facts - that might
       easily be dismissed but for the fact she named names, quoted documents, gives
       dates etc. etc. - will stand up in a US court, and hence are probably most or all
       quite as she wrote.

       It cannot be quoted here (except for some parts) because Johnson retains the
       copyright and mostly forbids that, quite justifiedly also, because she is ill with
       ME, needs an income, and wrote and researched the book.

Neal Karlen interview

Continueing the previous note: What I did find was a good and not long interview
with Hillary Johnson, which I included because I believe nearly all really good things
in the human world are done by original courageous individuals who refuse to conform to accepted prejudices and refuse to collaborate with corrupt holders of
power for the benefits of payment and protection by the powerful.

Hillary Johnson is a very brave woman, and knowingly took the risk of having her
life and health destroyed on purpose by many of the corrupt medical bureaucrats
whose doings and crimes she unearthed.

CFSIDSAA Statement to DSM-5 Taskforce
Bassett Mitochondria: An Overview
Vancouver Hospital Understanding Mitochondrial Disorders
Parik et al Myths and facts about mitochondrial diseases
Myhill et al Chronic fatigue syndrome and mitochondrial dysfunction
Bell ME/CFS as a Mitochondrial Disease
Maartensz Philosophical Foundations of Rational Science

List of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) resources for doctors

De Meirleir Unraveling the origins of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis



IACFS/ME-Newsletter Question and Answer session with Dr. Mikovits
Unknown XMRV factsheet
Ortho-moleculair XMRV: De 'missing link' bij ME/CFS? (Dutch)

Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus-Related Virus in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Prostate Cancer (2010)

Hoshino et al

Long-Term Administration of Valacyclovir Reduces the Number of Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)-Infected B Cells (etc. 2009)

Voisset et al

Human RNA “Rumor” Viruses: the Search for Novel HumanRetroviruses in Chronic Disease (2008)


See also: ME -Documentation.

Supplements on ME

My Studies in MEdical Sadism with some introduction about the relevant facts

Studies in MEdical Sadism

0: Studies in MEdical Sadism (overview + Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine)
1: "Die Mörder sind unter uns" (the baseness of some medics and politicians)
2: "101 Good Reasons" (clarification CBT+GET & 101 reasons by G. Crowhurst)
3: "The evidence & the techniques" (current techniques of MEdical sadism)
4: Intermezzo - Lucian (a very disrespectful most intelligent satirist)
5: The amazing & great Kim & Dr. Yes (alas still not well-reformatted yet)
6: Herr Professor & Frau Doctor Wessely (The Real Truth metavisually)
7: Professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues (just so: a real sicko)
7 P.S.: Professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues (the logic of it)
8 : Professor Wessely's crap completely clarified (visually) (DrSpeedy+profSW)

As you can see in the ME - Resources text above, presently my introductory annotations are stuck at the DSM-5. All the links should work and download from my site, because I want the files for my own defense and documentation and to also have them if the originals get lost for some reason.

Also, ME - Resources is intended to be a place where the interested reader can find a great amount of good resources on ME, including a number of files of intentional medical lies and deceptions.

Finally, there also is a file in which I outline my position on copyrights on these files about the disease I suffer from: ME - Resources - Copyrights.

P.S. As you will probably have seen, the ME - Resources needs more notes to the files that are there, and I also plan to include considerably more resources. If my readers have patience and I get a little health, it may RSN too...

O, and if by chance a link or two don't work (I don't know): Again be patient (or mail me) and it will be sorted out, for ME - Resources is a Work In Progress.

Maarten Maartensz

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